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May Special Offer EU Ship No Tax Xhorse Dolphin XP005 XP-005 Key Cutting Machine With M5 Clamp and Built-in Battery For All Key Lost Support IOS Android

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5 SL437: 2024 New Dolphin XP-005 with M5 Clamp Xhorse Dolphin XP005 XP-005 Key Cutting Machine With M5 Clamp and Built-in Battery For All Key Lost Support IOS Android
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Product Description

1. M5 fully replace M1 and M2 clamp
2. Update online in APP, smart control and operation on APP and build-in database
3. Support sided/ track/Tibbe keys/ some household keys
4. Support Bluetooth
XHORSE DOLPHIN XP-005 Key Cutting Machine With M5 Clamp

Product Introduction:

Xhorse XP-005 is the third generation key CNC machine, it is often used for duplicating automobile mechanical keys, changing key bitting, and solutions when all keys are lost.  As a portable CNC machine, it is preferred by locksmiths to take out for work by car. Moreover, Xhorse XP-005 supports online upgrade and can update the new key data in time.

Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Highlights:

1. It has all the capabilities of Condor XC-Mini, a Build-In key database.
2. Works on smart mobile phone applications via Bluetooth connection.
3. Portability, Small and Elegant, Design For All Key Lost.
   Support More Than 60 Global Brand, 2000 car Models, and 20000 all key lost databases.
   Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Car List
4. Supporting self-calibration
5. Supporting key duplication and cutting for vehicle keys
6. Supporting universal key decode for multiple key types
7. It' s the latest portable automatic key-cutting machine with an in-built battery inside.
    Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP005 Manual
8. Technical service online and a One-year warranty
    free technical support, online service to provide remote control support
9. XP005 Language: English
    Xhorse APP Language: English, Spanish, French, Thai, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi,
Hebrew, Korean, Indonesian, and Chinese
10. Support Cut Sided, Track, Dimple, and Tibbe Keys, Household Keys
      Right now Support cut plastic key and aluminum key.
11. Newest Firmware version: V1.6.8 Lifetime free update online via Xhorse APP. Database ver. V117
12. XP005 now is compatible with M5 clamp

DOLPHIN XP005 Features:

1. M5 Clamp  
M5 clamp can perfectly replace the M1 and M2 clamps. Some keys are easier to hold with the M5 clamp than with the M1 or M2 clamp. For cars like the new Honda Civic, if you use the M1 and M2 clamps, you may not be able to cut at the root, but the M5 clamp can. Because the place where the M1 clamp fixes the embryo is blocked a little (The key embryo is too short, but the teeth are too long, and the embryo cannot be fully extended).
M5 clamp supports 4 track external, 2 track external, 4 track internal, Channel track. M5 clamp has two sides of A and B. Users can turn the clamp surface to cut according to cutting needs. There is no need to repeated install and uninstall to replace different clamps.
It can also be used with special fixtures to cut special Ford Citroen keys. It supports the connection of photo-taking, tooth-reading and optical imaging equipment. Non-conductor keys (plastic keys) can be cut.

2. Portable and Convenient 
Attractive appearance, full of technology, portable design, compact structure, small body leading the industry    
3. Precision Production    
All aluminum body structure, Manufactured by Germany-made DMG CNC machine 
4. Intelligent Control 
Provide powerful free App, support multi-language, support mobile phone, tablet computer and other intelligent terminal control, easy for operations.   
5. Data Richness   
Provide rich vehicle data, blank key data, the best tool of all key lost.
6. High Efficiency Cutting    
Use American famous brushless motor and screw rod, high efficiency and stability, create high precision cutting quality.
7. Built-in Lithium Battery 
Optimized lithium battery of well-known brand, stable and reliable, support cutting under no power conditions
8. Patented Clamps   
Standard equipped two clamps M1 and M2, supports sided, track, dimple and tibbe keys. Optional M3 clamp and M4 clamp are available, M3 clamp is applicable to Ford FO21 & Citroen SX9 keys, M4 clamp is applicable to single sided house-key.
The XP-005 patented clamp design makes it convenient and easy to switch between different types of clamps. The built-in clamp of XP-005 supports common external milling and internal milling and duplication of vertical milling keys. It can also be used with special fixtures to cut special Ford Citroen keys. It supports the connection of photo-taking, tooth-reading and optical imaging equipment. Non-conductor keys (plastic keys) can be cut.

