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Product Description

1. New update version of Autel MP808 & DS808, support all system diangosis same as Autel MS906/MS906B, with much cost-effective price
2. Support CAN FD, and DoIP Protocols
3. No IP Limit, 2 years free update
OTOFIX D1 Car Diagnostic Tool, 2023 Bi-Directional Scanner, Upgrade of MP808BT/MS906, 30+ Services, OE-Level All-System Diagnostics, ECU Coding, CAN FD & DoIP, FCA SGW

OTOFIX D1 is a car diagnostic tool which can read and clear diagnostic fault codes(DTCs), show live data stream of multiple sensors and perform active tests and OE-level diagnosis on many various systems. Combined with the OTOFIX cloud service, it provides you with one-stop solution from diagnosis to fix.
The OTOFIX D1 intelligent automotive diagnostic analyzer is an all-in-one handheld tool for all car repairmen and DIYers. It is built on an Android 9.0 tablet featuring a 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280*800 resolution, 4x ARM processors and 64GB storage.  


OTOFIX D1 Highlights:

1. AUTEL's New Brand & Upgraded from Autel MP808 & DS808, Same Diagnostic Functions as Autel MS906/MS906B
2. 2 Years free update online, after update expired, you can pay for OTOFIX D1 Update Subscription
3. Multi-languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese, French, Dutch, Thai, and Vietnamese.
4. OTOFIX D1 supports KWP, CAN, CAN FD, and DoIP Protocols with super-fast vehicle diagnostics
5. Compatible with 80+ makes, 140+ brands, and 10000+ models worldwide, covering American, Asian, and European makes and models
6. Cloud-Based MaxiFix (Report Management)
7. Audi & VW & Skoda (Online Coding & Refresh Hidden Functions)
8. No IP Restriction - You can useD1all over the world
9. Support Battery Testing: support battery testing when it works with the OTOFIX BT1 Lite (sold separately), which is a wireless battery and electrical systems tester. To ensure your car works well on the road and doesn't get tripped up by a dead or faulty car battery, our OTOFIX D1 and its perfect partner BT1 Lite can help you quickly analyze your battery to fast identify problems before you stranded.

Pay to Unlock ECU Coding, VAG Guided and IMMO Functions
D1 OBD2 diagnosis scanner enables more functions on VAG vehicles via in-tablet extra purchase. So D1 is especially cost-effective to home mechanics/ DIYers who own VW/ Audi/ Skoda/ Seat vehicles, you can do online ECU Coding and IMMO. And every steps is backed by VAG guided functions, you can experience a smoother workflow than ever even for a beginner! For more upgrade details, please contact us

EU: 59EUR/Year, other areas outside EU: 69USD/Year


High-End Configuration – Game-Like User Experience

· New chips and a 4-core CPU solve the problem of slow running speed, and there is no lag.
· The onboard memory (2+64G) has been upgraded to store more information.
· Easy-to-Use Interface: Information menus are logically laid out
· Greatly upgraded the operating system (Android 9.0)
· Dual-Band WIFI Frequency: Both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WiFi for signal or connection speed.
· One-touch Update: Easy software updates to keep it up-to-date with the latest vehicle models and diagnostic technology.
· Stable Wireless Connectivity: Work ranges up to 33 Feet (10M) for wireless diagnostics without cable limitations, enabling you to walk around the vehicle while running diagnostics.


OTOFIX D1 Functions:

ECU Online Coding & Hidden Functions – Customize Cars as You Like
  • This automotive diagnostic tool supports ECU online coding & hidden functions for Audi & for VW & for Skoda. Good News! You can use this functions for free!
  • Online Coding for Audi & for VW & for Skoda: enable you to access the online data from the OEM server to do high-level repairs, such as recode / match / initialize replaced components;
  • Refresh Hidden Functions for Audi & for VW & for Skoda: activate the hidden features or disable the annoying features, such as activate side mirror folding functions, disable auto engine start-stop, etc.
  • The subscription fee for the first year is 69 bucks; the update fee after 1-year expiration is 10 bucks.
Guided Functions

The professional scan tool comes with on-screen instructions to guide you on how to complete some complicated functions step by step. The Guided Functions include multiple basic functions, saving the annoying processes of searching for various codes. Each basic function provides detailed help information for operations. The corresponding operation prompts will automatically come out to help you perform matching, setting, coding, etc. Compatible with VAG Group vehicles.


