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Buy Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro Plus IMKPA Accessories Top IMMO and Key Fob Programmer Get Free G-Box2 and APB112 (No IP Blocking Problem)

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Product Description

Autel IM608PROKPA is a comprehensive key and immobilizer programming package of the MaxiIM IM608 Pro 10.1-inch Android touchscreen tablet, XP400Pro key and chip programmer, the wireless JVCI J2534 pass thru programming device and the Key Programming Adapter kit. It enables key learning directly through the OBDII port for 85 percent of vehicles in North America. The tablet can read the immobilizer pins and password directly from the vehicle and store this information to use later when learning the newly programmed keys to the vehicle
Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro Plus IMKPA Accessories Top IMMO and Key Fob Programmer Get Free G-Box2 and APB112 (No IP Blocking Problem)

This item is out of production, you can choose Autel IM608 Pro II to replace

autel im608 pro full kit

IM608PRO Highlights:

1. NO IP Blocking Problem, Can Be Used in UK and All EU Countries
2. Package Contains Autel IM608PRO and IMKPA Accessories, Autel G-Box3 and Autel APB112
3. Two Year Free Update Online (After 2 Years, IM608PRO Software Subscription Cost 859USD/ Year)
4. Smart Mode and Expert Mode Solution In One Tool to Easy Operation, Works for 85% Cars In the Wordwide, Include BMW, BENZ, VW, AUDI etc
5. Comes with XP400 Pro Which Adds More Functionality for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, as well as EEPROM Reading
6. With IMKPA Accessories Which Adds BMW EWS3 Key Learning, Benz NEC Key Learning and Benz ESL_W209 Read/ Write/ Erase


1. No Holden Software Supported.
2. Existing Autel IM508/ Autel IM608 Users Can Upgrade To IM608Pro by Purchasing XP400 Pro Or IM608+XP400 Pro
3. J2534 MaxiFlash ECU Programmer Can't Support ECU Online Programming for Benz and BMW. It can not program ECU with IM608
4. Please Do Not Connect The XP400 Programmer to Vehicles Directly, Otherwise the XP400 Will Be Damaged, Have to Send Back for Repair
5. Service/ Special Functions are NOT Universally Compatible. Please send us VIN number and the functions you want to check compatibility before purchase.

What's Included:

XP400PRO Key and Chip Programmer: access the key chip, read, retrieve and write key information
Wireless JVCI J2534 Pass-Thru Programming Device: ECU programming function
Key Programming Adapter Kit (IMKPA): enables Read/ Write/ Erase for Mercedes Benz ESL_W209/ W906 Data, Mercedes Benz NEC Key Learning, BMW EWS3 Key Learning and Volkswagen, AUDI, BMW, Benz Key Unlock

autel im608 pro

What's New:

BMW EWS3 key learning (need to use with APB114)
Mercedes-Benz W209 EIZ read/write/erase (need to use with APB118)
OEM Mercedes-Benz NEC key learning (need to use with APB115)
Read/write Data
EEPROM - added 60 chip types, now supports 445 types (need to use with APB119, 121, 122, 123 and 126);
MCU - added 32 chip types, now supports 2067 types (need to use with APB120, 127and 128);
Engine ECU – added 1 chip type, now supports 41 chip types;
Immobilizer ECU – added 3 chip types, now supports 181 chip types.
Key unlock – supports 11 key types (need to use with APB113).

2022 autel IMMO XP400 PRO Key programmer

What Autel MaxiIM IMKPA Can Do for You?

IMKPA is a Key Programming Adapter Kit, compatible with the XP400Pro Key & Chip Programmer. Includes 12 adapters for the XP400Pro that enable Read/Write/Erase for Mercedes Benz ESL_W209 / W906 Data, for Mercedes Benz NEC Key Learning, for BMW EWS3 Key Learning and. For Volkswagen/AUDI/BMW/Benz Key Unl~k. Compatible with the IM608PROKPA / IM608 and IM508 with XP400Pro.

Autel MaxiIM IMKPA

What Autel APB112 Can Do for You?

1. Smart key simulator
2. Compatible with IM608, IM508, and MX808IM
3. Compact but would need to be used with the XP400
4. Cannot be used with the XP200
5. 46, 4D data collection
6. 46 smart key password calculation
7. 46 chip simulation
8. Toyota 4D (94/ D4, 98) smart key simulation
9. Toyota H (88/ A8, A9, 39) smart key simulation
10. Collects data from the ignition coil
11. Identify ignition coil troubles
12. Decode vehicle key chip data
13. Simulate vehicle key chip (ex - 4D chip)
14. Must be used with an Autel diagnostic tool
15. Toyota/ Lexus smart key all key lost
16. Chip decoding (Hyundai 46)

Autel APB112 function list

What Can G-BOX2 Can Do For You?

