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Product Description

  1. OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C package full version:
  2. 1. Support ECU Clone, IMMO Key programming, Mileage correction, full system diagnosis and special functions
  3. 2. With P001 programmer, RT001 Remote Tester, Induction Coil for free
  4. 3. Newly add Switch Activation Function, Add “Help” Functions
  5. 4. Good news! Now Buy obdstar x300 dp plus ship from UK warehouse direct, faster, more convenient, No Tax!
OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus 8 Inch Tablet Key Programmer Full Package(Contact us via to get amzing price)

obdstar x300 dp plus

Dealer Code: 860755B1
Language : English
Update : One year free update online, the update cost is 299USD/year, after first year

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus CONFIGURATION C Fucntion Coveage:
1.Immobilizer key programming
(support EEPROM,Renew Key, Key programming, Remote programming, all key lost, VW Audi 4th and 5th IMMO function, key frequency test, pin code reading.)
2.Pin code BSI Service
3.Mileage correction
4.OBD2/EOBD Basic engine Diagnosis
5.Oil Service reset
6.ABS Bleeding Service
7.Battery matching
8.ECU programming
9.EPB Service
10.Throttle programming
11.Airbag rest
13.SAS Steering angle rest
14.DPF Service Reset
15.Injector coding
16.Supension matching
17.Gear learning
18.CVT learning
20.Key renewing
21.ECU cloning
22.Adapter P001 programmer
23.C001/C002  circuit board
24.W001/W002/W003 data cable
25.Ignition coil test
26.Remote key test

This device is a new Android-based vehicle trouble diagnostic device developed for internet applications. It inherits from OBDSTAR advanced diagnosing technology and it is characterized by covering wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing precise result. Through vehicle diagnostic OBD connector and variant mobile intelligent terminals, it achieves vehicle trouble diagnosis for full car model and full system vehicle.
Meanwhile, taking advantage of mobile internet, this device integrates more application and service, such as Maintenance Database, remote assistant, One Key Upgrade etc.
If you need, please feel free to contact us via to get best price

Hardware Advantages:
1. Built-in VCI box offers more stable communication. 

2. 8-inch touchscreen offers better vision experience.

3. Charge directly via OBD interface, Not like the X300 DP 7" Pad, which need to be 100% charged before use.

4. Practical and high-end gift box

5. Industrial design with silicone case

6. Back bracket design:prop on the steering wheel or stand on the table

8. P001 programmer: EEPROM adapter + RFID adapter(VW Audi 4th / 5th IMMO programming and other cars e.g Porsche, BMW, Fiat etc.) + Key Renew adapter

9. Add the clip of reading SOP 8PIN EEPROM

10. C001/C002 circuit board to read and write chip data with welding 

11. IMMO induction coil to detect the key induction coil failure of the vehicle.

12. Add wiring harness of ECU reading by OBD (for ECU cloning and switch activation)

Software Advantages:

1. EEPROM    

2. Renew Key    

3. Key programming    

4. Remote programming

Cluster Calibrate: wild vehicle coverage, pls check the carlist

Diagnosis: realize all vehicle systems diagnosis

Special Functions
TPS/ABS/EPB/DPF/TPMS/SRS Reset/Fuel Injector/Gear Learning/Battery Matching/ECU Programming/Throttle Matching/

Oil service reset/Steering Angle Reset/Remote Manual Setting/Electronic Steering Reset/CVT Learning alue Reset

ECU Clone
1. ECU Clone, means ECU duplication.
The device copies all the data from the original vehicle ECU, and then writes all data copied into ECU with the same hardware to realize the same ECU function with the original vehicle.

2. Clone directly when replacing a new or a used ECU!
Without online matching in 4S store or removal of ECU bonding wire for reading and writing! Directly write without dismantling OBD!    

