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[EU Ship]V6.5.2.2 CG100 Prog III Auto ECU Programmer Airbag Restore Devices With All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x Flash

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Product Description

CG100 PROG III functions including airbag repairing, instrument calibration, car body computer repairing, car amplifier computer repair etc, support operatea RENESAS, Infineon, ST,MOTOROLA, ATMEGA, NEC, AM28BL802CB and other different chips
CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

CG100 PROG III functions including airbag repairing, instrument calibration, car body computer repairing, car amplifier computer repair etc, support operatea RENESAS, Infineon, ST,MOTOROLA, ATMEGA, NEC, AM28BL802CB and other different chips. Full-featured version of CG-100 with adapter that support to write LandRover key and BMW Key. Support BMW, Volkswagen, Bentley engine computer repairing and replacement, support for domestic MT80, MT60 engine computer repairing and replacement.

cg100 pro iii full version

Top 6 Reasons to Buy CG100 PROG III Full Version:
1. Including All Function of Renesas SRS 
2. Support read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.
3.CG100 PROG III with built-in calculator, support calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM
4. CG100 PROG III now support CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming
5. CG100 PROG III now can splite the quality for CAS Data
6. With CG100 ATMEGA Adapter in package.
CG100 ATMEGA Adapter for CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing

Language: English Only
Supported operating systems software: XP/WIN7/WIN8/32bit/64bit

CG100 PROG III Update Policy:

1. Update Online Free for One Year (from the day you buy device).
2. Update cost will be $92 after the first year. Please check One Year Update Service for CG100 PROG III
If you don't want to pay update cost, your device can still work with the old version.
3. Please update device to V6.0.0.0 first, then can use newer version.

The ATM adapter suppports:
35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to adjust mileage: directly read and write)
ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for re-use) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128  (read and write)
93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86   (read and write)    
25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)
Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:

AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

1. Support and Adoption: Renesas
R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

2. Support and Adoption: 
64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed  supported  is exclusive  in the wordwide.

3.Support and Adoption: Freescale
MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

4. Support and Adoption: ST
SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

5. Support and Adoption: CPU
ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

CG100 Update information:

V6.5.2.2  Paid Version  NEW  (2022.04.22)

1.Added 2 chips to Programer.
2.Added 55 models to dashboard.
3.Added 32 models to airbag.
4.Added 14 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 Zotye Z360 9S12HY48
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon K3000 24C08
 FOTON TOANO 2019- 24C08
 Dongfanghong Tractor STM8S207RB
 Honda Motor NX125     24C04
 Dayun 7 seat business car(EV) 24C64
 DongFeng Xiaobawang 2020- 24C04
 Haima 8S 24C16
 CNHTC HOWO 2021- 24C64
 Kubota Harvester 93C56
 Venucia Venucia D70 2019- 24C16
 shangdong oulide W18 Digger 24C64
 Xiali N7 24LC04
 XCMG 55 Excavator 2019- 24C64
 Suzuki UCR 24C04
 DongFeng DFSK C32 2019- 24C64
 JAC Pickup 9S12HA48
 Subaru XV 2019- RH86
 yanmar YH1180 Harvester 93C66
 Besturn T99 24C32
 CNHTC HOWO L2 2017- 24LC04
 KINGLONG Haige 2020- 24C16
 KIA orpheus 2007- 93C56
 Trumpchi GA3 2017- 24C08
 ChangAn MiNi 2017- 9S12HY64
 ZOOMLION guwang wheat harvester 2021- 25040(25LC04)(mileage)+25040(25LC04)(times)
 JAC Truck 2016- 24C04
 LOVOL Harvester 2021- STM8S105S4
 Besturn T33 2019- 24C16 V2
 XCMG DIAOCHE 2014- 24C64(times)
 Ward Harvester 2021- 24C16(times)
 FOTON Conrad 9S12XHY128
 JMC kaiyun 2021- 24C04
 SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 9S12HY64 V2
 Kubota Harvester 2014- 93C46
 FOTON Times King Kong STM8S105C6 V2
 MITSABISHI Lancer 2010- 93C86
 Toyota Lexus LS600 hybrid 93C66
 FAW Jumpal A80 24C04
 JAC Kangling H3 24C04
 JAC Shuailing Q8 2021- 24C04
 Trumpchi GS3 2020- 24C16
 DongFeng Fengshen AX3 2019- 25040
 shenhe automobile ESH3311EBX7CX dump truck 2020- 9S12HY64
 LOVOL Tractor STM8S208RB(times)
 KaiMa Kaijie 2019- STM8S208RB
 YAMAHA NMAX155 2020- 93C66
 FOTON xianglingV2 2020- 24C04
 Geely Haoyue 2021- 24C08
 Trumpchi GS3 2021- 24C16
 ChangAn MiNi 2017- 95160
 Ford Road shaker 2016- 93C86
 Chery Chery-EASTA 2012- 9S12HA48
 aprilia SR250 2020- 24C16
The following models are added for airbag.
 HuangHai D5825-00100004 95160(RS16)
 ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BN73 R7F701064
 Zhongxing G3658010-0301(J38580748) 95160(RS16)
 Ford LK29-14B321-DA XC2336B-72F
 Ford JB3T-14B321-DE TC222-16F
 Nissan 25348 1MY3A 24C08
 Honda 77960-TWB-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 WuLing 23998038 R7F701008
 Honda 77960-T73-B310-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBY-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Buick 13525224 SPC56AP54
 Suzuki 38910-57L40 95640
 现代 95910-N8000 95512
 Nissan 98820-6LE01 95128
 Zhongxing G3658010-0000(J3858465) 25160
 Geely 3658110XKS00B XC2336A-72F
 Nissan 28556JX00B 93C56(L56R)
 Volkswagen 6C0 959 655J 95640
 BYD AUTO 5AEC-3658100(SEC30) Step One 25640(RS64)
 DongFeng 288556-2ZS01(J3858284) SPC560P40L1
 FOTON J3858308 95320
 Geely 1304964 640125900 XC2336A-72F
 MITSABISHI 8635A139 93C56
 Wilma VF20036702 R7F701A033
 ChangAn 3658100-AM55 TC222-16F
 Ford MD8T-14B321-AB TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TJH-H010-M2 R7F701A223
 Hyundai 95910-O3000 95512
 Peugeot 9839726380 XC2336B-40F
 BYD AUTO 5AEC-3658100(SEC30) Step Two SPC560P50L3
 BYD AUTO SAH-3658100(SEC30) 95640
 KIA 95910-QD100 95128(25LC128)
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Toyota 89170-0E210 TC234-32F(read write)
 Buick 9069087 25020(read write)
 Nissan 98820 6RS0A TC222(read write)
 Volkswagen 5C0 959 655 AF 95640(read write)
 Honda 77960-T20-H620-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
 ISUZU 898261125Y XC2361A-72F(read write)
 JMC LP1-14010-AB R7F701008(read write)
 Chrysler 68375149AD(53479551) 25256(556RQ)(read write)
 MITSABISHI 8635A644 25640(read write)
 Mazda KL6T 57K30 95128(H128)(read write)
 Suzuki 38910-58M30 95640(read write)
 JEEP 53455411 68402856AA 95512(read write)
 Nissan 98820 5MB1A 95128(read write)
 PORSCHE 3D0 909 601 E CR16(read write)

V6.5.1.0  Paid Version  NEW  (2022.03.03)

1.Fixed the problem that the fault code cannot be cleared after TMS570LS1113 is read and written.
2.Added 141 chips to Programer.
3.Added 77 models to dashboard.
4.Added 21 models to airbag.
5.Added 25 models to read-write.
6.Added 2 models to BCM.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 FOTON Times STM8S105C6T6
 Honda Motor 150 24C02
 Delong X5000 95640
 Space WanShan Truck 24C04
 Suzuki HaoJue 24LC04
 Zotye Z300 2016- 9S12HY48
 Chery Cowin 1 2012- 93C66
 ChuFeng Electric car 9S12HY64
 Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2021- 9S12HY128
 Zotye Electric Car 9S12HY48
 Haima AiShang EV 2020- 24C02
 JAC Double row truck 2014- 24C04
 Xiao Peng G3 93C86
 Ford MAVERICK 2007- 9S12H256
 Condy K11 2015- 93LC86
 CNHTC hohan 2021- 24C64
 ChangAn New Leopard T3 2021- 24C04
 Spring breeze Z6 24C08
 JMC qiling T3 9S12HA32
 JMC Transit R5F10DSKL
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2015- 93C66
 SWM G05 24C04(24G04)
 Big Dipper X5E 2017- 24C16
 Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04
 ChuFeng Van goods EV 2018- 24C08
 DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong H7 24C08
 TongLiZhongGong ZiXieChe 24C08(mileage)+24C08(times)
 BAIC BeiQi Luba 2006- X5043
 BAIC EX3 2019- 24C64(instrument)+95040(BCM)
 DongFeng FuKang ES500 2019- 25040(25LC04)
 LonKing Forklift 2019- 95640
 Ford Transit 2008- 93C86
 LOVOL Corn harvester 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) Central Processing Unit
 BAIC EC5 R500 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 Honda Motor EX125 24C04 V2
 LOVOL Harvester (CPU module) 24C04(mileage)+24C04(times) V2
 Hyundai santafe 2020- MB91F061BS
 ChangAn RuiXing EM80 24C04
 Geely XingYue 2019- 24C08
 BAIC EX5 2019-24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 BAIC Saab Wisdom Way 210T 2020- 24C32(instrument) + 95320(BCM)
 LOVOL Harvester 2021- 95640
 SAIC Chase G50 2021- 24C16
 BAIC weiwang 307 EV 2016- 24C02 V2
 FOTON YuLing VQ1 2017- STM8S105C6
 BAIC Weiwang M50F 2016- 24C04
 Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 9S12XHY128
 Shaanxi Auto Henderson E9 24C04
 JinBei Big sea lion 2015- 9S12HA48
 BAIC BJ30 2017- 9S12XHY256(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 FOTON kangrui K1 2021- 9S12HA32
 VESPA bicycle 93C66
 Changhe Changhe 24C02
 JMC BaoDian 2014- 9S12HA48
 TRAUM S70 9S12HY64
 JMC qiling T5 2018- 9S12HA32
 TRI-RING Ten links HAOLONG 9S12HZ128
 FOTON Conrad K2 2020- 9S12HA32
 Ward Harvester R5F10DPEJ(times)
 Geely Emgrand GS 2020- 24C08
 Spring breeze SR250 24C04
 Chery Chery Son of the East 93C66
 FuDi Lion F22 2017- 24C08
 LEVDEO Electric car R5F10DPxxx
 JieFang J6P 2018- 95640(Record)
 Zotye T300 2019- 9S12HY64
 BAIC Daoda V8 2017- 9S12HA32
 JAC IEVS4(EV) 2019- 24C16
 Geely Boyue_2019- 24C08 V2
 Iveco 得意 2018- 25160
 HuangHai N2 Pickup 2019- 24C04
 Ju Ming Corn harvester 688688 2021- 24C16
 BMW motorcycle 160D0WT
 KINGLONG New energy 2021- R5F10DPGJ
The following models are added for airbag.
 Nissan 28556 5JG0A 95128(H128)
 Audi 8UD 959 655 A 95640
 Nissan 28556 5JG0B 95128(H128)
 PORSCHE 220244-114 95640(564WQ)
 Geely 6600004260(643765600) XC2361A-72F
 Nissan 98820 3JP0A 95128(H128)
 Nissan 98820 5KX0A 95128(H128)
 SouthEast J38580674 80A35A501 A3C0038770000 SPC560P40L1
 Geely 6600097304 647711500 TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TEA-830-M4 SPC56AP54
 Great Wall 3658120XKM01A TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-TZA-H630-M1 TC234-32F
 Nissan 98820-6LE0A 95128
 Great Wall 3658130XPW01A TC222-16F
 DongFeng 28556-2GV1A TC222-16F
 Chery T19-J38580695 R7F701008
 Volvo P31387019 95128
 Chery J38580787 407000178AA R7F701008
 Ford 1095757-00-C 25640
 Jaguar EX53-14D374-AC XC2361E-72F
 Honda 77960-TMB-H340-M4 SPC56AP54
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 Chevrilet LOVA 2009- 24C08(read write)
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2018- 93C86(read write)
 SouthEast 80A35A202 01(J38580760) 25160(read write)
 Mazda GW6T 57K30 95640(H640)(read write)
 MAXUS 10774855-03 R7F701009(read write)
 Audi 5QD 959 655B SPC560P50L3(read write)
 JEEP 65355 364AB 95128(read write)
 Hyundai 95910-S6500 XC2361A-72F(read write)
 Nissan 98820 4DW2A TC222-16F(read write)
 Chery 2031459 407000012AA R7F701008(read write)
 Redflag 3607115-E16 A3C0243120000 R7F701008(read write)
 Benz A117 900 3801 95256(read write)
 BYD AUTO HADF-3658100 A2C18802900 R7F701008(read write)
 Volvo P31476261 95640(H640)(read write)
 LYNK&CO 8889299534B R7F701330(read write)
 Honda 77960-TZA-H840-M1 TC234-32F(read write)
 Toyota 89170-F4420 R7F701A223(read write)
 Land Rover LK72-14D374-AC R7F7010643(read write)
 Toyota 89170-07530 TC234-32F(read write)
 Benz A447 900 10 10 95256(read write)
 Chery 407000137AA 680377100 XC2336A-72F(read write)
 Roewe 10821266-01 R7F701009(read write)
 Toyota 89170-07570 R7F701A223(read write)
 BMW 65.77-9348727-01 95128(read write)
 Mazda BR9 N57 K30 95080(read write)
The car body is repaired and the model is added.
 GM Buick D70F3558(read write)
 Land Rover BCM 9S12XEP768(read write)

V6.5.0.0  Paid Version NEW (2022.02.17)

1.Added 3 Porsche Cayenne lithium battery repairs to BCM.
2.Added 1 chip to Programer.
3.Added 68 models to Instrument.
4.Added 20 models to Airbag.
5.Added 26 models to read-write.
6.Optimized 43 Instrument models.
7.Optimized 90 Airbag models.
The following Porsche Cayenne lithium battery repairs have been added to BCM
 PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2018-SPC5644B
 PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2019-SPC5644B
 PORSCHE Cayenne Lithium battery 2020-SPC5644B
The following chips are added for Programer
The following models are added for Instrument
 ChangAn CS85 2019- 24C32
 DongFeng Fengguang 560 2017- 24C16
 Geely Borui 2020- 24C16
 Geely Emgrand EC7  2015- 93C56
 Yutong bus (diesel fuel) 2016- 24C16
 JinBei Sea Lion 2021- 24C16
 WuLing E200 9S12XHY128
 FOTON Levo Excavator 95640
 Geely Emgrand 2021- 24C16
 ChangAn Eulove 9S12HA32 V2
 DongFeng DFSK K05S K05S 9S12HY48
 Lingong 55 Excavator 9S12HY64
 WANXIANG Electric car 24C08
 ISUZU ISUZU KV100 2020- 24C16
 FOTON Tunland E7 2019- 24C08
 JAC Kangling X5 2016- 24C04
 T-KNG fast reach 24C16
 FAW HuoChe 9S12HZ128
 ChangAn XingGuang 2013- 9S08LG16
 FOTON xiaoka 3 2019- STM8S208R8
 Dayun Run 9S12HZ256
 JMC qiling H300 9S12HA32
 Geely Binrui 2020- 24LC08
 Peugeot 3008 2012-2013 instrument 93C66+ BCM 95128
 ChangAn ZhiShang XT 2014- 9S12HY64
 Geely Long Range (EV) 2018- 25LC1024
 Geely Emgrand 2019- 24C04
 DongFeng Lingzhi M3L 2019- 24C02
 FOTON YuLing VQ1 2019- STM8S10SC6T
 JAC GelfaA5 2021- 95640
 Benz Vito (W448) 2018- 95640(plus filter)
 Great Wall TengYi C30 9S12HY64
 ChangAn CS75 24C32
 JAC Ling Ling 2013- 24C04
 XINYUAN Electric car 2018- 9S12HY64
 FAW New special 2018- 24C04
 Nanjun NanjunHuoChe 2020- 9S12XHY128
 Five signs(UFO) UFO W5 2021- 24C16
 DongFeng Duolika 2021- 93C66
 Haima F5 2018- MB91F534B
 Haima Family 2007- 95040
 CNHTC HOWO 2014- 9S12HY48
 YeMa Bo Jun 24C16
 Chery Kairui green card t 2015- 24LC04
 Zotye T500 2018- 93C86
 LandWind LAND WIND X7 2018- 24C08
 Huasong Huasong  2019- 24C16(instrument)+9S12XS128(BCM)
 LOVOL ZhuangZaiJi 2018- 9S12ZVH128
 Besturn T99 2021- 24C32
 Roewe ERX5 95320(instrument)+24C16(BCM)
 BAIC Senova Tomoyuki 2019- 24C64(instrument)+95320(BCM)
 BYD AUTO Chinese 2020- 24C16
 Great Wall Harvard H6 2021- 24C32
 XCMG ZhuangZaiJi 2014- 24C64(times)
 WuLing Sunshine 2021- 24C16
 Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04
 Lingong 953N 2012- 24C04
 Nissan Qashqai 2017- 93C66
 Geely Emgrand GL 2019- 24C04
 Toyota VIOS 2020- S6J3001
 Honda Fit 2020- S6J3001
 T-KNG T7 2019- 24C16
 DongFeng Fengguang 580 2017- R5F10DSLL V2
 FOTON Auman ETX 2018- 95640
 LOVOL ZhuangZaiJi 2019- 9S12ZVH128
 CNHTC ZB285 25256(mileage)+25256(oil consumption)
 FOTON Time 2019- STM8S105K4T6
The following models are added for Airbag
 Trumpchi 8SQ 222426-152 95640
 WuLing 23944105 XC2336B-40F
 DongFeng CM7A-5824010B 95320
 Honda 77960-TEA-H510-M4 SPC56AP54
 Chery F18-3658010 95160(RS16)
 Hyundai 95910-AZ000 95512
 WuLing 23605551 R7F701009
 DongFeng U410010J-N0100 R7F701009
 JEEP 53480249 95640
 Ford JL3T-14B321-CB XC2336A-72F
 Great Wall 3658120XHY00A XC2336B-40F
 Hanteng J3858461 SPC560P40L1
 KIA 95910-L6100 TC233
 Toyota 89170-02T60 TC234
 Toyota 89170-0DE80 95320
 JAC 5824901S5500 R7F701A033
 Chery J72-3658010AB 95160
 Citroen 9810155680 95320
 Toyota 89170-0R380 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-02T90 R7F701A223
The following models are added for read-write
 BAIC Senova D50 2019- instrument 24C64(read write)+95320(BCM)
 Geely ICON 24C16(instrument)+ D70F3637(BCM-read write)
 Iveco Ou Sheng 2020- 95640(BCM)(read-write)
 Ducati Moto Ducati 2019- 24C16(read write)
 Doosan Digger MB96F673R(read write)
 BYD AUTO Qin PRO 2020- 93C86(read write)
 WuLing RongGuang 93C66(read write)
 ChangAn Auchan COS1 2020- S6J324CKS(read write)
 Chery ARRIZO 5 EV 2019- 24C02(read write)
 Nissan Bluebird 2019- 93C86(read write)
 JAC JAC-L22064 5824901U8510 SPC560P40L1(read write)
 Benz A 447 900 90 95256(read write)
 Geely 285010661 95160(read write)
 Nissan 98820 5MB2A 95128(read write)
 Roewe 10904375-02 TC224 (read write)
 MITSABISHI 8635A659 95128(read write)
 Maserati 670007061 95128(read write)
 JinBei J38581182 95128(read write)
 BMW 65.77-6826983-01 95128(H128)(read write)
 Chery J38580695 407000099AA R7F701008(read write)
 WEICHAI WX-3658100 95128(read write)
 Audi 80A 959 655Q TC275-64F(read write)
 Benz A1669002613 95256(read write)
 Chrysler 68002372AA TMD08857411753 95320(read write)
 JEEP 53425666 68299155AE 95512(read write)
 Roewe 10813743-01 TC224 (read write)
Instrument options optimize the following models
 ISUZU ruimai S 2020- R5F10DSLL
 TJFAW WEILE 2004- 24LC02
 SouthEast Lingzhi V5 9S12HY64
 DongFeng Succe 2011- 9S12HY48
 WuLing 530 2019- S6J324CKSM
 ISUZU Lingtuo 2020- R5F10DSLL
 CNHTC hohan 95640
 BAIC New energy EU500 2017- 24C64(instrument)+ 95320(BCM)
 DongFeng nissan ruiqi  R5F10DPXXX
 Haima aishangdiandongche 2019- R5F10DPEJ
 JAC Kangling K1 2017- 24C04
 JMC E100 R5F10DPxxx
 Chery COWIN C3 2017- 93C66
 Chery Cowin 5 9S12HA32
 Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2016- 9S12XHY128
 YeMa YeMa 93LC66
 FAW Junpai D60 2017- R5F10DPxxx
 ChangAn Kesai 2019- S6J324CKS
 Geely Emgrand 2010-2013- 93C66
 ChangAn Kesai 2019- S6J324CKS
 Peugeot 408 2017-2018- instrument 95160+BSI 95256
 Peugeot fortuner 2016- MB91F061BS
 WuLing Sunshine 2016- 24C02
 Hyundai SANTAFE 2013- 93C66
 BAIC Weiwang 2013- 9S08LG32
 TRI-RING Ten links HAOLONG 2015- 93C66
 Yutong BUS X5043
 DongFeng Scenery ix5 R5F10DSxxx
 Geely Emgrand 2010-2013- 93C66
 Geely EmgrandEV350 2018- 24C04
 Geely EmgrandPHEV 2017- 24C16
 Geely Emgrand X3 2017- 24C08
 CNHTC Haowo Lighr truck R5F10DSxxx
 Nissan LIVINA 2007- 93C66
 Mazda FREEMA 2007- 95040
 Hyundai Sonata 9 MB91F061BS
 Chery Tiggo 5 2013-2016- 9S12XHY256
 CNHTC hohan 95640
 ChangAn Kesai 2019- S6J324CKS
 JMC E100 2020- R5F10DPxxx
 WuLing Hongguang EV 2020- 9S12XHY128
 JAC Kangling 2014- 9S12HA48
The Airbag  options optimize the following models
 Hyundai 95910 0U100 95128
 Hyundai 95910 S3000 TC233-32F
 Ford MS1-14B056-AA 95320
 Hyundai 95910-L4000 95512
 BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100A TC222-16F
 BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100b TC222-16F
 BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100C TC222-16F
 BYD AUTO SA2H-3658100A 680232700 TC222-16F
 Trumpchi 8040003CSV0000 TC222-16F
 Geely 512013 1304670 95320
 Geely 1306043 647352100 TC222-16F
 Geely 643548400 95320(H320)
 Geely 646601400 XC2361A-72F
 Geely 647096100 TC222-16F
 Geely 6600016557 643423200 XC2336A-72F
 Leopaard 7020312A00 CA801050 SPC560P40L1
 LYNK&CO 8888855312B R7F701330
 Chery 407000179AA 680907700 TC222-16F
 Chery J60-3658010BB 629328600 XC2336B-40F
 Ford BK2T-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F
 Ford GN15-14B321-BF TC222-16F
 Ford GN15-14B321-BJ TC222-16F
 Hyundai 95910-S1400 TC233-16F
 Ford JD8T-14B321-CD R7F701A033
 Ford JR3T-14B321-CA XC2336A-72F
 JEEP 53402644 95640
 Citroen 9829594980 TC222-16F
 JEEP 68402856AD 25512
 LINCOLN GJ7T-14B321-CB 95640
 BMW 65.779348726-01 95128
 Peugeot 637802400 9826330080 TC222-16F
 Peugeot 637802400 9829595180 TC222-16F
 Peugeot 642593800 9829594980 TC222-16F
 Jaguar K8D2-14D374-AB TC222-16F
 Land Rover DK62-14D374-AC XC2361A-56F
 Land Rover JPLA-14D374-AC TC222-16F
 Maserati 670009490 25128
 Citroen 9826329780 TC222-16F
 Honda 77960-T70-H110-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-T73-B110-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBX-B210-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBX-H030-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TBX-H230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TEA-H830-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TEA-Z810-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TEA-Z820-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TGB-H050-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TLA-H140-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TLA-Z040-M4 SPC56AP54
 Toyota 89170-0R160 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-02F20 95160
 Toyota 89170-02R80 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-02R90 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-02S10 TC234
 Toyota 89170-06A20 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-33D40 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-33F10 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-33K80 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-06790 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-06800 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-F4190 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-F4200 R7F701A223
 Mazda BCKA-57K30E TC233-16F
 Mazda BELG-57-K30-A TC233-16F
 Mazda C176-57-K30-B 4A15E 24C04
 KIA 95910-L6000 TC233-16F
 KIA 95910-R9100 TC233-16F
 Nissan 98820 1UN0B XC2336B-40F
 MITSABISHI MR551775 93C56
 Hyundai 95910-2P080 XC2361A-72F
 Hyundai 95910-3K300 25640
 JAC 5824901S5500 R7F701A033
 Hyundai 95910-H7000 25256
 JEEP 68299155AE 95512
 Nissan 28556 1LL1A 95320
 BAIC A00062138 RF7F01A033
 Chrysler 68002372AA 95320
 Geely 431028 6600068771 A3C0179790000 R7F701083
 MITSABISHI 8635A160 93C66
 Hyundai 95910-F0300 95256(25LC256)
 Hyundai 95910-F0250 25256(25LC256)
 Hyundai 95910-F0260 25256(25LC256)
 Hyundai 95910-F0300 25256
 JEEP 68299155AF(53431227) 95512
 Mazda BELG-57K30B TC233
 Toyota 89170-0R370 R7F701A223
 Ford JB3T-14B321-DD TC222
 Geely 6600187452 681060800 TC222
 Chery 407000180AA 680907800 TC222
 Toyota 89170-02T80 R7F701A223

V6.4.9.0  Paid Version  NEW(2021.12.18)

1.Add 80 chips to Programer.
2.Add 59 models to dashboard.
3.Add 45 models to airbag.
4.Add 19 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 LiFan X70 2016- 9S12XHY256
 Toyota Lexus ES260 93A86
 Subaru BRZ 93C66
 Besturn Besturn B50 24C02
 FOTON Esploratore Yutu 8 2019- 24C64
 XINYUAN Xinyuan X30L EV 9S12HY64
 ISUZU camion 100P 2018- 93C56
 Ankai Bus 2014- 9S12XHZ512
 Toyota Lexus RC300 93C66(93A66)
 ChangAn Cochan 2018- R5F10TPxx
 Great Wall VV7 2019- 24C16
 MAXUS EV30L 2020- 9S12XHZ512
 ChangAn Auchan X5 2020- 9S12XHY128
 WuLing RongGuang 2021- 24C16(24G16)
 Hyundai SANTAFE 2020- MB91F061BS
 FOTON Auman GTL 2020- 95640
 Changhe Q7 2018- 24C16(Instrument)+ 95320(BCM)
 Honda NC700X 2015- 24C04
 sole Electric car 2018- R5F10DPEJ
 Geely Emgrand PHEV 2016- 24C04(4G04)
 Harley 883 93C66
 HuangHai DaChaiShen 9S12HA48
 DongFeng Captain 93C66
 Chery Riich 93C66
 KIA Yi Pao 2020- MB91F061BS
 WuLing HongGuang V 2020- 24C16
 JAC Sunray 2021- 24C04
 Geely Borui 2019- 24C256
 ChangAn Secco 2019- S6J324CKS
 DongFeng Special Automobile (Electric Vehicle Truck) 2018- 24C256
 CNHTC WANGPAI 2014- 24C04
 Geely Boyue 2020- 24C08(LCD screen)
 ChangAn Ruicheng CC 2019- 9S12XHY256
 JAC Kangling K1 2016- 24C04
 CNHTC hohan 9S12XHY256
 ZhongTong Bus 9S12XHZ512
 Chery Tiggo 3 9S12HY64
 Shaanxi Auto Dragon F3000 24C64
 Yutong Bus 24C08
 ISUZU Light Truck 2021- 24C16
 JAC Refine M6 2016- 24C04(4G04)
 KIA KX1 2019- MB91F061BS
 Geely Emgrand GS 2019- 24C04
 ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin (CPU) 2013- 9S08LG16
 Tianqi Meiya Pickup 24C04
 YeMa Bo Jun 2019- 24C16(4G16)
 Hyundai Elantra 2018- MB91F061BS
 ISUZU ELF 2020- 24C04
 WuLing HongGuang MINI 2021- 9S12XHY256
 ChangAn Auchan A600 2017- 9S12HY64
 Lu Dizhou Electric car R5F10DPxxx
 JAC JUNLING 2015- 24C04 V2
 YeMa T80 24C04 V2
 DongFeng Tianjin KR 2018- 95640(564RQ)
 Jaguar F-PACE 2016- 24C16
 Peugeot Peugeot 3008 2016- 95080 instrument+95128(BSI)
 MG MG GT 2014- 9S12XHZ512 instrument+95160 BSI
 ChangAn RuiXing EM80 2018- 24C04
The following models are added for airbag.
 Hyundai 95910- A9300 95256
 FOTON P1360010003A0(J3858202) 95320
 Honda 77960-T73-H110-M4 SPC56AP54
 Ford KK1T-14B321-AC TC222
 Geely 1306045 647352000 TC222
 Nissan 28556-5RF0B 95640(H640)
 Ford LB5T-14B321-PA TC222
 GM 13589373 XC2361A-72F
 Nissan 28556-9PB4A 95128
 Toyota 89170-30700 93C56
 ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BM01-AA R7F701A033
 Hyundai 95910-L4000 95512
 Venucia 98820-3GL0A 95640
 SAIC 10381188-04 R7F701009
 Honda 77960-TBY-H230-M4 SPC56AP54
 Honda 77960-TWB-H240-M4 SPC56AP54
 Land Rover JPLA-14D374-AE TC222
 Geely 1305358 643422600 XC2336A-72F
 BMW 9248096-01 MAC7241
 Suzuki 38910-55L00-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-56K20-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-59J00-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-62J10-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-62J11-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-62J12-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-62J20-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-62J22-000 95160
 Suzuki 38910-77J12-000 95160
 Nissan 28556 4BU0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4ED0C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4EDOC XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5HA0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5HK0A XC2236B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5HR0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5HS0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5HT0A XC2236B-40F
 Nissan 28556 7FH0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 7FH1A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 7FL0C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 7FL1C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 7FM0A XC2236B-40F
 Borgward V500030335 SPC560P34L1
 Toyota 89170-0R170 R7F701A223
 Toyota 89170-48C50 R7F701A223
 Borgward V700001201 SPC560P34L1
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 WuLing 23587574 R7F7010083(read write)
 WuLing 23649377 R7F7010083(read write)
 WuLing 23898853 R7F701008(read write)
 WuLing 23612920 R7F701008(read write)
 BAIC C00003303(J3858438) R7F701008(read write)
 Zhonghua J3858509(6391037) R7F701008(read write)
 Toyota 89170-02S10 TC234 (read write)
 Mazda BELG-57K30B TC233 (read write)
 DongFeng 3658100-SF02 R7F701008(read write)
 DongFeng U400000960(J38580719) R7F701008(read write)
 BYD AUTO HAD-3658100C R7F701009(read write)
 PORSCHE 970 618 201 27 95640(read write)
 FOTON P136000000003(J38580789) 95320(read write)
 Hanteng J38580631 3658010003-M11 SPC560P40L1(read write)
 Redflag 3607115-DB01 R7F701009(read write)
 LINCOLN HP5T-14B321-AF R7F701A033(read write)
 Toyota 89170-48F20 R7F701A223(read write)
 Toyota 89170-0C582 TC234 (read write)
 Volkswagen 5QD 959 655 AJ 95128(read write)

