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[EU/UK Ship]Xhorse XSTO00EN XM Toyota 4D 8A Smart Key PCB TOY-T Universal Smart Key Support re-generate

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3 Xhorse TOY.T Smart Key XSTO00EN: 1 pc [EU/UK Ship]Xhorse XSTO00EN XM Toyota 4D 8A Smart Key PCB TOY-T Universal Smart Key Support re-generate
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Product Description

Xhorse XSTO00EN XM Smart Key PCB TOY-T Universal Smart Key support multiple board numbers/frequencies/models, support both 4D and 8A series smart key
Xhorse TOY-T universal Smart key


Xhorse XM series Smart Key PCB For Toyota
Support 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz
Support multiple board numbers/frequencies/models
Support both 4D and 8A series smart key
Compatible with 40bit, 80bit, 128bit, single frequency, dual frequency
Support re-generate
Compatible with Key Tool Plus, VVDI Key Tool Max, VVDI MINI Key Tool
There is only PCB inside the package, if you need key shell, you can check Toyota XM Smart Key Shell here


The first time generate the XM-Prox remote will cost 200 points, for re-use, free to generate.
Please update Xhorse APP to V2.1.3 or newer.

Xhorse APP Update V2.1.3
-MINI KEY TOOL->vehicle remote->Add XM smart key generation
-MINI KEY TOOL->Special Function ->Add XM smart key customization and toyota smart key frequency setting

Support Board Numbers:

0020 3370 6601 0111 2110 5290 0031 0310 0182 7930 A433 0030 3330 7980 F433 0010(-part) F430 0780 0140

Support Frequency:

8A  312.10/314.35   314.00/315.10
      314.35/315.10    433.92
      312.50/314.00     433.57/434.41

4D: 315.12  312.50  433.92  314.35  314.00

Support for Toyota Model:

For Camry (08-17)
For Alphard ( -12)
For GS400 (13—1 7)
For CT200(15)
For RAV4(08-19)
For Sienna (05-05)
For GS430(13-17)
For NX200(16-)
For Corolla (08—18)
For Previa(07—)
For IS200(13-17)
For RX450(15-)
For LEVIN (-18)
For Wish (18)
For 1S300(13-17)
For BRZ (-14)
For Land Cruiser(08-20)
For E'Z (-15)
For ES330(13-17)
For Toycta86(12—14)
For Highlande (09-19)
For VIOS (08-13)
For RX270(14)
For Crown(10—17)
For GS300(13—17)
For CX460(10)
For REIZ(O8-12)
For ES300(13-17)
For Landcruiser Prado(08-20)

Upcoming update version:

3370, 5290, 7930, 7980, 0031, A433, F433, 0140, 0111, 7930, 7980, 0310, 0120, 0410, 0440

Xhorse XSTO00EN XM Smart Key PCB


Q: Is it for Toyota only? what about Lexus?
A: It is for both Toyota and Lexus.

Q: It has programmable ID?
A: Yes can change ID and frequency as you like.

Q: Is XM key the old or new remote?
A: Depends on the PCB code , check the xhorse App , all list is supported we tried on 2010-2013-2016-2018.

Q: There are only 315 frequency?
A: It has 312MHz 315MHz 314MHz 433MHz optional frequencies.

Q: How much is the XM smart key?
A: Per smart key PCB takes US$51.99 free shipping.

Q: Do regular universal prox not work with the Toyota prox systems?
A: No, you need special ones. There is a list using the XM smart key.

Q: only mentioned xhorse key tool but no mentions of vvdi2 and mini key tool.  Can i use the XM key with vvdi2 and mini keytool?
A:  The Toyota XM smart key can be used with xhorse vvdi2, key tool max, mini key tool and vvdi key tool plus pad.
Our engineer tested it with VVDI2,  2010-2015-2018 all working and proxy antenna is very good

Q: i have both mini key tool and vvdi2, the vvdi2 is for the transponder and the mini key tool is for the remote side of it?
A: mini keytool just to renew it and change frequency , generation is accurate and good via vvdi2.

Q: XSTO00CH TOY Toyota 8A Smart Key can be used on  toyota prius 2007-2014?
A: No, it cannot.

Q: Is there a car list of the Xhorse XM smart key?
A: Check list above or download xhorse app. There is red PROX icon in Toyota menu if the XM key is required.

Q: Does it require points to generate?
A:  You will need 200 points for the first-time generation. To get free points you need to generate VVDI universal remotes. Rewrite does not require points.

Q: Supports rewrite?
A: Yes, it can be renewed and rewrite.

Q: Can it also work for Lexus LX570 year 2014?
A:  No, it cannot.

Q: Does it come with key shell?
A: No, only key PCB.


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