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3 : Autel MaxiCom MK808TS Autel MaxiCom MK808TS MK808Z-TS OBD2 TPMS Diagnostic Tool Sames As MX808TS with 36 Service Function
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Product Description

Autel MaxiCom MK808TS MK808Z-TS OBD2 TPMS Diagnostic Tool is ideal combination of Autel MK808 and TS601.
Autel MK808TS offer complete and reliable TPMS functions: TPMS health check, sensor activation & programming and TPMS relearn.
Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS MK808Z-TS Diagnostic Tool with Special Functions Add TPMS Diagnostic Function

autel mk808ts

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Highlights:

1. Language: English, French, Germen, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Italian, Russian, Korean
(Please tell us about your S/N of machine to activate the language you need after you get it. Thanks~)
2. Update: update online one year for free, update cost is 349USD/year, after one year
3. Autel MK808TS is a combination of Autel MK808/MX808/MK808BT+TS608, but with much more affordable price
4. Equipped with 28+ special functions, all system diagnosis, complete TPMS functions
5. Powerful and professional TMPS Scanner, allow you activate 98% of all known TPMS sensors, relearn and program all sensors on the tire
6. Autel MK808TS covers a wide array of vehicles. Most Asian, US, and European models that are manufactured in or after 1996 are compatible with this scanner.Most of the vehicle brands are supported. MK808TS is compatible with GMC, Jeep, Hummer, Ford, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Dodge, Cadillac, Volvo, Porsche, VW, Peugeot, Mini, Maybach, Opel, Maserati, Landrover, Lancia, Lotus, Lamborghini, Benz, Jaguar and many more.
7. Wireless BT MaxiVCI Connection: Every single diagnosis process can be done through the MaxiVCI, a compact Bluetooth diagnostic module that can help you out from entangled cables.

Notice: Support Programming Autel MX-Sensor Only, Other Brands Sensors are not valid


MK808TS is a professional-level diagnostic tool with a 7 inches touchable screen which mainly focuses on complete TPMS services, reading and clearing DTCs for full systems, as well as various Reset Services including Oil Reset, EPB, SAS reset etc. In combination with the superior configuration such as the Cortex-A9 processor and Android 4.4.2, Operating System etc. this must have diagnostic tool will greatly facilitate your repair.

Together with the ability to quickly read and clear DTCs for all available modules of the majority of the makes and models on the market, MaxiCheck MX808TS provides you with superior special functions, including Oil Reset, EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), SAS (Steering Angle Sensor), BMS (Battery Management System), DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and IMMO. In addition to OBD II diagnostics and special service, MX808TS enables you to carry out complete TPMS functions, including TPMS health check, sensor activation & programming and TPMS relearn.

autel mk808ts

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Functions:
High-end TPMS functions

Hundreds and thousands of vehicles out there on the road are equipped with various types of TPMS sensors. But once you have Autel tpms diagnostic tool MK808TS in your hands, you could just rest assured. The tpms programmer MK808TS can program, activate and relearn most of the OE tire sensors and all of the Autel sensors.

TPMS Sensor Programming: The relearn tool MK808TS can read the on-board TPMS data and program the blank Autel sensors. Make sure that the sensor is programmed before it is mounted on the tire. If they are not programmed and are already mounted, deflate the tires and then program them again. For the OE tire sensors, this step is unnecessary.
TPMS Sensor Activation: After programming the sensors and mounting at the right place, activate the sensors with MK808TS. No matter the sensor’s transmission frequency is 315MHz or 433MHz, the tablet scanner will do its job!
TPMS Sensor Relearning: Last but not least, this is the last step to make the sensors work as you expected. Once everything is ready you can perform this function to match the on-board TPMS with mounted sensors.

autel mk808ts tpms function

TPMS Module Retrofitting, Build Everything from Scratch!

TPMS module retrofitting, a function that the other special tool can only dream of! For vehicles that do not have OEM tire pressure module, the tpms diagnostic service tool MK808TS can retrofit your car with an OEM tire pressure module, and also program and relearn the sensors.

Here is the specific step for your reference:

Step 1: Back up the original vehicle data
Step 2: Code the Autel TPMS module
Step 3: Set up the Autel TPMS module on the vehicle following the instruction
Step 4: Program the Autel tire sensors (Note: For the OE tire sensors, this step can be skipped)
Step 5: Activate the Autel tire sensors or OE sensors
Step 6: Relearn the sensors with on-board TPMS module

Once you finish the above steps and sit back to the seat, you will surprisingly find out the pressure of each tire has been shown on the dashboard.

 autel mk808ts tpms module retrofitting

28+ Special Functions, One-Stop Solution for most of the Complex Issues

The Autel OBD1 & OBD2 scan tool MK808TS has been equipped with over 28 commonly used special functions to cope with the complex issues hidden in the systems after repairing. Let’s check it out if there’s something you may need on the list:

Oil Reset: After the vehicle has been tuned, zero the oil light as well as set the next service mileage.
ABS Bleeding: Bleed the brake system when the ABS contains air to restore its braking sensitivity.
Gearbox Calibration: Complete the self-learning and calibrate the gearbox with other onboard systems after replacing or repairing.
BMS: Reset the monitoring unit of the car battery after replacing battery or battery monitoring sensors.
Brake Reset: After or before changing the brake pads, the tool can help you reset the brake sensor.
Injector Coding: Match the ECU to the injectors after replacement.
Throttle Matching: Initialize the throttle actuators so that the “learned” values stored on ECU are returned to the default state.
Suspension Level Calibration: After replacing the air suspension or adaptive suspension and related parts, you can use it to restore the OE settings of the suspension system.
Headlight Matching: initialize the adaptive headlight system.
EGR Reset: Reset the diesel engine exhaust gas circulation to restore the original setting.
Sunroof Initialization: Initialize the sunroof data to set the sunroof lock off, close in rain, memory function of sliding/tilting sunroof, outside temperature threshold, etc.
DPF Regeneration: Clear particulate matter from the DPF filter through continuous combustion oxidation mode to stabilize the filter performance.
IMMO Keys: disable the lost vehicle keys and program the replacement key fob.
SAS Calibration: calibrate the steering angle after replacing steering related parts.

autel mk808ts special function

Full-System Diagnosis, Root out the Problem Hidden Underneath the Hood

The MK808TS full-system diagnosis empowers you to root out problems hidden underneath the systems such as PCM, EPS, PDM, TPM, BCM, ABS, SCCM and etc. And also the MK808TS has been packed with various other features such as read & clear DTCs, read data stream, access ECU info, etc. For further info, please feel free to let us know. We would be pleased to e-meet you!

Here is an example for you to have a rough idea about what exactly the Full-System Diagnosis can do:

System: Engine System
Symptom: Erratic engine idle, check engine light always on
DTC Report: Access engine system, read code P0032- HO2S Heater Control Circuit High (Bank 1 Sensor 1. Read the live time data stream to check voltage value change of the O2 sensor and the final diagnosis is that the front oxygen sensor is faulty, need to be replaced.
System: Air Suspension System
Vehicle Model: Audi A8
Symptom: Air suspension failure, vehicle height not adjustable, DTC on the shows up
DTC Report: Access the systems, read the code C104400-Default Setting not Learned. Preform the special function “Air Suspension Calibration” to calibrate the suspensions and clear the codes.
System: Transmission System
Vehicle Model: GM
Symptom: After replacing the clutch or gear box, shift shock appeared in lower gear shift
DTC Report: Read the code P1868- Transmission Fluid Lifespan Is Low. Through the fault code analysis, the transmission fluid lifespan has been less than 10%. After replacing the transmission fluid and clear the fault code, the light is off.

autel mk808ts full system diagnosis function

Widespread Coverage for Multiple Vehicle Models

The best part about the MK808TS is its wide vehicle coverage. It is compatible with most 1996 US-based vehicles or newer, and 2000 EU-based vehicles or newer. In other words, it supports a wide range of modules that can be scanned for codes as well as the ability to display values and sensor data for the specific module scanned.

Europe: For Abarth, For Alfa-Romeo, For Alpina, For AstonMartin, For Audi, For Bentley, For Benz, For BMW, For Citroen, For Dacia, For Ferrari, For Fiat, For Jaguar, For Lamborghini, For Lancia, For LandRover, For Lotus, For Maserati, For Maybach, For Mini, For Opel, For Peugeot, For Porsche, For Renault, For Rolls-Royce, For SAAB, For Skoda, For Smart, For Volvo, For Volkswagen

USA: For Buick, For Cadillac, For Chevrolet, For Chrysler, For Dodge, For Ford, For GMC, For Hummer, For Jeep, For Lincoln, For Mercury, For Oldsmobile, For Pontiac, For Saturn, For Tesla

Australia: For HSV

Asia: For Acura, For Daewoo, For Holden, For Honda, For Hyundai, For Infiniti, For Isuzu, For Kia, For Lexus, For Mazda, For Mitsubishi, For Nissan, For Scion, For SsangYong, For Subaru, For Suzuki, For Toyota, For BYD, For ChangAn, For Chery, For DFM, For FAW, For Foton, For Geely, For GreatWall, For Haval, For JAC, For Lifan, For Luxgen, For MG, For Zotye
autel mx808ts car list
How to check car supported list:

Please visit Autel website:
autel mx808ts car list
If you could not find your car or not sure, please tell us car information: model, year, VIN,  engine model, we will help you to confirm it.

Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Comarison Table:

autel mx808ts vs autel mk808ts vs autel mk808
How to use Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS?
Step 1: Visit official,then create an Autel ID and register the product with device's SN and password.
Step 2: Insert the MaxiVCI Mini into the vehicle's DLC,which is generally located under the vehicle dash.
Step 3: Long press the Lock/Power button to turn on the Diagnostic Table.
Step 4: Pair up the Diagnostic Table with the VCI device via Bluetooth to establish a communication link
When the VCI device is properly connected to the vehicle and the Diagnostic Tablet,the VCI status button at the buttom bar on the display screen shows a green tick at the corner.This indicates your Diagnostic Tablet is ready to start vehicle diagnosis.