 V6.4.8.0  Paid Version NEW (2021.12.01)

1.Added 66 models to dashboard.
2.Added 41 models to airbag.
3.Added 4 models to read-write.
The following models are added for dashboard.
 DongFeng Succe 2013- 9S12HY48
 DongFeng Jingyi XL 24C02
 T-KNG Sailing F3 STM8S208RB
 Geely Emgrand EV 2021- 24C04
 Geely Emgrand EV500 2019- 24C04
 Honda Motor 150 24C04
 FOTON Times King Kong 24C64
 Suzuki Di Shuang 2012- 93C66
 BAIC ES210(EV) 2015- 24C02
 Benenlli Benenlli 24C02
 Waterma Electric car 2016- 24C04
 DongFeng EM10 24C08
 Hangzhou forklift Forklift 24C04
 SSANGYONG Korando 2014- 93C66
 JAC Geerfa 2021- 95640
 ChangAn Ruichi 2015- 9S12XHZ512
 ShiFeng Electric car 2015- 9S12HY48
 Citroen C-QUATRE 2016- instrument 93C66+ BSI 95128
 Ward Harvester 2016- 24C01
 JinBei starfish A9 2016- 24C04
 Ward Harvester 2018-2020- R5F10DPEJ
 Geely Emgrand 2018- 24C16
 Geely Binrui 2020- 24C08
 Honda Hao Ying 2021- 93C86
 WuLing 510 2020- 24C02
 Changhe Q25 2016- instrument 24C16 + BCM 95320
 Suzuki EN150 93C56
 BAIC Senova D50 2020- instrument 24C32+ BCM 95320
 WuLing HongGuang MINI EV 2020-2021- 9S12XHY256
 CNHTC Howo Bus EV 24C08
 Chery Star Way 24C16
 Luxgen U6 2018- 93C66
 ChangAn crossover D6 2020- 24C04
 FOTON Times small card Q2 24C04
 Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2017-2020- 9S12XHY128
 ChangAn CS55 9S12XHZ512
 YeMa Bo Jun 2019- 24C16
 JieFang J6 2020- 25640(tachograph)
 ChangAn Auchan X7(PLUS) 2021- 24C64
 Geely Emgrand EV500 24C04
 DongFeng Captain 2021- 93C86
 FOTON Van goods 2019- STM8S105C6
 Chun Ming Harvester STM32F103R8
 DongFeng fengxinglingzhi PLUS 2021- 9S12HY64
 JAC RuiLing 2014- 24C02
 JAC Devos 2021- 24C04
 WuLing Bao Jun E100 2019- 9S12XHY128
 LiFan LiFan X80 24C16
 LandWind LandWind X8 24C02
 Luxgen U6 2017- 93C66
 ISUZU Light Truck 24C16
 Yutong Bus 2016- 24C16
 Yutong School BUS 2015- 24C16
 HONGYAN Jingang 2017- 24C16 Recorder (Yimeng Hengxin)
 Five signs(UFO) kangrui K1 2015- 24C04
 FOTON Time card star 2 2019- 24C64(ATMLHXXX64)
 XINYUAN Xinyuan T30S 2018- 24C02
 JieFang jiefang HU VN 2019- 24C16(4G16)
 JieFang jiefang HU VR 2019- 24C16(4G16)
 DongFeng tuyi 2019- 9S12HY64 V1
 DongFeng tuyi 2019- 9S12HY64 V2
 Toyota AVALON 2019- S6J3001
 Chevrilet sky blue read write
 Chevrilet Changxun read write
The following models are added for airbag.
 Geely 1305992 A2C18996000 R7F701009
 WuLing 23755286 R7F701A033
 FAW 1EA0-57K30-AA R7F701A033
 Geely 431028 6600068771 A3C0179790000 R7F701008
 DongFeng U400003660 SPC560P40L1
 Honda 77960-T70-H020-M4 SPC56AP54
 Ford ED8T-14B321-AE XC2336A-72F
 JMC J38580687 R7F701008
 Chery J72-3658010AD 95160
 ChangAn 3658100-BN11 R7F701A033
 Honda 77960-T4F-H050-M4 SPC56AP54
 Trumpchi 8040003ASV0100 95640(5LCA)
 Volkswagen 7P0959655 B 95640
 Geely 512013 6600001374 R7F701A033
 WEICHAI 2510556 SPC560P34L1
 SouthEast J3858479 80A35A019 SPC560P40L1
 Geely 1304556 637152100 XC2361A-72F
 Trumpchi 8040003AAF0002 SPC560P34L1
 Geely 512013  1614169 95320
 Nissan 28556 3SG0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 3ST0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 3TP0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 3TP0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4DS0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4ED0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4EH0B XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4EH0C XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4EH0D XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4FU0A XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 4FVOA XC2336B-40F
 Nissan 28556 5BH0A XC2336B-40F
 WuLing 23537611 R7F701A033
 TRAUM 3658010002-A40 R7F701A033
 Trumpchi 8040003CAD0003 R7F701A033
 Trumpchi 8040003ARX0001 R7F701A033
 Geely 6600064791(647096100) SAK-TC222S
 Trumpchi 8040003CSV0000 SAK-TC222S
 Geely 01305208(640802000) XC2336A-72F
 Geely 01305358(643422600) XC2336A-72F
 Geely 01305359(643422500) XC2336A-72F
 Great Wall 3658110XKM01A TC222
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
 XINYUAN T52 24C02(read write)
 LonKing Escavatore Lonking 50 2020- 24C64(read write)
 Nissan 98820 6JP0A TC222 (read write)
 DODGE 68085881AI 95256(read write)

V6.4.7.0  Paid Version (2021.10.30)

1.Add 39 chips to Programer.
2.Add 79 models to dashboard.
3.Add 97 models to airbag.
4.Add 31 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
  Dayun New n8e-  24C08
  Sunlong Bus  9S12XHZ256
  Hanwo 1204 24C01A
  BYD AUTO Qin EV 93C86
  KOMATSU Digger 24C32
  FAW Lingyuan FAC pickup 2018- 24C08(4G08)
  Dayun Auspicious dragon 2020- 9S12XHY128
  Roewe IMAX8 instrument 25160+ BCM 24C16
  DongFeng RuiChi 2021- R5F10DPEJ
  Hengtian Ninth Five Year Plan Digging machine X5043
  ISUZU ISUZU T17 2019- 24C02
  ISUZU Wing amplifier (LCD) 2020- 24C16
  SINOTRUK hohan 2020- X5043
  DongFeng Fengshen AX5 2020- 24C32
  ChangAn Honor 2013- 9S12HA32
  Honda CRIDER 2018- 93C66
  Nissan Sylphy 2018- 93C66
  DongFeng Xiaokang D55 2020- 9S12HY32
  ChangAn Ruicheng CC 9S12XHY256
  Infiniti QX30 95640
  JinBei Grace 2005- 25020
  JinBei HIACE 2012- 24C04
  Great Wall Feng Jun 7 2018- 9S12XHY256
  Zhonghua V3 2020- 24C64
  HONGYAN Jie Shi Recorder(Yimeng Hengxin) 24C16
  DongFeng Xiaokang EC36  9S12HY64(SC667529CLL0M34S)
  Ward Harvester 2016- 24C01
  YeMa YeMa 2019- 24C16
  YuJie Q5 2019- R5F10DPEJ
  Deutzfar Tractor 95640(times)
  Iveco Iveco 2020- 25160(25LC16)
  JiAo Pickup 2011- 24C02
  DongFeng brave warrior 2014- 24C08
  Dongfanghong Agricultural machinery 2017- 9S12HY64
  Zhongxing Grandtiger 2021- 24C16
  Honda Motor NC750S 24C04
  Dongfanghong Tractor 95040(times)
  LOVOL Forklift 24C64
  JinBei S50 2011- 24C04
  Peugeot 4008 2017- instrument 95320+BSI 95128
  FOTON Times lead 2020- 24C08
  KINGLONG Bus 24C02
  Geely Emgrand 2020- 24C16
  Trumpchi GE3 24C02
  Suzuki NK150S 93C66
  Shaanxi Auto Xuandeyi 9 24C08
  Iveco Beyond C300 I-TECH 9S12HY64
  ChangAn Chang'an star 9 9S12HA32
  Yutong Bus 2012- 95160
  FOTON Landscape G5 2018-24C08
  Nissan TEANA 2021- 93C86
  Geely Emgrand EV 2019- 24C04
  JAC JUNLING 2021- 24C16
  ChangAn Escape EV460 2018- 9S12XHZ512
  JAC Refine S7 2017- 24C04
  Borgward BX7 24C64
  Infiniti M25 2012- 93C86
  Citroen C-QUATRE 2015 instrument 93C66 + BCM 95128
  Dayun N8V 2017-2020- 24C08
  JieFang JH6 2018- 25640(Recorder)
  Toyota Lexus ES200 2018- S6J3001
  Hyundai Sheng Tu 2018- 9S12XHY256
  LOVOL Tractor 2017- STM8S105K4
  JinBei HIACE 2021- 24C16
  Toyota Levin 2019- S6J3001
  DongFeng DFSK C31 2019- R5F10DPGJ
  DongFeng Xiaokang C36 2019- R5F10DPGJ
  Nanjun Ruiji J30G 2019- 24C04(4G04)
  ChangAn XinBao T5 2019- 9S12HY64
  DongFeng Fengguang 580 PRO 2019- 24C16
  DongFeng Duolika 2017- 24C04
  Geely Emgrand GS 2019- 24C04
  JMC Trushun 2019- R5F10DSKL
  Honda Motor CB500X 2017- 93C66
  Honda Motor CBR650F 2016- 93C66
  FOTON Oumake Fukang F 2020- 24C08
  CNHTC HOWO 2020- 93C66
  Dongfanghong Tractor 24C02 V2
The following models are added for airbag.
  Trumpchi  8040003CAD0100 R7F701A033
  ChangAn 3658100-CD01-AA R7F7010643
  WuLing 23664195 R7F701A033
  Toyota 89170-02S00 TC234-16F
  Hyundai 95910-2P000 MAC7242
  Nissan 28556-4CJ0A XC2336B-40F
  Honda 77960-TLA-H340-M4 SPC56AP54
  Great Wall 3658120XNZ02A XC2361A-72F
  Jaguar GX53-14D374-AC XC2361E-136F
  JMC J38580592 R7F701008
  Great Wall 3658110XKU62A XC2336A-72F
  Zhonghua J3858518 R7F701008
  DongFeng 3658100-FQ04 R7F701009
  Redflag 3607115-DD01 R7F701009
  Nissan 98820-5MC1A 95128
  Nissan 98820- 6LD0A 95128
  Toyota 89170-07410 TC234-32F
  Haima J3858035 HMGA-57-K30 95080
  Haima SA18-57K30 R7F701A033
  Geely 512013 NL-3B 6600012605 R7F701A033
  Wilma VF20036701 R7F701A033
  SouthEast J3858210 95320
  Nissan 98820-5KA1E 95640
  Hyundai 95910-BU000 95512
  Honda 77960-THA-B810-M2 R7F701A223
  Toyota 89170-33K40 R7F701A223
  Nissan 98820-4GL1A 95128
  Honda 77960-TWB-H220-M4 SPC56AP54
  BAIC A2C39015600 C00003301 J3858436 R7F701008
  Honda 77960-TWB-H020-M4 SPC56AP54
  Geely 641533700 FE-3AC 95320
  Toyota 89170-F4520 R7F701A223
  Hyundai 95910- B3000 95256
  Haima PB13-57-K30-A R7F7010083
  Haima SA14-57-K30 R7F7010083
  Haima SA16-57-K30 R7F7010083
  Haima SA26-57-K30 R7F7010083
  Chery J68-3658010BA(2006870) R7F7010083
  Chery J68-3658010BC(2006874) R7F7010083
  Chery T15-3658010BA(J3858423) R7F7010083
  Nissan 28556 2FL1A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 2GR0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 2GR0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3FL2A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3GR0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3SY0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3YU0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 8FS0A XC2336B-40F
  Volkswagen 6RD 959 655 G 95320
  Volkswagen 6RD 959 655 L 95320
  Volkswagen 6RD 959 655 M 95320
  Trumpchi 8040003ADE0001 R7F701A033
  WuLing 23622940 R7F7010083
  Nissan 28556 3HW0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3RF0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TA0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TA0C XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TB0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TC0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TN0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TN0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TT0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 3TV0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4BC0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4BD0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4BF0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4BF0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4BP0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RA0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RB0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RC0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RD0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RE0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 98820 4RG0A XC2336B-40F
  DongFeng U410010J-G0202(J3858554) R7F7010083
  Nissan 28556 5AE0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 5AC0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 4CS0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 4CH0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 4CM0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 4CS0A XC2336B-40F
  BAIC A00000441 95320(H320)
  DongFeng U410010J-G0200(J3858451) R7F7010083
  Trumpchi 8040003ASG0100 95640(5640WQ)(5LCA)
  Trumpchi 8040003ASG0200 95640(5640WQ)(5LCA)
  Trumpchi 8040003BAC0500 95640(5640WQ)(5LCA)
  Nissan 28556 3RL0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3RD0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3RM0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3RR0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3RV0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3SG0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3SJ0B XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 3SR0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 4CG0A XC2336B-40F
  Nissan 28556 5AE0B XC2336B-40F
  Haima SB52-57-K30 XC2336B-40F
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
  Geely 6600064789 647096300 TC222-16F(read write)
  Chrysler 53476712 95512(read write)
  Peugeot 9829594880 TC222-16F(read write)
  Honda 77960-TAZ-H830 TC234-32F(read write)
  Honda 77960-T73-H220-M4 SPC56AP54(read write)
  Toyota 89170-0R370 R7F701A223(read write)
  Nissan 98820- 6CT0B TC222-16F(read write)
  Nissan 98820- 5NN0A TC222-16F(read write)
  Jaguar K8D2-14D374-AC TC222-16F(read write)
  Jaguar JPLA-14D374-AF TC222-16F(read write)
  Geely 11300339 681173900 TC222-16F(read write)
  Great Wall 3658112XNW01A R7F7010643(read write)
  Honda 77960-TEA-H420-M4 SPC56AP54(read write)
  KIA 95910-1H000 95640(read write)
  WuLing 23602086 R7F701009(read write)
  PORSCHE 7L0 959 655A 95640(read write)
  PORSCHE 95B 959 655F 95128(read write)
  DongFeng A4D0005I1V00200 285562ZG0A R7F701008(read write)
  DongFeng J38580698 R7F701009(read write)
  Nissan 98820-3Y300 93C66
  FAW 5HA1-57K30-A R7F701008(read write)
  Great Wall 3658112XNW01A 95128(read write)
  Toyota 89170-02T80 R7F701A223(read write)
  ISUZU 3402040-T60PR 95160
  Great Wall 3658100-K18 95160
  alfa romeo 50550297 95640(H640)
  Zotye J3858486(3658010002-B17) R7F7010083(read write)
  Zotye J38580568(3658010003-B17) R7F7010083(read write)
  Zotye J38580594(3658010003-B11B) R7F7010083(read write)
  Zotye J38580650(3658010003-B11C) R7F7010083(read write)
  Geely haijing 2015- 24C04(read write)

V6.4.6.0  Paid Version(2021.09.27)

1.Add 20 models R7F701008 automatic repair for airbag repair
2.Optimize 600 airbag algorithms and pictures.
3.Add 100 chips to Programer.
4.Add 107 models to dashboard.
5.Add 119 models to airbag.
6.Add 26 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
  ChangAn CS35 PLUS 2019- 24C08
  Geely Emgrand GL 2019- 24C16
  JMC E160(EV) 2017- R5F10DPEJ
  JMC JMMC 9S12HY48 V2
  Chery Karry T50 2020- 9S12HY32
  Chery Kaiyi E3 2019- 24C16
  FOTON Pickup 2011- 24C64
  BAIC EU7 instrument 24C64 + BCM 95320
  Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04
  JieFang Flat truck 2019- 24C16
  JMC Transit 2012- R5F10DPEJ
  Dongfanghong 404 2017- 9S08LG16(times)
  SouthEast DX7 2018- 24C16
  ISUZU Guoliu pickup 2021- 24C04
  WuLing BaoJun 510 24C02
  DongFeng Fengguang IX5 2020- 24C16
  Benenlli Lion cub 800 24C02
  FOTON Auman GTL 93C86
  Hanwo 1304 tractor 2015- 25640
  LiFan LiFan X50 24C16
  CNHTC Steyr 95640
  DongFeng Fengguang 330S 2018- 24C04
  JieFang New defense 2.0 2020- 24C16
  Benenlli Benenlli 502C 2018- 24C08
  BAIC Zhanqi 2015- 24C02
  Great Wall Euler R1 2019- 24C64
  Peugeot Speedfight3 24LC02
  Geely Emgrand EC7 24C16(ATMLHXXX16)
  JinBei haixing A9 93C66
  HUALING Han Ma H6 93C66
  Toyota Prado (overbearing) 93C56
  JieFang day V 24C04
  Nissan TEANA 93C86
  Chevrilet SAIL 2008- 24C08
  JinBei New sea lion 2018- 24C04
  Shaanxi Auto Dragon F3000 2016- 93C86
  JieFang J6P 2019- MB91F53BC
  BAIC Huansu H3 2017- 25040(25LC04)
  BAIC Senova X25 2018- instrument 24C64(read write) + BCM 95320
  Benz R400 2016- 24C16
  ChangAn shenqi 2020- 24C04
  BAIC Weiwang 407EV 24C16
  FOTON Levo 2018- STM8S105S4
  Chery ARRIZO 5 2019- 24C16
  BAIC EC3 95040
  Honda ODESSEY 93C56(L56R)
  FOTON Lovol harvester 2019- R5F10DPEJ
  Chery Tiggo 8 2019- S6J328CKSP
  Ward Harvester 24C08
  ISUZU ISUZU T17 2018- 24C04
  Shenghe heavy industry Dongke Huasheng 2401 tractor 2019- 24C01
  DongFeng Furuika 2020- 93C66
  JieFang Lin VH2.0 2021- 24C16
  Zhongxing Pickup 2013- 24C04
  MG  GT 2016- 9S12XHZ512(instrument)+ 24C16(BCM)
  Hangzhou forklift Forklift 2017- 9S12HA32
  DongFeng IX7 2019- 24C16
  Luxgen U7 2012- 9S12HZ128
  JAC HaoWei 2013- 9S12HA32
  Zotye Z500 2019- 9S12HY64
  YUEJIN Shuaihu H100 93LC66A
  Toyota Domineering LC95 2001- 93C56
  Fubaotian Tractor R5F10DPEJ
  United car Nezha new energy 9S12G64
  Mazda CX4 2017- 24C16
  DongFeng Fengxing LingzhiM5 2020- 9S12HY64
  DongFeng BUS 9S12G48
  WEICHAI Euromonitor eg35 25040
  ChangAn EV460 9S12XHZ512
  HONGYAN Jingang 2018- 95640(Zhaoda tachograph)
  Dayun Peace 2019- 24C04
  ChangAn EADO(EV) 2016- 9S12HY64
  Harley Lu Wang 2012- 93C66
  ChangAn Kesai 2019- S6J324CKS
  YUEJIN S80 small card  2020- R5F10DPxxx
  KINGLONG Haige 2018- 24C08
  Long Xin Longxin motorcycle 2018- 9S08LG16
  SHAOLIN Temple Bus 9S12HY48
  Kawei K1 PIKA 9S12HA48
  WuLing SPARK 2015- 24C04(04CM)
  WuLing E100 2018- MB91F53BC
  TODAY SUNSHINE M2(EV) 2021- 24C04
  Ward Harvester 2020- 24C08
  ChangAn Changan Star generation 9 (EV) 2021- 9S12HY64
  DongFeng Fengshen T5 2018- 24C08
  DongFeng Tianlong KL465 2019- 24C08
  DongFeng Fengxing S500 2016- 9S12HY48
  FOTON Yutu 9 2020- 24C64
  Yutong Yutong School BUS 2013- 9S12XHZ512
  FOTON CDV M6 2017- 24C04
  Jixin agricultural machinery Corn harvester 2019- 24LC02
  Geely Yuanjing X3 2021- 24C08
  LOVOL Harvester (CPU module) 24C04(times)
  Chery Karry T 2014- 25040
  JAC Refine S4 2019- 24C08
  Jaguar F-PACE 2018- 24C64
  Buick Lu Zun 2007- 9S12H256
  SouthEast DX7 2018- 24C32
  Honda Motor CB150 93C56
  DongFeng Tianlong 2020- 9S12HY64
  Venucia E300(EV) 24C16
  Hyundai Chuanghu p410 9S12HY64
  Nissan X-TRAIL 24C16
  DongFeng Tianlong 2017- 93C86(Oil consumption)
  Bombardier X3 2018- 9S12HZ64
  Toyota Levin 2020-S6J3001
The following models are added for airbag.
  Chery F01-3658010MA 95160(RS16)
  Geely 512013 6600001374 DNL-5 R7F701A033
  Chery 407000164AA AB07072300 95160(RS16)
  DongFeng 3658100-FK05 R7F701A033
  Great Wall 3658120XKZ6HA 25160(25A16)
  Geely 512013 6600012604 NL-3B R7F701A033
  Great Wall 3658110XKS00C XC2361A-72F
  WuLing 23557731 R7F701008
  WuLing 23559084 R7F701008
  Leopaard B003658050 95320(H320)
  JMC JS1-14B056-AA 95320(H320)
  Chery Q22-3658010 95160
  BAIC A00085825 95320(H320)
  BYD AUTO 5AEV-3658100A 25640(25LC64,RS64)
  BYD AUTO HAEA-3658100A 25640(25LC64,RS64)
  BYD AUTO HAEA-3658100B 25640(25LC64,RS64)
  FOTON C5360010001A0 95160(H160)
  FOTON C5360010003A0 95160(H160)
  Wuling 23950559 R7F7010083
  Wuling 23998037 R7F7010083
  Wuling 23998039 R7F7010083
  GM 13525224 TF SPC56AP54
  GM 13536755 TF SPC56AP54
  Audi 8K0 959 655G 95640
  Wuling 23998108 R7F7010083
  Great Wall 3658110XP5FXA SPC560P40L1
  Audi 8K0 959 655L 95640
  Audi 8K0 959 655N 95640
  Audi 8KD 959 655B 95640
  Audi 8R0 959 655C 95640
  Audi 8R0 959 655E 95640
  Audi 8R0 959 655G 95640
  Audi 8RD 959 655B 95640
  Audi 8RD 959 655C 95640
  Toyota 89170-50A00 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-50E20 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53050 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53080 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53130 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53140 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53150 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53160 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53170 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53180 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-30540 93C56(RA57)
  Toyota 89170-30560 93C56(RA57)
  Geely 1305132 R7F701008
  Great Wall 3658110XKW57A XC2336B-40F
  Chery J60-3658010EA-639945200 XC2336B-40F
  JMC HP1-14010-BA(J3858541) R7F701008
  JMC JP1-14010-AA(J38580592) R7F701008
  Toyota 89170-53190 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53210 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53230 93C66(RA66)
  Toyota 89170-53250 93C66(RA66)
  ChangAn 3658100-BE50 95320(H320)
  DongFeng 3658100-SA02 95160(H160)
  ChangAn 5824100-T02 95160(H160)
  Great Wall 3658110XKZ96A 95160(25A16)
  Great Wall 3658120XKZ6HA 95160(25A16)
  Great Wall 3658130XKZ96A 95160(25A16)
  DongFeng CM5-5824020 95320(H320)
  DongFeng DM5L-5824010 95320(H320)
  HuangHai D5825-00100001(J3858345) 25160(RS16)
  Geely 634078000 95320(H320)
  Geely 634408800 95320(H320)
  Geely 641604300 95320(H320)
  Geely 641533700 95320(H320)
  Geely 641604400 95320(H320)
  Geely 681043600 95320(H320)
  BAIC 58240100-H01-000 R7F701A033
  BAIC 58240100-H02-000 R7F701A033
  DongFeng 3658100-FK03 R7F701A033
  BAIC 58240100-H03-000 R7F701A033
  Geely 01304730(637523100) XC2336A-72F
  Geely 01304732(637523300) XC2336A-72F
  Geely 6600003285(643765300) XC2336A-72F
  Chery 1305200 A2C16581800 431028 R7F701008
  Zotye J38580581 J38580581 3658010002-M12(9 Loop high configuratio R7F701008
  BISU 58240100-J03 95320
  Great Wall 3658110XKU62B XC2361A-72F
  JMC J3858541 R7F701008
  Honda airbag 77960-TF0-H620-M3 RH86
  JMC JS1-14BC56-AA 95320(H320)
  Buick 13591243 XC2361A-72F
  Great Wall 3658110XKS00C XC2336A-72F
  Suzuki 38910-56P00 SPC560P50L3
  BMW 65.77-9184432-02 95640
  BMW 6577 9239985-01 MAC7241
  Honda 77960-SLE-H012-M3 93C86
  Chery J42-3658010BA XC2361A-56F
  ChangAn 3658100-CD02 R7F701A033
  Zhonghua 5491029 95320(H320)
  Zhonghua 5591029 95320(H320)
  Ford BM2T 14B321 AB 95320
  Buick 13503645 9S12XDT384(1L15Y)
  Honda 77960-TF0-H620-M3 RH86
  Hyundai 95910-0R000 95640
  BAIC J3858436 R7F701008
  MAXUS C000081469 A2C18993700 R7F701009
  Great Wall 3658100XP6PXA R7F701009
  DongFeng 3658100-SF01 DFSK-2168-A2C19726000 R7F701008
  DongFeng J38580678 R7F701008
  Geely 01305005 R7F701008
  Geely 6600041006 A2C18996200 R7F701009
  Geely 6600041008 A2C18996200 R7F701009
  Chery 2031461 407000016A A2C17988300 R7F701008
  Chery J38580769 R7F701008
  WuLing 23552683 R7F701008
  WuLing 23557732 R7F701008
  WuLing 23764809 R7F701008
  WuLing 23917734 R7F701008
  WuLing 23942564 R7F701008
  WuLing 23946020 R7F701008
  FAW 5CA3-57K30 R7F701008
  Zhonghua J3858519 R7F701008
  Zotye J38580580 R7F701008
  Zotye J38580581 R7F701008
  Honda 77960-SLE-H812-M3 RH86
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
  Toyota CAMRY 2018- S6J3001(read write)
  DongFeng Huashen DFD1030GU 2021- 9S12HY64(read write)
  Nissan 98820 2GV2A TC222-16F(read write)
  Honda 77960-TBX-B210-M4 SPC56AP54(read write)
  Maserati 670009490 25128(read write)
  Toyota 89170-33K80 R7F701A223(read write)
  SAIC C00232876 R7F701009(read write)
  WuLing 23756580 R7F701008(read write)
  WuLing 23557730 R7F701008(read write)
  JEEP 68316 743AB 95128(read write)
  JEEP 68025 654AI 95128(read write)
  Leopaard 7020312A00 CA801050 SPC560P40L1(read write)
  BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100A TC222-16F(read write)
  Peugeot 642593800 9829594980 TC222-16F(read write)
  Peugeot 637802400 9826330080 TC222-16F(read write)
  Peugeot 637802400 9829595180 TC222-16F(read write)
  Geely 1306043 647352100 TC222-16F(read write)
  BYD AUTO SA2H-3658100A 680232700 TC222-16F(read write)
  JEEP 68402856AD 25512(read write)
  Great Wall 3658110XKN02A 95128(read write)

V6.4.5.0  Paid Version(2021.08.12)

1. Add 147 chips to Programer.
2. Add 104 models to dashboard.
3. Add 40 models to airbag.
4. Add 8 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer.

