launch x431 Tool Xhorse Universal Remote Keys

We offer you with original and high quality Xhorse Remote keys for Xhorse VVDI2, VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool Max and Key Tool Plus Pad key programming Tool.

Xhorse Wire, Wireless, Super Remote, Smart Remote Key Comparison:

Xhorse XK Wired Remotes: Packed in red bag, with socket, Without transponder chip, with 25 bonus points
Xhorse XN Wireless Remote: Packed in blue bag, with NXP transponder chip, with 40 bonus points
Xhorse XE Super Remote: Packed in purple bag, with Super Chip XT 27 built in, with 40 bonus points
Xhorse XS Smart Remote: Packed in orange bag, with Smart chip keyless go, with 40 bonus points
Xhorse XM38 Smart Keys for specific models like Toyota, BMW

Xhorse Remote Keys Highlights: 1. Outstanding appearance design 2. All remotes are reusable 3. Easy to Open 4. Durable Key Blank 5. Bonus Points Reward 6. Exceptional Manufacturing Technique 7. Style Diversification 8. Safe and stable performance

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