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Audi A6L all key lost new key made by VVDI2 and VVDI PROG

Step1. Open Audi A6L engine cover, find the engine and disassemble it. Remove the engine ECU.

Warm up the ECU edge to open ECU safely, find the 95320 chip as below, desolder the chip and put it on VVDI PROG to read data.

Step2. Open VVDI PROG software, choose correct “Type”, “Brand” and “Chip” at right side. Click “New” and “Read” then “Save” to save the bin file. Remove the chip 95320 from VVDI PROG, solder it back to engine ECU and reinstall ECU to Audi A6L.
Step3. Open Xhorse VVDI2 software and choose “Audi” option. Click “Special Function” on top menu bar. Then click “EEPROM Data Processing Tool”. First you need to calculate the CS code: choose “EEPROM Simons PPDIx- Reset component protection data”.

Step4. Click “Read” and load the bin file that is read out just now, click “Open”. And you can see the CS code as picture, record it with your camera or pen.

Next is to calculate the PIN code. Back to “EEPROM Data Processing Tool” dropdown menu and choose “EEPROM Simons PPDIx- Security Access Code”. Click “Read” and load the bin file, PIN code is read out. Record the code.

Step5. Back to Xhorse VVDI2 software main menu; choose “Key Learning” and “Audi A6/A7” option. Input the CS code and PIN code then you can see the buttons “Learning Key” and “Generate Dealer Key” are working.
Put a new remote key chip into VVDI2 coil. Click “Generate Dealer Key” and it will show success soon.
Step6. This step is going to learn key. Disconnect the short insurance line and connect it again.

Now take out the remote chip and put it close to car’s ignition data coil. Open and close the car door. Turn on ignition and press down brake. Click “Learning Key” and you can see learning success.
Step7. This is the last step: read out EZS-EEPROM (J518) EEPROM to generate the OEM remote control.
Choose chip type “9S1201128” then save EZS-EEPROM (J518) EEPROM file. And start to generate the OEM remote control.
Choose the EEPROM file to open then put the remote control vertically into VVDI2 coil. Click “Open” and “Next”.

The OEM remote control is generated successfully! Assemble it to the new key and test. Now Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer and VVDI2 Tool together make a new key successfully for Audi A6L all key lost! The car will start and the remote function will work!