The following models are added for dashboard.
  Honda Accord S6J3001 十代
  Honda Enspie 2019- S6J3001
  Toyota Lexus ES300H 2019- S6J3001
  Toyota CHR 2020- S6J3001
  Toyota Carola (corolla) 2020- S6J3001
  Toyota RAV4 2020- S6J3001
  Aochi A2  2014-  24C08
  Aochi A3  2019-  24C04
  Aochi T2  2018-  24C04(4G04)
  North Benz Truck   2018-  93C86
  Hyundai  IX35  2019-  24C16
  BAIC  EX360  2018-  24C64
  BAIC Huansu H2   24C08
  BAIC Weiwang M20 2018- 24C04
  BYD AUTO BYD Qin PRO 2018- 24C16
  Daojue Electric car 24C02
  GuangQiRiYe Truck 93C86
  DongFeng Fengxing CM7 2019- 24LC02
  DongFeng Fengxing M6 2019- 24LC02
  DongFeng Jingyi MPV 2010- 24LC02
  DongFeng Jingyi S50 2019-2020- 9S12XHY128
  DongFeng Junfeng E11K 2019- 24C256
  DongFeng Tianlong 2019- 93C86
  DongFeng DFSK C35 2019- R5F10DPxxx
  DongFeng DFSK K05S 2019- 9S12HY48
  DongFeng Yufeng 2018- 24C08
  Five signs(UFO) UFO truck  24C08
  FOTON Aoling express 2019- 24C04
  FOTON Aoling T3  STM8S105K4
  FOTON General(Pickup) 2021- 24C64(64DH)
  FOTON SCENICRT kuaiyun 93C66(66BM)
  FOTON Midi 2013- 24C02
  FOTON Time 2015- STM8S105C6
  FOTON Times 2014- 24C04
  Millet AIAN 2019- R7F701404
  Trumpchi EG3 Electric car 2018- 24C02
  Trumpchi GA6 2020- 24C16
  Trumpchi GA8 2017- MB91F594BS
  Haima Haima M3 2013- 25040
  Hanteng Hanteng X7 2017- 24C04
  Hengyuan Digging machine 2015- 24C04
  Huatai EV160 2017- R5F10DPxxx
  Geely SC3 2013- 24C04
  Geely Jiaji 2019- 24C08(24LC08)
  JAC Ruifeng M2 2012- 24C02
  JAC Geerfa A5L 2020- 24C08
  JAC JUNLING 2016- 9S12HA32 V2
  JAC JUNLING H330 2015- 24C04
  JAC RuiChi 2013- 25040
  JAC Shuailing K330 2017- 24C04
  JMC kaiyun 2019- 93C66
  JMC kaiyun 2021- R5F10DSxxx
  JieFang J6 93C66
  JieFang J6F 2019- R5F10DSJJ
  JieFang Han V 2018- 24LC04
  JinBei T30 2020- 24LC02
  JinBei Xinkuaiyun 2019- 24C04
  JinBei Electric Bus 2015- 24C32
  JinBei Hagronway 2014- 9S12HA32
  JinBei KingLong 2010- X5045
  Kubota Tractor 93C66(times)
  Liugong Roller X5043
  Nezha Electric car 2019- 24C04
  Chery ARRIZO 5 24C16
  Chery Big ant(S61EV) 2020- 24C16
  Chery COWIN Dazzle the world 2020- 24C08
  Youth car Youth coach 24C32
  Zotye T300 2017- 24C08
  Shanghai New Holland Tractor 2017- 24C16
  SHAOLIN Temple BUS 2012- 9S12G48
  Hyundai Chuangheu 2014- 24C64
  WuLing HongGuang PLUS 2020- 24C16
  WuLing BaoJun 510 2020- 24C02
  Five signs(UFO) DITU 2017- 24C04
  ChangAn New leopard king 24C08
  YuJie Electric car 24C02
  YUEJIN xiaofuxing 2018- 93LC66A
  YUEJIN xiaofuxing 2019- R5F10DPxxx
  JAC JUNLING V6 2019- 24C04
  ChangAn Crossing V3 24C02
  ChangAn EADO 2018- 24C32
  Great Wall Dazzing 2010- 24LC02
  Zhonghua H3 2017- 25040
  Zotye T600 2017- 9S12HY48
  CNHTC hohan H3 2020- 9S12HY48
  Ford Taurus 2018- 93C86
  Ford raptor 2013- 24C32
  Ford YeMa 2013- 24C16
  Honda Motor DCVX 93C66
  Spring breeze 700 24C04
  Vespa Motorcycle 2019- 93C66
  Zongshen 150 2018- 24C02
  Peugeot 4008(Import) 93C76
  Renault Talisman 2012- 25160
  Land Rover Range Rover 24C64
  MG MG6 2011 instrument 35080+ BCM 160D0WQ
  Citroen C4(Import) 93C76
  Chevrilet Koruze BCM 9S12XEQ512(1M12S)
  Toyota Prado 2020- 93C86
  Suzuki igins 25320
  Hyundai Digging machine 95M01
  KOMATSU Digger 7 93C86
  Kawasaki Rare animals 650 93C66
  Volvo FE280 2009- 24C04

The following models are added for airbag.
  BAIC J3858435 R7F701008
  LiFan CMA3658100 95160
  FAW 8250115-BQ01 R7F701A033
  BMW 6577-6841347-1 95512
  Volkswagen 34D 959 655 SPC560P50L3
  LiFan PBA3658100B1 95160
  Honda 77960-T73-H020-M4 SPC56AP54
  Nissan 28556 VK10A 93C46
  Nissan 98820 CL71A 93C66
  MITSABISHI 8635A482 95128
  Zhongxing C3658010-0000(J3858268) 25160(RS16)
  Honda 77960-T5A-J411-M2 R5F2154
  Honda 77960-T5A-J512-M2 R5F2154
  Honda 77960-TBT-H210-M2 R7F701A223
  Honda 77960-TDK-J411-M2 R5F2154
  Honda 77960-TEA-H830-M4 SPC56AP54
  Honda 77960-THA-H610-M2 R7F701A223
  Honda 77960-THA-H810-M2 R7F701A223
  Honda 89170-53270 93C66(RA66)
  Honda 89170-53280 93C66(RA66)
  BAIC A00043675 R7F701A033
  Geely 01304897(634867200) XC2336B-40F
  Geely 01305165(636881500) XC2336B-40F
  JAC 5824901U0012 R7F701A033
  JAC 5824901U7300 R7F701A033
  WuLing 23525798 R7F701A033
  WuLing 23665873 R7F701A033
  FAW 89170-THA00 25160(RS16)
  FAW 89170-TKA00 25160(RS16)
  FAW 89170-TKA10 25160(RS16)
  FAW 3607115ABL01 R7F701A033
  Great Wall 3658110XKV86A XC2336A-72F
  Great Wall 3658120XKY28A XC2336A-72F
  Great Wall 3658120XKY28C XC2336A-72F
  Zhongxing G3658010-0200(J3858557) 25160(RS16)
  Ford AM2T 14B321 BB 95320
  Ford BM5T 14B321 CE 95320

The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
  DongFeng 5824010B 95320(read write)
  FOTON Tunland on the road 9 2020- 24C64(read write)
  Ford MS1-14B056-AA 95320
  Porsche 7P0959655B 95640
  Toyota 89170-02T60 TC234-16F
  Suzuki 38910-6CJ10 25160
  Mazda KD5H-57K30A XC2336A-72F
  Toyota 89170-BZ260 93C56

V6.4.4.0  Paid Version(2021.07.02)

1. Added 1 chips to Programer.
2. Added 125 models to dashboard.
3. Added 7 models to airbag.
4. Added 1 models to read-write.
The following chips are added for Programer.
The following models are added for dashboard.
  BEIBEN TRUCK V3ET 2020- 24C08
  BAIC Senova D50 2018- Instrument 24C16 + BCM 95320
  BAIC Yinxiang 2016- 25040
  Changhe Freda M50(S) 2014- 9S12HA32
  Big fellow Neoplan 2014- X5043
  Dayun Auspicious dragon 2020- 24C04
  DongFeng Electric car 2016- 24C16
  DongFeng Fengguang IX5 R5F10DSxxx
  DongFeng Fengxing SX6 2019- 9S12HY64
  DongFeng Huashen DFD1030GU 2014- 24C08
  DongFeng Jingyi 24C02
  DongFeng Liuqi Chenglong L2 2020- 24C02
  DongFeng Tianjin 2020- 24C08
  DongFeng DFSK V22 2013- 24C04
  DongFeng Yu Xuan 2007- 93C56
  SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 2014- 9S12XHY128
  Chery Cowin 2 2012- 9S12HY64
  WAW Detu DX 2018- 24C04
  FuDi landfort 24C08
  Ford Territor 2019- 24C16
  FOTON CDV V3 2016- 24C04(4G04)
  FOTON CDV V5 2016- 24C04
  FOTON Kangrui KQ1 2015- STM8S105C6
  FOTON Rowor E3 24C16
  FOTON Times lead 2013- 24C04
  FOTON Times lead 2 24C01B
  Toyota IX4(EV) 24C16
  CNHTC Hao woTX430 2021- 95640
  CNHTC Haowo hanjiang 2020- 25256
  HEIBAO AUTO Double row truck 24C04
  Huatai Traka T9 24C08
  Geely K17A 9S12HY64
  Geely Emgrand 2016- 9S12XHY256
  Geely Emgrand GS 2019- 24C08
  Geely Jingang 2012- 9S12HY48
  Geely Yuanjing 2013- 24LC04
  JAC X3 (double row) 2018- 24C04
  JAC Q3 truck 24C04
  JAC JUNLING 2016-24C08
  JAC Jun Ling V8 24C04
  Hyundai Elantra 2008- 93C56
  JAC Kangling J5 2020- 24C04
  JMC Kairui (EV) R5F10DSxxx
  JMC YuHu 2016- 9S12HA32
  JMC Trushun 2020- R5F100SLL
  JieFang J6P 2021- 95640
  JieFang J7 2020- 24C16
  Geely Emgrand GS1  2019- 24C04
  JieFang Han V R5F10DPxxx
  JieFang Hanwei 2018- 24LC04
  JieFang Long  Wei 2019- 24LC16
  JieFang New Hanwei 24LC16
  JinBei JinBei HIAC 24C04
  JinBei Yunying MQ5 24C08
  KINGLONG Long Wei 2015- 9S12XHZ512
  KaiMa K22 2019- 24C04
  KaiMa Single row 2018- STM8S208RB
  Leopaard Pickup CT5 9S12HA48
  Continental Electric car 2017- R5F10DPEJ
  Chery Erez GX 2020- 24C16
  Chery Kairui elephant (EV)  2019- 24C16
  Venucia Venucia D60 2019- 24C16
  Youth car BUS 24C16
  Nissan Tuda 2020- 93C86
  Roewe 550 2012- Instrument 35080 + BCM 160DOWQ
  shuhe,shandong Tractor R5F10DPxxx(times)
  Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2017- 95640
  Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X6 2019- 24C04
  Sunlong Bus(EV) 2018- 24C02
  Hyundai HuoChe 2017- 24LC64
  Hyundai Sheng Tu 2017- 9S12XHY256
  Tianqi Meiya Pickup 2017- 9S12XHY256
  Tianqi Meiya Pickup 24C04
  Wilma EX5 2018- 24C04
  Wilma XS400 24C04
  Wilma New energy 24C04
  XCMG Han style 2020- 24C08
  YUEJIN S70 (double row) R5F10DPXXX
  YUEJIN Shangjun X300 2016- 93LC66A(L66A)
  ChangAn CS85 2019- 24C32
  ChangAn JinNiuXing 2013- 9S12HA32
  ChangAn EADO 9S12XHY256
  ChangAn EADO High Energy Edition 9S12XHZ512
  Great Wall Wei Pai P8 24C16(09400465)
  CNHTC hohan 9S12HY48
  CNHTC Haowo 93LC66
  CNHTC Shandeka 2018- 95640
  CNHTC WANGPAI 2018- 24C04
  ZhongTong Bus 2018- 9S12HY48
  FOTON Auman ETX 2018- 95640
  Polaris ATV 24C04
  Ford Territor 2020- 24C16
  LINCOLN Navigator 2019- 24C32
  aprilia SR300 24C16
  Honda Motor CB500S 2021- 93C66
  Honda Motor CB650R 2020- 93C66
  Honda Motor NC750X 93C76
  Honda Motor NS110R 24C04
  Honda Motor phantom 93C56
  GuangYan AK550 2020- R5F10DMEJ
  GuangYan S400 2019- R5F10DPEJ
  GuangYan Rowing 400 2016- 93C46
  Zongshen Secolon RT3 2019- 24C02
  Volkswagen Santana 2004- 93C66
  JAGUAR XFL 2018- 24C16
  Honda ACCORD 2020- 93C86
  Honda RAV4 2020- S6J3001
  Honda fortuner  2011- 93C66
  Honda COROLLA 2014- 93C86
  Honda Coaster 2020- 93A86
  Nissan Quaker 2017- 9S12H128
  KIA cadenza 93C66
  Nissan Fengdu S75 2015- 9S12XHZ256
  Nissan PATROL 2018- 93C86
  Nissan Sylphy 2018- 95128
  FOTON SCENICRT kuaiyun 2014- 93C66
  Hitachi Digger 2019- 93C66
  Subaru FORESTER 2019- RH86
  ISUZU Lingtuo 2018- 9S12HA48
  ISUZU ISUZU 2020- 24C16(4G16)
  ISUZU ISUZU ELV 2017- 24C04
The following models are added for airbag.
  DongFeng J3858356 95320
  Geely 512013 1304140 NL-3 R7F701A033
  Zotye 3658010001-A12 R7F701A033
  BMW 9253636-01 9S12XET512
  Jaguar J9C3-14D374-AK R7F7010643
  KIA 95910-4M150 95256
  Nissan 98820 5BC1A XC2336B-40F
The following models are added for dashboard read-write.
  BMW 65.779348726-01 95128(read-write)

V6.4.3.0  Paid Version NEW (2021.06.01)

1. Added 33 chips to Programer.

2. Added 184 models to dashboard.

3. Added 7 models to airbag.

4. Added 8 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer.


































The following models are added for dashboard.

  Nissan Tuda 2019- 93C86

  Nissan King 2011- 93C86

  Hyundai Elantra 2008- 93C46

  Hyundai Elantra 2009- 93C46

  Hyundai New Tousheng MB91F061BS

  Honda  CBR300 24C04

  Kawasaki ZX-10R 93C66

  Spring breeze NK650 2020- 24C04

  Suzuki Draco star 2016- 93C56

  Yutong CL6 2018- 24LC16

  CNHTC WANGPAI 2019- 9S12HA32

  Changhe CHANGHE BEIDOUXING 2017- 9S12ZVH128

  DongFeng Lingzhi M3 2018- 24C08

  DongFeng DFSK C37 2019- R5F10DPxxx

  FOTON Conrad KQ2 2016- STM8S105C6

  Chery Tiggo 5X2019- 24C04

  Zotye Z700 2018- 93C86

  Subaru BRZ 2016- 93C86

  ChangAn New EM80 energy van 2019- 24C16

  Nissan NV200 2015- R5F10DPXXX

  Lingong L955F 2018- 9S12HY64

  Haima 8S 2019- 95160

  ZhongTong zhongtongkeche 2017- 24C08

  FOTON aorui 24C04

  Great Wall TengYi C30 2014- 93C66A

  Chery ARRIZO 5 2019- 24C04

  LOVOL Harvester 2018- 9S12HA48

  ChangAn CS85 2019- 95640

  JMC E100 2015- 9S12HY48

  T-KNG Sailing F3 2018- STM8S208R8

  DongFeng Jingyi S50 2019- 9S12XHY128

  MG HS 2019- instrument 95320+ body 24C16

  Asian Star Bus Bus 2017- 24C08

  JMC kairui 2019- 93C66

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2016- 93C86

  DongFeng Fengxing Lingzhi 24C04

  Chery Tiggo 5X  2018- 24C16

  HONGYAN Red rock lion 350(CarLog) 2016- 95640

  Yutong Bus 2017- 24C16

  JAC Kangling HS 2018- 24C04

  JieFang dayV 2016- 9S12HZ256

  Honda Motor CB190 2019- 24C04

  Iveco Iveco 25040

  FJMOTOR Keyton M70 2016- 9S12HA32

  FOTON SCENICRT V5 2017- 24C04

  DongFeng DFSK 2017- R5F10DPXXX

  KINGLONG D11 New energy 2017- 24C08

  Honda Motor Jiayu 110 2019- 24C04  

  Hyundai Elantra 2020- MB91F061BS

  Chery Erez EX 2019- 24C16

  ChangAn Auchan C0S1 2019- 9S12XHY256

  ISUZU mu-X 2020- 24C08

  JAC Geerfa K5 2019- 24C08

  ISUZU MUX 2020- 24C08

  Shaanxi Auto Henderson 2019- 24C02

  BEIBEN TRUCK ZiXieChe 2018- 93C86

  FOTON kangrui H2 2013- STM8S105C4

  JAC Refine S 2017- 24C16

  BAIC Senova X25 9S12ZVH128

  Besturn Besturn B70 2020- 24C16

  WAW Aochi 24C16

  JMC Yusheng 24C16

  Nanjun Ruiji 2018- 24C04

  Toyota Levin 2019- 93C86

  CNHTC Red lion 24C0

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 25640

  Chery COWIN C3R 2015- 9S12HY64

  ChangAn Auchan X7 2020- 9S12XHY256

  ChangAn BenBen EV 2016- 95160

  CNHTC WANGPAI 2020- 24C04

  BYD AUTO BYD Qin 2019- 24C16

  JAC Shuailing E 2020- 24C04

  YUEJIN shangjun X301 2013- 24C04

  Hyundai Sonata 2010- 93S56

  JieFang JH6 2020- 24C16

  JinLv Bus 2016- 24C08

  Great Wall Haver H5 2011- 9S12HA48

  Chevrilet Captiva 2013- 9S12HZ128

  Perodua North deer sedan 2002- 93C46

  BAIC EV5 2020- 24C16

  T-KNG Sailing A7 2016- 24C04

  JMC qiling T5  2017- 9S12HA32

  LOVOL Harvester 2016- R5F10DPXXX

  FOTON shidai xiaoka 2020- 24C16

  SSANGYONG Korando 2013- 93C66

  DongFeng Fengxing T5 2020- 9S12HY64

  Iveco Lveco leap  2018- R5F10TPXXX

  XINYUAN Xinyuan X30L EV 2019- 24C16

  LOVOL Valley god harvester 2019- 93C46 times

  Roewe I5 2019- instruction 95160 + BCM 95320

  Zotye Z560 2017- 9S12HY64

  FOTON SCENICRT kuaiyun 2009- 24C02

  FOTON SCENICRT 2011- 24C02

  JieFang J6 2019- 9S12HZ256

  Lingong Temporary truck 9S12HY64

  ChangAn KUAYUEWANG X1 2020- 9S12HY64

  JAC RuiLing 2013- 24C02

  FOTON Time 2020- STM8S105K4T6C

  DongFeng Lingzhi M5 EV 2020- 9S12XHY128

  CNHTC Red lion 2019- 24C04

  WuLing HongGuang PLUS 2019- 24C04

  GuangYan Jinli 2015- 24C08

  Citroen Triumph 2008- instruction 93C46 + BSI 95128

  Citroen C4L 2008- instruction 93C66 + BSI 95128

  JAC Geerfa 2019- 24C08

  Zhonghua ZUNCHI  2014- 9S12HZ128

  ChuFeng Electric car  2018- 24C04

  XINYUAN Xinyuan EV 2018- 9S12HY48

  KINGLONG Minibus  2019- 24C08

  JieFang Lyut Anger 2017- 24LC04

  Yutong BUS  2017- 24C16

  Honda Motor  X-ADV 2018- 93C66

  YinGang Silver steel motorcycle 2014- 24LC02

  FOTON xianglingV1 2019- STM8S105K4

  YingXuanZhongGong Yingxuan loader 2020- 9S12HY64

  JiHai Electric car 2018- R5F10DPXXX

  Geely Yuanjing X6 2019- 24C16

  Chery Little ant 2020- 24C16

  JieFang King 2019- 9S12HZ128

  DongFeng Fengguang 370 2018- 24C16

  BAIC Weiwang M20 2015- 25040(25LC04)

  WuLing School BUS 2015- 24C04

  BAIC CHANGHE Q25 2016- 24C16

  DongFeng Fengxing SX6 2018- 9S12HY64

  WuLing Glorious new card 2018- 24C04

  FOTON jingang 2016- STM8S105C6

  JinBei Xinkuaiyun 2017- 24C04

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon 2015- 9S12XHY128

  Peugeot 207 2013- instruction 25020 + BSI 95160

  KIA Forte 2018- MB91F061BS

  Chery Karry K60 2019- 24C04

  BAIC JDMC 2016- 24C04

  ChangAn Rui cheng 2020- 9S12XHY256

  Chery EQ5 New energy 2020- 24C16

  T-KNG T3 2020- 24C08

  ISUZU DMX 2020- 24C08

  JEEP Free guest 2015- 93C76

  LandWind X8 2016- 9S12HA32

  Zhongxing Lord Pickup 2016- 24C04

  JAC IEV6 2021- 24C04

  ZOOMLION Ai wo harvester 2019- R5F10DPEJ

  JAC Shuailing Q6 2020- 24C04

  Space WanShan Truck 2020- 9S12HY64

  FOTON Rowor E3 2017- 9S12HA32

  ChangJiang 650 STM8S105K4

  MITSABISHI Lancer 2011- 93C86

  YUEJIN C500 2019- 24C04

  DongFeng DFSK K02L 2020- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Succe 2012- 24C04

  HEIBAO AUTO Truck 2016- 24C04

  Geely Emgrand EC7 2011- 24C04

  JAC Jiayue A5 2019- 24C04

  Toyota LEXUs IS250 2015- 93C66

  JinBei T30 2014- 24C02

  ChangAn XinBao T3 2020- 9S12HY64

  XCMG DIAOCHE 2012- 93C66

  Toyota LEXUS RX300 2018- 93C86

  JMC Trushun 2019- 24C08

  Kawasaki ER400D 2019- 93C66

  DongFeng Lingzhi V3 2017- 9S12HY48

  ChangAn KUAYUEWANG V3 2020- 9S12HY64

  JAC Kangling 2014- 9S12HA48

  ChangAn Changanzhixing 5 2021- 9S12HY64

  Roewe RX5 2019- instruction 95160 + BCM 24C16

  FOTON XiangLing V3 2021- 24C16

  JAC Refine M3 2019- 24C08

  Chery E5 2015- 9S12HY64

  BAIC Weiwang 2014- 24C02 V2

  Chery Karry Youjing 2020- 9S12HY32

  CNHTC Haowo Lighr truck 2020- R5F10DSXXX

  XINYUAN haoyun 1 number 2019- 24C16

  KaiMa Kaijie 2019- STM8S105C6T6 V2

  LOVOL Harvester 2019- 9S12HA32

  DongFeng chenglong M7 2014- 93C66

  FAW Blue ship T340 2018- 24C08

  JieFang Golden bell 2017- 24C08

  Geely Emgrand PHEV 2017- 24C16

  Citroen C4 2007- instruction 93C46 + BSI 95128

  CNHTC Haowo 2008- 24C16

  CNHTC Haowo 2009- 24C16

  Cadillac Sylvie SLS 2007- 93C46

  Citroen Triumph 2008- 93C66(dashboard)+95128(BSI)

  Buick GL8 2006- 9S12H128


The following models are added for airbag.

  Hyundai 95910-H7000 95256

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-M03 R7F01A033

  Geely 6600001097 643765500 XC2361-72F

  ChangAn 3658100-BN01 R7F701A033

  Land Rover AH22-14D374-AG 9S12DT128(1L59W)

  WuLing 8320139 0285 014 443 AB12 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003AMV0000 R7F701A033


The following models are added for dashboard read-write.

  ChangAn CS75 2017- MB91F534B(read-write)

  WuLing BaoJun 530 2019- S6J324CKSM(read-write)

  WuLing BaoJun RM5 2019- S6J328CKSP(read-write)

  Honda CIVIC 2021- S6J336AHTB(11 generetion)(read-write)

  Toyota Lexus ES300H 2019- S6J3001(read-write)

  Honda  77960-TLA-Z040-M4 SPC56AP54(read-write)

  Honda  77960-T73-B110-M4 SPC56AP54(read-write)

  Honda  77960-TBT-H010-M2 R7F701A223(read-write)

V6.4.2.0  Paid Version


1.Add 100 models to dashboard:

  BAIC BJ2023CHB3 2018- 24C04

  Besturn X40 2019- 24C16

  Dayun HuoChe 2021- 9S12XHY128

  Dayun Truck 8 hand 2014- 24C02

  DongFeng Fengguang 330 2017- 24LC04

  DongFeng Fengxing SX6 2020- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Fengshen AX7 2018- 25040

  DongFeng Lingzhi 2020- 9S12XHY128

  DongFeng Succe 9S12HY64

  DongFeng DFSK K07S 2019- 9S12HY48

  DongFeng Zhengzhou nissan yuxuan

  FOTON Times 9A12HA32

  FOTON Times 2020- 24C16

  FOTON Van goods STM8S105C6

  FOTON Conqueror 3 2020- 24C64

  Trumpchi GS5 24C16

  Haima M8 95160

  Haiquan H7 Electric car 2017- R5F10DPxxx

  Geely Emgrand EV 2019- 24C04(4G04)

  JieFang Hanwei 2019- R5F10DPxxx

  JieFang Hanwei 2020- 24C16

  JieFang Dragon V 2008- 9S12HZ256 White board

  Kawei Kawei 9S12HA48

  LOVOL Valley god harvester 2020- 24C04

  Mingjun Hua kai 2016- 24C08

  Chery Erez 5E 2019- 24C04

  Chery kairui Electricity car 2020- 24C04

  Chery Kaiyi X5 2017- 9S12XHY128

  Chery Ruihu 8 2019- 24C04

  Lingong 953N 2014- 9S12HA48

  MAXUS G20 2020- 25160

  HONGYAN Jieshi C500 Carlog 25640

  SOJEN HuoChe 2017- R5F10DPxxx

  WEICHAI Yingzhi G3 2017- 24C64

  Wuling Hongguang S 9S12HA32

  Wuling Glory Electric 2018- R5F10DPEJ

  Wuling ZhengCheng 2020- 24C04

  ISUZU ISUZU  2015- 24C08

  ISUZU ISUZU 2016- 93C66

  ChangAn EV Bengbeng 2017- 95160

  ChangAn JinNiuXing 2011- 9S12HA32

  ChangAn Ruicheng CC 2017- 9S12XHZ512

  ChangAn XinBao 2020- 9S12HY64

  CNHTC Haowo 2020- 25256

  CNHTC Howo flatbed 2019- R5F10DSJJ

  Lifan KPR150 2018- 24C08

  Hunan Dragon Boat Drapgon Boat R5F10DPxx

  DS DS5 2013- instrument 93C86+ BCM 95256

  FIAT Pleasure 2014- 95160

  Toyota VIGO 2012- 93C66

  HaFei Horse racing 2009- 24LC02

  Suzuki LIANA 2014- 24C16

  Nissan Sylphy 24C16


  Hyundai KX7 9S12XHY256

  Hyundai Oncino 24C16

  Hyundai santafe 2008- 93C46

  Toyota RAV4 Rongfang 2016- MB91F060BS

  DongFeng Lingzhi M3 2018- 9S12HY64

  LiFan FengShun 24C02

  Nanjun Ruijie D30G 2019- 24C04

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 2013- 9S12HA48

  Honda PCX150 24C04

  Peugeot 408 2010- instrument 25040 +BSI 95128

  Peugeot 408 2012- instrument 95020 + BCM 95128

  Peugeot 408 2014- instrument 95160 + BCM 95256

  Peugeot 4008 instrument 95160 + BCM 95128

  Subaru BRZ 2018- 93C66

  SouthEast Lingli 2006- 93C46

  Nissan KICKS  2017- 93C86

  Nissan Nissan NOTE 2012- 24C16

  Suzuki Speed wing special(swift sport) 2012- 24C16

  Chery Son of the East 2012- 9S12XHY256

  JiAo Handsome ship 2012- 24C08

  FOTON Rowor ES5 2019- 24C04

  FOTON Auman VT 2013- 24C04

  SouthEast LingYue V3 2009- 93C56

  Zhongxing ZhongXing Pickup 2020- 24C04

  Dayun Semi-trailer 2020- 9S12XHY128

  ChangAn Cochan 2019- R5F10TPXXX

  ChangAn Run for new energy 2020- 24C02

  ChangAn Van V3 2020- 9S12HY64

  Great Wall Havel H6 2020- 24C08

  Great Wall TengYi C30 2016- 93LC66A

  CNHTC hohan X5043

  Ford MAVERICK 9S12H128

  Ford Taurus 9S12HA32

  Ford Titanium 2017- 95320

  Peugeot 207 Instrument 25020+BCM 95160

  Peugeot 207 2011- instruction 25020 +BCM 95160

  Peugeot 408 2017- instruction 95160+cheshen 95256

  Honda ENVIX 2018- 93C86

  Honda English poetry MB91F062BS

  Honda ODESSEY 2019- 93C86

  Honda CRIDER 2019- 93C86

  Toyota Super bully 2018- 93C66

  Toyota Toyota TANK 2016- 93C76

  Toyota Lexus RX200 2016- 93C86

  Toyota Lexus ES300H Hybrid 2014- 93C66

  Toyota Lexus(Lexus) LS 2006- 2010- 93C56(RA57)


2.Add 2 models to read-write:

  WuLing  Hongguang EV 2020- 9S12XHY128

  Benenlli 752 2019- 24C08

V6.4.1.0  Paid Version


1 Add 1 chips to Programer.

2 Add 100 models to dashboard.

3 Add 2 models to read-write.

The following chips are added for Programer.


The following models are added for dashboard.

