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[EU/UK Ship]Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P MK908P WiFi WirelessDiagnosis and ECU Programmer with MaxiFlash Elite J2534 ECU Programmer NO IP Limit

[EU/UK Ship]Autel MaxiSYS Pro MS908P MK908P WiFi WirelessDiagnosis and ECU Programmer with MaxiFlash Elite J2534 ECU Programmer NO IP Limit

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Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P includes the J2534 ECU programming device, so it can support both diagnosing and ECU programming for worldwide vehicles. MaxiSys Pro MS908P update online, is with big touch screen and no need to connect with PC.

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by Mohammed ARFAN on Nov 28, 2020

Yes upgrade the software
Replied by Susan on Dec 2, 2020
Yes, we offer update service
If you need it, you can pay for it here: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/autel-ms908p-one-year-update-service.html
by Mohammed ARFAN on Nov 24, 2020
Hi susan
It means upgrade to the new version software
Depending on the files available on the server, you can find up to three to four different types of files in the list

As sometimes the car had been modified and not possible to mend the current software
So if you simply upgrade to a different software

I hope it helps to answer

Replied by Susan on Nov 25, 2020
You mean update the car or the software of the device
by Mohammed ARFAN on Nov 20, 2020
Can this upgrade frf file on mercdes
I mean it can do new software updates on Mersedes ECUs

Replied by Susan on Nov 24, 2020
what do you mean update ecu for mercedes benz
by Niverdey on Aug 6, 2019
would it read ABS information on a 05 Reg. Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 8V petrol.
Replied by Walter on Aug 6, 2019
it will do that,sir.
by Masher on Jul 18, 2019
it can be used to program/code. Let's say I want to replace the ABS-unit in my car which means I have to code it in to the car, I mostly work with cars between 1998-2006
Replied by Walter on Jul 18, 2019
it can do exactly what you say, sir.
by Leonard on Jul 16, 2019
is there anything that can support program PCM's in my a newer ford explorer?
Replied by Walter on Jul 16, 2019
we can't find that ,sir.
by Brasein on Jul 16, 2019
the adapter of the Chrysler-16 16PIN in the MS905/MS908/908P,
can it use with MaxiCheck Pro to do the function checking abs/srs in my dodge truck?
Replied by Walter on Jul 16, 2019
it can work, sir
by Snall on Jul 15, 2019
can it do the function of a adaptive learning for automatic transmission in cars like a adaptive learning for automatic transmission?
Replied by Walter on Jul 15, 2019
Yes , it can do the function.
by Laveragh on Jun 18, 2019
Great function
by Harricy on Jun 18, 2019
Is it able to check fault codes and reset the airbag (SRS) and ABS warning lights etc?
Replied by Walter on Jun 18, 2019
it can,sir
by Felarry on Jun 17, 2019
Does it support engine brand like Caterpillar, John deere, Hatz and Isuzu?
Replied by Walter on Jun 18, 2019
maxisys cv may satisfy you.
by Mr.laboy on Jun 2, 2019
could you help me update my autel ms908p, i bought it about two years ago
Replied by Susan on Jun 2, 2019
Yes, we offer autel ms908p update service

You can check and pay for the update service here:

After your payment, provide serial number of your autel ms908p, we will deal with it for you
by kevin on May 30, 2019
need i pay when use the tool on bmw/mercedes coding and Programming,or buy some new software?
Replied by Walter on May 30, 2019
you don't need to pay when you are in the period of updating.
by Mr.khawaja on Sep 12, 2018
where you ship it out
by Mr.Thierry YOYOTTE on Sep 2, 2018
Bonjour comme paye la mise à jour après une année carte bancaire ou autre le prix .Merci à bientot
Replied by Susan on Sep 4, 2018
Hi friend

Have  a nice day

This item update online two years for free

The update cost is 800USD/Year, after first two years

Kindly regards

by Mr.burrows on Aug 13, 2018
works excellent
by Mr.rivera on Aug 7, 2018
could you ship it with Italian language?
by Mr.pintel on Jul 17, 2018
what's best price you can offer
by Mr.pawel on Jun 26, 2018
which version you have it in stock right now
by Mr.Csaba on Jun 19, 2018
whether the package come with invoice
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