3. Three features for ECU Clone: 
A. Free of 4S online:
 break monopoly from 4S, benefiting automobile maintenance industry

B. Simplified operation procedures: realize foolproof operation
C. Non-dismantling with zero risks: read and write data without dismantling ECU

Switch Activation Function
(Today many instruments or audio of vehicles activate secondary power supply to go into power-on status by relevant module CAN communication on the vehicle, but sometimes an instrument or an audio is separated from vehicle CANBUS network, causing startup failure when it needs to 
be repaired by an auto technician. This function can simulate CAN communication to activate secondary power supply, so the instrument or the audio enters into power on status. In this way,  it not only can test and verify the instrument or the audio, but also save an enormous cost for an auto technician to purchase a large number of startup platforms of various vehicles and wiring harnesses!)

Add “Help” Functions
1. including built-in testable vehicle models, upgrade announcement, features, help notes and wiring diagrams, etc.

2. Car list and upgrade announcement, all details are available on the device

3. Customers can look up the features or uniquely support functions on the device

4.  Help notes: built-in help notes for each model or function

5. Wiring diagrams: built-in ECU wiring diagrams, more intuitionistic and convenient 

How to use OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Induction Coil?
I. Functional Overview:
Induction Coil is used to detect the key induction coil failure of the vehicle.

II. Application Method:
Attach the Induction Coil to the key induction coil, and insert the key or turn ignition on, while Induction Coil red indicator lights up and goes out, indicating the key induction coil is good;the indicator does not illuminate to indicate the key coil is damaged, please check and repair or replace.
x300 dp plus induction coil

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus PAD2 Update Manual
Tap "One Key Upgrade"  to enter one key upgrade page, as following picture shown:
obdstar x300 dp plus update

Tap “One Key Upgrade” to start downloading, enter main interface after finishing downloading. (Notes: Ensure internet connection is normal when updating. Besides, because of many software, it may take several minutes, please wait patiently) If need to cancel a software, just tap corresponding Check Box as following picture shown:


● Operation system: Android 5.1.1

● CPU: Exynos4418  Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 1.4GHz

● Battery: 3700mA, rechargeable polymer lithium battery

● Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD (TF) card supported

● Memory capacity:1GB

● Storage capacity: 32GB

● LCD: 8.0 inch

● LCD resolution: 1280*800

● Touch screen: Capacitive touch screen

● Camera: 5 mega rear view camera

● Wi-Fi: supported

● Working temperature: -10℃  ~  55℃(14℉  ~  131℉ )

● Storage temperature: -20℃  ~  70℃(-4℉  ~ 158℉ )

● Weight: about 1.0 Kg

● Dimension: 254mm*174*mm*35mm

A Package:
Immobilizer+Special function(EEPROM+Key Renewing)Adapter(P001 programmer+C001circuit board+C002 circuit board+W001 cable+W002 data cable+W003 data cable)
+others(Ignition coil+Remote tester) 

B Package:
Immobilizer+Special function(EEPROM+Key Renewing)+Mileage correction+Adapter(P001 programmer+C001 circuit board+C002  circuit board+W001 data cable+W002 data cable+W003 data cable)+others(Ignition coil+Remote tester) 

C Package:
Immobilizer+Mileage correction+Diagnosis+Special function (Oil rest +ABS+Battery matching+ECU programming+EPB+Throttle programming+Airbag rest+TPMS+Steering angle rest+OBDII+DPF+
Injector code+Supension matching+Gear learning+CVT learning+EEPROM+Key renewing+ECU cloning)Adapter(P001 programmer+C001 circuit board+C002 circuit board+W001 data cable+
W002 data cable+W003 data cable)+others(Ignition coil+Remote tester)

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus A Package, B Package and C package comparison:
obdstar x300 dp plus

OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS vs. Lonsdor K518ISE
obdstar x300 dp plus vs lonsdor k518ise
obdstar x300 dp plus vs k518ise