  Lotus Lotus L3 24C16

  Aochi A3 2017- 24C04

  HuangHai N1 2020- 24C04

  BISU T3 2018- 24C08

  Borgward BX3 2018- 24C08

  Leopaard Flying eagle 2011- X5043

  KaiMa Light Truck 2019- 24C04

  LonKing Forklift 2018- 25040

  Land Rover Range Rover 2016- 24C16

  BYD AUTO BYD Song 2018- 24C16

  KIA Extremely wise 2018- 24C32

  SANY Truck 2007- 24LC04

  Know beans D1 2016- 9S12HY64

  Ward Harvester R5F10TPxxx

  YAMAHA Eagle Patrol 2019- 24C04

  Easy coffee Electric car 2018- 24C02


  Zotye T500 2018- 9S12HY64

  Venucia R50 2012- 9S12XHY128

  Iveco DeYi 2018- 93LC66A

  chenggong BEV6 2019- R5F10DPXXX

  Chery Arrizo 3  2015- 9S12HY64

  Chrysler CHEROKEE_LIMITED 93C76(RL76)

  Cadillac SRX 2014- ECU 24C32

  Lingong Digger 2017- 9S12HA32

  Suzuki HJ150-30F 2016- 93C66

  LOVOL Harvester(cpu) 24C04

  MITSABISHI Mitsubishi L200(Triton) 2015- 93C76

  BAIC changhe A6 24C64

  BAIC BAIC Changjiang 2017- 24C08

  BAIC weiwang electric cars 2016- 24C02

  BAIC Weiwang 307 EV 2016- 24C02

  Dayun HuoChe 24C02

  DongFeng Lingzhi M3 93C66

  DongFeng Tianjin 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Tianlong 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Fengxing T5L 24C08

  DongFeng AX7 2019- 24C16

  DongFeng Fengdu 2010- 93C66

  DongFeng M3 2018- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Chenglong M5 2015- 24C08

  DongFeng Fengguang 330 2017- 24C04

  DongFeng Fengguang 580 2019- 24C08

  DongFeng Fengshen Yixuan 2019- 24C32

  DongFeng Fengshen E30L 2015- 93C66

  FOTON Little King Kong 24C16

  FOTON Aoling express 24C08

  FOTON Orman new vt 24C02

  FOTON xianglingV 2018- 24C04

  FOTON JieShun 2012- 24C01A

  FOTON Revo E3 2018- 24C08

  FOTON YuLing VQ1 2019- 24C16

  FOTON Time Cavalier 2012- 24C01

  FOTON Conrad 2019- STM8S105C4

  FOTON Levo704 2020- 9S12HY64

  FOTON YuLing VQ1 2015- STM8S105C4

  Geely Yuanjing X6 24C08

  Geely Emgrand X3 2017- 24C08

  Geely Jingang 2014- 9S12HY64

  Geely Yuanjing X6 2019- 24C16

  Geely Emgrand EV350 2018- 24C04

  Geely Emgrand X3 2017- 24C08

  JAC EC35 9S12HY48

  JAC Cross 2011- 24C02

  JAC Kangling H5 2018- 24C04

  JAC Pure electricity IEV4 2014- 24C02

  JAC Gelfa K5L 2018- 24C08

  JAC Jianghuai Pickup truck V7 2018- 24C04

  JAC qiling H300 2019- 9S12ZVH128

  JAC Gelfa A5W(Kirin Edition) 2018- 24C08

  JMC Trushun 24C02


  Zhongxing Grandtiger 2019- 9S12HA48

  JieFang jiefang 2020- 24C16

  JieFang Lin VH 2017- 24C04

  JinBei Qiyun 2018- 24C08

  JinBei Hercules K5 2016- 24C08

  KINGLONG Electric Bus 24C02

  KINGLONG Hagrid pickup 2013- 9S12HA48

  Kawei Pickup 2018- 9S12HY64

  Kawei W1 Pickup truck 2014- 9S12HA48

  LEVDEO Little knight 24C04

  LEVDEO Little prince electric car 2018- 24C04

  LiFan X60 24C16

  LiFan Xuanlang 2017- 24C16

  Roewe I5 2018- instruction 95160+BCM 95320

  Roewe E50 2016- instruction 9S12XHZ256 +BCM 24C16

  Shaanxi Auto Delong X500 93C86

  Shaanxi Auto tongjia 24C02

  WuLing 360 2018- 24C16

  WuLing HongGuang S 2015- 9S12HA32

  ISUZU Cam 2019- 24C64

  ISUZU DMAX 2015- 93C66

  ISUZU Qinling TAGA 2018- 24C04

  ChangAn Pickup truck 25640

  ChangAn CS75 2020- 24C64

  ChangAn Yuexiang S 2011- 24C02

  ChangAn CS35PLU 2019- 95640

  ChangAn Auchan A600 9S12XHY128

  ChangAn EADO 2017- 9S12XHZ256

The following models are added for read-write.

  CNHTC hohan 2012- 24C01(read-write)

  Honda EX125 24C04(read-write)

V6.4.0.0  Paid Version


1.Add 118 models to airbag repair.

2.Add 27 models to read-write.


The following models are added for airbag repair.

  ChangAn 3658100-CD01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BM01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-W01-AB R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-AB R7F701A033

  KIA 95910-R9100 TC233

  KIA 95910-H3150 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-S4000 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-S4100 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-S4300 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-F0250 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-F0260 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-J4100 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-J4400 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-G5400 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-H2400 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-H7000 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-H7100 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-H7150 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-D0150 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-E5000 25256(25LC256)

  KIA 95910-E5100 25256(25LC256)

  BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100b TC222

  Trumpchi 804003ADU0001 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003ARX0000 R7F701A033

  OTHER CHINESE CAR 5824901U0011 R7F701A033

  Chery J60-3658010BB XC2336B-40F

  Chery J60-3658010FA XC2336B-40F

  Chery J60-3658010 629328400 XC2336B-40F

  Chery J60-3658010FA 643766300 XC2336B-40F

  Chery J60-3658010BB 629328600 XC2336B-40F

  Chery J60-3658010FA 643766300 XC2336B-40F

  WuLing 23941764 R7F701008

  WuLing 23589304 R7F701A033

  WuLing 631973100 23914010 XC2336B-40F

  Borgward V7000000313 SPC560P34L1

  DongFeng J3858552 R7F701008

  DongFeng J3858338 SPC56P40L1

  DongFeng 3658100-SH01 R7F701A033

  Geely 01305210 640802100 XC2336A-72F

  Geely 11300001 A3C0288970000 431028 R7F701009

  COWIN K08-3658010FL R7F701008

  FAW 1EA0-57K30 R7F701A033

  Great Wall 3658110XPW01A R7F701009

  Great Wall 3658160XP2WXA SPC560P40L1

  Great Wall 3658120XNZ01A XC2336A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKZ1DA XC2361A-72F

  Zotye J3858453-3658010001-S21 SPC560P40L1

  Honda 77960-TGH-J020-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TVA-H030-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TVA-H040-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TVA-H240-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TWB-H230-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-THA-H130-M2 R7F701A223

  Toyota 89170-30630 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30650 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30680 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30690 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-50180 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50190 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50240 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50260 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50360 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50370 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50460 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50560 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50570 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50580 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50630 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50770 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50830 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-50890 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-0E020 93C66

  Toyota 89170-0E021 93C66

  Toyota 89170-0E030 93C66

  Toyota 89170-0E031 93C66

  Toyota 89170-33530 93C66

  Toyota 89170-33540 93C66

  Toyota 89170-33550 93C66  

  Toyota 89170-48150 93C66

  Toyota 89170-48151 93C66

  Toyota 89170-48790 93C66

  Toyota 89170-60180 93C66

  Toyota 89170-60260 93C66

  Toyota 89170-76100 93C66

  Toyota 89170-24060 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-24070 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-24110 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-48050 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-48140 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-48211 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-53030 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-60241 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-60281 93C56(RA57)   

  Toyota 89170-30170 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30231 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30340 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30350 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30450 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30460 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30480 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-30520 93C56(RA57)

  Toyota 89170-48300 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48310 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48320 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48340 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48341 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48380 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48400 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48411 93C66(RA66)

  Toyota 89170-48430 93C66(RA66)   

  Nissan 28556 6LA0A 95128

  Nissan 98820 5RD0B 95640(H640)

  Nissan 98820 5RE0B 95640(H640)

  Nissan 98820 5RE1A 95640(H640)

  Nissan 98820 5RF0B 95640(H640)

  Nissan 98820 5TF0C 95640(H640)

  Nissan 98820 8FS1A XC2336B-40F

  SAIC C00047622 R7F701A033


The following models are added for read-write.

  Nissan 28556 2GL0A 95640(H640)(read-write)

  JMC LP1-14010-AA R7F701008(read-write)

  JMC LP1-14010-AA R7F701008(read-write)

  Chery J3858554 R7F701008(read-write)

  Chery J38580769 R7F701008(read-write)

  Chery F08-3658010 95160(RS16)(read-write)

  Chery 2031460 407000013AA R7F701008(read-write)

  Roewe 10711795-01 TC224(read-write)

  Roewe 10711795-01 TC224(read-write)

  Roewe 10257369-04 TC224-16F(read-write)

  WuLing 23560680 95320(read-write)

  WuLing 23552682 R7F701008(read-write)

  WuLing 23649378 R7F701008(read-write)

  LINCOLN GJ7T-14B321-CB 95640(read-write)

  Audi 4GD959655 B 95128(read-write)

  Benz A246-900-07-09 95128(read-write)

  Volkswagen 7P0959655 95128(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-0R160 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-02R80 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Geely 1305005 R7F701008(read-write)

  Geely 643548400 95320(H320)(read-write)

  Geely 10786516-01 R7F701008(read-write)  

  Zotye J3858555 R7F701008(read-write)

  Mazda BCKA-57K30E TC233-16F(read-write)

  BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100B TC222-16F(read-write)     

  Ford LV4T 14B321 TB R7F701A033(read-write)

  Jeep 53431227 95512(read-write)

V6.3.0.0  Paid Version


1. Add 89 chips to Programer.

2. Add 188 models to dashboard.

V6.2.8.0  Paid Version


1. Add Volkswagen Johnso dashboard repair function.

2. Add 170 chips to Programer.

3. Add 137 models to dashboard.

4. Add 109 models to airbag.


The following Volkswagen Johnso dashboard models are added for dashboard.  

  Volkswagen Johnso JETTA 2015-2019 D70F3423+95320

  Volkswagen Johnso Santana 2015-2019 D70F3423+95320

  Volkswagen Johnso BORA 2015-2019 D70F3423+95320

  Volkswagen C-TREK 2016-2020 D70F3423+95320

The following chips are added for Programer.











































































































































































The following models are added for dashboard.

  Geely Boyue 2016- 24C02 pointer table

  Lingong xiaotuiche 2016-  9S12HY64

  Geely Boyue 2019- 24C08

  JAC Kangling X5 2019- 24C16

  JinBei JinBei T30 2015- 24LC04

  FOTON Pickup 2013- 24C64

  MG EI6 2018- 95320(dashboard)+95640(BCM)

  DongFeng Fengxing S500 2016- 9S12HY64

  JinBei S30 2015- 9S12HY64

  Aochi Aochi A3 2018- 24C04

  ISUZU Lingtuo 2019- R5F10DSXXX

  Benenlli Benenlli 2018- 24C08

  FOTON Shapu 2016- 24C64

  Zhonghua ZUNCHI 2014- 24C04

  Chery Karry Youjing 2012- 24C04

  OPEL Zafira 2012- 080DOWQ

  JieFang Lion 2019- 24C04

  LOVOL Harvester 2020- 24C04 mileage

  LOVOL Harvester 2020- 24C04 time

  DongFeng Yufeng S16 2019- 24C64

  DongFeng DFSK D52 2019- 9S12HA32

  JAC Kangling 2015- 24C04

  Yutong Electric Bus 2015- 24C16

  BAIC Huansu H2E 2016- 24C04 V2

  Citroen C3-XR 2015- 93C86(dashboard)+95256(BSI)

  JieFang New DaWei 2013- 24LC04

  Xiali XiaLi N7 2013- 9S12HA48

  JAC Geerfa K7 2018- MB91F594BS

  DongFeng Tianlong 2018- 24C08

  DongFeng teshang 2017- 9S12HZ128

  DongFeng Fengdu MX6 2017- 9S12XHY256

  MG ZS 2019- 95160(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

  SOJEN F350II 2018- 9S12HY64

  JieFang jiefang HU VH 2018- 9S12HZ128

  Huatai SANTAFE Electric car 2017- 24C02

  Trumpchi GE3 2017-24C08

  Leopaard CT7 2018- 24C08

  Great Wall Havel M6 2019- 93C56

  SINOTRUK hohan 2019- R5F10DPEJ

  Citroen Sienna 2003- 93C66(dashboard)+95040(BSI)

  BAIC EC220 2018- 9S12HY64

  Liebao CS7 2009- 24C04

  FOTON Oumake 2017- 24C08

  DongFeng Fengguang S560 24C04

  Bombardier X3 2018- 9S12HY64

  BAIC EV150 2017- 9S12HY64

  JinBei HIAC X30 2015- 24C04

  JieFang Sailong 2012- X5043

  Iveco IVECO 93LC66A

  Hyundai Hongtu 2016- 9S12XHY128

  ChangAn shenqi T10 2019- 9S08LG16

  Hyundai SPORTAGE R 2019- MB91F061BS V2

  Geely Emgrand 2020- 24C16

  DongFeng Jingyi X5 2012- 24C02

  JieFang J6L 2020- 9S12HZ256

  BAIC CHANGHE Q35 24C16(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

  Geely Emgrand GL 2018- 25040

  SouthEast Lioncel 2014- 9S12HA32

  Citroen C2 2009- 95020(dashboard)+95160(BSI)

  Kubota Harvester 2018- 93C46

  SINOTRUK Haowo WANGPAI 2016- 24C04

  JinBei haixing 2011- 93LC66A

  Kawasaki Z1000 93C56

  DongFeng Fengguang 330S 2018- 9S12HA32

  WuLing Baojun RM5 2019- 24C32

  DongFeng Furuika 2012- 24LC02

  YUEJIN shangjun H100 2018- 25160

  Haima M3 2014- 9S12HA32

  Peugeot 5008 2018- 95160(dashboard)+95128(BCM)

  HONGYAN Jingang 2019- 24C32

  WuLing HongGuang S1 2016- 24C04

  JinBei Grace 2019- 9S12HY32

  ISUZU ruimai 2017- 9S12HA48

  SouthEast Electric car 2017- 9S12ZVH128

  Chery Gengwang Tractor 2016- 24C01A

  DongFeng Chenglong 2018- 24C04

  JMC E100 Electric car 2020- R5F10DPxxx

  Toyota Tundra 2014- 93C66

  Honda Motor Honda 2019- 24C04

  Peugeot 3008 2014- 95080(dashboard)+95128(BSI)

  FOTON Oumake S5 2019- 24C04

  ChangAn XingGuang (ChangAn 4500) 2011- 24C08

  JieFang jiefang HU VH 2015- 24C04

  JinLv BUS 2015- 24C08

  Toyota PRADO 2017- 93A86 V2

  FAW Hongta 2019- 24C08

  Zhongxing ZhongXing Pickup 2018- 9S12HA48

  BYD AUTO BYD Qin 24C16

  SINOTRUK Steyr 2015- 24C64

  YAMAHA YBR250 2011- 93C56

  Iveco Ousheng 2020- 95160

  SWM X7 2020- 24C04

  FAW BenTeng B30 2018- 24LC04

  Zotye T700 2017- 9S12HY64

  ISUZU mu-X 2015- 93C66

  Citroen C4 2016- 93C86(dashboard)+95256(BSI)

  Venucia M50V 2019- 24C16

  JAC Sunray 2019- 24C08

  Chery ARRIZO GS 2018- 24C16

  DongFeng nissanpika 2015- 24C08

  Great Wall VV7 2017- 24C16

  DongFeng DFSK K01L 2015- 24C04

  YHMAC YH Harvester 24LC02

  Handler Crane R5F10DSKL

  DongFeng Fengguang 560 2019- R5F10DSXXX

  Chery Tiggo 3 2018- 24C16

  ChangAn Elantra MB91F061BS(read-write)

  Huasong Huasong  2017- 24C04(dashboard)+9S12XS128(BSI)

  DongFeng S500 2016- 9S12HY64

  HUALING Agitating lorry 2018- 24C04

  JAC Sunray 2017- 24C04

  MG GM6 2012- 35160 BSI(read-write)

  SINOTRUK T7H 2020- 95640(read-write)

  Yutong Bus 2013- 24C16(read-write)

  DongFeng Tianlong KL 2019- 95640(read-write)

  Geely Boyue 2019- 24LC08(read-write)

  Suzuki GSX250 2019- 93C66(read-write)

  KaiMa Truck 2019- 24C04(read-write)

  FOTON xiangling 2020- 24C04(read-write)

  Geely XingYue 24C256(read-write)

  JieFang Hanwei 24LC04(read-write)

  WEICHAI U70 24C04(read-write)

  ISUZU pika 2016- 93C66(read-write)

  ChangAn S460 24C02(read-write)

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 2015- 9S12HY64(read-write)

  ChangAn NEW BenBen 2017- 9S12XHY128(read-write)

  ChangAn EADO 2018- 9S12XHZ512(read-write)

  Haima aishangdiandongche 2019- R5F10DPEJ(read-write)

  ISUZU ruimai S 2020- R5F10DSLLread-write)

  ISUZU Lingtuo 2020- R5F10DSLLread-write)

  DongFeng Fengxing S500 9S12HY64(read-write)

  KINGLONG Bus 2013- 9S12XHZ512(read-write)

  Ford Territor 2020- 24C08(read-write)

  Great Wall ORA R1 2019- 24C64(read-write)

  Honda ENVIX 2019- 93C86(read-write)

  Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X9 2016- 9S12XHY128(Read and Write)

The following models are added for airbag.

  DongFeng U410010J-F0500 SPC560P34L1

  Suzuki 38910-56P20 SPC560P50L3

  Citroen 9653493780 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9658137980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9661384680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9662643680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9662919280 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9663469680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9663627980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9664217980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665250180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665266080 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665266180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665396680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665558180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665558280 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665558380 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9665558480 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9666411980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9666412180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673393680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673520380 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673576580 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673576680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673576980 95320(25A32)

  KIA 95910-K8000 25512

  KIA 95910-Q7000 25512

  Hyundai 95910-01000 25512

  Citroen 9673577480 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673581080 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673625180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673654780 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673654980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673657880 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673657980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9673658180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9674180780 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9674290580 95320(25A32)

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-AK01 R7F701A033

  FAW 1BA1-57K30 R7F701A033

  DongFeng 3658100-FK02 R7F701A033

  DongFeng SX5-5824010 R7F701A033

  DongFeng SX5-5824030 R7F701A033

  WuLing 23865232 SPC560P40L1

  Citroen 9674290680 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9674290780 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9674290880 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9676209180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9676209280 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9677251880 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9677253480 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803832180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803832380 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803834980 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803837180 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803844280 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803916880 95320(25A32)

  Citroen 9803917380 95320(25A32)

  Ciant panda XAA3658010(J3858323) 25160(RS16)

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BK01 R7F701A033

  Hanteng J3858536 3658010002-M11  SPC560P40L1

  Hanteng J3858459 3658010002-B15 SPC560P40L1

  Citroen 9653190980 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9640822580 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9642927780 AJ 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9642927780 AM 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9642927780 AO 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9642927880 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9645883980 AE 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646469080 AF 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646469080 AG 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646469180 AF 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646469180 AG 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646469180 AI 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646757180 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9646757580 AO 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9648938880 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9650137080 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9652246980 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9652276980 AJ 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9653190880 95080(25A08)

  Citroen 9652276980 AK 95080(25A08)

  WuLing 23969212 R7F701A033

  BAIC B00011086 R7F701A033

  Ford JX7T-14B321-BE R7F701A033(read-write)

  Geely 01305200 A2C16581800  431028 R7F701008(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-06A20 R7F701A223(read-write)

  QOROS 544851736 95256(read-write)

  Hyundai 95910-F2400 25256(read-write)

  WuLing 23946021 R7F701008(read-write)

  Hyundai 95910-Q8000 95256(read-write)

  Chery T15-3568010BB R7F701008(read-write)

  Volkswagen 4H0 959 655 C 95640(read-write)

  Volkswagen 2QD 959 655 E 95256(read-write)

  HuangHai D5825-00100002 95160(read-write)

  HuangHai 512013 01304745 95320(read-write)

  Geely 6600016557 643423200 XC2336A-72F(read-write)

  Ford JR3T-14B321-CA XC2336A-72F(read-write)

  Renault 985106952R XC2336B-40F(read-write)

  Suzuki 38910-66M20 SPC560P50L3(read-write)

  Mazda GW8V 57K30 95640(read-write)

  Mazda NA2C 57K30 95128(read-write)

  Nissan 98820-6CT0A TC222(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-02F20 95160(read-write)

  Roewe 10527742-01 95640(read-write)

  Geely 646601400 XC2361A-72F(read-write)

  WuLing 5HA0-57K30 R7F701008(read-write)

  Nissan 98820-1LB1A 95128(read-write)

V6.2.7.0  Paid Version


1. Add 138 chips to Programer.











































































































































2. Add 106 models to dashboard.

  SINOTRUK Haowo A7 2009- 24C256(BCM)

  FOTON Tunland 5 2017- 24C32

  FOTON Tunland S 2014- 24C64

  HEIBAO AUTO Qijun D 2014- 25040(25LC04)

  DongFeng Fengshen E70 2018- 25040

  Volkswagen SANTANA 2000 2000- 68343(25010)

  GuangQiRiYe RiYe 700 2011- 93C46

  Sabot Sabot 95 1995- 2000- 93C46(S130)

  PORSCHE Boxster 2001- 93C56

  Chrysler Wrangler 2001- 93C56

  Suzuki RuiShuang EN125-3F 2011- 93C56(Small square screen)

  Suzuki RuiShuang EN125-3F 2012- 93C56(Large right screen)

  MITSABISHI Canter 2015- 93C56

  ISUZU K600 2016- 93C56

  ISUZU KV100 2017- 93C56

  Honda CB400 2018- 93C56

  ISUZU FVZ 2017- 93C56

  Mazda Mazda 8 2011- 93C56

  Sabot Sabot 95 2004- 2005- 93C56(S220)

  SMA Haifeng 2007- 93C66

  FOTON Time Cavalier 2012- 93C66

  Suzuki LiChi GW250 2014- 93C66

  DongFeng RuiLing 2014- 93C66

  YAMAHA ShangLing ZY125T-8 2016- 93C66

  Kawasaki Z1000 93C66

  JAC Geerfa K6L 2018- 24C04

  ChangAn Xingka 2012- 24LC04

  BYVIN Electric car 2018- 24C04

  Geely Emgrand 2017- 24C16

  ISUZU Pickup 2018- 24C04

  JinLv Electric bus 24C08

  YUEJIN shangjun X301 2014- 24C08

  JinBei Zhishang S35 9S12HY64

  MAXUS G50 2018- 25160(25LC16)

  Suzuki GSX250 2016- 93C66

  WEICHAI U70 2002- 24C04

  DongFeng Fengxing T5L 2018- 24C16

  ChangAn Eulove 2017- 9S12HY64

  JieFang Jiefang Lighttruck 24C08

  FOTON Rowor 170 2018- 24C08

  TRAUM Traum 2018- 93C86

  JieFang jiefang HU VN 2018- 9S12HZ128

  SINOTRUK Haowo hanjiang 2019- R5F10DSXXX

  ChangAn KUAYUEWANG X5 2019- 24C04

  ISUZU ruimai 2019- R5F10DSXXX

  MAXUS T60 9S12XHY128

  LiFan LiFan 650EV 2018- 9S12XHY256

  Kawasaki 650 93C66A

  Honda Liexing 24C04

  Yutong Yutong School BUS 2015- 24C16

  JMC TIIDA 2015- 9S12HA32

  DongFeng Fengguang 580 2019- 24C16

  BAIC BJ40 9S12XHY256(dashboard)+95320(BSI)

  JinBei HIACE 2014- 24C02

  Zotye Yun 100PLUS 24LC04

  Zotye T600 9S12HY64

  JieFang J7 2019- 24C16

  Suzuki DL250 93C66

  HUALING Hualingzhixing 2014- 93C66

  Honda Gold Wing GL1800 2009- 93C66

  KaiMa Ruihang X1 2019- 24C04

  SWM X3 2017- 24C16

  Chery Cowin 2012- 9S12HA48

  Chery JIETU X95 2019- 24C16

  Trumpchi GS4 2019- 24C08

  Infiniti QX56 2011- 93C86

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2019- 9S12XHY256

  JINPENG Jinpeng Electric car 2019- 24C02

  FOTON Rowor 2017- 24C04

  JinBei Haiyun 2017- 24C08

  TRI-RING Chuangke 2018- 9S12XHY128

  TRI-RING HuoChe 9S12XHY256

  ChangAn Xingka 2020- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Jingyi X5 2008- 93C56

  FOTON XiangLing M2 2019- 24C04

  JAC Kangling X5 2019- 24C04

  ISUZU Isuzu FTR 2018- 93C56

  Volkswagen JETTA 2005- 93C66

  PORSCHE Boxster 2004- 93C86

  Cadillac SRX 2006- 93C66

  T-KNG baoma 2016- 24C04

  DongFeng Fengshen S30 2011- 93C66

  Kawasaki NINJA400 2018- 93C66

  Honda Motor Gold Wing GL1800 2015- 93C66

  MITSABISHI ASX 2010- 93C86

  Infiniti QX80 2013- 93C86


  Infiniti ESQ 2014- 93C86

  DongFeng DFSK V27 2011- 9S12HA32

  Redflag H7 2013- 95320

  Benz E-class (W210) 1999-2001- 93C86

  ChangAn CS15 9S12XHZ512

  Haima F7 2016- 25040

  Nissan NP300 93C56

  YAMAHA MT07 2017- 93C86

  Geely Yuanjing 2011- 9S12HA48

  SINOTRUK Haowo WANGPAI 2015- 9S12HA32

  JMC qiling T5 2015- 9S12HA32

  JinBei Hiace 2016- 9S12HA32

  DongFeng DFSK K05S 2016- 9S12HA32

  HuangHai N1 PIKA 2017- 9S12HA32

  Huasong Huasong 2018- 24C16(dashboard)+9S12XS128(BSI)

  KIA SPORTAGE R 2019- MB91F0601BS

  HUALING Agitating lorry 2018- 24C04

  JAC Sunray 2017- 24C04

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2016- 24C64

3. Add 36 models to airbag.

  Hyundai 95910-J1000 95512

  KIA 95910-Q2100 95512

  KIA 95910-K8100 25512

  KIA 95910-K8300 25512

  KIA 95910-Q8100 95512

  Great Wall 3658100XKQ00A  XC2361A-72F

  Trumpchi 8040003ADU0100 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK02-BH01 R7F701A033

  Besturn 1EA0-57K30-AA R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003CAD0101 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-CJ01 R7F701A033

  Hyundai 95910-H3150 95256

  JAC 5824901U2210 SPC560P40L1

  Great Wall 3658110XN20XA XC2361A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKU47A XC2361A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKZ78A XC2361A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKR02A XC2361A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKS00A XC2361A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKS00B XC2336A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKY3BA XC2336A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XNZ01A XC2336A-72F

  Great Wall 3658100XKW08A XC2336B-40F

  Great Wall 3658100XKV08A XC2336B-40F

  Great Wall 3658120XKY28B XC2336A-72F

  Great Wall 3658110XKY70A XC2336B-40F

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BP01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BH01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-AW01-DD R7F701A033

  TRAUM 365801002-A40 R7F701A033

  JAC 5824901U7312 R7F701A033

  DongFeng 3658100-FK01 R7F701A033

  BAIC 0285014197 R7F701A033

  TRAUM 3658010001-A40 R7F701A033

  JAC 5824901U3400 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK02-M50 R7F701A033

  SouthEast J3858258 SPC560P40L1

V6.2.6.0  Paid Version


1 、Add 35 chips to Programer.

2 、The diagram of R5F10D is optimized from Line 6 to Line 4.

3、 Add 89 models to dashboard.

4 、Beautify 10 wring diagram.

The following chips are added for Programer.





































The following models are added for dashboard.

  Aochi Aochi A3 24C04

  BAIC EV150 2016- 24C64

  BAIC yusheng007 2011-24C02

  BAIC Huansu H6 24C04

  Besturn BenTeng B50 2015- 24LC04

  Changhe LIANA 2013- 24C02

  Trumpchi GM6 2019- 24C16

  Dayun aopuli 24C04

  Dayun Dayun Truck 2015- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Chenglong H5 24C08

  DongFeng Fengxing CM7 2014- 24C04

  DongFeng Fengshen S30 2009- 93C56

  DongFeng Jingyi X3 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Jingyi X3 2016- 9S12HY48

  DongFeng tuyi 2018- 24C02

  DongFeng DFSK C32 2018- 24C04 green board

  DongFeng Fengguang 370 2016- 9S12HA32

  FOTON Rowor 2011- 24C04

  FOTON Rowor RC2 24C04

  FOTON shidai xiaoka 2019- 24C64

  FOTON YuLing VQ1 2013- 24C04

  Haima Family 2012- 9S12HY48

  Red Star Red Star V2 2017- 24C04

  HuangHai N2 PIKA 2016- 24C08

  Geely Yuanjing 2011- 24C04

  Geely Yinglun SC7 2011- 24C04

  JAC Geerfa 2014- 24C04

  JAC Geerfa K6L 24C04


  JAC Kangling 24C04

  JAC Kangling 24C04(4G04) 2motor(green board)

  JAC LIANGJIAN 2015- 24C04

  JAC LIANGJIAN 2014- 24C04

  JAC LIANGJIAN 2013- 24C04

  JAC IEV4 24C04

  JAC Kangling 24C04(ATMLHXXX 04)   3motor

  JieFang J6L 2020- 9S12HZ128

  JinBei haixing A7 2013- 24C02

  LiFan LETU S 2017- 9S12HY64

  Leopaard CT7 2017- 24C08

  LandWind LAND WIND X8 2016- 9S12HA32

  Chery jietu X70S 2019- 24C04

  Chery Tiggo 7 2019- 24C04

  Chery A516 93LC66

  Chery E3 2014- 9S12XHY128

  TRI-RING HAOLONG 2015- 93C66

  Shaanxi Auto XUANDE X6 9S12XHY128

  MAXUS G50 24C32

  MAXUS T60 9S12XHY256

  Hyundai zhidao500 2018- 9S12XHY128

  T-KNG baoma 2015- 24C04(4G04)

  WuLing HongGuang S 2019- 24C04

  XINYUAN T32S 2018- 24C02

  YeMa T80 24C04

  FAW BenTeng B50 24C04

  FAW FAW JiaBao V77 2015- 24C04(4G04)

  FAW FAW JiaBao V80 24C04

  JieFang jiefang 2017- 24C04

  JieFang Hanwei 24C04

  YongYuan DITU GX 24C04

  Yutong BUS X5043

  YUEJIN C300 2020- 24C04


  ChangAn CS35 2020- 24C08

  ChangAn Auchan X70A 2018- 9S12HY64

  ChangAn Auchan xinsai 2019- 9S12XHY256

  Great Wall TengYi C30 2015- 24C02

  Zhonghua FSV 2010- 9S12HA48

  Buick Excelle 2004-2007- 24C04

  Buick Excelle 2006- 24C04

  Honda Honda 24C04

  Kawasaki Z100 93C66

  Kawasaki Z900 93C66

  Suzuki haiwangxing 2011- 24C02

  Honda Motor Honda 2016- 24C04 V3

  JEEP Compass 2012- 93C76

  Honda ELYSION 2020- 93C86

  Honda PRADO 2017- 93A86

  Honda PRADO 2019- 93C86

  Honda  93C86

  Mazda Atenza 2017- 93C86

  KIA Rio 2010- 93C56

  Nissan PiKa 2016- 9S12XHY128

  ISUZU DMAX 2018- 9S12XHY256

  ISUZU mu-X 9S12XHY256

  ChangAn Alsvin 2010- 9S12HY64

  Zotye Domy X7 9S12HY64

  Honda GIENIA 2019- 93C86

  Chery ARRIZO 5 2017- 93C66

V6.2.4.0  Paid Version


1、Add 4 chips to Programer.