OE-Level All Systems Diagnostics – Same as Autel MaxiSys MS906 / MS906BT

Powered by Autel diagnostics, which is supported by years of experience and expertise, this car diagnostic tool – OTOFIX D1 provides professional OE-level diagnostics for all available electronic systems on the vehicles:

√ ECU Information; √ Read Codes; √ Erase Codes; √ Live Data; √ Active Tests; √ Hot Functions; √ Volkswagen & Audi Subscription Functions
  • Diagnostics for All Systems: Engine, Auto Transmission, Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Parking Brake (EPB), Battery Manage System (BMS), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), Immobilizer, Suspension, Cruise Control System, Steering Angle System, Air Conditioning System, Audio System, Body System, Gateway, etc.
Bi-Directional Control – Precisely Locate Car Problems

Featuring bi-directional control, also called active/actuator tests, this OTOFIX bi-directional diagnostic tool – OTOFIX D1, can output the commands to ECUs, read the ECU data, and monitor the operation of the actuators. Precisely locate the car problems, and let you quickly know whether a specific system, component, or subsystem functions properly or not.
  • For example, if a fuel pump is not working and leads to ignition failure, it could be a faulty pump, wiring, relay, or command. By turning the fuel pump on and off via the OTOFIX D1, you can quickly determine whether it’s a wiring, relay, or pump issue without removing any parts.
  • This intelligent scan tool can also perform active tests for fuel pumps, interior lights, a/c fan, inside mirrors, adaptive headlamp, steering wheel heating, windows, wash/wipe system, horn, etc.
Note: Not universal for all vehicles. & Available active tests vary depending on the make, year, and model.

How to Perform Active Test Function?

· Step 1: Read vehicle by auto detect, manual input, or manual selection;
· Step 2: Select Auto Scan or Control Unit -- (Powertrain/Body/Chassis …) -- relevant module -- active test;
· Step 3: Take steps by following the on-screen instructions. Note that the function menu is depending on make/model/year.


40+ Service Functions: Maximize Your Maintenance Power

Many newly-added service functions. To name a few:

· Oil Reset: Reset the new calculation of Engine Oil Life System for an accurate reading of the next oil change.
· ABS Bleeding: Perform ABS Brake Bleed function to cycle the ABS pump to bleed the a-i-r out of the ABS.
· EPB: Reset the calipers, brake discs or pads after the electronic parking brake system is repaired.
· BMS Reset: Reset after replacing the battery to clear the low battery fault information of the original battery and protect the new battery.
· AdBlue Reset: perform reset operation after the diesel exhaust treatment fluid (car urea) is replaced or filled up.
· Language Change: change the language originally set in the vehicle central control panel.
· NOx Sensor Reset: reset the catalytic converter learned value stored in the engine ECU after the NOx sensor fault is clear and the NOx catalytic converter is replaced.
· Seats Calibration: calibrate the seats equipped with memory function after they are replaced or repaired.
· Tire Reset: This function can set the size parameters of a tire after it is modified or replaced.
· Windows Calibration: perform the door & window matching, so as to restore the ECU initial memory, and restore the automatic ascending & descending function of a power window.
Among many other most commonly-used service functions in the US aftermarket, including: Oil Reset, EPB, TPMS Reset (indirect), IMMO K eys (basic), BMS Reset, Brake Bleed, SCR Aftertreatment, Inje. Coding, SAS, Throttle Adaptation, WIN DR ROOF, and more.
· WARM TIPS: The compatibility has covering 99% worldwide car models. This bi-directional scan tool is well-suited to mechanics in auto repair shops working on a wide range of vehicles.

