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[Full Version]New KT200 ECU Programmer Master Version Read Write ECU&TCU with Free Cap and ECU Cover Extractor

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Product Description

1. Support OBD/ BENCH/ BOOT/ BDM/ JTAG Mode.
2. ECU maintenance, Chip tuning, DTC code Removal, professional reading and writing equipment, covering 99% of the models in the market.
3. This is Full Version, Support Car OBD, Truck OBD, Tractor OBD, Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD, Full System, BDM/JTAG, TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear.
4. Supports Checksum Calculation.
5. Free update. No subscription, no annual fee.
New KT200 ECU Programmer Master Version Read Write ECU&TCU Support OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG Modes Multiple Protocols

KT200 ECU Chip Tuning Tool is new update ECU programmer supports ECU maintenance chip tuning, DTC code removal, OBD/BOOT/BDM/JTAG, and multiple protocols. The hardware of  KT200 ECU programmer is Master version.

New KT200 has been discontinued. Products with the same function:
FoxFlash Super Strong ECU Clone and Chip Tuning Tool

What's the difference between new KT200 vs old KT200?

1. Better server
2. More VR files
3. User better quality BOM and PCB
4. This new KT200 can not work with offline USB Dongle

New KT200 Hilights:
  • KT200 Master version: Read and write ECU data, read it in BIN unencrypted format, you can modify the data arbitrarily
  • KT200 Full Version Full protocols licenses activated: Car OBD, Truck OBD, Tractor OBD , Boat OBD, Motorbike OBD , Full System , BDM/JTAG , TOOL BOOT, Bench Mode, TCU Gear
  • VR read online work (some ecu need use our VR system, tool auto connect to ousr server donload file )
  • ECU can be restored to original if your ecu was damage or meet some bad tuning, use our tool can restore to original.
  • Free update. No subscription, no annual fee. Free download newest update software on KT200 official website directly
  • Online support, Excellent technical support.
  • Two Years Warranty.
  • Help desk and tuner account
  • ECU and TCU connect wires with pdf
  • Special functions
  • Auto checksum: Auto support eeprom and flash checksum 
  • Support MEDC17 free clone service (most of others tool need patch the files after read out, but ours is free)
  • How to Use KT200 to Clone MEDC17 via Boot/Bench Tricore
  • Multi-language: Italian, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Turkish
  • Free ship via EU(Czech Republic warehouse) no tax

1. Works online only. 
2. It runs via KTSuite Manager program. Software requires activation before use (Check activation instructions on the bottom of the page). 
3. KT200 vs foxFlash
Free Download and Install and Activate KT200 Software

Free Download KT200 ECUHelp Software( 2023.01 ): Online
or KT200 Software Free Download From:  How to Install and Activate KT200 Software?
KT200 ECU Driver List:

Software Compatible operating systems:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 pro/ultimate, CPU > 2.5 GHz (Intel i5, i7), RAM > 8GB

KT200 Programmer Features:
  • More protocols, more comprehensive & wide coverage, full-featured version of the device, all open protocols.
  • The reading and writing speed is more stable and faster than the old KT200.
  • Support multi-language.
  • Support cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, tractors, gearboxes, medc17 clones.
  • With automatic verification function, online technical support, online internet work
  • Support Bosch, Denso, Continental, Hitachi, Delphi and other series of ecu.
KT200 Operation Mode
1: OBD mode:(read the data from Diagnostic port, you need remove the ecu or tcu from car or open the ecu box, just read everything from car, we also support obd reading, we supply original file from our server, you can read it via obd reading. )
2: BENCH mode: we also call it service mode,  you can use this mode clone or backup all ecu data, read the internal flash and external flash and eeprom data, so you can save a lot of money for clone ecu and tcu , you also can clone tcu and chiptuning with this mode.
3: Jtag mode: open the ecu, and wire it or use ours adapter to connect ecu ways,some of denso ecu always need use this mode for reading and writing .
4: Boot mode: open the ecu and always can backup everything, read the flash and eeprom, you can save some ecu cause your obd write failed, or some
5: BDM mode: some of the ecu need read and write in bdm mode, open the ecu and use ours adapter to connect it.
6: Full system: you can read and write by pinout for  most of ecu and tcu

New KT200 Supported Functions:

ECU clone
TCU clone
Vmax off
Adblue and SCR off
Flaps OFF
gearbox data to adjust LC
sport display
immo off
dpf off
dtc off
GPF/OPF Removal
DPF Removal
EGR Removal
DTC Removal
ADBlue Removal
HOT Start Fix
IMMO Removal
Readiness Calibration
Flaps / Swirl Removal
TVA Removal
Sport Displays Calibration
Cold Start Noise Reduction
Kickdown Deactivation
StartStop Disable
MAF Removal
Speed Limiter Removal
Torque Monitoring Disable
Burbles Activation
Popcorn Activation
EVAP Removal
Exhaust Flap Removal
SAP Removal
AGS Removal
Lambda/O2 Removal
Launch Control
OBD Reading Protection
Boost Sensor Calibration
LC, AL and NLS for MED9.1
Checksum Fix
vmax, swirl off
restoring ECU or TCU factory setting service
VIN fix (EEPROM support checksum, so you can easy change VIN then write back)

How to use KTsuit Manager and Activate Software?