1. Supports Mercedes Benz All Key Lost, faster calculate password
2. Supports IM608 or IM508 with XP400
3. Used for Faster Mercedes ECU data and EIS password calculation
4. Mercedes DAS3 can EIS/EZS all keys lost
5. Reduces reading time of W204 ECU data & W207 EIS by over 85%
6. No need to remove and reinsert the key for W221 & W164 after 2009 Models

autel g-box2 function list

Package List:

1set x Autel IM608Pro
1set x IMKPA Accessories
1set x Autel G-Box2
1set x Autel APB112


Review 1: I'm an auto locksmith and my everyday job is to program all kinds of car keys. This IM608 key programming tool just made my job much easier! It does BMW CAS 4/3/2 keys with no issues, programmed keys on 2012 Mercedes Benz E200 (W212), 2004 Mercedes-Benz E320 CDI, 2014 Mercedes GLK 220, 2015 VW Golf All key lost, 2014 Volvo S60 in just the past week

Review 2: Great all-around tool! To do Toyota keys you'll need the APB112 and the G-Box helps with the Mercedes keys... The scan tool wises is equivalent to the MS908S. I haven't gotten into heavy in-depth work with it yet but so far, it's been up to the task.

Review 3: I purchased this Autel IM608 a month ago. I detected several cars in my workshop with this key programmer. It was the first thing I did when I got it to make sure it was working well. Autel IM608 really read the IR signals and the actual transponder data. Yesterday I run a Mercedes IR key programming with this auto scanner on Mercedes r320, 2007. I used the blank keys: 315 and 433 keys. It took me about 10 minutes to get it done. Hopefully, this week I’ll get chances to do more key programming or IMMO for different cars.

Review 4: Did several Benz now and am quite happy, to be honest
- 2001 W203 C class - with IR key adapter since no KEO (lock didn't take the old spare key, original was lost) - went just fine
- 2005 W203 C270 - smart option in the tool, took a bit to calculate password but steps are easier than doing it by the manual or expert selection, still way under an hour and for benz key still good value
- W169 A class lock on the bench with a G-Box2 just to test this new tool and had the info read EIS under 1 minute, pass calculation way under 10 (think even under 5!) minutes, also virgin option seems to have worked fine (not personalized and not activated status)

Review 5: Peugeot 207 - pin ok, coding ok, remote had to be added manually (procedure in IM608)
Hyundai Getz 2007 - pin by vin conversion in Autel, added key fine (handy baby 2 did not decode the key correctly and had no chips on me for the Mini Key VVDI and KD-X2 which decoded fine)
VW Caddy 2007 - added key after making dealer key fine (not even reprogram other key) and added remote fine as well - used smart detection menu
Benz CLS350 2005 - calculated pass and added key with smart system within 10 - 15 minutes


Q: Does the im608 has the same obd2 diagnostic function as mk908, but much powerful than mk908 in professional IMMO keys programming?
A: YES, you are right, IM608 has the same OBD2 functions as MK908. BUT in the IMMO function, IM608 is a professional and most powerful IMMO tool.
The MK908P offers comprehensive OE-level diagnostics, ECU coding and BMW/Benz ECU programming, The IM608 is the most advanced and unique all-in-one key programming and diagnostic tool that combines advanced key programming.
MK908P is specialized in diagnostics (more for automotive technicians). IM608 is specialized in keys (more for locksmiths)

Q: Does im608 do 2014 BMW 6 series cas4/cas4+ key programming?
A: Yes, IM608 can do 2014 BMW 6 Series CAS 4 key programming without issues.

Q: Can it perform 2015 Audi A4 all key lost?
A: Yes, IM608 key programming tool can perform all keys lost on a 2015 Audi A4

Q: The ability to reprogram key fobs for door lock and ignition functions.2006 BMW 325i VIN: WBAVB13516PT26948?
A: Yes, it supports

Q: Does it support online programming for Benz and BMW?
A: No, it do not support this

Q: Do autel im608 pro erase key programing also? how this can be done? for suzuki key and also Toyota used keys to erase?
A: Yes, during the key programming process, the keys will be erased. and you will need to program the keys back to vehicles no matter if it is original keys or new keys. You can refer to those youtube case studies so you can have a better understanding of how it works

Q: Does IM608 can read passwords for all Ford?
A: No password need for Ford
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