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EU Ship No Tax XHORSE XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote 5pcs/lot

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Product Description

1. Multiple Frequencies
2. Support data recovery function
3. Switch frequency via xhorse tools, key tool plus, key tool max, key tool max, mini key tool
4. Hardware Upgrade
5. Easy to Clone, Easy to Generate
XHORSE XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote Keys

  • Hardware Upgrade
  • Easy to Clone
  • Easy to Generate
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • Longer-range remote control
Optional default frequency 315Mhz and 433Mhz

  • Switch frequency manually, over 20 frequencies are available
  • Switch frequency via xhorse tools, key tool plus, key tool max, key tool max, mini key tool
  • Support HCS rolling code cloning of over 100 garage doors, electric gates and two-wheeled eletric vehicles
  • Support data recovery function

Frequency Number of keystrokes
315.00 1
350.00 2
430.00 3
431.00 4
432.00 5
433.00 6
433.82 7
433.92 8
434.00 9
434.42 10
304.00 11
310.00 12
311.00 13
313.00 14
315.50 15
330.00 16
350.05 17
370.00 18
430.50 19
433.70 20

Package Includes:

1pc x Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote 
xhorse remote keys wholesale

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How to Regenerate Rolling Code ID with Xhorse Masker Garage Remote

How to Set Frequency for Xhorse Masker Garage Remote

How to use Xhorse Masker Garage Remote to Delete Code and Clone Remote

Tech Support

Xhorse Masker Garage Remote Step-by-Step Remote Programming & Usage Guide

1. Initial Setup: Ensure the Delete Code Status

Before diving into the cloning function, it's pivotal to verify the garage remote's delete code status and ensure it's correctly set.
  • Delete Code Status Verification: The LED should flash once and then quickly go out when any button is continuously pressed.
  • Delete Code Operation:
  • Press and hold “Up” and “Down” simultaneously until the LED turns on. Continue holding until the LED turns off, then release.
  • Press and hold “Pause” until the LED extinguishes, signaling a successful code deletion.
2. Cloning: Xhorse XKGHG1EN Garage Remote Cloning Steps
  • Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote Preparation:
  • Confirm the garage remote is in delete code status.
  • Ensure the garage remote frequency matches the original remote to avoid cloning issues.
  • Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote Cloning Steps:
  • Press and hold any button on the Xhorse garage remote until the LED flashes once, entering cloning mode.
  • Holding the original remote next to the Xhorse remote, press and hold the corresponding button. LED illumination indicates successful cloning.
  • Repeat for all buttons.
3. Frequency Setting: Ensuring Operational Harmony
  • How To Set Frequency of the Xhorse Remote Masker:
  • Different aftermarket remote brands might operate at varied frequencies.
  • If the original and Xhorse garage remote frequencies differ, issues might occur despite successful cloning.
  • The Xhorse garage remote supports frequency setting (20 frequency points) to match the original remote's frequency.
  • Frequency Setting Steps:
  • Enter 'Set Frequency Mode': Press “Lock” and “Pause” together until the LED turns off, then release.
  • To set the frequency, press “Up” once for each frequency point (LED flashes correspondingly). Refer to the frequency reference table.
  • After 5 seconds of successful frequency setting, the remote LED will flash, with the number of flashes indicating the set frequency.
  • To exit the mode, press “Lock” and “Pause” together after the LED stops flashing.
4. Utilizing the Rolling Code ID Generation Function
  • Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote Rolling Code ID Regeneration:
  • If code chasing (i.e., the need to press the cloned remote twice to function) occurs, it can be rectified by programming the remote after rolling code ID regeneration.
  • Regeneration Steps:
  • Enter regeneration mode: Press “Up” and “Lock” until the LED goes off.
  • Regenerate rolling code ID: Release “Up” and “Lock”, press “Pause” until the LED goes off.
  • Note: Post-regeneration, the garage remote must be programmed again by operating the learning and matching processes as per the control box instructions.
5. Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Remote Data Recovery
  • Xhorse XKGHG1EN Masker Garage Remote Data Recovery Situation:
  • If code is deleted by mistake, the data recovery function can be utilized.
  • Data Recovery Steps:
  • Press and hold the two buttons” Down” and “Pause” for 3 seconds, remote LED lights on, data recovery operation is successful.