2 、Add 231 models to airbag.

The following chips are added for Programer.





The following models are added for airbag.

  SouthEast J3858259 SPC560P40L1

  SouthEast J3858336 SPC560P40L1

  SouthEast J3858377 SPC560P40L1

  Trumpchi 8040003CAD0002 R7F701A033

  Roewe 10043844-05 Roewe 95640(5LCA)

  Roewe 10099168-07 Roewe 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)

  Roewe 10290894-01 Roewe 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)

  Roewe 10429167-01 Roewe 25640

  Roewe 10426969-01 Roewe 25640

  Roewe 10429166-01 Roewe 95640

  Roewe 10475377-01 Roewe 95640

  MG 10043844-05 MG 95640(5LCA)

  MG 10099168-07 MG 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)

  MG 10290894-01 MG 95640(564WQ)(5LCA)

  MG 10429167-01 MG 25640

  MG 10426969-01 MG 25640

  MG 10429166-01 MG 95640

  MG 10475377-01 MG 95640

  Chery T11-3606011PC 95320(5BBD)

  Chery T21-3658070FA 95320(H320)

  WuLing 629733000 XC2336B-40F

  WuLing 23879713 XC2336B-40F

  WuLing 23971131 XC2336B-40F

  GM 1003975 95080

  GM 96406711 95080

  GM 96406713 95080

  GM 96406714 95080

  GM 96406715 95080

  GM 96406716 95080

  GM 96818874 95080

  GM 96818877 95080

  GM 96818878 95080

  GM 96818879 95080

  GM 96830363 95080

  GM 96802931 95080

  GM 96439951 95080

  GM 96430715 95080

  GM 96430711 95080

  GM 96430712 95080

  GM 96430713 95080

  GM 96430714 95080

  GM 96430715 95080

  GM 96428774 95080

  GM 92197477 95160

  GM 92197478 95160

  GM 92198854 95160

  GM 92198855 95160

  GM 92198856 95160

  GM 92214451 95160

  GM 92214454 95160

  GM 92245729 95160

  GM 92245730 95160

  GM 92164397 95160

  GM 92197478 95160

  GM 92198855 95160

  GM 92198856 95160

  GM 92214450 95160

  GM 92214452 95160

  Honda 77960-TR0-F414-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-F422-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-F614-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-K013-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-K014-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-K021-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-K621-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-P614-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-P622-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-Q014-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-T013-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-T014-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-T020-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-X012-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-X013-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-X014-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-A012-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-A013-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-A014-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-X020-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-TR0-X810-M1 95320(532WQ)

  Honda 77960-T6L-F910-M1 95640

  Honda 77960-S9A-J412-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-J414-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-J822-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-N821-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Q612-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Q614-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Q822-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Q823-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Q824-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-U411-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-X022-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-X222-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-X812-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-S9A-Y614-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-SEC-C013-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-SEC-C020-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-SEC-C040-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-SEC-C041-M1 95320

  Honda 77960-SWA-A212-M1 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-A220-M1 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-E212-M4 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-E230-M4 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-E231-M4 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-E240-M4 95640

  Honda 77960-SWA-P613-M4 95640

  Mazda GJ6A 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda GJ6A 57 K30 B 95080

  Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 B 95080

  Mazda GJ6R 57 K30 C 95080

  Mazda GK2A 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda GK2E 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda GK2E 57 K30 B 95080

  Mazda GM9A 57 K30 95080

  Mazda GM9E 57 K30 95080

  Mazda GN3A 57 K30 95080

  Mazda GN3B 57 K30 95080

  Mazda GN3B 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda F152 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda F152 57 K30 B 95080

  Mazda F152 57 K30 C 95080

  Mazda F152 57 K30 D 95080

  Mazda FE01 57 K30 95080

  Mazda FE01 57 K30 A 95080

  Mazda FE01 57 K30 B 95080

  Mazda FE87 57 K30 95080

  KIA 95910-3U000 25320

  KIA 95910-3U100 25320

  KIA 95910-3U500 25320

  KIA 95910-3U600 25320

  KIA 95910-3U650 25320

  KIA 95910-3W000 25320

  KIA 95910-3W100 25320

  KIA 95910-3W110 25320

  KIA 95910-3W210 25320

  KIA 95910-3W250 25320

  KIA 95910-3W350 25320

  KIA 95910-3W400 25320

  KIA 95910-3W450 25320

  KIA 95910-3W500 25320

  KIA 95910-3W600 25320

  KIA 95910-3W650 25320

  KIA 95910-3W800 25320

  MITSABISHI 8635A005 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A040 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A044 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A087 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A091 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A092S 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A093L 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A127 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A147 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A153 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A155 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A157 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A180 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A181 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A182S 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A184 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A185S 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A186L 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A187 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A199 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A318 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A329 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A359 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A392 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A395 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A424 95160

  MITSABISHI 8635A498 95160

  MITSABISHI P8635A056 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A057 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A059 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A060 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A061 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A063 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A064 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A067 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A107 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A112 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A116 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A120 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A121 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A128 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A131 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A133 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A144 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A145 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A146 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A168 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A205 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A208 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A239 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A240 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A244 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A245 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A254 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A272 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A288 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A379 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A029 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A030 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A051 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A052 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A053 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A109 25640

  MITSABISHI P8635A209 25640

  Hyundai 95910-2S000 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S100 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S150 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S200 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S250 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S350 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S500 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S600 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S650 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S700 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S750 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S800 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2S850 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y000 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y100 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y150 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y200 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y250 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2Y300 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2V000 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2V010 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2V020 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2V030 25320

  Hyundai 95910-2V300 25320

V6.2.3.0  Paid Version


1. Add 10 chips to Programer.

2. Add 44 models to dashboard.

3. Add 18 models to airbag.

4. Optimize 20 models which have algorithms and wire diagrams.

The following chips are added for Programer.











The following models are added for dashboard.

  DongFeng Chenglong 2013- 24C08

  Venucia D60 2018- 24C16

  JAC M5 2017- 9S12XHY128

  DongFeng Fengshen AX4 2018- 95160

  DongFeng Lingzhi V3 9S12HA32

  DongFeng DFSK C32 24LC04

  DongFeng Fengxing CM7 24LC04

  Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04

  Isuzu ISUZU XiaoKa 2017- 24C04

  SINOTRUK Haowo 24LC04

  JAC Heyue RS 24LC02

  FOTON FUTIAN truck  24LC02

  JinBei JinBei HIAC 24LC02

  HYUNDAI Sonata 9 MB91F061BS

  LiFan  2018- 24C16

  JAC Refine S4 2018- 24C04

  Isuzu pika 2018- 24C04

  Toyota PRADO 3400 X5043

  Honda Honda 2016- 24C04

  DongFeng Fengxing S500 24LC02

  KINGLONG Kaige 2016- 24C08

  Isuzu pika 24LC02



  JMC JMC haoyun 24C04

  SHUCHI BUS SHUCHI Electric car 24C08

  Kawasaki XiaoHuoShen 93C66


  LonKing LonKing ZhuangZaiJi 24C08

  HaiMa S5 2017- 9S12XHY128

  FAW BenTeng B70 2011- 93C66

  JAC JAC X5 2020- 24C16

  JAC Kangling 24C16

  DongFeng Tianlong 24C08

  Zhonghua V3 2016- 25040

  BAIC Huansu H3 24C08

  DongFeng Fengxing S500 9S12HY48

  Chery Chery Electric car 24C16

  JinBei JinBei T30 24C04

  DongFeng RuiChi 2016- 9S12HY48

  Zhongtong zhongtongdiandongche 24C04

  ChangAn CS15 2015- 9S12XHY128

  JAC Kangling 2016- 24LC04

  lianhezhongka lianhezhongka 2017- 93C66

The following models are added for airbag.

  Land Rover JPLA-14D374-AC TC222

  nissan 98820 6LB0A 95128

  Trumpchi 8040003ADU0001 R7F701A033

  DongFeng 3658100-FK04 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BQ01-AA R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-AW01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BM02 R7F701A033

  nissan 98820 5GG1A XC2336B-40F

  nissan 98820 3GG1A XC2336B-40F

  nissan 98820 5UR0A XC2336B-40F

  Buick 25924679 95320

  Great Wall 3658110XP1MBA SPC560P40L1

  SouthEast J3858259 SPC560P40L1

  Trumpchi 8040003ADE0000 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003CAD0000 R7F701A033

  Honda 77960-TEA-Z810-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TEA-Z820-M4 SPC56AP54

  Honda 77960-TEA-Z830-M4 SPC56AP54

V6.2.2.0  Paid Version


1. Add 46 models to dashboard.

  Suzuki HaoJue 2014- 93C66

  JAC Kangling 2018- 24C04

  JieFang J6P 2019- 24C16

  FOTON Aoling 2017- 24C04

  WuLing RS-5 2019- 24C32

  SWM G01 2018- 24LC02

  BAIC BJ20 2017- 9S12XHZ512(dashboard)+95320(BSI)

  Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2020- 95640

  Volvo XC90 2012- 9S12DG128

  Chery jietuX70 2019- 24C04

  ChangAn XingGuang (ChangAn 4500) 2014- 24C08

  FAW FAW JiaBao 2015- 24C04

  BAIC huansushangwu 2015- 25040

  ChangAn Honor 2015- 9S12HA32

  LiFan MaiWei 2016- 24C16 V2

  DongFeng fengxingSX6 2016- 9S12HY64

  DongFeng Fengguang 330 2016- 9S12HA32

  WuLing Baojun 730 2017- 24C04

  JinBei xiaokaT32 2017- 24LC02

  Chery youyou 2018- 24C04

  BAIC EC180 2019- 9S12HY64

  Nanjun Truck 2019- 24C16

  DongFeng fengxingSX6 2016- 9S12HY48

  ChangAn RuiXing M90 2017- 9S12HA32

  FOTON TOANO 2017- 24C04

  Geely Boyue 2017- 24C02

  Peugeot 308 2016- 93C86

  BAIC MOTOR BJ40 2017- 9S12XHY256

  DongFeng Tianlong 24LC04

  Leopaard Leopaard 24C04

  WuLing RongGuang 2019- 24C02

  Geely yuanjingS1 2018- 24C16

  JAC Pickup 2015- 25040

  Geely ZiYouJian 2017- 93C56

  Redflag H5 2019- 24C16

  Geely yuanjingS1 2018- 24C08

  FAW bengtengT77 24C32

  TRAUM Traum 2019- 24C04

  SANY Digger 93C66

  Dongfanghong Tractor 24C02

  ZhongTong zhongtongkeche 24C08

  Honda GK5 MB91F060BS

  Buick GL8 2018- filter

  Chevrilet Orlando NEW- filter

  Buick GL6 NEW- filter

  Zhongxing Pickup 2009- 9S12HA32

2. Add 33 models to airbag.

  Buick 13518658 SPC56AP54

  FAW LLE07  R020 R7F701A033

  Buick 13523862 SPC56AP54

  BAIC A00043651 R7F701A033

  BAIC 58240100-H04-000 R7F701A033

  BAIC A00062138 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003AMV0000 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003ATN0000 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003BAF0000 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003CAD0001 R7F701A033

  Geely 512013 01304128 NL-3 R7F701A033

  JAC 5824901U0010 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK02-AP01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK03-BN01 R7F701A033

  FAW 1BA0-57K30 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK01-BR01 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK02-BN05 R7F701A033

  DongFeng 3659100 FK02 R7F701A033

  WuLing 23525962 R7F701A033

  Zotye 3658010002-A12 R7F701A033

  WuLing 23969210 R7F701A033

  WuLing 23602845 R7F701A033

  BAIC A00043676 R7F701A033

  ChangAn 3658100-MK02-BN71 R7F701A033

  Trumpchi 8040003ADU0000 R7F701A033

  Geely 2451677 95040

  Toyota 89170-60E70 R5F61797

  Toyota 89170-50030 R5F61725

  Toyota 89170-06470 R5F61723

  Toyota 89170-28240 R5F61797

  Toyota 89170-02B70 R5F61721

  FAW 3607115-4V7 R7F701A033

  WuLing 23942565 R7F701008

3. Add 1 models to ECU.

  Audi PHIDEON 3EB 953 549 Steering D70F3628

4. Add 32 models which only have read and write function.

  JAC M5 2017- 9S12XHY128(read-write)

  Nanjun Truck 2018- 24C04(read-write)

  Zhonghua V3 2016- 25040(read-write)

  DongFeng Duolika 2017- 9S12HY64(read-write)

  JieFang J6 2020- 95640(read-write)

  FOTON Auman 95640(read-write)

  Lingong xiaotuiche 2016-  9S12HY64(read-write)

  SWM X7 2019- 24C04(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-33F10 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-F4200 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-06800 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-33D40 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-F4190 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Ford HS7T-14B321-CE R7F701A033(read-write)

  Toyota 89170-06790 R7F701A223(read-write)

  Nissan 98820 6LB0A 95128(read-write)

  Great Wall 3658100XKQ00A  XC2361A-72F(read-write)

  Great Wall 3658110XKY3BA XC2361A-72F(read-write)

  Trumpchi 804003ADU0100 R7F701A033(read-write)

  Nissan 28556 1LL1A 95320(read-write)

  Benz  A117 900 9200 95256(read-write)

  JEEP 53402644 95640(read-write)

  Volvo P31658440 95128(read-write)

  Roewe 10135316 01 95640(read-write)

  BYD AUTO SA2FC-3658100C TC222(read-write)

  Roewe 10290894  01 95640(read-write)

  Trumpchi 8SQ 222426  152 95640(read-write)

  Geely 512013 01304670 95320(read-write)

  Haima FA03 57 K30M2 95160(read-write)

  Roewe 10108668 01 95640(read-write)

V6.2.1.0  Paid Version


1.Add 7 R5F10D dashboard algorithm.

  Heavy Duty Haowoxiaotuoche 2019- R5F10DSJJ

  JACHeyueA30 2015- R5F10DPJJ

  FAWJumpalA50 2017- R5F10DPxxx

  Haima Aishangdiandongche R5F10DPEJ

  Changan LINMAX 2018- R5F10DSLL

  DongFeng FengGuang580 2017- R5F10DSLL

  Trumpchi GA3 2016- R5F10DPEJ

2.Add BMW E-Series FRM free code repair function.

  BMW FRM-Foot Space(free code) BWM E Series 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

3.Add 1 model to BCM repair(only read and write).

  BMW AMP EVO R7F7010573

V6.2.0.0  Paid Version (2020.04.26)

In order to develop more new functions of the CG100 tool and support more models quickly,we will charge a service fee of 87 USD per year, which includes technical support and software upgrade fees for the next 12 months. At the same time, we will guarantee the speed of upgrading . Thanks for your understanding.

1 Add 1207 models to airbag.

2 Add 769 models to dashboard.

3 Add 22 models to ECU.

4 Add chip location map for 207 published dashboard models.

5 Add chip location map for 762 published airbag models.

6 Add a new chip(S6J3001) to Programmer.

The following models are added for ECU:

BMW FRM-Foot Space E70 AHL 9S12XDT256(0L15Y)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E70 VDM 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E70 AHL 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E81 E82 E88 XE 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E87 BASIS 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E87 E92 E93 AHL 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E87 E92 E93 XE 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space R56 HIGH EKS 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space R56 R56 HIGH EKS 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space MAX Brose 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space F18 9S12XET512

BMW FRM-Foot Space E90 E91 LED BASIS 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E70 XE 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E89 E9X LED AHL 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space E89 E9X LED XE 9S12XEQ384(3M25J)

BMW FRM-Foot Space 7 series F01 9S12XET512

Benz Intelligent Module A164 D70F3372 315 frequency

Benz Intelligent Module A164 D70F3372 315 frequency

Benz Intelligent Module A166 D70F3372 315 frequency

Benz Intelligent Module A211 D70F3372 315 frequency

Benz Intelligent Module A212 D70F3372 315 frequency

TJFAW Anti-theft computer WeiZhi MT34 AM29BL802CB

The following models are added for dashboard:

BAIC Senova D20 2014- 9S12XHY128(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

BAIC Senova D20 2015- 9S12XHY128(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

BAIC Weiwang S50 2016- 9S12XHY256(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

BAIC E130 2012- 9S12HZ128(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

BAIC E150 2012- 9S12HZ128(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

BAIC Weiwang 205 2013- 9S08LG32

BAIC Senova X55 2016- 9S12XHY256(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

DongFeng Fengxing Lingzhi 2016- 9S12HY64

SouthEast DX3 2017- 9S12HY64

SouthEast DX3 2016- 9S12XHY128

SouthEast LingYue V3 2010- 9S12HA32

SouthEast Lingzhi V5 2014- 9S12XHY128

FJMOTOR Keyton M70 2014- 9S12HA32

HaFei Zhongyi V5 2014- 9S08LG16

Haima Family 2017- 9S12XHZ512


JAC JUNLING 2016- 9S12HA32

JAC Refine M5 2013- 9S12XHZ512

JMC BaoDian 2015- 9S12HA32

JMC LAND WIND X2 2017- 9S12XHY256

JieFang Dragon V 2015- 9S12HZ256 write board

JieFang Long  Wei 2015- 9S12HZ128

Leopaard CS10 2015- 9S12XHY128

Leopaard Q6 2017- 9S12HA32 green board

MG MG GT 2015- 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

MG MG3 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+95160BCM

MG MG3 2011- 9S12HZ128(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

MG MG3 2012-2014 9S12HZ128(dashboard)+95160 carrosserie

MG MG3 2014- 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

MG MG GT 2015- 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+95160 carrosserie

MG MG GS 2015- 9S12XHZ512(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

MG MG GS 2015- 9S12XHZ512(dashboard)+95640 carrosserie

MG ZS 2017- S12XHZ512(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

MG MG5 2014- 95080(dashboard) +24C16(BCM)

MG MG5 2014- 95080(dashboard) + 95160(BCM)

Chery COWIN C3 2014- 9S12HY64

Chery Karry truck  9S12HY48

Chery Karry K50 2015- 9S12HA32

Chery Karry Youjing 2015- 9S12HA32

Roewe Roewe RX5 2016- 25320(dashboard) + 24C16 BCM

Roewe 360 2015- 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

Roewe 360 2015- 9S12XHZ256(dashboard)+95160 carrosserie

Roewe RX3 2017- 9S12XHZ512(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

Roewe W5 2011- 9S12HY64(dashboard)+24C16 carrosserie

WuLing BaoJun 610 2014- 9S12HZ128

WuLing Hongguang S1 2015- 9S12XHY256

YeMa YeMaT70 2015- 9S12XHZ512

FAW BenTeng B50 2009- 9S12HZ128

ChangAn BenBen 2013- 9S12HY64

ChangAn BenBen EV electric car 2018- 9S12XHY128 pointer table

ChangAn Honor 2012- 9S12HA32

ChangAn XingGuang (ChangAn 4500) 2012- 9S12HA32

ChangAn RuiXing M80 2014- 9S12HA32(48)

ChangAn RuiXing M90 2016- 9S12HA32

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin (CPU) 2014- 9S12HA32 7 generations

Great Wall Wingle 2016- 9S12XHY256

Great Wall Wingle 2017- 9S12XHY128

Zhongxing ZhongXing Pickup 9S12HA48

Zotye Z100 2013- 9S12HY48

Zotye E200 2016- 9S12HY48

Zotye SR7 2015- 9S12HY64

Zotye Z700 2016- 9S12HY64

BAIC E30 2012- 9S12HZ128(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

ChangAn CX70 2016- 9S12XHY128

BYD AUTO BYD E5 2016- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD E6 2014- 93C66

BYD AUTO BYD F6 2008- 93C66

BYD AUTO BYD G5 2014- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD G5 2016- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD G6 2011-2014 93C66

BYD AUTO BYD L3 2010- 93C66

BYD AUTO BYD M6 2010- 93C66

BYD AUTO BYD Qin 2014- 93C86 Mixed

BYD AUTO BYD Qin 2015- 93C86 Mixed

BYD AUTO BYD S6 2013- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD S6 2015- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD S7 2014- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD S7 2016- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD Sirui 2012- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD Song 2015- 93C86

BYD AUTO Surui 2016- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD T3 2016- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD Tang 2015- 93C86 Mixed

BYD AUTO BYD TengShi 2014- 93C86

BYD AUTO BYD Yuan 2015- 93C86

WuLing BaoJun 510 2017- 24C02

WuLing BaoJun 630 2017- 24C16(4G16)

WuLing Baojun 730 2017- 24C02

WuLing HongGuang 93LC66A

WuLing HongGuang S 24C04(4G04)

WuLing HongGuang S3 2017- 24C16(4G16)

WuLing HongGuang V 24C04(4G04)

WuLing RongGuang 2014- 24C02

WuLing RongGuang 2007- 93LC66A(L66A)

WuLing Sunshine 24C02 V1

WuLing Sunshine 2016- 24C02

Trumpchi GS4 2014- 24C16

Trumpchi GA6 2014- 24C16

ChangAn BenBen -2008 24C02

ChangAn Alto(JiangNan) -2009 24C04 V1

ChangAn Alto(JiangNan) -2009 24C04 V2

ChangAn Alto(ChangAN) 2009- 24C08

ChangAn CS55 2017- 24C08

ChangAn Auchan X70A 2017- 25640

ChangAn shenqi 24C02

ChangAn XinBao 2013- 24C04

ChangAn XinBao 2014- 24C04

ChangAn Xingka 24C02

ChangAn Xingka 24C08

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin(8pin IC) -2005 24C02 V1

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin(8pin IC) -2005 24C02 V2

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin(8pin IC) 2009- 24C02 S460

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin(8pin IC) 2010- 24C04

SWM X7 2016- 24C04(4G04)

Toyota Toyota 86 93C66

Toyota Toyota 86 93C86

Toyota Alphard 93C66(RH66)

Toyota PRADO 93C66

Toyota PRADO 2009- 93C86(S93A86)V1

Toyota PRADO 2009- 93C86(S93A86)V2

Toyota COROLLA 2007-2010 93C66

Toyota CROWN 2009- 93C66

Toyota RAV4 2014- 93C66

Toyota Tundra 93C66

Toyota VIOS 2014- 93C66(C66-)

Toyota EZ 2014- 93C66

Toyota YARiS zhixiang 93C66

Honda ACURA 93C56

Honda ACURA 93C66

Honda ACURA RDX 2013- 93C66

Honda ACURA MDX 2008- 93C76

Honda ACURA ZDX 2012- 93C86

Honda ACURA CDX 25320(S25A32)

Honda ELYSION 2012- 93C76 V1

Honda ELYSION 2015- 93C76 V2   

Honda EVERUS 2011- 93C66

Honda CIIMO 2012- 93C76

Honda CIVIC 2011- 93C76 V2

Honda URV 2017- 25320(S25A32)

Honda ACCORD 2004- 93C56(L56R) 7 generations

Honda ACCORD 2006-2007 93C66 7.5 generations

Honda ACCORD 2008-2014 93C76 8 generations

Nissan Fengdu 93C56

Nissan TEANA 2004-2005 93C66

Nissan TEANA 2008-2010 93C66

Nissan Sylphy 2008- 93C66

Infiniti EX25 EX35 2008- 93C66

Infiniti FX35 2009- 93C66

Infiniti G25 G37 2008- 93C66

Infiniti QX50 2015- 93C66

Infiniti QX70 2013- 93C66

Nissan KICKS 2017- 95128(528RQ)

Nissan Bluebird 2016- 93C86 rear

Nissan Bluebird 2016- 93C86 wiring

Nissan Qashqai 2016- 93C86

Infiniti Q50(L) 2014- 93C86

Infiniti Q70(L) 2013- 93C86

Infiniti QX50 2016- 93C86

Nissan Cima 2016- 24C16

Infiniti QX60 2018- 24C16

Mazda 3xingchi 2011- 93C66

Mazda 6ruiyi 2009- 93C66

Mazda Atenza 2014- 93C76

Mazda Axela 2014- 93C76

Mazda CX-4 2018- 93C76(C76-)

Mazda CX-7 2011- 93C66

Hyundai Tucson 2015- 24C16

Suzuki Raych 2012- 24C16

Suzuki Shangyue 2011- 24C16


Hyundai Elantra 2008- 93C66

MITSABISHI Pajero Sport 2012- 93C56

MITSABISHI Pajero 2007-2014 93C66(RL66)

MITSABISHI Outlander 2013- 93C76(S93C76AD)

Suzuki Vitara 2016- 93C86

MITSABISHI Outlander 2009- 93C86

MITSABISHI Outlander 2007-2012 93C86

Buick Verano 2015- 24C32(BCM)

Buick Envisions 2014- 24C32(BCM)

Buick GL8 2017- 24C32(BCM)

Ford Yema 2015- 93C86

Cadillac ATSL 2017- 95320(BCM)

Cadillac XT5 2017- 24C32(BCM)

Cadillac XTS 2013- 25160(BCM)

Cadillac XTS 2014- 95320(BCM)

Chrysler CHEROKEE_LIMITED 2014- 93C86(A86D) V1

Chrysler CHEROKEE_LIMITED 2014- 93C86(A86D) V2

DODGE JCUV 2013- 93C76

Chrysler Compass 2017- 25320(532RQ)

Chrysler Renegade 2016- 25320(532RQ)

Chevrilet CRUZE 2015- 24C32(BCM)

Chevrilet Equinox 2017- 24C32(BCM)

Benz C-class(W204) 2007-2014 24C128 (filter)

Benz C-class(W204) 2010-2014 25128 (filter)

Benz E-class(W212) 2009-2012 24C128 (filter)

Benz E-class(W212) 2009-2015 25128 (filter)

Benz GLEclass(W166) 2015-2017 95640 (filter)

Benz GLKclass(W204) 2009-2012 24C128 (filter)

Benz GLAclass(W204) 2012-2015 25128 (filter)

Benz GLclass(X166) 2012-2015 95640 (filter)

FIAT Viaggio 2012- 95160

FIAT Viaggio 2015- 95160(5ABD)

Maserati Ghibli 2014-2016 95160

Maserati quattroporte 2013-2015 95160

BAIC Huansu H2(V) 2016- 24C04

BAIC Huansu H2(V) 2014- 24C08

BAIC Huansu H2E 2015- 24C04 4motor

BAIC Huansu H3(F) 2016- 24C04(4G04)

BAIC Huansu S2 24C04

BAIC Huansu S2 2014- 25040(25LC04)

BAIC Huansu S3 24C04 V1

BAIC Huansu S3 2014- 24C04 V2

BAIC Huansu S3 2014- 25040(25LC04)

BAIC Huansu S5 2017- 24C08

BAIC Huansu S6 2016- 24C04

BAIC Huansu S7 2017- 24C08  

BAIC Weiwang 205 2011- 24C04

BAIC Weiwang 306 24C02

BAIC Weiwang 306 24C04 V1

BAIC Weiwang 306 24C04 V2

BAIC Weiwang 306 25020(5020A)

BAIC Weiwang 306 25040(25LC04)

BAIC Weiwang 307 2015- 24C04

BAIC Weiwang 307 2014- 25040(25LC04)

BAIC Weiwang M20 2014- 24C02

BAIC Weiwang M30D 2016- 24C02

BAIC Weiwang M35 24C04

Great Wall Havel H1 93C66

Great Wall Havel H3 24C01B

Great Wall Havel H3 2008- 24C04

Great Wall Havel H3 2010- 93C66

Great Wall Havel H5 2011-2015 24C32

Great Wall Havel M2 2010- 93C56

Great Wall Havel M2 93C66

Great Wall Havel M4 93C66

DongFeng Fengguang 580 2016- 24C04(4G04)

DongFeng Fengguang S560 2018- 24C16(4G16)

SouthEast DX7 2015- 24C32

FOTON CDV IX7 2016- 24C04(4G04)

Geely Boyue 2016- 24C02 LCD(dashboard)

Geely Boyue 2016- 24C02 pointer table

Geely Emgrand 2016- 24C04 million version

Geely JILIJINGANG 2016- 93C56

Geely yuanjingX6 2016- 24C04(4G04)

JAC Geerfa 24C08

JAC Refine S2 2015-2017 24C04

JAC Refine S2 2018- 24C04

JAC Refine S3 2013-2016 24C04

JAC Refine S3 2017- 24C04

JAC Refine S5 2012- 24C04

JMC LAND WIND X7 2017- 24C08(4G08A)

JMC shunda 2014- 24C08(4G08)

JMC YuHu 2016- 93C86

JinBei Grace 2014- 25040(25LC04)

Shaanxi Auto Dragon M3000 2017- 93C86

Shaanxi Auto Dragon X3000 2016- 24C64

TJFAW Junpai D60 2014-2016 24C04

Iveco IVECO 2015- 24C04(RC04V)

Zhonghua H220 2013- 25040(25LC04)

Zhonghua H320 2012- 25040(25LC04)

Zhonghua H330 2012- 25040(25LC04)

Zotye SR9 2017- 24C16 LCD(dashboard)

Zotye SR9 2017- 24C16 pointer table

BYD AUTO BYD Qin 2017- 93C86 pointer table

BYD AUTO BYD Song DM 2017- 93C86 Mixed

BYD AUTO BYD Song MAX 2017- 93C86

Subaru OUTBACK 2010-2012 93C76 write pointer

Subaru LEGACY 2004-2005 93C56(L56R)

Subaru LEGACY 2006- 93C66

Subaru LEGACY 2010- 93C86(C86A)

Subaru FORESTER 2004-2007 93C56

Subaru FORESTER 2008-2012 93C76

Subaru FORESTER 2013-2015 93C76 (2motor)

Subaru FORESTER 2013-2016 93C76 (3motor)