S/N Features & Functions Obdstar X300  DP Plus Obdstar X300  DP
 obdstar x300 dp plus  obdstar x300 dp
  Hardware & Design    
1 Screen size and industrial design Better Good
2 Back holder ×
3 Work separately without VCI ×
4 Charged by OBDII ×
5 4 Toyota emulators ×
6 P001 programmer ×
7 Wiring harness for new functions, such as ECU cloning and switch activation ×
1 Immobilizer
2 Mileage
4 ECU Clone ×
5 Switch activation function ×
6 "Help" function - covers built-in support car list,
upgrade announcement,
help  notes and wiring diagrams
7 No need pay for software update for FREE during the valid time (one year) ×

Package List:
Key Master DP Plus Unit
Main Wire
12V2A DC Charger
OBD II-16 Connector
IMMO Induction Coil
Muti-functional Jumper
P001 Programmer Unit
C001/C002 Circuit Board
Configuration List/Certificate/Quick Start Guide Fold
OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus package
OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus package

Q: Does the tool remain available to use after the one year update?
A: Yes, you still can use it after one year update

Q: If i keep 2 years without updating how can i update it after? will i need to pay for all the previous updates?
A: You just need pay one year update cost, it is ok

Q: Does x300 dp plus support 2017 Nissan X-Trail programming?
A: It support smart key programming for this car

Q: Will this work a 2010 Honda accord key programming?
A: Usa Accord Immobiliser 2008-2012 2013
    Asia Accord 2002-2008
    Australia Accord 2008-
    Europe Accord 2009-
    Please check which area your accord belong to?If it is Aisa Accord, then not support, if from other area, then it support.

Q: Can i do ecu replacement/programing on peugeot 406 & 308 with this tool?
A: Yes

Q: Will this support odometer programming for 2013 volvo s60, 2013 ford f-150, or 2015 dodge ram?
A: Yes, it does


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OBDSTAR Key Master DP Plus do 2015 BAOJUN 730 ECM Reset and Programming

Tech Support

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Register Manual and Update Log
Obdstar X300 DP Plus reigster Guide

1.Turn on obdstar DP PLUS

2.Select “Setting” in the menu

3.Select “User information”

4.Connect the power and charge it(Register password appears automatically)

5.Input user information

Fill in the information in each field (Items with * must be filled). After inputting, tap “OK” if you have registered to be a member, click “The user information” to enter user login page, as following picture shown:

Obdstar X300 DP Plus PAD2 Update Log:

Latest Cluster Calibration Update
VW Golf7 2012-2014.06
Audi A3 2012-2014.06
Seat Leon 2012-2014.06
Skoda Octavia 2012-2014.06

Upgrade Announcement of January 2019
1. Increased the security mechanisms
2. Increased the SWFL version with key programming
3. Solved the security verification failure in part of models
4. Solved the problem of car start failure with remote key after successful key programming in part of models

1. Increased NEC24C64 MQB key programming
2. Solved Magotan 46 chip generate key failure
3. Solved the flashback problem in automatic recognition of NEC24C32 dashboard

Optimized 2016- Grand Cherokee pincode reading function

1. Increased Cadillac 2017-CT6 smart key system
2. Increased Cadillac 2017-XT4 smart key system
3. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette smart key system

1. Increased 2018 CX4 smart key system
2. Increased 2018 Atenza smart key system

Increased Transit 2014- remote programming

1. Optimized 08- Megane key programming function
2. Optimized 07-11 Laguna key programming function

Cluster Calibration
1. Increased Cadillac 2017- CT6 cluster calibration
2. Increased Cadillac 2017- XT4 cluster calibration
3. Increased Chevrolet 2017- Corvette cluster calibration

1. Optimized the low speed problem in Edge EEPROM reading and writing
2. Optimized the low speed problem in KUGA 2012- EEPROM reading and writing
3. Optimized the low speed problem in New Mondeo EEPROM reading and writing

1. Optimized the menu
2. Optimized Compass 2018 cluster calibration (enter system 10 60 mode and then enter its 10 03 extend mode)

ECU Programming
Solved the security verification failure in part of models.     
Update Announcement on  13.12.2018
Lastet IMMO Update

No Need Pincode
BR453 Key Programming Bypass via OBD

Increased TWINGO 2014-(No Need Pincode)
Key Programming and data recovery function