9. Free Upgrade
Provide free software upgrade service, software function and database.
24-hour support server online update, no need to back for an update.
• Online update on the APP
• Update through Xhorse' Upgrade Kit'

10. Technical service   
One year warranty, free technical support, online service to provide remote control support    

11. Key Database
The built-in genuine key database is convenient for the tooth shape query when all keys are lost. 

12. Bluetooth Connection
XP-005 can be connected to a mobile phone or tablet computer through Bluetooth for operation, and can also be used with key tool max and tablet computer. 

13. Built-in Battery
The built-in lithium battery of the XP-005 machine can support rescue work for a long time without external power supply. The portable handle design and light body weight make it more convenient to carry.


Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Structure Diagram:

Xhorse Clamp Installation Steps:
1. Unscrew the clamp locking screw.
2. Choose the proper clamp for your keys, slide it into the clamp holder, and push it to the limit from the right side.
3. Fix the clamp locking screw until the clamp is locked.

Xhorse Dolphin XP005 vs Condor XC-Mini Plus

Model  Xhorse DOLPHIN XP-005 with M5 Clamp
Picture  Xhorse DOLPHIN XP-005 Condor XC-MINI PLUS
Screen Small screen showing Bluetooth status LED Display 1024×600 Adjustable Touch-Screen
Spindle Mechanical shaft +60W DC motor ( foreign brand) Electric spindle brushless 300W, built-in angular contact bearing
Default Clamp M5 clamp(Cover M1,M2 clamp functions) M1, M2 Clamp
Transmission Mechanism T-shaped screw + anti-backlash nut Ball screw
Guide Roller guide Cross-track
Shell Base aluminum alloy die-casting, the upper body is made of plastic shell and the body is made of integrated aluminum alloy die-casting Plastic outer casing body is formed by body alloying die casting
Operating System Mobile phone APP Stand-alone/Mobile phone APP
Battery Built-in battery (optional) Power supply adapter with Battery
Built-in Database Yes Yes
All Keys Lost Yes, with network connection Yes, offline operation
Fixture Standard fixture Two sets of standard fixtures       
Operation No touch screen, no built-in database Quick start, with touch screen, built-in database
Offline Operation No Yes
Dedicated App Yes Yes
Protecting Mask Simple protective cover Comprehensive protection
VVDI MB Binding Yes. After binding, VVDI MB/key tool plus is one token free everyday. Yes. After binding, VVDI MB/key tool plus is one token free everyday.
Cutting Speed 1X SPEED 2X SPEED
Weight 18KG 24KG
Warranty 1 year 3 years
Update Update online via Xhorse Update Kit Update online via Xhorse Update Kit

In Sum:
1.Portability: If you need a machine that is easy to carry and can be used in various locations, the Xhorse Dolphin XP005 is the better choice.
2.Power and Capability: For high-volume and heavy-duty key cutting with a more powerful motor and standalone operation, the Condor XC-Mini Plus is superior.
3.User Experience: The Dolphin XP005 offers modern convenience with app control, while the Condor XC-Mini Plus provides a robust, all-in-one solution with a built-in touch screen and key database.
4.Mobile locksmiths or those who prioritize portability and flexibility might prefer the Dolphin XP005.
5.Fixed-location locksmiths or those needing a more powerful, standalone machine for high-volume operations might find the Condor XC-Mini Plus more suitable.

Update Log:

V1.5.6 (2010-10-28)
This version need to update the firmware.
Fix universal key duplication about M4 clamp decoding.

Package Includes:
1pc  x  Condor Dolphin Machine Body
1pc  x  M5 Clamp 
1pc  x  1.5mm Cutter
1pc  x  2.5mm Cutter
2pc  x  1.0mm Probe
1pc  x  Power Supply Adapter
1pc  x  USB cable
1pc  x  Brush
1pc  x screwdriver
1pc  x 1.5m power cord of US standard(optional)
1pc  x proof embryo
1pc  x 2mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc  x 3mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc  x user manual

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