Subaru FORESTER 2016-2018 93C86

Toyota CT 2011- 93C66

Toyota ES 2006-2012 93C56(RA57)

Toyota ES 2013-2014 93C66(C66-)

Toyota ES 2015- 93C86

Toyota GS 2014-2011 93C46

Toyota GX 2010- 93C86

Toyota IS 1999-2005 93C46

Toyota IS 2006-2012 93C56(RA57)

Toyota LX 2008- 93C86(93A86)

Toyota LX 2016- 93C86(93A86)

Toyota RX 2006- 93C46

Toyota RX 2015- 93C86

Toyota COROLLA 2013- 93C46

Suzuki Jimny 2007- 93C56

Nissan PATROL 2012- 93C86

Toyota CAMRY 2015- 93C66 Mixed

Subaru XV 2012- 93C76

Toyota COROLLA 2007-2012 93C46

DongFeng fengxingCM7 2014- 24C02 2 hand

DongFeng fengxingCM7 2014- 24C02 4 hand

DongFeng fengxingCM7 2016- 24C02

DongFeng fengxingF600 2016- 24C02

DongFeng fengxingS500 2016- 24C02

DongFeng fengxingSX6 2016- 24C02

DongFeng Jingyi S50 2014- 24C02

DongFeng Jingyi X3 2014- 24C04

DongFeng Jingyi X6 2017- 24C02(24LC02)

DongFeng fengxinglingzhi 2010- 24C02

DongFeng fengxinglingzhiM3 2013- 24C04

DongFeng fengxinglingzhiM5 2012- 24C04

DongFeng Fengshen A30 2014- 25040(25LC04)

DongFeng Fengshen A60 2012- 93C66

DongFeng Fengshen AX5 2018- 24C04

DongFeng Fengshen AX5 2017- 24C32

JMC YuHu 2012- 24C64

WuLing Baojun 530 2018- 24C16(4G16)

Peugeot 301 2013-2016 93C86(dashboard)+25256(BSI)

Buick LaCROSSE 2016- 24C32(BCM)

Cadillac ATSL 2014- 95320(BCM)

Chevrilet Malibu XL 2016- 24C32(BCM)

Peugeot 301 2017- 93C86(dashboard)+25256(BSI)

Citroen Elysee 2013-2016 93C86(dashboard)+25256(BSI)

KIA Forte 2014- 93C66 4motor

SSANGYONG ActYon 2013- 24C16

SSANGYONG Korando 2011- 93C56

SSANGYONG Rodius 2014- 93C56

BAIC Huansu H2(V) 2015- 24C04

BAIC Huansu H2E 2015- 24C04 2motor

BAIC yongshi 2017- 24C04

Changhe CHANGHE BEIDOUXING 2016- 24C04

Changhe BEIDOUXING X5 2015- 24C02

Changhe BEIDOUXING X5 2015- 24C04

Changhe Freda(M5) 2013- 24C04

Changhe Freda M50(S) 2014- 24C04

Changhe Freda M50(S) 2015- 24C04

Changhe LIANA A6 2014- 24C16

FJMOTOR Keyton EX80 2015- 24C02

Hanteng Hanteng X5 2017- 24C04 pointer table

Hanteng Hanteng X5 2018- 24C04 pointer table

HuangHai N3 PIKA 2017- 24C64

JiAo GP150 2016- 24C16

JAC Geerfa 2014- 24C04 2 small screen

JAC Geerfa 2014- 24C04 big or medium screen

KaiMa Truck 24C04

FOTON AolingCTS 24C04

FOTON AolingCTX 24C04

FOTON AolingTX 24C04

FOTON Aoling 24C08

FOTON TOANO 2015- 24C04

Aochi Aochi V3 2016- 24C04

Geely Emgrand 2018- 24C08(4G08)

Geely EmgrandE C7 2010-2013 93C66

Geely EmgrandRS 2016- 24C04 two van version

Geely haijing 2015- 93C56

Geely JILIJINGANG 2010-2013 24C04

Geely Yinglun SC7 2010- 24C04

Geely Yinglun SX7 2013 24C04

Geely Zhongguolong 24C04(4G04)

JAC Refine M4 2016- 24C08

JAC Refine S7 2017- 24C08

JAC RuiLing 24C08

JAC Shuailing 2015- 24C04

JAC Shuailing T6 2015- 24C04

JinBei HIAC X30 2013- 24C02

JinBei T30 2015- 24C02

JinBei T32 2015- 24C02

JinBei T50 2017- 24C02

JinBei A7 2012- 24C02

JinBei A7 2015- 24C04

Roewe 350 2010- 95040(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

Roewe 350 2010- 95040(dashboard)+95160(BCM)

Roewe 350 2014- 95080(dashboard)+24C16(BCM)

Roewe I6 2017- 25320(dashboard)+95640(BCM)

Roewe RX3 2017- 25160(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

ShiFeng FengLing 24C04

Benz A-class(W176) 2013-2015 95640(filter)

Benz A-class(W176) 2016- 95640(filter)

Benz B-class(W246) 2013-2014 95640(filter)

Benz B-class(W246) 2015- 95640(filter)

Benz GLS-class(X166) 2016- 95640(filter)

Citroen Elysee 2017- 93C86(dashboard)+25256(BSI)

Toyota Coaster 2013- 93C66

Toyota LAND CRUISER 200 2016- 93C86(A86D)

Toyota GS 2012- 93C66

ISUZU pika 24C02

ISUZU pika 93C46

Hyundai IX25 2015-2016 93C66(C66-)

Hyundai IX35 2010-2016 93C66(C66-)

Hyundai verna 2017- 24C16

Hyundai Azera 2011- 24C16

Hyundai Azera 2011- 24C16 flagship series

Cadillac ATS 2014- 95320(BCM)

Changhe Freda 2012- 25040(25LC04)

Changhe FuYun 2012- 24C02

Changhe LIANA 2012- 24C02

Great Wall C50 2013 93C56

Great Wall C50 2014- 93C56

Great Wall V80 2011- 24C04

Leopaard Q6 2015- 24C04

Leopaard Qibing 24C02

FuDi landfort 2017- 24C64

FOTON fengjing 2013- 24C08

FOTON kangruiH3 2017- 24C08

FOTON oukemaS3 2017- 24C04

FOTON Auman 2009- 24C02 8motor

FOTON Auman ETX 24C04 6motor

FOTON Auman GTL 2015- 24C256(BCM)


Haima AOLUKA 2011- 24C02

Haima 海马3 2007-2010 25020

Haima M3 2016- 25040(25LC04)

Haima S7 2013- 25040(25LC04)

Haima V70 2016- 25040(25LC04)

Geely Gleagle GX7 2014- 24C16 green board

JAC haoyun 24C04

JMC BaoDian 2013- 24C02(S24CS02A)

JMC JMMC 2013- 24C08

JMC kaiyun 2014- 24C08(4G08)

JMC lufengX8 2009- 24C02(S24CS02A)

KaiMa Truck 24C04

LiFan MaiWei 2016- 24C16

lianhezhongka lianhezhongka 24C16

Chery COWIN V3 2016- 24C16

Chery COWIN X3 2016- 24C16

Chery Tiggo 3X 2016- 24C16

TJFAW WeiZhi V5 2012- 24C04

TJFAW WeiZhi V2 2010- 24C04

TJFAW XIALI N5 2014- 24C04

FAW bentengB70 2014-2016 24C04

FAW bentengX80 2017- 24C08

FAW Oley 2012- 24C04

Iveco Bronte 2014- 93LC66A(L66A) 4 pointer

Iveco Bronte 2009- 25040(25LC04)

Iveco Bronte 2016- 25160(25LC16) color screen

Iveco DeYi 2011- 25040(25LC04)

WEICHAI yingzhiG2 2014- 24C08

YUEJIN shangjunX 2013- 93LC66A

YUEJIN shuaihuH 24C02

YUEJIN xiaofuxingS 25040(25LC04)

Changhe Landy 2010- 24C02

Changhe M70 2017- 25040(25LC04)

Buick Regal 2017- 24C32(BCM)

Iveco Bronte 2016- 25160(25LC16) black-and-white screen

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin (CPU) 2015- 9S08LG16J0 3 generations

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin (CPU) 2015- 9S12HA32 9 generations

DongFeng Duolika 93C66

DongFeng Succe 2009- 24C04 write board

DongFeng Succe 2014- 24C04 green board

DongFeng Tianjin 2009- 93C66

DongFeng Tianlong 2007- 93C66

DongFeng DFSK C31 2016- 24C04(4G04) write board

DongFeng XiaoKang K02L 2016- 24C04

DongFeng DFSK K07 2009- 24C02

DongFeng DFSK K07 2011- 24C04

DongFeng DFSK K07 2014- 24C02

DongFeng DFSK V27 2011- 24C02

WuLing BaoJun 630 2014- 9S12HZ128 2 pointer

WuLing Baojun 730 2014-2015 9S12HY64

Iveco Bronte 2016- 93LC66A(L66A) 2 pointer

Zotye 5008 2008- 24C04

Zotye T600 2014- 24C16 Green version

Zotye T600 2016- 93C86 LCD

Buick Excelle 2010-2012 9S12HZ256

Chevrilet Cavalier 2016- 9S12XEQ512(BCM)

Peugeot 307 2007-2008 95020(dashboard)+95128(BSI)

Honda Vezel 2015- MB91F062BS

Honda CITY 2015- MB91F061BS 3 hand

Honda CITY 2017- MB91F062BS 2 hand

Honda HRV 2015- MB91F062BS

Toyota fortuner 2016- MB91F061BS

Subaru OUTBACK 2013-2014 93C76 red pointer

KIA pegas 2017- MB91F061BS

KIA Sedona 2015- MB91F061BS

KIA KX7 2017- MB91F061BS

Hyundai santafe 2017- MB91F061BS

Chery ARRIZO 7 2016- MB91F594BS

Chery Tiggo 5X 2017- MB91F594BS

Chery Tiggo 7 2017- MB91F594BS

ChangAn MiNi 2010- 9S12HA32

ChangAn CS75 2016- MB91F594BS

ChangAn shenqi 2016- 9S12HA32 2 hand

ChangAn shenqiT20 2014- 9S08LG16J0

DongFeng DFSK V29 2012- 24C04

JieFang jiefang 2014- 24C04 green board

JieFang jiefang 2014- 24C04 green board

Chery ARRIZO 7 2013- 9S12XHY256

Chery Fengyun2 2012- 9S12HY64

SINOTRUK hohan 2016- X5043

SINOTRUK Haowo 2012- 24C64

SINOTRUK WANGPAI 2016- 24C04(4G04) 3 hand

SINOTRUK WANGPAI 2016- 24C04(4G04) 4 hand

Zotye T200 2013- 24C04

Chevrilet SPARK 2010- 24C08

BYD AUTO BYD M6 2013- 93C66

Leopaard Heijingang 2013-24C04

Haima HAPPIN 2007- 24C01B(ATMLX000 01B)

Geely Gleagle GX7 2012- 24C04 green board

TJFAW WeiZhi 2006-2011 24C04

Ford Fiesta 2009-2012 9S12HZ256

Peugeot 307 2009-2013 95020(dashboard)+95128(BSI)

Toyota Sienna 2015- 93C66

KIA Sportage 2007- 93C56

ISUZU pika 2009- 93C56

ISUZU pika 2011- 93C56

ISUZU pika 2016- 93C56

Dayun aolipu 2014- 9S12HA32 6 hand

DongFeng fengxinglingzhiM5 2017- 9S12HY64

Haima S5 2014- 9S12XHY128

Haima S5 Young 2017- 9S12XHY128


JMC LAND WIND X7 2015- 9S12XHY256

JinBei JinBei HIAC 2012- 9S12HA48

SINOTRUK Haowo 2014- 9S12HA32

Changhe BEIDOUXING X5 2013- 24C04

FOTON CDV IX5 2016- 24C04(4G04)

FOTON Auman 2006- 93C66 8 motor

FOTON oumanEST 2015- 24C256(BCM)

FOTON oumanETX 2014- 24C256(BCM)

FOTON oumanETX 93C66 6motor

FOTON shapu 2015- 24C08

Geely Gleagle GC7 2012- 24C04

LiFan xingshun 2011- 24C04

FAW BenTeng B30 2016- 24C04

FAW BenTeng B70 2017- 24C08

FAW SENYA M80 2009- 24C04 4 hand

FAW SENYA M80 2012- 24C04 medium circular screen

FAW SENYA M80 2014-24C04 medium dimetric screen

Toyota NX 2014- 93C66(C66-)

Toyota RX 2009-2013 93C66

Toyota RX 2013- 93C66

Nissan navara 2017- 93C86

MITSABISHI zinger 2008- 93C56(RL56)

Hyundai IX35 2010-2016 93C66(C66-) high-equipped

Infiniti M35 2008- 93C66

BaoQi jingqi 2015- 24C08

BAIC shenbaoX25 2015- 24C16(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

BAIC shenbaoX35 2016- 24C16(dashboard)+95320(BCM)

BAIC yusheng007 2011- 24C02

ChangAn EADO XT 2013-2014 9S12HY64

ChangAn Zunxing 2013- 9S12HA48

Great Wall Wingle 6 2017- 9S12XHY128

Great Wall Havel H3 2009- 24C04

Great Wall Havel H5 2016- 24C32

Great Wall Havel M6 2017- 93C56 Riesa(dashboard)s

Leopaard CS9 2017- 9S12XHY128

Leopaard Heijingang 2014- 24C02

DongFeng balong 2014- 24C08

DongFeng balong 2015- 93C66

DongFeng MPV 2002- 93C46

DongFeng Jingyi TT 2009- 24C02

DongFeng fengxinglingzhiM3 2012- 24C02

DongFeng fengxinglingzhiM5 2012- 24C02

DongFeng ruiqi 2015- 24C08

DongFeng ruiqi 2011- 93C56

DongFeng Tianlong 2013- 93C66 big screen

DongFeng DFSK V21 2011- 24C02

DongFeng DFSK V27 2011- 24C04

DongFeng nissanpika 2010- 93C56

FOTON fengjingG7 2014- 24C04

FOTON fengjingG9 2016- 24C04

Geely yuanjingX3 2017- 24C08

JAC Geerfa K5 2017- 24C04

JAC JUNLING 2014- 24C02

JAC JUNLING 2015- 24C04

JAC Refine 2011- 24C04

JAC Refine M5 2018- 24C08

JAC Refine hechang 2012- 24C02

JAC ruiying 2012- 24C02

JMC qilingT7 2015- 9S12HA32

JinBei Grace 2010- 24C02(S24CS02A)

JieFang J6 2009- 9S12HZ128

JieFang JieFang JH6 2016- 24C04

JieFang Hanwei 2015- 9S12HZ128

JieFang Hanwei 2016- 9S12HZ256

JieFang jiefang 2016- 24C04

JieFang jiefang 2016- 24C04 green board

JieFang Long  Wei 2015- 9S12HZ256

JieFang Long  Wei 2014- 24C04

JieFang jiefangTuwei 2012- 24C04

Nanjun ruibao 24C02

Nanjun ruiyi 24C04(4G04)

Nanjun ruiyue 24C04(4G04)

Chery EQ1 2017- 9S12HY64

Chery Tiggo 3 2016- 9S12XHY128

Shaanxi Auto Dragon F3000 2013- 9S12XHZ256

Shaanxi Auto tongjia 2014- 9S12HY64

MAXUS G10 2015- 9S12XHZ512

YUEJIN shangjunX 2013- 24C02

YUEJIN shangjunX 2015- 93LC66A 5 motor

SINOTRUK hohan 2016- 9S12HA32

SINOTRUK hanjiang 2014- 9S12HA32

SINOTRUK hanjiang 2014- 24C04

Zhonghua H530 2011- 9S12HZ128

Zhonghua FRV 2009- 9S12HZ128

Zotye 2008 2008- 24C04

Zotye Domy X7 2016- 93C86 big LCD

DongFeng DFSK K07 2009- 24C02

DongFeng DFSK K07 2011- 24C04

BAIC Huansu S3L 2016- 24C04 high-equipped

BAIC Huansu S3L 2016- 24C08

BAIC Zhanqi 2015- 24C04

Yema F12 2012- 93LC66

ChangAn shenqi 2012- 9S12HA32 one hand

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin (CPU) 2014- 9S08LG16J0 5 generations

DongFeng Chenglong M3 2016- 24C08

FOTON oumake3 2018- 24C04

FOTON Auman3 2008- 24C02 7motor

FOTON Auman5 2011- 93C66 6motor

FOTON sawana 2016- 24C32

Huatai Santafe 2006- 24C04

Huatai Santafe 2013- 24C08

Huatai Santafe 2012- 93C66

Huatai lushengE70 2013- 25040(25LC04)

JAC IEV 5 2015- 24C04

JAC IEV 5 2017- 24C04

JAC IEV6E 2017- 24C04

JAC IEV6S 2016- 24C04

JAC IEV7S 2017- 24C08

JMC kairui 2015- 93C66

Chery FengYun2 2009-2012 93C66

Chery QQ3 2012- 9S12HA32

Chery Tiggo 3 2013-2015 93C66

Venucia Venucia T90 2016- 24C16

Venucia Venucia T90(CVT) 2017- 24C16

Ford Edge 2015- 24C32 LCD

Chevrilet Captiva 2015- 93C86

MITSABISHI Outlander 2004- 93C56

MITSABISHI LancerEX 2011- 93C76

MITSABISHI LancerEX 2009- 93C86

Ford Transit 2007- 93C76

Ford Transit 2015- 95320

OPEL Antara 2008- 93C86

ISUZU ruimai 2016- 9S12HA48

Hyundai Veloster 2015- 24C16

Hyundai santafe 2012- 93C66(C66-)

ChangAn RuiXing S50 2017- 24C04

ChangAn RuiXing S50V 2017- 24C04

Dayun N8 Truck 2016- 24C08

Dayun Dayun Truck 2016- 24C04

DongFeng duolika 2009- 24C02

DongFeng Tianlong 2017- 93C86 small screen(dashboard)s

DongFeng DFSK C35 2015- 24C04

DongFeng DFSK K07 2014- 24C02

FOTON kangruiH1 2016- 24C08

YongYuan UFO A380 2012- 24C02 4 hand

YongYuan UFO A380 2013- 24C02 2 hand

YongYuan A380 2014- 24C02 2 hand

Huatai Santafe 2008- 24C08

JAC Heyue 2010- 24C04 4 hand

JAC Heyue 2011- 24C04 small or medium screen

JAC Heyue 2014- 24C04

JieFang JieFang J6F 2015- 24C04

LiFan LiFan 330 2014- 24C02

LiFan LiFan 320EV 2015- 24C04

Luxgen U6 2014- 93C66

Chery Karry K50 2015- 24C04(4G04)

WuLing RongGuang 2017- 24C04(4G04)

Zhonghua H3 2016- 25160(25LC16)

Zhonghua FSV 2009- 24C04

Zotye Z300 2012- 9S12HY64

Great Wall Havel M6 2017- 93C56 Fujitsu(dashboard)s

DongFeng Tianlong 2017- 93C86 big screen(dashboard)s

FOTON CDV T3 2015- 9S12HA32

FOTON jingang 9S12HA32

FOTON jingang 2014- 24C08

Huatai Santafe 2009- 24C02

JAC Geerfa K5 2017- 24C08

JAC K3 2014- 24C02

JAC K5 2013- 24C02

JAC tongyue 2012- 24C02

JOYLONG Aser 2016- 24C08

JOYLONG aifei 2014- 24C08

Chery QQ 2013- 9S12HY64

Chery Cowin 3 2010- 93C66

Chery Karryyousheng 2010- 24C04

Chery KarryYouyou 2015- 9S12HA32

T-KNG oulingT3 2016- 24C04(4G04)

T-KNG oulingT6 2016- 24C04(4G04)

T-KNG baoma 2016- 24C04(4G04)

WEICHAI yingzhi737 2015- 24C02

Zotye Yun 100S 2016- 9S12HY64

G.Patton GX 2013- 93C86

Buick Excelle 2008- 24C08 aftemarket(dashboard)s

Toyota Previa 2006- 93C56(RA57)

BAIC EX200 2016- 24C64

BAIC EX260 2017- 24C64

BAIC EU260 2016- 24C64

BAIC EU400 2017- 24C64

BAIC EV160 2015- 24C64

BAIC EV200 2015- 24C64

BAIC EV160 2015- 24C08

BAIC EV200 2015- 24C08

ChangAn EADO XT 2015- 9S12HY64

DongFeng chenglong M3 2015- 93C66

DongFeng chenglong M5 2015- 93C66

DongFeng yuhu 2014- 24C04

DongFeng lingzhichuanyeban 2010- 24C02

FOTON TunlandB 2014- 24C04

FOTON TunlandC 2014- 24C04

FOTON TunlandE3 2016- 24C04

FOTON TunlandE5 2016- 24C04

JAC Shuailing 2014- 24C04

Luxgen M7 2013- 93C56

Chery KarryT 2013- 9S12HY48

Shaanxi Auto Dragon F3000 2011- X5043

FAW BenTeng B90 2012- 9S12XHZ512

FAW BenTeng X80 2013- 9S12XHZ512

FAW SENYA M80 2007- 24C04 4 hand

DODGE Ram 1998-2003 93C46

DODGE caliber 2010- 24C16

DODGE JCUV 2009- 93C86

GM Savana 2010- 24C04

Benz S-class(W140) 1996-1998 93C66

Benz S-class(W220) 2000-2001 24C04

Peugeot 308S 2015-2018 93C86(dashboard)+25256(BSI)

Nissan NT400 2015- 93C66

Hyundai sonata8 2011- 93C66

BAIC Huansu S3L 2016- 24C04 low-equipped

BAIC JDMC 2014- 24C02

BAIC Weiwang M20 2015- 9S12HA32

BAIC Weiwang 307 2014- 24C02

ChangAn Alsvin V5 2012- 9S12HY48

ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin(8pin IC) 2009- 24C02 2 generations

Dayun DYX04 2015- 24C04

Dayun Dayun Truck 2015- 9S12HY48 6 hand

Dayun Dayun Truck 2016- 9S12HY48 8 hand

DongFeng duolika 2014- 24C04

DongFeng Junfeng CV03 2012- 93C66

DongFeng DFSK C37 2012- 24C04

DongFeng DFSK V07S 2011- 24C02

DongFeng DFSK K07 2013- 9S12HA32

DongFeng DFSK K07S 2014- 9S12HA32

FOTON xianglingV 2015- 9S12HA32

JAC IEV 5 2016- 24C04

JAC Shuailing 2012- 24C02

Kawei K1 PIKA 2013- 9S12HA32

LiFan LiFan 530 2014- 93C56

Chery Riich V5 2009- 93C66

Zhongxing C3 2013- 9S12HA48

Zhongxing Terralord 2016- 24C04

Cadillac DHS 2004- 93C46

Volkswagen Santana (classical edition) 2007- 24C04

Toyota Hiace 2011- 93C66

Toyota COROLLA 2004-2007 93C46

Nissan TEANA 2006-2007 93C66

KIA K3 2015- MB91F061BS

BAIC Huansu S2 2015- 24C04(4G04)

Changhe Landy 2007- 93C56(RL56)

Changhe Freda 2014- 9S12HA32

Leopaard CS7 2009- 24C01

DongFeng Captain K6 2016- 93C66

DongFeng tezhong 2013- 24C04

HaFei luzundabawang 2011- 24C04

HaFei luzunxiaobawang 2010- 24C04

JiAo GX5 2012- 24C08 3 dial

JiAo GX5 2012- 24C08 4 dial

JinBei haixingA9 2012- 24C02

JinBei Grace 2008- 24C04

LiFan LiFan 820 2014- 24C04

ShiFeng fengling 2013- 24C02

Hyundai ruiyue 2015- 24C04(4G04)

Hyundai zhidao300M 2016- 24C04(4G04)

T-KNG oulingA6 2015- 24C04(4G04)

TJFAW XiaLiA+ 2008- 24C04

Xinkai pika 2010- 24C04

Zhonghua V5 2014- 9S12XHZ512

Ford Titanium 2016- 95320

Chevrilet SPARK 2010- 24C02

Volkswagen Polo jinqing 2006-2010 93C86

Volkswagen Polo jinqu 2006-2010 93C86

FIAT Freemont 2012- 93C76

ISUZU KV600 2017- 93C56 4 hand

ISUZU KV600 2017- 93C56 6 hand

DongFeng DFSK C32 2016- 24C04(4G04) write board

The following models are added for airbag repair:

BAIC A00043673 R7F701A033

Borgward V700024650 SPC560P34L1

Citroen 9811762380 XC2336B-40F(No side airbag)

DongFeng U410010J-D0201 SPC560P34L

GM 13589374 XC2361A-72F

Great Wall 3658120XP1MBA SPC560P40L1 (Double balloon)

Great Wall 3658120XP1MBA SPC560P40L1 (Single balloon)

Hyundai 95910-F9110 XC2361A-56F

Land Rover AH22-14D374-AH 9S12DT128

Nissan 28556-4BS0A XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9812733480 XC2336B-40F(with Side airbag)

Toyota 89170-08200 R5F61797 V1

Toyota 89170-08200 R5F61797 V2

Toyota 89170-60E10 R5F61797

Volkswagen 5QD959655A SPC560P50L3

Honda 77960-TF0-H431-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TF0-H432-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TF0-Y432-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TF0-Y632-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TM0-H431-M2 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TM0-H440-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TM0-X631-M3_NOOPDS MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TM0-X631-M3_HAVEOPDS MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-TM0-X640-M3 MPC5604P(0M26V)

Honda 77960-SZA-A120-M1 R5F61725

Honda 77960-SZA-X111-M1 R5F61725

Honda 77960-SZT-J820-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-SZT-L020-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-SZT-L030-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T4G-J611-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T4G-J811-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T4G-N810-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T7S-A212-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T9P-J910-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TK8-A220-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TK8-X011-M1 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TK8-X220-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TM8-J420-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TP6-A211-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TP6-X011-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR0-M012-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR0-S811-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR0-W011-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR0-Y612-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR2-B821-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TY0-J411-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TY0-N810-M2 R5F61725

Toyota 89170 0N030 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-02B70 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-02C30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-02D10 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-05600 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06390 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06400 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06430 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06490 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06510 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06561 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06770 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06780 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D320 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D340 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D540 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D590 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0E070 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0E170 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0K760 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0T030 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0T060 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0T070 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12660 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12790 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12810 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12840 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12C70 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12C90 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12D00 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-12D10 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-20C70 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-21180 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-22110 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30A80 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30B20 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30B30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-30F30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-33571 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-33620 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-33660 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-33860 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-33A00 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-35240 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-35241 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-35450 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-35470 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-42430 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47101 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47111 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47180 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47190 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47220 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47310 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47370 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47520 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47540 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47590 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48460 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48470 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48500 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48540 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48580 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48590 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48830 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48870 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52A10 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52F30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52F40 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52G42 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52G51 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52J00 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52J30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52J40 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52L10 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52N80 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-53470 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-53480 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60450 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60471 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60480 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60481 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60590 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60810 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60820 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60A30 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60A60 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60B00 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-72050 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-74140 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76060 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76150 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76170 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76210 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-B2800 R5F61725

Subaru 98221AJ06A R5F61725

Subaru 98221AJ15B R5F61725

Subaru 98221AJ16B R5F61725

Subaru 98221AJ200 R5F61725

Subaru 98221CA000 R5F61725

Subaru 98221CA010 R5F61725

Subaru 98221CA120 R5F61725

Toyota 98221FG270 R5F61725

Toyota 98221FJ010 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ050 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ140 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ190 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ320 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ350 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ360 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ370 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ390 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ440 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ450 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SC070 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG040 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG050 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG060 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG120 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG130 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SG160 R5F61725

Subaru 98221VA040 R5F61725

Subaru 98221VA060 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06720 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-06730 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0D400 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0E120 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0R070 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0R140 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-0R190 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-24130 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-30D70 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-35480 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-42270 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-42420 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-42670 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-42750 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-42760 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-47560 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-48840 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-52B80 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-52K00 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-52K10 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53330 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53360 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53390 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53410 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53580 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-53590 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-78010 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-78070 R5F61797

DongFeng U410010J-D0201 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-D0202 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-D0205 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-F0301 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-F0501 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-F0502 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-G0102 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-G0109 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-G0112 SPC560P34L1

DongFeng U410010J-G0200 SPC560P34L1

WuLing 23906301 XC2336B-40F

Nissan 28556 2FK0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 28556 2GG1A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 28556 3FK0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 28556 4DU0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 3GD0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 3TA0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 3TY0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 4AT0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 9HS0A XC2336B-40F

Toyota 89170-06500 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06850 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D250 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0DA80 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0E180 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-20C80 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-21160 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-26400 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-42840 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47091 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-47670 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-48510 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-52091 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60380 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-60650 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-74100 R5F61725

Subaru 98221CA070 R5F61725

Subaru 98221FJ270 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0E110 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-28330 R5F61797

DongFeng U410010J-G0106 SPC560P34L1

LYNK&CO 8888855312 B R7F701330

Ford D2BT-14B321-BF XC2336A-56F

Citroen 9809105180 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9809125180 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9809470080 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9809657880 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9810153880 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9810176680 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9810762380 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9811411480 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9811762380 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9812726680 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9812733480 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9815104480 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9815104580 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9815762380 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9816297280 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9817060680 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9817233780 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9819408480 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9819470180 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9820763270 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9820763280 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9821304880 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9824574680 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9825575680 XC2336B-40F

Peugeot 9827485280 XC2336B-40F

Ford BE5T-14B321-AA XC2361A-56F

Ford BT43-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F

Ford C1BT-14B321-FE XC2361A-56F

Ford CN15-14B321-AC XC2361A-56F

Ford CN15-14B321-AF XC2361A-56F

Ford CN15-14B321-CD XC2361A-56F

Ford CN15-14B321-DF XC2361A-56F

Ford FL1T-14B321-BB XC2361A-56F

Ford C1BT-14B321-FF XC2361A-72F

Ford AB39-14B321-BE XC2361B-40F80L

Ford AB39-14B321-BF XC2361B-40F80L

Ford AB39-14B321-FA XC2361B-40F80L

Ford AB39-14B321-GA XC2361B-40F80L

Ford AL34-14B321-FA XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BE93-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BE93-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BL14-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BL34-14B321-CA XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BR33-14B321-AE XC2361B-40F80L