Increased XRAY 2015-(No Need Pincode)
Key programming and data recovery function

Increased LODGY type2 (No Need Pincode)
Key programming and data recovery function

500(2008-)/GRAND PUNTO(2006-)/PUNTO(2006)
Pincode read and precode key via OBD

Update Announcement on  07.12.2018
Renault Clio 4/CAPTUR key programming
Ford Transit 2013 key programming type1
Maserati key programming and smart key system
Fait 3379+93c86 reading and writing FLASH function
GM 2017-2018 key programming bypass and cluster calibration
Buick/Cadillac/Chevrolet/GMC key programming (no need 20-digit authorization code)
Fiat/Lancia/Iveco/Alfa Romeo pre-coding and key programming
Ferrari 458/F12/F149 key programming and remote programming
VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat MQB key programming & MQB cluster calibration
Peugeot 7.4.4/7.4.5 engine pin code reading and 5008 smart key system
Mercedes-Benz Smart BR453 2015- key programming bypass (coming soon)
Renault Lodgy/Twingo/Lada Xray 2015- key programming bypass (coming soon)
Opel X14XE/X16XEL.Z12XE/Z14XE/Z14XEP/Z16XE engine pin code reading (coming soon)

Update Announcement on 30.11.2018
New Increased:
Verna IMMO system
IX35 remote system
Mistra 2014- remote system
Avante 2012- remote system
Accent 2005- remote system
I30 2009-2013 remote system
SONTA NF 2009-2010 remote system
Verna 2010-2016 remote system
Elant 2004-2017 remote system
SONTA EF 2004-2008 remote system
Increased remote system type 6
Elantra 2008-2011/2012- remote system
Verna 2017 IMMO system and remote system
IX25 2014- IMMO system and remote system
New Tucson 2012- IMMO system and remote system
Verna 2016-2017 remote system and smart key system
Sonata 2015-2017 remote system and smart key system
Elantra HDC EV IMMO system, remote system and smart key system
New Elantra 2017 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system
Sonata 8 2011-2016 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system
Optimized 2008-2011Elantra key programming procedure:
Firstly enter the pin code, then start key programming

New Increased:
K2 2011 remote system
K3 2012- remote system
K5 2011-2013 remote system
Remote system type4 and type5
Cadenza (VG)2010-2011 remote system
OPTIMA 2004-2014 remote system
SORENTO 2007-2008 remote system
SPORTAGE 2008-2014 remote system
CARENS/RONDO 2014-2016 remote system
KX3 IMMO system and remote system
CADENZA/K7 IMMO system and remote system
KX5 remote system and smart key system
KX7 remote system and smart key system
Cadenza (VG)2013-2016 remote system and smart key system
OPTIMA(MAGENTIS) 2007-2010 remote system and smart key system
Smart key system (no card slot) type7
BORREGO 2009-2011 smart key system
CARNIVAL(SEDONA)1998-2001 IMMO system
OPIRUS(AMANTI) 2009-2010 IMMO system, remote system and smart key system

1.Increased IMMO pre-coding function
2.Increased remote programming function
3.Increased Viaggio vehicles pre-coding function
4.Develop key programming function(all models)
5.Increased 3379+93C86 reading and writing FLASH function
6.Increased ECU version information collection in pre-coding process
7.First released Fiat(Brazil Only)/Ferrari/Alfa Romeo Key Programming
8.Increased network connection prompt and detection in IMMO pre-coding function 
Optimized the 3K91D pre-coding
Optimized Viaggio vehicles (no dentate knob) key programming

New Increased in pin code reading:
1.Increased Lacrosse 2017- BCM pin code reading
2.Increased Regal 2017- BCM pin code reading
3.Increased Envision 2017- BCM pin code reading
4.Increased Encore 2017- BCM pin code reading
5.Increased GL8(2.5L) 2017- BCM pin code reading

1.Increased ATS 2017- BCM pin code reading
2.Increased ATSL 2017- BCM pin code reading
3.Increased XTS 2018- BCM pin code reading
4.Increased XT5 2017- BCM pin code reading
5.Increased CT6 2017- BCM pin code reading
6.Increased Escalade 2018- BCM pin code reading