How to Get More Service Functions

Depending on the make/model/year of the vehicle, there can be 100+ service functions spread across the relevant modules. You can find more in your specific car software.
Take a 2006 Chevy Silverado as an example. To get the full list of TCM service functions for this car model, you can enter: Chevy Software -- System Selection -- Transmission Control Module (TCM) -- Service Functions. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

OTOFIX D1 Vehicle Coverage:

2023-Extensive Vehicle Coverage: 140+ Brands, CAN-FD/DoIP, even HEVs
· CAN FD:CAN with flexible data rate (CAN FD) overcomes the limitations of the classical CAN bus in terms of data transfer rate. In practice, the data throughput of CAN FD is 6x higher, depending on the network topology. Compatible with GM models (2021 and later).
· DoIP: With Diagnostics over DoIP, diagnostics introduced over UDS are used over TCP/IP and Ethernet. That makes LAUNCH CRP909X save both in terms of time and expenses in the case of complex diagnostic tasks and flash applications. Compatible with B-M-W (F&G chassis), Volvo models (2018 later), Land Rover & Jaguar models (2017 later).
·  It can even get basic diagnostics on some 12V new energy HEV vehicles, compatible with BM.W, V-W, BYD …
·  Compatible with GM Cavalier, TRAX, Encore, Envision, GL8 (LSY), CT4, CT5 … made after 2019.
·  Compatible with Volvo after 2108, Land Rover/Jaguar after 2017, BM.W F/G Chassis …
·  It can get diagnostic access to 2018+ FCA SGW-equipped cars via registered AutoAuth Service to clear codes, bi-directional functions, active tests, actuation & relearns, etc.
·  The compatible vehicles are: most FCA cars made in 2018-2023: Chrysler 300, Pacifica; Dodge Challenger, Charger, Durango, Journey, Ram (1000, 1500(DS), 1500(DT), 2500, 3500 Cab Chassis, 3500 Cab Chassis 10K, 3500 Pickup, 4500, 5500, Mexico), ProMaster City; Cherokee, Compass (Brazil, China, India, Italy, Mexico), Gladiator, Grand Cherokee (W2, WK), Grand Commander, Renegade (B1, BQ-China, BU, BV), Wrangler (JL); Alfa Romeo Giulia, Giulietta/Stelvio; Fiat 500X, 500L, 500BEV, Toro, Doblo, Ducato, Novo Strada, Mobi ...
·  It boasts outstanding vehicle coverage from 140+ different automobile brands all around the globe. which includes top-selling cars:
·  European Vehicle: Audi, BenZ, BMW, Dacia, EU Ford, Land Rover, MINI, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Seat, Skoda, VW, VOLVO, Smart, Jaguar, BenZ Sprinter, SAAB, FIAT, Abarth, Lacia, Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, Maybach, Bentley, Bugatti ,Porsche.
·  USA Vehicle: GM, Chrysler, Ford, Dodge.
·  Asia Vehicle: SUZUKI, KIA, Daweoo, ISUZU, TOYOTA, SUBARU, NISSAN, Mitsubishi, LEXUS, Infiniti, HYUNDAI, Holden, HONDA, Accura, MAZDA.

OTOFIX D1 vs D1 Lite vs D1 Pro vs D1 Max:

OTOFIX D1 Specifications:

Processor 4x ARM Cortex-A35 (1.5GHz)
Operating System Android 9.0
Storage 64GB
Display 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen with 1280*800 resolution
Battery 5800 mAh
Camera 8M
Connectivity USB OTG Type C / USB HOST Type C / Bluetooth
Storage Temperature  -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F)
Working Temperature  0 to 45°C (32 to 113°F)

Package Includes:
1pc x Main Unit
1pc x Power Adapter
1pc x Packing List
1pc x OTOFIX V1
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x Carrying Case
1pc x Type C USB Cable
1pc x Quick Reference Guide


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