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Original JBT-VGP Doctor Universal Car Diagnostic Tool Update Online

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Product Description

JBT-VGP Doctor is universal hand-held car diagnostic tool update online, work on almost cars in European, American and Asian car from 1996 to 2013. JBT-VGP auto scanner is color screen, self-learning function, warning function, and conveniently online upgrading function.

Original JBT-VGP Doctor Universal Car Diagnostic Tool

JBT VGP Diagnostic Tool highlights:
1. Language: English

2. Update online

3. Work on almost European Oceania, American and Asian car from 1996 to 2013

4. Hand-held scanner, work alone, no PC need

5. Universal Car diagnostic Doctor JBT-VGP was color screen, self-learning function, warning function, and conveniently online upgrading function.

JBT-VGP Auto Scanner Specification:
- Type: Universal Auto Diagnostic tool
- Voltage: 12V
- Rate: 9-15w
- Certificates: CE \ISO9001 and ISO 14001
- Brand: JBT
- Relative Humidity: <90%

- Platform:Self-researching BT-DDS 
- Special functions: Self-Learning and Judging/Warning/Data Store and printing
- Warranty:1 year
- Outer packing: Carton
- Inner: Plastic Suitcase
- Weight: 11KG
- Volume: 0.05 Cubic meters
- Dimension size: 530x480x190(mm)

Universal Car diagnostic Doctor JBT-VGP diagnose all Asian, European Oceania and American cars

It is the OE Supplier for VW,Audi,Nissan,Mitsubishi,Southeast …….;It has the original protocol for these cars,so it can realize almost all the functions for these cars,such as immobilizer,service reset,injector programming, and other functions.

Our scanner is testing Benz:

It is reading the DataStream of Benz, and it has 4 creative inventions:


Self-learning & Judgment function can help learn the standard data streams of vehicles automatically,whose data streams can be used in future as standard scopes.With these scopes,JBT-CS Series can help check whether the data streams of any same kind of cars are normal or not.

1. Any JBT-CS Series auto scanner can learn the data streams of cars as soon as connected to DLC of healthy cars.

Explanation: When we have the cars that working well,we can record and store the data streams of the cars and the data streams can help set the maximum and minimum scope automatically due to the collected data from the healthy cars.

2. Comparing data streams and analyzing

Explanation: When we repair the same kind of other cars, we could use the data stream collected from healthy cars to do the comparison with the data streams being tested. If the data streams being tested are beyond the scope, it will display with special colors in order to inform maintenance people that the data streams are abnormal, technicians can judge what is wrong with the cars by the highlighted items.

3. Rename the data streams which have been learned.

Explanation: JBT-CS auto scanner supplies positions for users to store the data stream of different cars.

Over-Scope Alarm Display
JBT-CS auto scanner supplies the reference scope that common use when cars are idle.When the cars move,if the data stream is beyond the reference scope,it will be displayed with special color in order to help maintenance people judge cars problem.

1. Reference scope analysis.

JBT-CS has reference scope that common use when cars are idle. It is convenient for users to compare the data stream being tested in order to judge cars trouble.

2. Warning color display.

Explanation:The reference scope supplied by JBT is the normal scope when the cars are idle. When the data stream being tested is beyond the scope, it will be displayed with special color, meaning the data stream is not normal, maintenance people should check the cars troubles according to the data streams which is displayed with color.

Data stream Memory and Printing


Storing data stream as customers' like. Data stream could be printed out by JBT printer.

Personality operation setting
JBT-CS auto scanner is color screen, and the color could be adjusted.

TFTE (Thin Film Transistor Engine)

TFTE improves the light and speed of display, make the color more light.

ACE (Acceleration Engine)

ACE makes auto scanner operation efficiently, makes data stream accumulate efficiently, and make auto trouble analysis efficiently.

CSE (Communication Stability Engine)

CSE makes systems afford pressure of high electric current, and could judge electric current

Customer share:

1. Q: Can this product's software be upgraded and how?
    A: This product update online.

2. Q: If it can change the odometer reading or rewrite the mileage on the odometer for any car?
    A:No, it is just a tool for diagnosis, can't do mileage programming.

3. Q: If it can program and clone keys and transponders?
   A: Sorry, It can not program and clone keys and transponders. 

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