1.Increased Cruze 2017- BCM pin code reading
2.Increased Malibu 2017- BCM pin code reading
3.Increased XL Malibu XL 2017- BCM pin code reading
4.Increased Camaro 2016- BCM pin code reading
5.Increased SILVERADO 2017- BCM pin code reading
6.Increased SUBURBAN 2017- BCM pin code reading
7.Increased TAHOE 2017- BCM pin code reading

1. Increased SIERRA 2017- BCM pin code reading
2. Increased YUKON 2017- BCM pin code reading
New Increased in smart key system:

1. Envision 2017- smart key system
2. GL8(2.5L) 2017- smart key system

1.Camaro 2017- smart key system
2.Silverado 2017- smart key system
3.Suburban 2017- smart key system
4.Tahoe 2017- smart key system

1. XTS 2018- smart key system
2. Escalade 2018- smart key system

1. Sierra 2017- smart key system
2. Yukon 2017- smart key system
Optimized Buick Excelle 2015-2017 without smart key system
Increased the network connection prompt and detection in BCM pin code reading function

1.Increased Peugeot 5008 smart key system
2.Optimized 2017 Citroen C4 smart key system

1.Increased the internet status judgement
2.Optimized the Johnson control dashboard function
3.Optimized some old models long-time waiting problem in cluster calibration

1.Increased Clio 4/CAPTUR
2.Optimized Clio 4 and relevant prompt
3.Optimized Megane 02-08/DUSTER 14-18 key programming function

1.Optimized pin code reading procedure
2.Increased DACIA pin code reading menu
3.Increased prompt for some models don’t support
4. Increased 95040 pin code calculator
(support:DUSTER 2010-2014 LOGAN ; 2010-2013 SYMBOL 2010-2013)  Read PinCode --- Type 3(From 95040 EEPROM)

1.Increased KA models pre-coding function
2.Increased 2013- Transit key programming function Type1

Increased L200 TRITON under Australia district

Shielded IMMO system ISO protocol

Increased BAIHC HYOSOW H2 smart key system

1.Revised the ’Help’ instruction
2.Revised cfg profile and car logo
3.Optimized smart key system type 5 procedure
4.Revised the prompt in making dealer key process

1.Increased 20 to 8 online calculation (Type51)
2.Revised the problem in cfg file and car logo duplicate

Cluster Calibration
1.Increased Lacrosse  2017- cluster calibration
2.Increased Regal 2017- cluster calibration
3.Increased Envision 2017- cluster calibration
4.Increased Encore 2017- cluster calibration
5.Increased GL8(2.5L) 2017- cluster calibration

1.Increased ATS 2017- cluster calibration
2.Increased ATSL 2017- cluster calibration
3.Increased XTS 2018- cluster calibration
4.Increased XT5 2017- cluster calibration
5.Increased CT6 2017- cluster calibration
6.Increased Escalade 2018- cluster calibration

1.Increased Cruze 2017- cluster calibration
2.Increased Malibu 2017- cluster calibration
3.Increased XL Malibu XL 2017- cluster calibration
4.Increased Camaro 2017- cluster calibration
5.Increased SILVERADO 2017- cluster calibration
6.Increased SUBURBAN 2017- cluster calibration
7. Increased TAHOE 2017- cluster calibration

1.Increased SIERRA 2017- cluster calibration
2.Increased YUKON 2017- cluster calibration
Solved the Silverado 2003-2006 cluster calibration security verification failure

Solved some GLK X204 chassis vehicles cluster calibration failure

1.Revised the log in judgement mechanism
2.Revised the way log out from the function menu

ECU Clone
Revised profile preserve route to be the ‘DATA\\’menu

1.Revised software structure
2.Optimized the communication time according to the vehicle test
3. Display the reading and writing EEPROM and FLASH function after logging into the system
4. Increased a security algorithm scan in BOSCH 3385+24C16、BOSCH 3469+24C16、BOSCH 3558+24C32 type