Ford BT43-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F80L

Ford CL34-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DA83-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DC3T-14B321-DC XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DE93-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DE93-14B321-AF XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DR33-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F80L

Ford DT43-14B321-AB XC2361B-40F80L

Ford EB93-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F80L

BAIC 58240100-B05-000 95160

BAIC A00043659 95320

BAIC A00102537 95320

BAIC J3858487 95320

BYD AUTO 3A-3658100 24C16

BYD AUTO 3A-3658100(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO 3A-3658100(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO 3B-3658100(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO 3B-3658100(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO 5A-3658100(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO 5A-3658100(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO 5A-3658100B(SEC30) 25640

BYD AUTO 5A-3658100B(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO 6A-3658100A 24C16

BYD AUTO 6B-3658100A 25640

BYD AUTO BYDEG-3658100 24C16

BYD AUTO BYDF3-3658100-A2 24C04

BYD AUTO E6-3658100A 24C16

BYD AUTO F3-3658100-C2 24C16

BYD AUTO G3-3658100 24C16

BYD AUTO HA-3658100 25640

BYD AUTO HA-3658100B 25640

BYD AUTO HA-3658100C 25640

BYD AUTO HAC-3658100B 25640

BYD AUTO HAEV-3658100A 25640

BYD AUTO L3-3658100 24C16

BYD AUTO LK-3658100B-C 24C16

BYD AUTO MEF-3658100A(SEC30) 25640

BYD AUTO MEF-3658100A(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO MEF-3658100B(SEC30) 95640

BYD AUTO MEF-3658100B(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO S6-3658100A 24C16

BYD AUTO S6-3658100A(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO S6-3658100A(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO S6-3658100B 24C16

BYD AUTO S6DM-3658100 25640

BYD AUTO SA-3658100 24C16

BYD AUTO SA-3658100(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO SA-3658100(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO SA-3658100A 24C16

BYD AUTO SA-3658100A(SEC30) 95640

BYD AUTO SA-3658100A(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO SA-3658100C(SEC30) 25640

BYD AUTO SA-3658100C(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO SC-3658100(SEC30) 25160

BYD AUTO SC-3658100(SEC30) 95640

BYD AUTO SC-3658100(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO SC-3658100A(SEC30) 95640

BYD AUTO SC-3658100A(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

BYD AUTO SE-3658100A 24C16

BYD AUTO SE-3658100A(SEC30) 25640

BYD AUTO SE-3658100A(SEC30) SPC560P50L3

Changhe J3858253 95320

DongFeng 28556 2ZS00(J3858122) 25160

DongFeng 28556 2ZS70(J3858123) 25160

DongFeng 28556 ZN012(J3858124) 25160

DongFeng 3658100-SA03 95320

DongFeng 98820EX70B 93C56

DongFeng 98820EX80B 93C56

DongFeng A13-5824010(J3858265) 95320

DongFeng A13-5824020(J3858264) 95320

DongFeng A-5824340(J3858089) 95160

DongFeng BH5A-5824010 95320

DongFeng BM3-5824010 95320

DongFeng BM3-5824020 95320

DongFeng BS3-5824010 95320

DongFeng CM5-5824010 95160

DongFeng SX6-5824010 95320

DongFeng SX6-5824020 95320

DongFeng U410010J-B0102(J3858298) 95320

DongFeng U410010J-B0103(J3858261) 95320

DongFeng U410010J-B0106(J3858278) 95080

DongFeng U410010J-B0108(J3858296) 95080

DongFeng U410010J-B0111(J3858355) 95320

FOTON C5360010002A0 95160

FOTON C5360010004A0 95160

FOTON P1360010001A0(J3858204) 95320

Trumpchi 8040003ASV0000 95640

Trumpchi 8040003ASV0100 95640

Trumpchi 8040003ASV0200 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAC0000 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAC0100 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAC0400 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAC0600 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAD0000 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAD0100 95640

Trumpchi 8040003BAL0100 95640

Trumpchi 8040003CAC0000 95640

Trumpchi 8040003CAC0100 95640

Haima 4A01-E10-000-0 95320

Haima FA13-57-K30M2 95160

Haima FA1A-57-K30 25160

Haima FA2A-57-K30 25160

Haima FA3A-57-K30 25160

Haima FE22-57-K30 25160

Haima HMCA-57-K30M1A 95080

Haima HMEA-57-K30 95080

Haima HMFA-57-K30M1A 95080

Haima PA20-57-K30M2 95160

Haima Q04B5824100 95320

Haima SA11-57-K30 95320

Haima SA21-57-K30 95320

Haima SA31-57-K30 95320

Redflag 3607115-MH 25320

Huatai 36581000A00(J3858250) 95320

Huatai 36581000B00(J3858155) 95320

Huatai 36581000G00 95320

Huatai 36581000S07(J3858227) 95320

Huatai 36581000S09(J3858228) 95320

HuangHai 5825010-K00(J3858336) 25160

JiAo 3658010-30101 95160

Geely 1302735 95040

Geely 1302739 95040

Geely 1304520 95320

Geely 1304674 95320

Geely 1304745 95320

Geely 1614169 95320

Geely 1703500 25160

Geely 1703573 95160

Geely 1703577 95160

Geely 1709516 95160

Geely 1811100 95040

Geely 6300050 95040

Geely 620390000 25160

Geely 620390100 25160

Geely 622389400 25160

Geely 623137800 25160

Geely 630071600 25160

Geely 634076000 95320

Geely 635492400 95320

Geely 641533400 95320

Geely 01300086(J3858114) 95320

Geely 01302545(222426-127) 95640

Geely 611172500C 95640

Geely 611172600C 95640

Geely 611324900B 25160

JAC 5824901P3011 95160

JAC 5824901U1100 95160

JAC 5824901U1510 95160

JAC 5824901U1512 95160

JAC 5824901U8010G 95320

JAC 5824901U8015G 95320

JAC 5824901U8050 95320

JAC 5824901V0010 95160

JAC 5824901V0011 95160

JAC 5824901V6500 95320

JAC 5824901X0010 95160

JAC 95900-V7010 95160

JAC 95900-V7050 95160

JAC 95900-V7130 95160

JMC 5820011LC-1(J3858106) 25160

JMC 6C1T 14B056 AE 95160

JMC 9P2-14010-AA(J3858126) 95320

JMC CP2-14010-AB(J3858334) 95320

JMC EP1-14010-AA 25160

JMC FS1-14B056-AA 95320

JMC FS1-14B056-BA 95320

JMC FS1-14B056-CB 95320

JMC GP2-14010-CA(J3858492) 95320

JMC GP2-14010-DA(J3858491) 95320

JMC HP2-14010-AA(J38580610) 95320

JMC JP2-14010-BA(J38580582) 95320

JinBei 5078131 95320

JinBei 3658100-C01 95160

JinBei 3658100-D0001 95160

JinBei 3658100-D01 95160

JinBei 608762400A 95080

JinBei J3858023 95080

LiFan C3658100G 95040

LiFan L3658100A1 25160

LiFan S3658100 95040

LiFan S3658100B1 95040

Lotus 603782700 95080

Lotus 617753600A 95080

Leopaard A003658010 95320

Leopaard A003658060 95320

Leopaard B003658010 95320

Leopaard T003658020 95160

MG 10001801-01 95320

MG 10003952-01 95080

MG 10003952-02 95080

MG 10003953-01 95080

MG 10033426-04 95640

MG 10100788-01 95640

MG 10104454-01 95640

MG 10104458-01 95640

MG 10110364-01 95640

MG 10148844-05 95640

MG 10169024-01 95640

MG 10169028-01 95640

MG 50019354-01 95040

MG 610396400B 95080

Luxgen 28556KN100 95040

Luxgen 28556MV200 95640

Luxgen 28556MV210 95640

Luxgen 28556SN200 95040

Luxgen 28556SU100 95320

Luxgen 28556SU120 95320

Cherry A21-3606010 95160

Cherry J18-3658010BA 25160

Cherry J26-3658010BA 95160

Cherry J43-3658010 95320

Cherry J52-3658010BB 95160

Cherry J69-3658010 95320

Cherry M11-3606010BB 25640

Cherry M11-3606010BD 25640

Cherry M11-3606010VB 25160

Cherry S16-3606010 25160

Cherry T11-3606011PR 95320

Cherry T21-3658070BB 95320

Cherry T21-3658070FB 95320

Cherry T21-3658070FC 95320

Rowe 10001800-01 95320

Rowe 10041228-07 95640

Rowe 10135316-01 95640

Rowe YWC901161(609582700) 95080

MAXUS C00000527 95160

MAXUS C00024331 95320

TJFAW 3607050-HL 95160

TJFAW 3607115-4V1 93C56

TJFAW 89170-TBA20 95160

TJFAW 89170-TFA00 95640

TJFAW 89170-TFA10 95640

TJFAW 89170-TFA20 95640

TJFAW 89170-TVA00 25160

WuLing 23876693 95320

WuLing 24537297 95320

WuLing 24557700 95160

WuLing 24561542 95160

WuLing 24561543 95160

WuLing 24566442 95160

WuLing 24566443 95160

WuLing 24519199(611287900A) 95080

FAW 5CA0-57K30 95040

FAW 5CA1-57K30A 95040

FAW 5CA2-57K30 95040

FAW 5GA0-57K30 95320

FAW 5GA1-57K30 95320

FAW FA01-57K30-A 95040

FAW FA01-57K30-B SPC560P34L1

FAW FA01-57K30-C SPC560P34L1

FAW FA03-57K30 95040

FAW FA03-57K30-A 95040

FAW FA03-57K30-B SPC560P34L1

FAW FA03-57K30-C SPC560P34L1

ChangAn 3414070-M02 95320

ChangAn 3414070-Q01-AA 25160

ChangAn 3414700-N03-AA 95320

ChangAn 3414700-U03-AB 95320

ChangAn 3414700-U07 95320

ChangAn 3414700-U50 95320

ChangAn 3414700-V01 95640

ChangAn 3414700-V02 95640

ChangAn 3414700-V03 95640

ChangAn 3414710-AK03 95320

ChangAn 3414710-AM02 95320

ChangAn 3658100-AM50 95320

ChangAn 3658100-BB01 95320

ChangAn 3658100-BD01 95320

ChangAn 3658100-BD02 95320

ChangAn 3658100-BE01 95320

ChangAn 5824100-T01-AA 95160

Great Wall 3658100XG83XA 25160

Great Wall 3658100XS56XA 25160

Great Wall 3658110-G08 95080

Great Wall 3658110XG38XA 25160

Great Wall 3658110XJ08XB 25160

Great Wall 3658110XKZ16A 25160

Great Wall 3658110XKZ16B 25160

Great Wall 3658110XKZ16C 25160

Great Wall 3658110XSZ08A 95320

Great Wall 3658120XJZ08B 25160

Great Wall 3658120XKZ16B 25160

Great Wall 3658120XKZ16C 25160

Great Wall 3658130XY08XB 25160

Great Wall 3658160AK80XA 95640

Great Wall 3658160BK80XA 95640

Great Wall 3658160-K84 25160

Great Wall 3658160XK88XA 95320

Zhonghua 331252 24C04

Zhonghua 4291028 95320

Zhonghua 5491028 95320

Zhonghua 5591028 95320

Zhonghua 3084107(J3858028) 25160

Zhonghua 3091819(J3858039) 25160

Zhonghua 3095401(J3858094) 25160

Zhonghua 3095549(J3858143) 95080

Zhonghua 3108996(J3858267) 95080

Zhonghua 3291017(J3858042) 95080

Zhonghua 3291018(J3858043) 95080

Zhonghua 3491017(FA1500) 25160

Zhonghua 3491027(J3858149) 95080

Zhonghua 4091107(J3858214) 95320

Zhonghua 4091108(J3858215) 95320

Zhonghua 4091109(J3858216) 95320

Zhonghua 4091117(J3858482) 95320

Zhonghua 4591107(J3858232) 95320

Zhonghua 4591108(J3858233) 95320

Zhonghua 4591117(J3858481) 95320

Zotye 3658010001-A02 95320

Zotye 3658010002-A02 95320

Zotye 3658010-16 95160

Zotye 3658010BB-A01 95160

Zotye 3658010-P01 95160

Ford 3S7T 14B056 AB 95160

Ford 3S7T 14B056 AC 95160

Ford 5L14 14B321-DA 95160

Ford 5L84 14B321 DE 95160

Ford 6L14 14B321 DB 95160

Ford 6L84 14B321 DC 95160

Ford 7M2T 14B056 AA 95160

Ford 7S7T 14B056 AD 95160

Ford 7S7T 14B056 BB 95160

Ford 7S7T 14B056 BC 95160

Ford 8V59-14B321 BA 95320

Ford AS7T 14B321 BA 95320

Ford AS7T 14B321 BB 95320

Ford BS7T 14B321 AD 95320

Ford DV4T 14B321 DC 95640

Ford EJ7T 14B321 BA 95640

Ford HS7T-14B321-CE R7F701A033

Chrysler 04896118AE 95128

Chrysler 04896121AE 95128

Chrysler 04896121AF 95128

Chrysler 56038952AK 95256

Chrysler 56054202AF 95256

Chrysler 68025654AI 95128

Chrysler 68025654AJ 95128

Chrysler 68025654AK 95128

Chrysler 68085881AH 95256

Chrysler 68148044AB 95256

Chrysler 68222888AA 95128

Chrysler 68247732AC 95256

Chrysler 68303218AA 95256

Chrysler P68160604AE 95256

Chrysler P68284165AC 95256

GM 5499985 95160

GM 9012528 95160

GM 9022099 95160

GM 9029659 95160

GM 9037091 95080

GM 9070418 95160

GM 9071386 95160

GM 96406534 95080

GM 96940365 95160

Audi 4F0 959 655 E 95640

Audi 4F0 959 655 H 95640

BMW 65.77-9118749 95128

BMW 65.77-9204849 95128

Benz A1698204005 95320

Benz A1698204085 95320

Benz A207-901-17-00 95640

Benz A207-901-18-00 95640

Benz A207-901-19-00 95640

Benz A212-901-79-02 95640

Benz A221-870-29-93 95640

Benz A251-820-04-02 95640

Benz A6369000400 95640

Benz A9064461242 95320

Peugeot 9573626980 95320

Peugeot 9665354880 95320

Peugeot 9812733480 95160

Peugeot 96 407 229 80 95080

Peugeot 96 458 407 80 95080

Peugeot 96 501 092 80 95080

Peugeot 96 501 094 80 95080

Peugeot 96 527 121 80 95080

Peugeot 96 527 123 80 95080

Peugeot 96 779 110 80 95640

Peugeot 96 786 917 80 95640

Peugeot 9644903480 95080

Peugeot 9658285080 95080

Peugeot 9665355080 95320

Peugeot 9673624880 Peugeot 95320

Volkswagen 1KO 909 605 K 95160

Volkswagen 1Q0 959 655 A 95640

Volkswagen 1Q0 959 655 B 95640

Volkswagen 1T0 909 605 T 95160

Volkswagen 3C0 959 655 A 95640

Volkswagen 3T0 959 655 95640

Volkswagen 5CO 959 655 B 95640

Volkswagen 5K0 959 655 C 95640

Volkswagen 5ND 959 655 95640

Volkswagen 5ND 959 655 C 95640

Volkswagen 6R0 959 655 C 95320

Volkswagen 6R0 959 655 E 95320

Volkswagen 7N0 959 655 95640

Volkswagen 7N0 959 655 B 95640

Volkswagen 7N0 959 655 C 95640

FIAT 51755095 95320

FIAT 51851218 95320

Renault 8200337245 95160

Renault 8200412032 95160

Renault 8200481141 95160

Renault 8200411008A 95160

Renault 8200682387 95160

Land Rover GJ32-14D374-AB XC2361A-56F

Citroen 9646469180 95080

Citroen 9673624980 95320

Citroen 9678691780 95640

Citroen 9801762380 XC2336B-40F

Citroen 9807575680 95320

Citroen 9808093080 95640

Citroen 9810155980 95320

Citroen 9660349980 Citroen 95080

Citroen 9664402580 Citroen 95320

Citroen 9673626980 Citroen 95320

Citroen 9824574780 XC2336B-40F

Honda 77960-S0X-L812-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S0X-L813-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9A-A810-M2 93C56

Honda 77960-S9A-F411-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9A-F413-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9A-X220-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9A-Y814-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9V-A012-M1 95320

Honda 77960-S9V-A013-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-6200-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-6300-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-A620-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-A630-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-A720-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-A813-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-A814-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-A820-M1 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-C013-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C043-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C114-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C132-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C133-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C134-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-C311-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Q631-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Q813-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Q913-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y413-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y414-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y613-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y620-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-Y640-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y681-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SDA-Y820-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-Y920-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SDA-Y940-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SEC-C011-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SEP-H110-M1 95320

Honda 77960-SFJ-W710-M2 93C66

Honda 77960-SJA-L040-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-SNA-A216-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNA-H230-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNA-X022-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-J815-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-U415-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-U422-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y415-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y422-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y430-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y615-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y622-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SNB-Y630-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SVA-A220-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-A213-M1 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-H212-M4 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-P614-M4 95640

Honda 77960-SWA-U414-M4 95640

Honda 77960-SYJ-H120-M4 95640

Honda 77960-T2A-H712-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T2A-H720-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4D-H710-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4N-H911-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4N-S911-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T4N-T710-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T5A-H620-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T5A-N812-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6A-H111-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-T6L-H712-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6L-H912-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T6P-H420-M1 95320

Honda 77960-T6P-H811-M1 95320

Honda 77960-T6P-S610-M1 95320

Honda 77960-T9A-H610-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T9A-P811-M1 95640

Honda 77960-T9A-P820-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-F220-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-H211-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-H221-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-U011-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-U211-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-U811-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TC0-W611-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TF0-H612-M3 93C86

Honda 77960-TF0-Y420-M3 93C86

Honda 77960-TJA-H110-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TK4-H011-M1 95640

Honda 77960-TK4-X710-M4 95640

Honda 77960-TP6-H611-M1 95320

Honda 77960-TP6-X020-M2 R5F61725

Honda 77960-TR0-P422-M1 95320

Honda 77960-TS6-H911-M1 95320

Honda 77960-TX4-H020-M4 95640

Honda 77960-TX6-H020-M4 95640

Toyota 89170-01010 25040

Toyota 89170-01020 25040

Toyota 89170-01060 25040

Toyota 89170-02380 25040

Toyota 89170-02411 25040

Toyota 89170-02560 25040

Toyota 89170-02600 25040

Toyota 89170-02620 25040

Toyota 89170-02860 93C66

Toyota 89170-02920 25040

Toyota 89170-02B00 93C66

Toyota 89170-02B20 93C56

Toyota 89170-02F60 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06210 93C56

Toyota 89170-06231 93C56

Toyota 89170-06241 93C56

Toyota 89170-06250 93C56

Toyota 89170-06290 93C66

Toyota 89170-06370 93C66

Toyota 89170-06420 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-06620 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-07220 25040

Toyota 89170-08040 93C56

Toyota 89170-08080 93C56

Toyota 89170-08100 93C66

Toyota 89170-0C110 25040

Toyota 89170-0C120 25040

Toyota 89170-0C311 25040

Toyota 89170-0C361 25040

Toyota 89170-0C380 25040

Toyota 89170-0C410 25040

Toyota 89170-0C440 95160

Toyota 89170-0C442 95160

Toyota 89170-0C460 95320

Toyota 89170-0C470 95320

Toyota 89170-0C490 95320

Toyota 89170-0C500 95320

Toyota 89170-0C520 95320

Toyota 89170-0C521 95320

Toyota 89170-0D040 25040

Toyota 89170-0D050 93C56

Toyota 89170-0D060 93C56

Toyota 89170-0D070 25040

Toyota 89170-0D140 93C56

Toyota 89170-0D270 93C56

Toyota 89170-0D640 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0D730 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-0DA10 95320

Toyota 89170-0F130 95080

Toyota 89170-0F140 95080

Toyota 89170-0H040 25040

Toyota 89170-0P020 93C66

Toyota 89170-0W080 93C66

Toyota 89170-24170 R5F61797

Toyota 89170-28130 93C56

Toyota 89170-30360 93C56

Toyota 89170-30510 93C56

Toyota 89170-30760 93C56

Toyota 89170-33100 93C56

Toyota 89170-33150 93C56

Toyota 89170-33160 93C56

Toyota 89170-33210 93C56

Toyota 89170-33230 93C56

Toyota 89170-33240 93C56

Toyota 89170-33310 93C56

Toyota 89170-33320 93C56

Toyota 89170-33430 93C56

Toyota 89170-33470 93C56

Toyota 89170-33510 93C66

Toyota 89170-33670 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-35270 93C66

Toyota 89170-35290 93C66

Toyota 89170-35310 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-42160 93C56

Toyota 89170-42231 93C66

Toyota 89170-42360 93C66

Toyota 89170-42630 93C66

Toyota 89170-43808 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-43850 93C66

Toyota 89170-44040 93C56

Toyota 89170-48070 93C56

Toyota 89170-48160 93C56

Toyota 89170-48210 93C66

Toyota 89170-48350 93C66

Toyota 89170-48390 93C66

Toyota 89170-48420 93C66

Toyota 89170-48740 93C66

Toyota 89170-50090 93C56

Toyota 89170-50130 93C56

Toyota 89170-50280 93C66

Toyota 89170-50390 93C66

Toyota 89170-51280 93C56

Toyota 89170-52120 93C56

Toyota 89170-52130 93C56

Toyota 89170-52590 93C56

Toyota 89170-53040 93C56

Toyota 89170-53120 95160

Toyota 89170-53200 93C56

Toyota 89170-53260 95160

Toyota 89170-58020 93C56

Toyota 89170-58060 93C66

Toyota 89170-60100 93C56

Toyota 89170-60101 93C56

Toyota 89170-60140 93C56

Toyota 89170-60150 93C66

Toyota 89170-60171 93C66

Toyota 89170-60240 93C66

Toyota 89170-60250 93C66

Toyota 89170-60290 93C66

Toyota 89170-60410 93C56

Toyota 89170-60651 93C56

Toyota 89170-60790 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-64050 93C66

Toyota 89170-64060 93C66

Toyota 89170-68040 93C56

Toyota 89170-68070 93C56

Toyota 89170-76080 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76081 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-76880 R5F61725

Toyota 89170-78030 R5F61797

Suzuki 38310-80P01 R5F2154

Suzuki 38910-56K02 95160

Suzuki 38910-56K11 95160

Suzuki 38910-56K21 95160

Suzuki 38910-62J00 95160

Suzuki 38910-62J01 95160

Suzuki 38910-62J02 95160

Suzuki 38910-6CJ00 95160

Suzuki 38910-72J02 95160

Suzuki 38910-74P11 R5F2154

Suzuki 38910-77J02 95160

Suzuki 38910-77J10 95160

Suzuki 38910-77J11 95160

Suzuki 38910-78M00 R5F2154

Suzuki 38910-79J22 95160

Mazda BCF1 57K30 95640

Mazda BFF7 57K30 95640

Mazda BKC3 57K30 C 95640

Mazda D651-57K30D 95320

Mazda EH62 57K30A 95320

Mazda G31A 57 K30B 95320

Mazda GS1D 57K30 95640

Mazda GS1D-57K30B 95640

KIA 95910-03100 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-03200 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-0S700 95320

KIA 95910-1D000 95320

KIA 95910-1D100 95320

KIA 95910-1D200 95320

KIA 95910-1D500 95320

KIA 95910-1D600 95320

KIA 95910-1F100 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F110 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F200 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F210 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F300 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F310 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F400 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1F410 9S12DG128

KIA 95910-1G020 95640

KIA 95910-1G100 95640

KIA 95910-1G110 95640

KIA 95910-1G120 95640

KIA 95910-1G150 95640

KIA 95910-1G210 95640

KIA 95910-1G250 95640

KIA 95910-1G650 95640

KIA 95910-1G900 95640

KIA 95910-1M100 95256

KIA 95910-1M150 95256

KIA 95910-1M160 95256

KIA 95910-1M200 95256

KIA 95910-1M250 95256

KIA 95910-1M300 95256

KIA 95910-1M350 95256

KIA 95910-1M400 95256

KIA 95910-1M450 95256

KIA 95910-1M500 95256

KIA 95910-1M550 95256

KIA 95910-1M600 95256

KIA 95910-1M650 95256

KIA 95910-1X500 95256

KIA 95910-2F000 95320

KIA 95910-2F250 95320

KIA 95910-2F400 95320

KIA 95910-2F450 95320

KIA 95910-2F500 95320

KIA 95910-2F600 95320

KIA 95910-2F610 95320

KIA 95910-2F700 95320

KIA 95910-2F710 95320

KIA 95910-2J000 95640

KIA 95910-2J450 95640

KIA 95910-2J531 95640

KIA 95910-2J550 95640

KIA 95910-2J580 95640

KIA 95910-3E100 95080

KIA 95910-3E200 95080

KIA 95910-3E300 95080

KIA 95910-3E400 95080

KIA 95910-4D400 95640

KIA 95910-4M000 95256

KIA 95910-4M050 95256

KIA 95910-4M100 95256

KIA 95910-4M350 95256

KIA 95910-4T150 95320

KIA 95910-B5200 95128

KIA 95910-D1100 25256

KIA 95910-D1300 25256

KIA 95910-D1500 25256

KIA 95910-H2000 25256

KIA 95910-H2300 25256

KIA 95910-H3000 25256

KIA 95910-H3100 25256

KIA 95910-QD000 95128

Nissan 28556 1HD0A 93C56

Nissan 28556 1YP0A 93C56

Nissan 28556 2GC0A 95640

Nissan 28556 2L105 93C56

Nissan 28556 2L705 93C56

Nissan 28556 2N200 93C56

Nissan 28556 3AW1D 93C56

Nissan 28556 3XY3A 93C56

Nissan 28556 4Y715 93C56

Nissan 28556 5DN0B 93C56

Nissan 28556 5P500 93C56

Nissan 28556 5RF0A 95640

Nissan 28556 5Z101 93C56

Nissan 28556 7M515 93C56

Nissan 28556 7Y101 93C56

Nissan 28556 9W100 93C56

Nissan 28556 9W10E 93C56

Nissan 28556 9W125 93C56

Nissan 28556 9W30E 93C56

Nissan 28556 9Y600 93C56

Nissan 28556 9Z815 93C56

Nissan 28556 ED300 93C56

Nissan 28556 EF22D 93C56

Nissan 28556 EU10A 93C56

Nissan 28556 EW100 93C56

Nissan 28556 EW300 93C56

Nissan 28556 EW32D 93C56

Nissan 28556 EX300 93C56

Nissan 28556 JC10B 95160

Nissan 28556 JC20A 95160

Nissan 28556 JE30A 95160

Nissan 98220 9GE0A 93C76

Nissan 98820 1BF0A 93C56

Nissan 98820 1BM2A 93C56

Nissan 98820 1BM2B 93C56

Nissan 98820 1JA0A 95128

Nissan 98820 1KJ0A 95640

Nissan 98820 1L226 93C56

Nissan 98820 1L270 93C56

Nissan 98820 1LA0A 95128

Nissan 98820 1LA1A 95128

Nissan 98820 1LZ0A 95128

Nissan 98820 1MF0A 95640

Nissan 98820 1MF1A 95640

Nissan 98820 1MU1A 95640

Nissan 98820 1ND0A 93C56

Nissan 98820 1VKOA 93C76

Nissan 98820 2L800 93C56

Nissan 98820 2N400 93C56

Nissan 98820 2W105 93C56

Nissan 98820 3DF0A 93C76

Nissan 98820 3DG0A 93C76

Nissan 98820 3GZ0A 95160

Nissan 98820 3JD0A 95128

Nissan 98820 3JN0A 95128

Nissan 98820 3L300 93C56

Nissan 98820 3L406 93C56

Nissan 98820 3L498 93C56

Nissan 98820 3WS0A 95128

Nissan 98820 3Y100 93C56

Nissan 98820 3Y110 93C56

Nissan 98820 3Y600 93C66

Nissan 98820 3Z700 93C56

Nissan 98820 4BA0A XC2336B-40F

Nissan 98820 4HD0A 95128

Nissan 98820 4NC0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5KA0E 95640

Nissan 98820 5MA0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5MB0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5MC0A 95128

Nissan 98820 5P600 93C56

Nissan 98820 5RE0A 95640

Nissan 98820 5Y60E 93C56

Nissan 98820 5Y627 93C56

Nissan 98820 7M806 93C56

Nissan 98820 7S706 93C66

Nissan 98820 8Y70A 93C66

Nissan 98820 8Y71A 93C66

Nissan 98820 8Y72C 93C66

Nissan 98820 9H600 93C56

Nissan 98820 9NB1A 95128

Nissan 98820 9ND1A 95128

Nissan 98820 9NJ2A 95128

Nissan 98820 9Y625 93C56

Nissan 98820 CA010 93C56

Nissan 98820 CD200 93C56

Nissan 98820 CD300 93C56

Nissan 98820 CJ01A 93C56

Nissan 98820 EX70A 93C56

Nissan 98820 EX70B 93C56

Nissan 98820 JD10A 93C56

Nissan 98820 JF30A 95160

Nissan 98820 JF43B 93C66

Nissan 98820 JF70A 93C56

Nissan 98820 JJ60A 95640

Nissan 98820 JJ61A 95640

Nissan 98820 JL20A 93C56

Nissan 98820 JM60A 93C66

Nissan 98820 ZE10D 93C66

Nissan 98820 ZF90C 93C66

Nissan 98820 ZM21A 93C66

MITSABISHI 8635A090L 95160

MITSABISHI 8635A122 95640

MITSABISHI 8635A282 95128

MITSABISHI 8635A321 95640

MITSABISHI 8635A448 95128

MITSABISHI MN141447 95160


MITSABISHI P8635A054 95640

MITSABISHI P8635A058 95640

MITSABISHI P8635A073 95640

MITSABISHI P8635A248 95640

MITSABISHI P8635A251 95640

SSANGYONG 86250-08141 95080

SSANGYONG 86250-34140 95160

SSANGYONG 86251-31030 95080

SSANGYONG 86251-31060 95080

Subaru 98211XA00A 93C56

Subaru 98221AG260 93C86

Subaru 98221FE110 93C56

Subaru 98221FE200 93C56

Subaru 98221FF200 93C56

Subaru 98221FG060 93C56

Subaru 98221FG070 93C86

Subaru 98221FJ241 R5F61725

Subaru 98221SA011 93C56

Subaru 98221SG001 R5F61725

Subaru 98221XA02A 93C86

ISUZU 898059525Y 95320

Hyundai 95910-08000 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-08100 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-08400 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-0L100 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-0L200 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-0Q500 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-0Q600 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-0U200 95128