How to Update Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS?

Software Update:

Note:Make sure the diagnostic tablet is connected to the internet and the tablet has sufficient battery or is connected to a power source.
Step 1: Tap the Update application button from the Diagnostic Job Menu and the Update screen displays.
Step 2: Check all available updates:
             a) if you want oto update all the items,tap the "Update All" button
             b) if you want to update one or some of the item,tap the "Update" button on the right column of the specific item(s).
Step 3: Tap "Pause" to suspend the updating process.Tap "Continue" to resume.
Step 4: When the updating process is completed,the software will be installed automatically.The previous version will be replaced.

MaxiVCI Mini Firmware Update:
Method 1:
Step 1: Connect the MaxiVCI Mini to a PC using a USB cable.
Step 2: Run the "PC Suite" on the computer which is installed after the installtion of Maxi PC Suite and click MaxiVCI Mini icon on the Device Selection window.
Step 3: The driver will automatically detect the updates of the device.
Step 4: Click "Update" to complete the operation if an update is available.
Method 2:
Step 1: Connect the MaxiVCI Mini with the Diagnostic Tablet using a USB cable.
Step 2: Tap VCI Manager from the Diagnostics Job Menu,and then Update to complete the operation if an update for the MaxiVCI Mini is available.

How to Print and Download Diagnosis Result
autel mx808ts print function
Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Specifications:
RecommendedUse   Indoor
Operating System   AndroidTM 4.4.2, KitKat
Processor   Cortex-A9 processor (1.5 GHz)
Memory   32GB
Display   7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution
Connectivity   Mini USB 2.0
USB 2.0
Micro SD card (supports up to 32GB)
Sensors   Light sensor for brightness auto changing
Audio input/output   Input: N/A
Output: buzzer
Power and Battery   3.7 V/5000 mAh lithium-polymer battery
Charges via 5 VDC power supply
Tested Battery Life   Around 7 hours of continuous use
Battery Charging Input   5 V/1.5 A
Power Consumption   600 mA (LCD on with default brightness, Wi-Fi on) @3.7 V
Operating Temp.   0 to 55°C(32 to 131°F)
Storage Temp.   -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Operating Humidity   5% - 95% non-condensing
Dimensions (W x H x D)   270.8 mm (10.0”) x 176.0 mm (6.9”) x 36.0 mm (1.4”)
Net Weight   885 g (2.31 lb.)
Protocols   ISO9141-2, ISO14230-2, ISO15765, K/L-Line, Flashing Code, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850PWM, ISO11898 (Highspeed, Middlespeed, Lowspeed and Singlewire CAN, fault-tolerant CAN), SAE J2610,GM UART,UART Echo Byte Protocol, Honda Diag-H Protocol, TP2.0, TP1.6

Autel MK808TS Package List:

1 pc *Autel MK808TS
1 pc *MaxiVCI Mini
1 pc *USB Cable (for test)
1 pc *USB Cable (for charging)
1 pc *USB External Power Adapter_test
1 pc *User Manual
1 pc *Quick Reference Guide
1 pc *Carry case

Autel MK808TS Review:

Review 1: I had an old lounge before I got a new scanner. I didn't fix this latest car and didn't recognize some of the code. After researching, I bought autel mk808ts. This device works very well and fast. The tpms sensor system worked very well. I'm glad I made the right choice.

Review 2: Awesome OBD2 scan tool packed with a ton of features. This unit is built like a tank and is very high quality. This thing will do much more than your standard OBD2 scan tool will. Highly recommended!

Review 3: This unit performs many additional functions compared to your basic, sub-$100 scanners. Some functions may not work on all cars. I tested four separate cars and for the most part got the data I needed, but had some issues with the TPMS functions on a modern Nissan. I eventually figured it out, but found that some of the over generalized instructions/help menus built into the different modes of the scanner may require some additional research on your part. If scanning/relearning TPMS systems is something you need, along with reading live data, I would recommend giving this a shot

Review 5: Been working as a certified tech for awhile. Autel Scanners are so far my favorite. After using Snap-on, Matco,...big tool names. The Autel brand seems to function smoother and is easier to navigate. I bought the MK808TS so i had the capabilities to preform advanced diagnostics as well as TPMS work. After initially receiving the scanner i am highly impressed with it! I will try to remember to update this review after a few month of use.


Q: Can this perform a injector buzz test on for powerstrokes? and can it program other tpms sensors other then the altel ones
A: Autel MK808TS scan tool will not perform a injector buzz test on for powerstrokes and it will only program Autel MX-sensors

Q: Can I apply for portuguese language?
A: Please send us your SN of your device(12 digital number back of your device)

Q: Can you bleed abs with this?
A: MK808TS can support bleed abs. You can find ABS bleeding functions under Service Function Menue in ABS system, this function works super well

Q: Will this scanner do a abs recode after module replacement
A: Autel MK808TS Diagnostic Scanner can’t do a ABS recode. Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT Diagnostic Tool
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