APK Software
Increased vehicle search and upgrade search

Update Announcement of 31.10.2018
Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 pin code reading function

1.Optimized VESTA 2015- pin code reading procedure
2.Optimized 2008- KANGOO pin code calculation method

Optimized Opel Corsa D key programming

1. Increased MQB calculation type
2. Increased VW Beetle IMMO pin code reading
3. Solved EEPROM reading problem for part of Audi models

1.Updated 2018 Explorer (smart key system) key programming bypass
2.Updated 2018 New Mondeo (smart key system) key programming bypass
3.Increased Lincoln 2015- MKC/MKZ/Continental smart key programming
4.Ford 2013- Transit/2015- Escort/New Mondeo/EVEREST/FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE/FUSION/GALAXY/RANGER IMMO key programming
5.Ford 2015- New Mondeo/EDGE/EXPLORER/EVEREST/F-150/F-250/F-350/FIGO/FIGO ASPIRE/ GALAXY/RANGER/TAURUS/MUSTANG smart key programming

Increased Refine A60/M5/S2/S3/S7 smart key system
Supports: program ESCL, add new key, add old key, erase key, read the key quantity, reset IMMO ECU, reset engine ECU,program IMMO ECU, program engine ECU, initialize IMMO ECU

Optimized Emgrand X6 Nunn smart key system:
1. Increased the pin code writing to “07 31 XX XX”command in PEPS programming
2. Increased the judgement condition of program success in PEPS programming

Increased Suzuki SX4 type

Cluster Calibration
1.Solved Benz B series cluster calibration failure
2.Solved the cluster calibration problem of part of Mercedes-Benz W211 chassis models

Upgraded Audi TT/A3 cluster calibration function

ECU Clone
1.Increased the function menu of login and logout system
2.Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function

Peugeot ECU Clone
1.Increased the function menu of login and logout system
2.Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function 

GM ECU Clone
1.Increased the function menu of login and logout system
2.Increased independently reading and writing EEPROM/FLASH function

Tablet Display Program Software
1. Increased software introduction, upgrade instruction,
2. Increased the button transfer logic in ‘Help’ section

CN-> hide button
TW->CN->hide button
other language->EN->hide button

3. Solved the problem Of StdPC.bin erro report

GM/BMW ECU Programming
GM/Peugeot/Volvo ECU Clone
Toyota G&H chip/smart key all keys lost via OBDII
Benz S series cluster calibration (W221/W222/C216)
BMW FEM/BDC key programming (CAS coming soon)
Jeep Cherokee pin code reading & add key (2010-2016)
GM/Opel pin code reading via OBDII (most vehicles in 13-17)
Renault Dokker/Lodgy/Logan 2013-/Sandero 2013-/Koleos 11-16/Symbol 2013-2018 key programming

Hyundai/KIA new pin code reading (46/47/8A chip smart key)
Volvo pin code free & all keys lost via OBDII (non-proximity system)
Jeep challenger pin code reading & add key (smart key system 2014-)
Ford key programming for F150/Mondeo/Mustang/Explorer 2015- (within 2mins)
VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat MQB cluster calibration & NEC 24C64 2014- key programming
Peugeot/Citroen BSI & dashboard cluster calibration ( CONTINENTAL BSI-Q0X/ JC BSI04EV-K0X)

X300 DP Plus Update Announcement on July 2018
GM ECU Clone
1. Increased BOSCH 70F3558+24C32 read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
2. Increased BOSCH 70F3385+24C16 read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
3. Increased BOSCH 70F3469+24C16 read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
4. Increased DELPHI 70F3238+93C86 read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
5. Increased DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
6. Increased CONTINENTAL 70F3469+95160(25160) read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
7. Increased CONTINENTAL 70F3558+95320(25320) read and write EEPROM、read and write FLASH
Increased Koleos 11-16 key programming
Support P001 programmer
Support P001 Programmer
Optimize the text tips with 'obdstar' to be ‘The third-party platform’
Solved the flash back in Cayenne type2 pincode reading and key programming
Optimize Changan X70A car body system
Solved the repeat request of security verification in Ford Explorer 11-15 key programming
Increased Weiwang M50F 2017 smart key system
1. Solved the unstable problems in key learning
2. Updated the SWFL version to be ISTA64

