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[EU/UK Ship]Yanhua ACDP BMW Full Package with Module 1/2/3/4/7/8/11 + License

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5 SK247: ACDP BMW Full Package [EU/UK Ship]Yanhua ACDP BMW Full Package with Module 1/2/3/4/7/8/11 + License
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Product Description

This package includes ACDP Master basic version and Module 1/2/3/4/7/8/11
Support CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS4/CAS4+/FEM/BDC Key Programming
Read & Write BMW DME ISN Code by OBD
Read & Write BMW 35080, 35160DO WT
Refresh BMW Keys
BMW FRM Programming
BMW gearbox EGS ISN clearance.
No Need Soldering
Yanhua Mini ACDP Programming Master with Module1/2/3/4/7/8/11 BMW Full Package Total 7 Authorizations


Package Features:

1: Support CAS1-CAS4+ IMMO key programming and mileage reset via OBD mode
2: Support CAS3+/CAS3++, CAS4/4+ key programming and mileage reset by ICP. Data reading and writing without lifting the pin. No removing any compoents. Intelligent detection
3: Support CAS1-CAS4+ data restore. It can modify vehicle frequency, VIN, ISN code, or replace CAS module by modifying EE data. 
4: Support OBD restore CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3+ problem caused by downgrade.
5: Support CAS1-CAS4+ Read/Write eeprom and Flash data. 
6: Support FEM/BDC IMMO key programming and mileage reset. Fully automatic mode matching.Safe,reliable and fast.
7: Support FEM/BDC module restore,FEM/BDC backup and write anti-theft data at the same time.
8: Read the requested ISN code when making BMW all key lost.
9: Read ISN codes of N20/N55/N13 by OBD or without openning the DME shell.
10: Read ISN code of MSV70/MSV80/MSD80 without opening the DME shell.
11: Read ISNcode of other models (B38 ,etc.)by opening the shell. 
12: Read ISNcode of MSV90/B48 by OBD. (Additional License is required)
13: Read & Write ISN code on Bench. Support full versions of N13/N20, N63/S63/N55/B38 etc.(Additional purchase of Bench interface boards is required)
14: Ecu Clone. Support BMW N13, N20, N63, S63, N55 and B38 Dflash and Pflash reading/writing.(Additional purchase of Bench interface board and authorization is required)
15: Support erase/adjust mileage of 080DOWQ/T,160DOWQ/T,M35128WT eeprom.
16: Refresh BMW Echassis/F chassis(CAS)key to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly.
17: Repair(FRM) Footwell module(3M25J chip) data without coding.
18: Support BMW 8HP(F/G chassis) gearbox refresh
19: Support BMW 6HP(F chassis) gearbox refresh and cloning

Package List:

Yanhua mini ACDP BMW Review:

1. nice tool again. this stray with all the activations is also worth more (BMW CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3 +, CAS4, CAS4 +, FEM, BDC 8pin IC chip read and write ..)

2.currently i’m only doing bmw with cas 1-3 and ews my lonsdor can do cas 1-3 it will only add keys to 3+ and up. I just don’t like to solder so I figured this tool would simplify things a bit and make it faster

3. I got it since a week and i am excited
    M35080 Programming needs some improvements, there are some bugs (tested on 4 dashs, and its better to desolder)
    Serial EEP 24XX, 25XX, 93XX, 95XX works like a charm (but tested on only 3 Eeps)
    Tried several CAS4 to read with out any problems, Mileage reset works too
    CAS3 tested only 1 but read without problem
    On a nother group they reported to create successfully keys on FEM/BDC and CAS4

4. I just get it.
    Reading eeprom cas4 and make a key for f11 so far done.
    Cant say much more.
    cas4 reading eprom compared with vvdi reading and its matching 100%

5. All 35080/160 are possible, like all other programmer can do also.
    ACDP is also working with smartphone tethering so a router is not a must.
    Didn’t test if it works offline,
    Fem key making and mileage reset is confirmed by other users in WhatsApp group,
    I can confirm mileage reset cas3/3+/4, key making cas3/3+, key 868mhz refresh
    and frm programming
    But sometimes it’s tricky to place the probes correctly, it’s faster to use other programmer
    until you have figured out how to place probes correctly

6.  I have it and have had it for more than 3 months now.
    It works perfect on all CAS types and for AKL but for FEM and BDC it still has a long way to go.
    Its also compitable via bluetooth so not only wifi is needed.
    Its a great and small tool, easy to use, compared to VVDI, R70, Upa and etc.

7.  for FEM/BDC with isn or key make, you have to use module 2. For 35160/35080 BMW dashboard mileage correction, you need to get module 4.

8. Tested the Mini ACDP here with 4 CAS3 and one CAS4+ without any problems. For the first CAS3 I needed more than 5 minutes to place the pins correctly but after some experiences I needed only 30 seconds for everything. Important is that you use the small screw tools to clean the contacts.
 For FEM/BDC I use my Autohex II and for eeproms my other stuff like R27, Codiprog USB mk2 and Orange5.

9. something good to share: For FEM/BDC, 3 months ago, it needed FEM electric bridges to complete. Now update Mini ACDP to the newest version, it won’t need the electric bridges any more, and it is easy to use.

10. I got Yanhua mini. Interesting tool. I can connect to CAS real easy. Reads ok. So far

*1. Read F10 N55 ISN OBD - OK
*2. Make key Cas 2 by dump - OK
*3. Made key CAS3+all keys lost - Not working forst time, I am trying it again today just to be sure
*4. Read FRM - OK
*5. Renew random used key - Nok but resetting key I just made with the tool works 100%, interesting
*6. Check key frequency - nok, It shows key frequency when making key but there is a fubction for checking random key frequency. Cant get that to work yet
Not tested CAS 4 or FEM yet though I think it may be strong in that condidering it read F10 ISN via OBD

Support do respond to queries. They are handling my issues in 3 and 5 above. More testing to come. I like the fact that it receives free updates. That should mean issues will get resolved as we go along (not sure is CAS3 will be given that much attention). I love the idea of not soldering if only to save my poor vision

11.Today I received this tool and do some testing. 

reset used key 868mhz e series- successful reset
cas4- reset milage to 0 - successful 
cas4- read eeprom and flash BUT EVERY TIME DIFFERENT DATA(the read out file, named with date ).
i will post readed files someone can check if is ok
Frm3 xeq384 - can read and write d flash, and that is all. CAN NOT write eeprom 

Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW Full Package FAQ:

Q: Will acdp bmw support 2019 all bmw function?
A: It support f chassis, do not support G chassis(2019 BMW 5 series and 7 series is G chassis)

Q: With your ACDP, I need remove ST95256 from FEM?
A: No need remove ST95256, no need weld with ACDP

Q: If ACDP can change VIN for BMW?
A: Yes, it can change VIN for BMW: you need read out CAS data, then use ICP repair it, change VIN, save new data, finally reverse the CAS module

Q: Does ACDP BMW support 2015 BMW 528li cas4+ add keys via obd?
A: No, CAS4/CAS4+ do not support obd mode

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