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[No Tax]VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Full Brands with 2TB Software HDD for JLR Honda GM VW Ford Mazda Toyota Subaru BMW Benz

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2 VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Full: with 2TB HDD [No Tax]VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Full Brands with 2TB Software HDD for JLR Honda GM VW Ford Mazda Toyota Subaru BMW Benz
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Product Description

VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Full Brands Supports JLR Honda GM VW Ford Mazda Toyota Subaru BMW Benz
Support USB, WIFI, DONET Connection
Come with 2TB HDD with Software pre-installed

vxdiag vcx se full pro

Highlights of VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Full:

1. One Device Support 11 Multi Car brands, including JLR Honda GM VW Ford Mazda Toyota Subaru BMW BENZ
2. Small Package, Easier to Carry
3. Support Connection by USB cable, WIFI and DONET
4. Free DONET Connection
5. Suppport remote diagnosis
6. Come with 2TB HDD, all software is pre-installed inside the hdd, directly to use
7. Available to Pay to Get JLR DOIP Pathfinder License and Porsche PIWIS 3 License(304EUR) for new DOIP car models after 2017.

Notice: The device not include the license for JLR pathfinder and for Porsche3, If you need the device work for this two licenses in the future, you can contact us to buy these two license alone

Available Car Brands, Software and Year

Brand Model Software Version Year Coverage
BMW BMW, Rolls Royce, MINI ISTA-D 4.32.15, ISTA-P 68.0.800 2004-2021
Benz BenZ, Maybach, Smart, FUSO V2022.3 DAS/Xentry, WIS/EPC, DTS Monaco, ect 2001-2021
VW/Audi Volkswagen, SIAT, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini ODIS & ODIS-Engineer 2001-2021
JLR Jaguar, Land Rover JLR SDD V160 2007-2016
Volvo Volvo Volvo VIDA 2014D 2000-2014
GM Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, Opel, Horton GDS2 V22.2.033 / 2021.4, tech2win 23.002 2000-2020
Ford Ford Ford IDS V125.01 2005-2021
Mazda Mazda Mazda IDS V125.01 2005-2021
Toyota Toyota, Lexus, SAIN Toyota Techstream V16.20.023 2000-2021
Honda Honda, Acura Honda Diagnostic System HDS V3.103.048, i-HDS V1.005.048 2005-2021
Subaru Subaru SUBARU 2020.7, SSM3 V1.57.71.8, SSM4 V22.60 2005-2021
Porsche Porsche PIWIS2 V18.100.000 2005-2016

VCX SE feature:

*Support J2534 protocol
Standard OBD2 automotive diagnostic equipment, support SAE J2534 and ISO 22900 PDU protocols

*WIFI/USB Connection
The device need to work with laptop,you can connect the device to your laptop via the USB cable or WIFI,
It supports WIFI and USB communication to transmit the vehicle data to the laptop via the diagnostic software.

*Support Remote Diagnostic function:
Free Donet License--It is support to insert the device to your car and you do the diagnostic in your home or let the engineer to help you do the diagnostic in another place.

*Free to update license and firmware
The device include the license for Benz,you are not need to pay the license for Benz again,if the license time was expired,you can directly update it in our driver app 'VX-Manager".

*Support DOIP:
More comprehensive DOIP function,The diagnosis response time is faster,then the transfer data time is shorter

vxdiag vcx se full function


1. Program and install new ECU(PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)
2. Live Data-stream with Recording & Playback Functions for Main ECUs
3. Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)
4. Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
5. Automatic vehicle recognition
6. New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
7. All other dealer function
8. Reset steering angle
9. Find guided fault
10. DPF Regeneration
11. Brake Bleeding
12. Injector Coding

VCX SE Full system diagnostic function

The Diagnostics application enables a data link to the electronic control system of the test vehicle for vehicle diagnosis.The application performs functional tests, retrieves vehicle diagnostic information such as trouble and event codes and live datafor various vehicle control systems, such as ABS, SRS, Engine, Transmission, Brake System, Emission System, Fuel system,Light system, Wiper System etc.

*EPB (Electrical Park Brake system):
Help to maintain the electronic braking system safely and effectively, deactivating and activating the brake control system, assist with brake fluid control, opening and closing brake pads and setting brakes after disc or pad replacement, etc.

*SAS(Steering Angle Sensor):
Support to perform calibration for the Steering Angle Sensor which permanently stores the current steering wheel position as the straight-ahead position in the steering angle sensor EEPROM.

*TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):
Suppot to quickly look up the tire sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU, as well as to perform TPMS programming and reset procedures after tire sensors are replaced.

*ABS(Antilock Brake System)
Perform various bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of both the Anti-lock Braking System and the Supplemental Restraint System.

*ECU(Electronic Control Unit)
Reading the retrieved ECU information in detail.

*DPF Regeneration(Diesel Particulate Filter):
Support to carry out numerous functions to the Diesel Particulate Filter system.

*BMS (Battery Maintenance System:
Re-match the control module and motoring sensor for battery detecting more accurately,clear original low battery information and prevent the related control module from detecting false information.

*VCX NANO Full OBD2 Function
Reading Codes, Erasing Codes & Reset, I/M Readiness Status, Read Live Data Stream, View Freeze Frame Data, O2 Sensor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, On-Board Monitor Test, Read Vehicle Information.

*VCX NANO Support Multi special function
For various scheduled service and maintenance include Maintenance Light Reset, throttle learning, steering angle learning, brake pad reset, tire pressure reset, ABS exhaust,battery matching,gear information learning,injector coding, DPF regeneration,headlight matching, gearbox learning, suspension matching ,Sunroof initialization, A/F adjustment, electronic pump start, release transportation mode, tire modification, door and window calibration, urea reset, NOx reset,start-stop setting, language setting, seat calibration, shielding failure, etc.

*VCX NANO Support Action test:
Active Test The process of sending and retrieving information from a vehicle control module with a device is known as Actuation test or bi-directional control. The main aim of the actuation test function is to request the control module to perform a specific function including system tests, actuator tests, functional tests, inspection tests, reprogramming or reinitialization, thus saving diagnostic time.

Supported Vehicle Bus Protocols

ISO-9141 K-Line VAG KW81 (SAE J2818)
ISO-14230 K-Line SAE-J2610 SCI (Chrysler)
ISO-17987 LIN BUS SAE-J1567 CCD BUS (Chrysler)
SAE-J1850-VPW (GM Class2) SAE-J2809 HONDA DIAG-H

Dual mode intelligent remote diagnosis

Super remote diagnosis only needs equipment networking to realize on-line diagnosis of the original factory.
Compatible with remote diagnosis, it can support remote diagnosis of various special function equipment.
The equipment can quickly access to the remote diagnosis platform with one key.

vxdiag se pro full remote diagnosis

Highly integrated vehicle diagnostic interface

High performance dual core processor: a doip network processor and a vehicle bus processor.
Support 3-way can bus, 2-way K-line / L-line, realize multi protocol high-speed concurrent communication.
Innovative OBD-II multi-channel communication hardware supports intelligent switching between traditional bus and doip network.
It supports mapping vehicle doip Ethernet to WLAN to realize wireless Ethernet diagnosis.
Host communication interface supports USB / RJ45 / WLAN and other interfaces, which is flexible and easy to use.
Portable design with integrated OBD-II interface, plug and play.
The usb-type-c interface with reinforcement design can be plugged in and out stably.

vxidag se pro full with super high integration

J2534 original factory level ECU programming functions

ECU software upgrade and calibration.
ECU replacement, flashing and programming

vxdiag se pro full j2534 ecu programming function

How to Connect The Inferface to Car?

vxdiag se pro full connection

Hardware Specifications

Network processor 32bit 560MHz MIPS
Protocol processor 32bit 180MHz ARM
Diagnostic interface SAE-J1962 standard, OBD-II diagnostic interface
DoIP interface (vehicle) ISO-13400-4 Option1 Ethernet
Wired interface (PC) USB TYPE-C
Network interface (PC) USB TYPE-C to RJ-45 Ethernet
Wireless interface (PC) WLAN 802.11 b/g/n wireless network
KEY FN function key: long press for 3 seconds to enter the distribution network mode
Indicator lights Four LEDs: power, wireless, communication and vehicle
Power supply Vehicle power supply: DC 9v-36v (compatible with 12V and 24V)
Power 2W
Size L x W x H = 140 x 50 x 25 (mm)
Weight Equipment weight: 0.3KG
Product + toolbox + package weight: 0.8kg
Shell Reinforced plastic shell
Working temperature -20~+70 °C
Storage temperature -40~+85 °C
Standard certification Comply with EU CE and US FCC

Package List:

1pc x VXDIAG VCX SE DOIP Hardware
1pc x USB cable
1pc x 2TB HDD


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