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[EU/UK Ship]V3.2.2.0 CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Car Key Programmer Standard Version with 17 Authorizations

[EU/UK Ship]V3.2.2.0 CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 Car Key Programmer Standard Version with 17 Authorizations

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CGDI BMW is a high-performance product integrating BMW service functions:
1. Key matching, no disassembly and no damage
2. Fault clerance, programming and coding
3. Anti-theft repair, data recovery
4. Mileage correction, eliminate red dots
5. EGS erased, ISN modified

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by Mr.Peter on Apr 15, 2020
does it can read isn from engine computer directly
Replied by Susan on Apr 16, 2020
Yes, it can do this
by Mr.Pat on Mar 22, 2020
does it support update for f30 328d edc17c50
Replied by Susan on Mar 24, 2020
yes, it support
by Mr.Romualdas on Oct 21, 2019
does it with all authorizations?
Replied by Susan on Oct 26, 2019
this one come with 17 authorizations, for the new function--
CGDI BMW Upgrade MSV90/N20/N55/N13/B38/B48/B58/MSD80/MSD81/MSD85/MSD87 Read ISN No Need Opening
You need pay extra:
by Allan Pietersen on Sep 13, 2019
Hi, please can you upload a pdf file of CGDI BMW MSV80 showing how to program
EWS 1-3 keys?
Thanking You
Replied by Susan on Sep 16, 2019
Sorry, we do not have pdf for ews 1-3 key programming right now

once factory offer it in future, we will upload it on our website
by Mr.Bigal on Sep 8, 2019
Hi, please can you upload CG-DI working with EWS 1-3.
Thanking you in advance.
Replied by Susan on Sep 9, 2019
Hi friend

V2.6.0 CGDI BMW Added: EWS1-3 key matching function already

If you need, do not miss
by Mr.Oosthuysen on Aug 26, 2019
i have a BMW E92 335i N54 CAS3 03/2007, if your cgdi bmw can downgrade my CAS
Replied by Susan on Aug 26, 2019
No, cgdi bmw do not support this function
by Mr.mahmoud on Jul 29, 2019
does cgdi bmw can clone MSD85
Replied by Susan on Jul 29, 2019
No, it can not do this
by Mr.Bigal on Jun 10, 2019
Hi Walter, thanks for the information regarding the EWS 1-3 key matching. Do I have to buy an extra module to do EWS 1-3 key matching or is it done straight via OBD2.
Thanks in advance.

Replied by Susan on Jun 10, 2019
Hi friend

It can not work via obd2 directly for ews 1-3 key matching

You need depart it
by Mr.Gramatikov on Jun 9, 2019
does cgdi bmw support add keys and all key lost for BMW i8 2016
Replied by Susan on Jun 9, 2019
Yes, it support add keys and all key lost for your car
by Mr.Bigal on Jun 7, 2019
Hi Eobdtool, Does this programmer have EWS 1-3 key matching?
Thanks in advance
Replied by Walter on Jun 9, 2019
Dear customer,
Yes, it has the EWS1-3 key matching function.

It is right in our product description.

CG-DI V2.6.0 (2019.03.05)

1. Added: EWS1-3 key matching function.
by calinroge on Jun 1, 2019
what languages does the CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 support?
Replied by Walter on Jun 1, 2019
it supports English and Chinese,sir.
by Mr.Horea on Apr 30, 2019
I bought CGDI BMW FULL , and i receive EFScanner. RV580669665GB
I sent back the package for exchane with CGDI but no answer for seller. DPD tracking no.00085004074179
this is not OK , when they want money, they instantly respond to messages. After paying you no longer receive a response from them.
Attention is not serious!!! my order is from 4 April and till now not receive the CGDI
by Mr.Elhage on Apr 4, 2019
this item makes keys cas 2 bmw via obd?
Replied by Susan on Apr 11, 2019
yes, it support this
by Mr.Maksimas on Mar 19, 2019
Can read isn in EGS BMW E70 6hp and 8hp and write to cas
Replied by Susan on Mar 19, 2019
yes, cgdi bmw support this
by Mr.jukka on Mar 4, 2019
thanks for your fast delivery
by Mr.Adrian on Feb 24, 2019
does it come with all functions?
Replied by Susan on Mar 10, 2019
Yes, all function available for free
by Mr.Robter on Sep 25, 2018
i got the parcel, while there is no softwre cd, could you send me download link?
by Mr.juan on Sep 12, 2018
uk ship no tax
by Mr.PAULO on Sep 4, 2018
i need CAS Mileage Reset, have cgdi prog mb as well, could you help
by Alberto Bergaz Alonso on Jul 31, 2018
It doesn't work. I did the process as it showed, all the steps and everything seems ok but at the end it syas again "35E1 device not activated"
What should I do?
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