Hyundai 95910-1E150 95320

Hyundai 95910-1E250 95640

Hyundai 95910-1E900 95320

Hyundai 95910-1F000 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-1R000 95320

Hyundai 95910-1R100 95320

Hyundai 95910-1R200 95320

Hyundai 95910-2C300 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2C400 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2C500 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E000 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E100 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E200 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E210 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E300 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E310 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E400 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E410 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E500 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E510 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E600 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E610 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E700 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2E710 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-2L010 95640

Hyundai 95910-2L020 95320

Hyundai 95910-2L030 95320

Hyundai 95910-2L040 95320

Hyundai 95910-2L050 95320

Hyundai 95910-2L060 95320

Hyundai 95910-2M100 95640

Hyundai 95910-2V000 95320

Hyundai 95910-2V100 95320

Hyundai 95910-2Z100 95320

Hyundai 95910-2Z600 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K000 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K010 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K100 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K110 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K200 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K210 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K300 95640

Hyundai 95910-3K410 95320

Hyundai 95910-3K500 95320

Hyundai 95910-3L450 95320

Hyundai 95910-3N000 95640

Hyundai 95910-3X100 95128

Hyundai 95910-3X800 95128

Hyundai 95910-4V100 95128

Hyundai 95910-4V200 95128

Hyundai 95910-B0Q500 9S12DG128

Hyundai 95910-B3200 25256

Hyundai 95910-C3000 25256

Hyundai 95910-C3100 25256

Hyundai 95910-D0000 25256

Hyundai 95910-F0200 25256

Hyundai 95910-F0300 25256

Hyundai 95910-J4300 25256

Hyundai 95910-OR200 95640

Infiniti 98820 1WW2A 93C56

V6.1.3.0  Free Version


Programmer increase the following chip models:

  Renesas M32186F8

  NEC R7F701330

V6.1.2.0  Free Version


1. Added text size setting option in menu

2. Fix problems and optimize performance

V6.1.1.0  Free Version


1.Programmer Increase the following chip models










CG-100  V6.0.3.0  NEW(2019.10.29)

1. Programmer Increase the following chip models

  TI TMS570LS1113

  TI TMS570LS1224

  Serial Flash 93C66A

  Serial Flash 93LC66A

  Serial Flash 25512

  Serial Flash 95512

  Serial Flash 24C512

2. Airbag Increase the following models

  WuLing 560 23949541 R7F7010080

  Ford GN15-14B321-BF TC222

3. Atmel increases the following 42 models

  FOTON Oumake ZB158E8A5

  FOTON Time truck

  FOTON YuLing Lighttruck

  Geely T-ZB137LS V4

  JAC ZB157E 3820030P101

  JAC K3 ZB158H

  JAC WeiLing 3801910E8514XZ

  JMC 3820010038 ZB132M

  JMC Baodian 380010040 ZB132M8

  JinBei 3101467 V2




  LiFan LF70336

  LEOPAARD Qibing ZB115H10B


  T-KNG V1

  T-KNG V2

  WuLing 23865547 T-ZB112A

  WuLing 24565149 M3502-A

  WuLing 24565149 M3502-A V2

  WuLing 24565150 M3503-A

  WuLing W380-20 24V

  WuLing ZB110B V2

  WuLing ZB160M2

  Xiali V1

  Xiali V2

  Hyundai 3820001-NJ1062D1

  FAW-JIABAO 3820010D6J6 V1

  FAW-JIABAO 3820010D6J6 V2

  Yutong BUS ZB2081

  ChangAn CK3820-100P7G

  ChangAn newBaowang CK3820-100N18

  Great Wall Fengjun5 ZB157K

  Great Wall Fengjun5 ZB157K3

  ZhongXing ZB101BC

  ZhongXing Pickup TJ-ZB102BQ BQ3820010-0600

  SouthEast M3158-523-00(Lingyue 8Hole)

  FuDi ZB158H7

  Ford Transit ZB176A2



CG-100  V5.1.5.0  NEW(2019.08.08)

1 Fix BUG that could not be used after modified the Atmel meter mileage. 

2 Add the device number with copy function, the device number; firmware version, function version and ect information are moved to the bottom of the main interface.

3 Fix bugs which affected customers experience

4 Optimize the repair method of 8 Pin airbag

   a Increase the “Clear Fault” option, please firstly use the “Clear Fault” option to fix.

   b Increase the “data coverage” option, use “data coverage” to fix if no the original vehicle explosion data.

   c Optimize the “Clear Fault” option algorithm for thousands of 8 Pin airbags! The success rate of repair is higher than the previous version:

    ACURA           MDX           77960-STX-H010-M1

    AUDI            A4L           8K0 959 655 J

    AUDI            A6L           4F0 959 655 B

    AUDI            A6L           4FD 959 655

    AUDI            Q7            4L0 959 655C

    BAIC MOTOR      213JEEP       B6260180AA

    BAIC MOTOR      E150          113658010

    BMW             328           65.77-9184432-01

    BUICK           EXCELLE       09037091

    BUICK           EXCELLE       1005772 5498640

    BUICK           EXCELLE       2009 9042475(type1)

    BUICK           EXCELLE       2011 9012526

    BUICK           EXCELLE       9012455

    BUICK           EXCELLE       96 406 712

    BUICK           Park Avenue   5499985

    BYD AUTO        F0            BYDLK-3658100B

    BYD AUTO        F3            3658-1A

    BYD AUTO        F3            3658-1B

    BYD AUTO        F3            3658100-A1

    BYD AUTO        F3            3658100-A2

    BYD AUTO        F6            3658100

    BYD AUTO        F6            EG 3658100

    BYD AUTO        G6            6AP-3658100

    BYD AUTO        L3            3658100

    BYD AUTO        S6            3658100A

    BYD AUTO        S6            3658100B

    BYD AUTO        Surui         5A-3658100

    BYD AUTO        Surui         5A-3658100B

    Baojun          630           24537297 5WK44411

    Brilliance-auto H530          J3858214

    Brilliance-auto H530          J3858233

    Brilliance-auto Junjie        3051183

    Brilliance-auto Junjie        3101850

    Brilliance-auto Junjie        3491017

    Brilliance-auto Junjie        FRV 3491027

    Brilliance-auto V5            J3858232

    Brilliance-auto ZunCi         3091819

    Brilliance-auto ZunCi         3291018

    Brilliance-auto ZunCi         J3858028

    CHANGAN         ALTO          38910-62L00

    CHANGAN         Benni         3402200-C01

    CHANGAN         Benni         3414070-K02

    CHANGAN         CS35          3414070-W01

    CHANGAN         CS35          3414070-W01-AA

    CHANGAN         CX20          3414070-Q01

    CHANGAN         EADO          3414700-U03(With side airbag)

    CHANGAN         EADO          3414700-U03(Without side airbag)

    CHANGAN         Raeton        3414700-N03

    CHANGAN         YUEXINAG      3414070-F02

    CHANGAN         ZHIXIANG      3414070-F01

    CHERY           A3            M11-3606010

    CHERY           A3            M11-3606010NB

    CHERY           A3            M11-36060VB

    CHERY           A5            A21-3606010

    CHERY           E5            A21-3606010FL

    CHERY           Fuiwin 2      A13-3606010

    CHERY           QQ            QQ6 A13-3606010

    CHERY           Ruiqi         B21-3606010BB

    CHERY           Tiggo         T11-3606011

    CHERY           Tiggo         T11-3606011BA

    CHERY           Tiggo         T11-3606011PD

    CHEVROLET       AVEO          9029659

    CHEVROLET       AVEO          9029660

    CHEVROLET       EPICA         9012527

    CHEVROLET       EPICA         9018740(type1)

    CHEVROLET       EPICA         9018740(type2)

    CHEVROLET       EPICA         96 940 365

    CHEVROLET       LOVA          9012528

    CHEVROLET       LOVA          9029659

    CHEVROLET       LOVA          9035025

    CHEVROLET       LOVA          9070418

    CHEVROLET       SPARK         24522270

    CHEVROLET       SPARK         24522720

    CHEVROLET       SPARK         24544647

    CHEVROLET       SPARK         9033235

    CHEVROLET       SPARK         P2406-10007

    CHEVROLET       Sail          9012494

    CHEVROLET       Sail          9012526

    CHEVROLET       Sail          9024821

    CITROEN         C-Quatre      9665354880

    CITROEN         C-Quatre      9665355080

    CITROEN         C-Quatre      9673624880

    CITROEN         C-triomphe    4YC94953

    CITROEN         C-triomphe    9662643980

    CITROEN         C2            9661872980

    CITROEN         C5            610 79 95 00

    CITROEN         C5            9665495580

    CITROEN         C5            9673787480

    CITROEN         C5            9676739380

    CITROEN         C5            9676739480

    CITROEN         Elysee        601 95 17 00

    CITROEN         Elysee        601 95 18 00

    CITROEN         Elysee        ZQ00811280 5WK44153

    CITROEN         Elysee        ZQ00885680-5WK44325

    CITROEN         Elysee        ZQ00885780

    CITROEN         Picasso       9652276980

    CITROEN         Picasso       9659111980

    Changhe         Beiduxin      38910-59J70-000

    Changhe         Beiduxin      38910-75FA0

    Chrysler        Compass       P68148040AA

    DONGFENG        AODING        28556W6600

    DONGFENG        Dongfeng      82MK-14150

    DONGFENG        Fengshen      U410010J-B0100

    DONGFENG        Fengshen      U410010J-B0101

    DONGFENG        H30           U410010J-B0107

    DONGFENG        JOYEAR        B12-5824010

    DONGFENG        JOYEAR        BX5A-5824020

    DONGFENG        Shuaike       28556 2ZS70

    DONGFENG        Shuaike       28556-2ZS00

    FAW             BenTeng       B50_FA01-57K30-A

    FAW             BenTeng       B50_FA03-57K30

    FAW             BenTeng       B50_FA03-57K30-A

    FAW-DAIHATSU    Xenia         89170-BZ070

    FAW-DAIHATSU    Xenia         89170-BZ080

    FIAT            Palio Sienna  46765164

    FIAT            Palio Sienna  46765165

    FIAT            Palio Sienna  51718981

    FIAT            Perla         5WK43823

    FORD            Fiesta        2009 8V59-14B321-BA

    FORD            Fiesta        8V51-14B321-AH

    FORD            Fiesta        AA6T-14B321-AA

    FORD            Fiesta        AA6T-14B321-BA

    FORD            Fiesta        AA6T-14B321-CA

    FORD            Fucos         4M5T-14B056

    FORD            Fucos         4M5T-14B056-BJ

    FORD            Fucos         8M5T 14B321 BD

    FORD            Fucos         8M5T-14B321-BF

    FORD            Fucos         9M5T 14B321 BA

    FORD            Fucos         CM5T 14B321 CA

    FORD            Maverick      5L84-14B321-DC

    FORD            Mondeo        7S7T 14B056 BB

    FORD            Mondeo        7S7T 14B056 BC

    FORD            Mondeo        AS7T 14B321 BA

    FORD            Mondeo        BS7T 14B32 AC

    FORD            Mondeo        BS7T 14B321 AC

    FORD            S-MAX         7M2T 14B056 AB

    FORD            TRANSIT       6C1T 14B 056 AE

    GEELY           DIHAO         611172500

    GEELY           DIHAO         611172500D

    GEELY           DIHAO         611172600

    GEELY           DIHAO         611172600D

    GEELY           DIHAO         611286500

    GEELY           DIHAO         611286501

    GEELY           DIHAO         620432200

    GEELY           DIHAO         620432200B

    GEELY           DIHAO         620432400

    GEELY           DIHAO         620432400B

    GEELY           DIHAO         625564900

    GEELY           Gleagle       01709536

    GEELY           JinGang       0285 010

    GEELY           JinGang       1709516(type2)

    GEELY           JinGang       J3858048

    GEELY           Panda         1703577(type1)

    GEELY           Yinglun       A020082830X

    GEELY           Yinglun       A020089989J

    GEELY           Yinglun       A020102343P

    GEELY           Yinglun       A020111137Q

    GEELY           Yinglun       SC615_222426

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A0200030180

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A020005158V

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A020006311N

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A020011368V

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A020053633W

    GEELY           Yuanjing      A0201001221

    Great Wall      C30           3658110-J08

    Great Wall      C30           3658110-J08-B

    Great Wall      C30           3658110A-J08

    Great Wall      C50           3658110XJZ08A

    Great Wall      C50           3658110XJZ08B

    Great Wall      COOLBEAR      3658120-Y08

    Great Wall      FLORID        3658120-S08

    Great Wall      FLORID        3658120-S08

    Great Wall      FLORID        3658130-S08

    Great Wall      FLORID        3658130XS08XB

    Great Wall      Hafu          H3_3658160XK88XA

    Great Wall      Hafu          H5 3658160-K84

    Great Wall      Hafu          H6 3658110XKZ16A

    Great Wall      Hafu          M2_3658110-Y08

    Great Wall      Hafu          M4 3658100XS56XA

    Great Wall      Lingao        3658110A-G08

    Great Wall      Mini          3658110-M16-B1

    Great Wall      V80           3658110A-V08

    HAFEI           Saima         MR551 800

    HONDA           Accord        2008 77960-TC0-H211-M

    HONDA           Accord        77960-S84-A86

    HONDA           Accord        77960-SDA-Y614-M1

    HONDA           Accord        77960-SDA-Y615-M1

    HONDA           Accord        77960-SDA-Y630-M1

    HONDA           Accord        77960-SDA-Y840-M1

    HONDA           Accord        SDA-A615-M1(CM5)

    HONDA           CITY          77960-TM0-H821-M3

    HONDA           CITY          77960-TM0-X621-M3

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-SNA-H010-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-SNA-H020-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-SNA-H222-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-SNA-H830-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-TR0-H720-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-TRO-H714-M1

    HONDA           CIVIC         77960-TRO-H715-M1

    HONDA           CRIDER        77960-T6P-H411-M1

    HONDA           CRIDER        77960-T6P-H611-M1

    HONDA           CRV           77960-S9A-Y413-M1

    HONDA           CRV           77960-S9A-Y414-M1

    HONDA           CRV           77960-SWA-H010-M4

    HONDA           CRV           77960-T0A-H911-M4

    HONDA           CRV           77960-T0A-H920-M4

    HONDA           CRV           77960-TOA-H912-M4

    HONDA           ELYSION       77960-SYJ-H111-M4

    HONDA           FIT           2009 77960-TF0-H420-M3

    HONDA           FIT           2009 77960-TF0-H620-M3

    HONDA           FIT           77960-TF0-H621-M3

    HONDA           FIT           77960-TF0-H820-M3

    HONDA           JADE          77960-T4N-H711-M1

    HONDA           ODYSSEY       77960-S3N-N93

    HONDA           ODYSSEY       77960-SLE-H812-M3

    HONDA           SPIRIOR       77960-TP5-H111-M1

    HUAPU           HAIJING       A0200059796

    HYUNDAI         ACCENT        95910-0M000

    HYUNDAI         Elantra       95910-4V100

    HYUNDAI         Genesis       95910-3M250

    HYUNDAI         I30           95910-1Z000

    HYUNDAI         IX35          95910-2Z000

    HYUNDAI         IX35          95910-2Z200

    HYUNDAI         SANTAFE       95910-26200

    HYUNDAI         SANTAFE       95910-26600

    HYUNDAI         SANTAFE       95910-2B170

    HYUNDAI         SANTAFE       95910-2B180

    HYUNDAI         SANTAFE       95910-2B200

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        2010 95910-0R100

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        2010 95910-0R200

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        95910 3D000

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        95910-09100

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        95910-3D200

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        95910-4Q100

    HYUNDAI         SONATA        95910-4Q300

    HYUNDAI         VERNA         95910--0U100

    Haima           HAIMA2        FA03-57-K30M1

    Haima           HAIMA2        FA11-57-K30-M2

    Haima           HAIMA2        FA30-57-K30M2

    Haima           HAIMA2        MA10-57-K30M1

    Haima           HAIMA2        MA20-57-K30M1

    Haima           HAIMA2        MA30-57-K30M1

    Haima           HAIMA2        PA10-57-K30M1(type1)

    Haima           HAIMA2        PA10-57-K30M1(type2)

    Haima           HAIMA3        FA13-57-K30M1

    Haima           Haifuxing     FE12-57-K30

    Haima           Haima 7       SA00-57-K30M1

    Huatai          BOLIGER       36581000S09

    Infiniti        G25           988201NC0A

    Infiniti        G25           988201NC1A

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U2010(type1)

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U2010(type2)

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U2011(type1)

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U2011(type2)

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U7101

    JAC             HeYue         5824901U7101B

    JAC             RUIYING       5824901U1010

    JAC             TongYue       5824901U8010

    JAC             TongYue       5824901U8015

    JINBEI          JINBEI        3414070-F01 J3858038

    JINBEI          JINBEI        605726000

    JINBEI          JINBEI        J3858022 3023317

    JINBEI          JINBEI        J3858023 3023318

    KIA             CERATO        95910-0S500

    KIA             CERATO        95910-2F100

    KIA             CERATO        95910-0S600

    KIA             FURUIDI       95910-1X000

    KIA             K2            95910-4X000

    KIA             K3            95910-B5000

    KIA             K3            95910-B5100

    KIA             K5            95910-4M400

    KIA             RIO           95910-0C300

    KIA             SOUL          95910-2X000

    KIA             Sorento       95960-3E100

    KIA             Sportage R    95910-4T200

    KIA             Sportage R    95910-4T250

    LAND_ROVER      Freelander    5WK4 3117 22050312

    LAND_ROVER      Freelander    9H52 14D374 AD

    LIFAN           LIFAN 620     B3658100(type1)

    LIFAN           LIFAN 620     B3658100(type2)

    LIFAN           LIFAN520      LAX3658100B1

    LIFAN           LIFAN520      LAX3658100D1(Dual channel)

    LUXGEN          U7            28556SU110

    Landwind        FengSheng     3414070-B01

    Landwind        LAND WIND     5820011LC J3858107

    Landwind        Yusheng       J3858126

    Liebao          CS6           CA110182

    Liebao          Feiteng       CA800278

    Liebao          Feiteng       CH800307

    Liebao          Liebao        J3858059

    Liebao          QIBING        CA800216

    Linian          S1            77960-SOL-H410-M2

    Lotus           L3            EC5824106N

    MAZDA           Family 323    B30K 57 K30 B 5F24B

    MAZDA           Family 323    FA03-57-K30M2

    MAZDA           Family 323    FA11-57-K30M2

    MAZDA           HAPPIN        HMCA-57-K30M1A

    MAZDA           M3            BFF4 57 K30

    MAZDA           M3            BHL6 57K30 A

    MAZDA           M5            W2T80271

    MAZDA           M7            EH62 57 K30A K0273

    MAZDA           M8            L20 657 K30

    MAZDA           MAZAD M2      DG80-57K30-A

    MAZDA           MAZAD M2      DG80-57K30-B

    MAZDA           Mazda6        GS1D-57K30

    MAZDA           Mazda6        GS1D-57k30B

    MAZDA           PREMACY       C175 57 K30 B 5J11B

    MAZDA           PREMACY       C176 57 K30 B 3G09A

    MAZDA           PREMACY       C176 57 K30 B 6H21A

    MG              MG3           10104454 01

    MG              MG3           10104458 01

    MG              MG3           400000092

    MG              MG6           10001800

    MG              MG6           10043844-06

    MG              MG7           609 90 97 00 AA

    MG              MG7           610 39 64 00B

    MITSABISHI      ASX           8635A215

    MITSABISHI      ASX           8635A303

    MITSABISHI      ASX           P8635A055

    MITSABISHI      Eclipse       MN141170

    MITSABISHI      Galant        MN141536

    MITSABISHI      LEOPAARD      MR268 157

    MITSABISHI      Lancer EX     P8635A062

    MITSABISHI      Lancer EX     P8635A247

    MITSABISHI      Lancer EX     TGBMH161000945

    MITSABISHI      Lancer EX     TGBMH293902189

    MITSABISHI      Lancer EX     TGBMH348901005

    MITSABISHI      Outlander     2009 TCJME1368J

    MITSABISHI      Outlander     MN141 499 DPB

    MITSABISHI      Outlander     P8635A206

    MITSABISHI      Outlander     P8635A207

    MITSABISHI      Pajreo Sport  8635A123

    MITSABISHI      V73           W2T65271

    MITSABISHI      V97           8635A183L

    MITSABISHI      Zinger        8635A160

    NISSAN          BLUEBIRD      5E910

    NISSAN          BLUEBIRD      5E911

    NISSAN          Cefiro        98820-3L400

    NISSAN          LIVINA        285561YPOA

    NISSAN          LIVINA        28556CJ00D

    NISSAN          MARCH         285561HD1A

    NISSAN          Murano        988201AH3A

    NISSAN          NISSAN pickup VK000

    NISSAN          NV200         28556JX03B

    NISSAN          PALADIN       285569S60A

    NISSAN          Qashqai       28556-JE20A

    NISSAN          Qashqai       28556-JE40B

    NISSAN          Qashqai       98820 JE30A

    NISSAN          Qashqai       98820-3ZB0A

    NISSAN          Qashqai       98820-JE50A

    NISSAN          Qashqai       98820-JE50B

    NISSAN          SUNNY         7M605

    NISSAN          Sylphy        2009 98820EX70A

    NISSAN          Sylphy        28556EW32C

    NISSAN          Sylphy        28556EW32E

    NISSAN          Sylphy        28556EW33E

    NISSAN          Sylphy        EW32D

    NISSAN          TEANA         2010 28556-JC20A

    NISSAN          TEANA         28556-JC20B

    NISSAN          TEANA         98820 JN30A

    NISSAN          TIIDA         6EU10A

    NISSAN          Venucia       28556-2FJ0A

    NISSAN          X-Trail       28556-1DE0B

    NISSAN          X-Trail       98820-1DF0A

    NISSAN          X-Trail       98820-1DF0B

    OPEL            Astra         13 246 041

    OPEL            Astra         13 251 081

    OPEL            Astra         13 288 174

    OPEL            ZAFIRA        13 246 046

    PEUGEOT         206           600 23 72 00

    PEUGEOT         207           9660349980

    PEUGEOT         307           2009 9665355680

    PEUGEOT         307           9652712180

    PEUGEOT         307           9654491180

    PEUGEOT         307           9673626980 2011 Year

    PEUGEOT         307           9673628880

    PEUGEOT         508           96 786 568 80

    PEUGEOT         Peugeot 408   2010 408 9673786980

    PEUGEOT         Peugeot 408   9673787080

    PEUGEOT         Peugeot 408   9802958480

    RENAULT         Koleos        98820-JY10A

    RENAULT         MEGANE        605 49 01 00

    Roewe           Roewe350      10100784-01

    Roewe           Roewe350      50019358-06

    Roewe           Roewe750      10003953 01

    Roewe           Roewe750      10008700

    Roewe           Roewe750      YWC91161

    Roewe           Rover 550     10043844 05

    SKOKDA          Fabia         6R0 959 655 B

    SKOKDA          Fabia         6RD 959 655

    SKOKDA          Fabia         6RD 959 655 A

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       5WK44161

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       J3858207

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       J3858209

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       J3858210

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       SW803814

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       SW803815

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Lingyue       SW806408 J3858172

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Soveran       SW806408

    SOUEAST-MOTOR   Zinger        W2T65672-8635A 159

    SSANGYONG       Actyon        86251-31040

    SSANGYONG       Kyron         86250-09041

    SSANGYONG       Rexton        86250-08121

    SSANGYONG       Rexton        86251-31010

    SUBARU          SUBARU        98221SA140

    SUBARU          SUBARU        98221SC030

    SUBARU          Tribeca       98221XA05A

    SUZUKI          LIANA         38910-59J70

    SUZUKI          LIANA         38910-C14B0

    SUZUKI          Landy         38910-82J0

    SUZUKI          SWIFT         38910 77J00 000

    SUZUKI          SWIFT         38910-77J00

    SUZUKI          SWIFT         38910-77J01-000

    SUZUKI          SWIFT         38910-77J02-000

    SUZUKI          SWIFT         38910-77J20-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56K00

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56K01-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56K10-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56K11-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56K21-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56k02-000

    SUZUKI          SX4           38910-56k12-000

    ShuGuang        Shuguang      J3858226

    TJFAW           Weizhi        89170-52K70

    TJFAW           Weizhi        V5 89170-TKA00

    TJFAW           Xiali         N5_89170-TBA00

    TOYOTA          CAMRY         89170-06190

    TOYOTA          CAMRY         89170-06330

    TOYOTA          CAMRY         89170-06340

    TOYOTA          CAMRY         89170-33260

    TOYOTA          COROLLA       89170-02430

    TOYOTA          COROLLA       89170-02A90

    TOYOTA          CROWN         89170-ONO10

    TOYOTA          Highlander    89170-0E040

    TOYOTA          Jeep          89170-60200

    TOYOTA          LAND CRUISER  89170-60170

    TOYOTA          LAND CRUISER  89170-60650

    TOYOTA          LEXUS         ES350_89170-33560

    TOYOTA          Land Cruiser  89170-60110

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-0R030

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-0R040

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-0R041

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-0R050

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-42230

    TOYOTA          RAV4          89170-42640

    TOYOTA          REIZ          89170-0P010

    TOYOTA          VIOS          89170-0D500

    TOYOTA          Yaris         89170-0D400

    VW              BORA          6R0 959 655 B

    VW              BORA          6RD 959 655 A

    VW              BORA          6RD 959 655 B

    VW              CC            5ND 959 655A

    VW              LAVIDA        6R0 959 655

    VW              LAVIDA        6RD 959 655 B

    VW              LAVIDA        6RD 959 655A

    VW              LAVIDA        6RD 959 655C

    VW              Magotan       3CD 959 655

    VW              Magotan       3CD 959 655A

    VW              Magotan       5ND 959 655B

    VW              Magotan       5ND 959 655C

    VW              POLO          6Q0 909 601 F

    VW              POLO          6Q0 909 601 F(With switch)

    VW              POLO          6Q0-909-601 E(With switch)

    VW              POLO          6Q0-909-601E

    VW              POLO          6RD 959 655 D

    VW              Tiguan        1T0 909 605 D

    VW              Tiguan        5ND 959 655A

    VW              Tiguan        5ND 959 655B

    VW              Tiguan        5ND 959 655C

    VW              Tiguan        VW10_5ND 959 655

    VW              Touran        1T0 909 605D

    WuLin           Hongguan      24519199

    WuLin           Hongguan      24557699

    WuLin           Hongguan      24557700 2011 Year

    ZHONGTAI        ZhongTai      3658010-06

    ZHONGTAI        ZhongTai      3658010-A01

    ZHONGTAI        ZhongTai      3658010BA-A01

CG-100  V5.1.4.0 (2019.07.31)

1. Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models

  Besturn B70 ZB131D

  Besturn X40 ZB1201A

  Besturn X40 ZB1201B2

  Honda CRV 78100-TLZ-H313

  Honda Odyssey 78100-T6D-H421M1

  Honda CRIDER 78100-T6P-H013

  Honda Civic 78100-TES-H010

  Honda Civic 78100-TET-H112

  Honda Civic 78100-TET-H120

  Dongfeng AX3 Z410010J-F0500

  Dongfeng FENGON 360 3820010-FB03

  Dongfeng FENGON 580 3820010-SA02

  Dongfeng DFSK K-CAR 3820010-EK03

  Ford MAVERICK JV4T-10849-RB

  JMC Yusheng S330 FS1-10849-EK

  Suzuki Alivio 34100-78M90-000

CG-100  V5.1.3.0  NEW (2019.07.23) Pleasedownload software Here

1. Universal programmer increases chip model Infineon TC222       
Renesas R5F61721 Read function(Write function is already supported)
Renesas R5F61723 Read function(Write function is already supported)
Renesas R5F61725 Read function(Write function is already supported)
Renesas R5F61726 Read function(Write function is already supported)
Renesas R5F61797 Read function(Write function is already supported)

2. Mileage(8 pin) Increase the following models
KIA K3 94003-B5180
KIA CARENS 94006-1D750
KIA Sportage 94003-03060
BAIC Huansu H3 38200000-B32 V2
BAIC Huansu H3 38200000-J02
BAIC Huansu S3 38200000-B24-000
BAIC Weiwang M30S ZY-ZB116B-36 A00063275
FAW Junpai D60 83800-TFA70
Baojun 310 23560288
Baojun 310 23893181
Baojun 730 23930731 V2
Baojun 730 23930732 V2
HYUNDAI Avante 94003-4V560
HYUNDAI Avante 94013-4V760
HYUNDAI Accent 94003-0M001 V2
HYUNDAI Yuxiang 94003-0R100
Besturn B50 3820015-EY LB107 ZB1190A
CHANGAN CS75 3820010-M06
WULING Journey Altria 3820010-G48
ZOTYE Z300 3820010-A01 V2
CHEVROLET Sail 90801835
Jinbei HIACE 3820100-B02

3. 9S12->WuLing->WuLing van 2013 Update wiring diagram.
4. Universal programmer->NEC->R7F701402 Optimized timing.
5. From the next version, in the update prompt box click "Update Later", you can use the software normally, force update is no longer required.

CG100 PROG III Full Version Packing Including:

1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
1pc x Key Adapter
1pc x CAN Adapter
12pcs x Welding Lin
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x 12V Power Supply
1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
1pc x EEPROM Adapter
1pc x AVR Adapter
1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
1pc x FLASH Adapter
cg100 prog full package

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CG100 Prog III | How to Register account and Find password

CG100 Prog III Functions Introduction

CG100 Prog III Read and Write airbag Toyota 89170 06A30

CG100 Prog III | Multimeter to Wiring airbag Toyota 89170-06A30 Demo

CG100 Prog III Automatic Repair Airbag LandRover DK62 14D374 AG