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Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer with Full Adapters

Brand: Xhorse Item No. SK177-Full In Stock.

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4 VVDI Prog: with Full Adapters Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer with Full Adapters
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Product Description

Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer with All adapters including ews4, ews3, pcf79xx, m35080/d80, EEPROM Clip, MC68HC05X32(QFP64), AM29FxxxBx-xxs, MC68HC05BX,TMS370, Benz EIS/EZS adapters.
Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer + Full Adapters 

TOP 7 reasons to get latest VVDI PROG Programmer 
1. Built-in update software: Make VVDIProg firmware update timely. 
2. High-speed USB communication interface: Make software automatically connect.
3. Smart operation mode: possible causes of error will be listed
4. Reserve ports: For future update.
5. Self-test function: Check if the machine works well or not.
6. Power supply: Through USB cable, software will automatically prompt if the external USB power supply is needed
7. Language: English, Arabic, Cezch, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese

You will get vvdi prog full package + following adapters:

1. M35080/D80 Adapter v1.0(SK232)

vvdi m35080/d80 adapter
M35080/D80 Adapter Support Read/Write and fast erase whole data
Support type:
Please use latest software version,above 4.6.1 versinon.

3. PCF79XX Adapter(SO363)
vvdi prog PCF79XX adapter
PCF79XX chip Function  
(1) Currently PCF79XX chip support lock, unlock and read/write data.
(2) RENEW function will be added in the coming days, it will load corresponding data and directly renew key, the detailed specific car model data will be released. 
4. EEPROM Clip Adapter(SK233)
vvdi prog eeprom clip
EEPROM CLIP Adapter Instrunction: Use appropriate CLIP CABLE to clip the chip,ensure reliable electrical connection.Some circuit need use the PROBE. 

EEPROM CLIP Adapter PROBE Instruction: Depends on the PCB whether need to use PROBE.Connect*GND*of cable and hook MCU xtal pin to avoid the impact of MCU on R&W.
Support type :24XX.25XXX.93CX6.95XXX.S29X90.ST95P0X etc...

Please use latest software version,above 4.6.1 versinon.

5. EWS4 Adapter(SK234)
vvdi prog ews4 adapter
VVDI prog V4.6.2 adds EWS4.X(ADAPTER) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-> (Need EWS4 ADAPTER)

6. OEM MC68HC05X32(QFP64) Adapter(SO451)
vvdi prog mc68hc05x32 adapter
Read/write MC68HC05X32(QFP64 package) series chip.
Workable types:
OD69J, 1D69J,1H52A, 0G47V
(Read/write MC68HC05 series Mercedes EIS/EZS)

7. EWS3 Adapter(SK230)
vvdi prog ews3 adapter
Xhorse EWS3 adapter can read out BMW EWS3 data by working together with VVDI PROG adapter.
Add EWS3-KLINE(0D46J) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-> (Need EWS3 ADAPTER)

8. OEM AM29FxxxBx-xxs (SOP44) Adapter(SO450)

Read/Write AM29FXXXB series chip (Many ECU types with Flash chip AM29FXXXB)

9. OEM MC68HC05BX(PLCC52) Adapter(SO452)

Read/write MC68HC05BX (PLCC52 package) series chip including 0D60J, 1K20C, 3G96A (Read/write old type Epia BCM)

10. TMS370(PLCC28) Adapter(SO459)

TMS370 (PLCC28) adapter: 
Read & write TMS370(PLCC28 package)chip 
Read / Write old type Jetta immo box.

11. 10 adapters for Mercedes Benz EIS/EZS(SO453)

10pcs VVDI EIS/EZS Adapter listing:

for W164(ST12),

for W169(ST12),

for W203(HC08),

for W209/211(ZWG),

for W209/211(HC12),

for W211(ST12),

for W215/220/230,

for W639(HC08),


for VITO W639(ST12).

1. don`t need to solder
2. read data perfectly
3. Can be external power to light when working
4. easy to operate, Transparent material, better to observe
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