Do follows work before start our tools
A: Connect your KTsuit with USB cable to laptop
B: laptop or PC must connect to internet

Step 1: go to website donwload the newest KT200 software, install the package.
Step 2: Check the SN where tie on your box backside, noticy: don't realase that SN to anyone, its a safe code for you, dont let any third party or guys know that code or it easy let your tools lock.
Step 3: Send that SN to email: for active and link your tool to your email. (you tool will be lock if you dont send to active)
Step 4: run the ktsuit manager, and register it with your email, then input the sn active your account, don’t close the ktsuitmanager before your run ktsuit, always keep click the active button before you run the ktsuit software.
Step 5: input that SN code to you login windows when you run KTsuit main software, it will ask you input that code, then you software and tool will be online.

KT200 Pro Package Includes:
1pc x Master, 
1pc x BENCH box, 
2pcs x OBD wires, 
1pc x pinout line, 
1pc x plastic box
4pcs x BOM adapters,
3pcs x Transfer cables, 
4pcs x Power wire, 
1pc x Set of resistors, 
4pcs x Adapter plugs,  
5pcs x Power adapters

Extra pacakge according to users request after the user get the tool.
1pc x Tuner account
1pc x Helpdesk
1pc x WinOLS damaos, A2L 

KT200 Programmer FAQs:

Q: Can I install the KT200 software and fox flash software on the same pc?
A: We do not recommend you to install them on the same pc

Q: How can i update the KT200?
A: Connect it to internet, it will connect to server update automatically. You do not need operate anything

Q: I have already ativated my KT200. Why I should activate the machine every time I was to use?
A: Because we need keep tool more stable and check the tool situation. Search at the left side …

Q: How many pcs i can install the KT200 software on?
A: There is no limit currently

Q: Does it ask use vpn like kt200?
A: No, Needn't any vpn 

Q: Hi, my KT200 select driver is grey, unable to operate, could you help

kt200 grey

A: Please follow this to proccess:
How to run kt200
1 Shutdown date and time automatically syncs 
2: shutdown defender 
3: shutdown antivirus system 
4: run kt suit manger click active button 
5 : keep manger run 
6: run kt suit 
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Shipping Method and Delivery Time: 

1. UK & Czech Warehouse Shipping: 3-5 working days. Fast Delivery & VAT/Tax Free.
[Ship from UK] For UK customers only,  2-5 days shipping by Royal Mail or UPS
[Ship from Czech] For European countries, ship by DHL or GLS, 3-5 days delivery. 

2. DHL Shipping: Suitable for customers worldwide. Will take 5-7 working days. 
If your address belongs to remote area, will need to pay remote handling cost. Please remember to leave message if you have any special requirement.
3. Yanwen Express: TAX Free for European Countries. Will take 10-15 working days normally.
4. Order Under 130EUR normally with default shipping standard post, customers can tick for premium delivery to choose ship by DHL.
5. Customers can also choose UPS, TNT FedEx or EMS if you prefer.


2023 New KT200 ECU Programmer Read BMW MD1 Data

How to install and active 2023 New KT200 ECU Programmer Software on win10

Tech Support

How to Free Clone MEDC17 with New KT200/Foxflash via BOOT/Bench Tricore?
Sometimes, when you read the original ECU data and write into the new ECU, it may appear the issues such as the car cannot start normally, etc. Foxflash and New KT200 ECU programmer support the ECU clone function with the on-screen instruction in their own software, make the job easier. Both two ECU programmers also support MEDC17 free clone service while most of others tool need patch the files after reading out.

Step-by-step guide to clone ECU:
Before operation, connect the ECU and New KT200/Fox flash ECU programmer correctly, and make sure the internet connection on the computer is good.
Step 1: read the data (Micro [flash] and EEPROM) of original ECU (ECU 1) and the new ECU (ecu 2) via BOOT MODE TRICORE or BENCH TRICORE separately 
Step 2: Run New KT200 KTsuit software or foxflash software 
Select driver- TOOL BOOT 
Then select TOOLS BOOT MODE>> INFINEON TRICORE Clone Service and select the corresponding ECU clone model
Click OK to continue

kt200 clone edc17

Attach some tricore ECU supported images

Step 3: Open the original ECU (ECU 1) micro file and new ECU (ECU 2) micro file in sequence 
Step 4: Click “Clone & Save”, and then the software will generate the new ECU data and save it in the selected directory.

foxflash clone edc17

Step 5: In the software, select TOOLS BOOT MODE>> INFINION TRICORE Boot>> select the corresponding ECU 

Choose the new file just saved in ECU 2 to write into the new ECU 
Note: As the BENCH TRICORE may cause the incomplete writing of ECU data. It’s recommended to read and write in Boot mode.

Please kindly notice:
1. Directly write the original ECU (ECU 1) EEPROM into the new ECU you want to change. Don’t make any changes. 
2. Micro[flash] data and eeprom data are written separately. Don’t select read all or write all. 
3. If the Micro[flash] data cannot be written, and then the data needs to be processed manually with winols or written by the professional engineer.
4. Volkswagen 5th generation anti-theft system is not supported.