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How to use VVDI Key Tool Unlock Key With Renew Adapter?

Here we will display VVDI Key Tool Unlock For Chrysler OEM Fobik Key With CRSL Renew Adapter ( We use NO.10 renew adapter) .
1.Use VVDI Key Tool read Key information in transponder clone function.

 It will show chip information and locked status.

2.Choose Remote Renew function in VVDI Key Tool menu.

3.Choose for chrysler detailed car model and chip type.

4.Then it will show which adapter you need to use.

5.Open for Chrysler key case,and take out PCB.

6.Put the chip into CRSL Renew Adapter (NO.10 renew adapter) and lock them well.

7.Use programming cable connect Renew adapter and VVDI Key Tool.

8.Press Write.process.Then Renew success.If got IC error,please try it again.If your key type,car model,and chip type,key outlook are supported,try it again . Then will be successfully.

9.Put back the key pcb,and read the key information again.It shows “Unlocked” status.