1. Optimize the Rongwei I6 smart key system
2. Increased Rongwei 950(2012-) pincode reading
Optimize Nissan Note smart key system(cancel the byte judgement for 03 31 01 01)
Support P001 programmer
1. Released 4 Toyota simulation smart keys
2. Optimize the No.1 Toyota simulation smart key acquire IMMO data via internet(write key data)
Optimize the JIMNY menu in IM_JIMNY system
1. Increased the pincode reading from BCM system
2. Increased Combo/Meriva remote system
3. Increased Astra G/Astra K/Cascada 2013/Combo 2012/Corsa-D 2005-/Frontera 1998-/Monteray 1996-/Signum /VX220/Zafira-B Cavalier 1995-2004/Agila B -2009、2009-/Movano 2005-2010、2010- IMMO system
Optimize the text tips with‘obdstar’to be‘The third-party platform'
Optimize the text tips with‘obdstar’to be‘The third-party platform’
Increased S70 car body system and smart key system
Support P001 programmer

Key Renew
1. Support P001 programmer
2. Updated the ‘Help’text

Cluster Calibrate
Increased security calculation types
Optimize GMC Sierra 2015 communication time
Fiat / Ferrari
Increased the 'Other' menu
Solved security verification problems in EEPROM reading of 2015 panamera
1. Increased Ranger2015-dashboard type SPC5645S+93C86
2. Optimize SPC5645S+93C86 type cluster calibrate
Increased KA R5F10 V1/KA R5F10 V2/KA R5F10 V3/Figo/Aspire 2016-2018 cluster calibrate
Increased FEM/BDC odometer reset

ECU Programming
1. First release EGS 8HP reset function
2. Increased FEM/BDC ECU programming

ECU Clone
1. Increased EOX EEPROM reading and writing
2. Increased H0X/K0X/KEX/N0X/P0X/Q0X/S0X/X0X BSI EERPOM and FLASH reading and writing
Switch Activation
1. Increased VOLVO S60 2011 and Land Rover Evoque 2016 dashboard activation
2. Revised all the wiring instruction
3. Improved ‘Help’ section
Increased vehicles as follow:
Bentley/Seat/Skoda/VW/FAW-VK/Shanghai Volkswagen
Zotye: SR9、SR7(2017)、E200、T300、T700、T600_COUPE、T600 sports
Changcheng: Hover H6 COUPE、Hover M6
JAC: Ruifeng A60、Ruifeng S7、Ruiying
Geely: Vision X6、EC7 series(emgrand、new emgrand)、emgrand EV、emgrand EV300、emgrand HEV、emgrand PHEV
Changan Ford: EDGE\GALAXY\S-MAX、Fiesta MY2013、Transit Connect、Transit Connect\Tourneo Connect、Transit\Courier
Citroen: C4、C4 SEDAN、C4 (B7)、C4 PICASSO、DS 4-DS 4 Crossback、DS 4S
APK Optimization
1. Solved the calculation bug
2. Clear login cache

X300 DP Plus new update of ECU clone for GM  ! ( June,29th,2018)
Except Volov, new update of ECU clone for GM is coming in DP PLUS!!!!
BOSCH 70F3558+24C32 Reading EEPROM and FLASH
BOSCH 70F3385+24C16 Reading EEPROM and FLASH
BOSCH 70F3469+24C16 Reading EEPROM and FLASH
DELPHI 70F3238+93C86 Reading EEPROM and FLASH
DELPHI 70F3379+93C86 Reading EEPROM and FLASH
CONTINENTAL 70F3469+95160(25160) Reading EEPROM and FLASH
CONTINENTAL 70F3558+95320(25320) Reading EEPROM and FLASH
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