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Product Description

WOYO PDR 007 is a dent repair tool that uses the principle of magentic induction heating to its advantage. WOYO PDR-007 can fix soft dents on metal surfaces in only 30 seconds. It is easy to use, anyone with a backgroud in metal composition can master it in 3 minutes
WOYO PDR007 Paintless Dent Repair For Iron  


1. WOYO PDR007 is easy to use, any worker with a back-ground in metal compasition can master it in three minutes.
2. WOYO PDR007 can fix soft dents on metal surfaces in only thirty seconds.
3. Rapidly recoup their investment. In one case, a customer was able to recoup theire investment after repairing only six cars.
4. Time control mode: Evaluate the size of the dent, choose the appropriate setting, and remove dents.
5. Power control mode: Evaluate the size of the dent, choose the appropriate setting, and remove dents.
6. Features a large display screen for precise control and monitoring progress in real-time.
7. Certificate CE FCC ROHSWOYO Paintless Dent Repair Tool is fast repair tool for small automotive dents (no sharp impression, and no creases, like hail dents).

WOYO PDR-007 Functions:

1. Dedicated to the removal of the body dents, for the thickness less than 1MM.
2. Auto body heating.
Depression Pit Body Sheet Metal Disassembly Heating.


1. Simple, easy to use, low cost of learning
2. Compared with the traditional way of demolition and repair, speed 6 times faster delivery of owners, improve shop utilization, rapid recovery of investment
3. Two operating modes to adapt to different needs:
   ①. Time mode
   ②. Power mode
4. High-precision control, quality assurance, operational safety
5. Large-screen display, precise control, real-time monitoring
6.  Voltage: 220~240V Plug Size: EU Plug
You can buy the EU-standard adapter to the British-standard adapter locally, and it will not affect the use. 
7. Time control mode: Repair dark color dent suggested.
The working time can be preset while the power is fixed at 100%, meaning if you want to heat for example 0.5 sec, then you can preset this time and it will stop working after the set time.
The time setting range from 0.5 sec to 4 sec.
This can be helpful in the dent removal application to avoid burning the dent.
We also added an extra dial ”MAX”to extend the working time as you want.
8. Power control mode: Repair light color dent suggested.
The power can be preset from 20% to 100%.
Using the power control mode, the working time can be adjusted by ON/OFF on the repair handle.

Kindle note: WOYO PDR007 is a high-precision equipment, due to regional differences in parameter format, may not be applicable in some areas, please know before buying. Use this equipment only in accordance with local laws.
SO466 PDR007-110V US
SO466-B1 PDR007-220V EU
SO466-B2 PDR007-220V AU

Before-use warning (MUST READ)

1. Not suitable for operation by those with pacemakers or artificial limbs with metal parts.
2. Before using this device, you must wear a safety mask, safety gloves, and safety clothing to avoid being burned during use.
3. Operators must not have any metal objects on their person during operation, including but not limited to watches, cuff links, keys, belt buckles, coins, or zippers.
4. This device cannot be operated in areas with conductive particulate matter, areas used for applying paint, areas housing or handling chemical fuels, areas of high temperature, and areas of high humidity.
5. Once the device is powered on, flammable objects must be kept away from the device.
6. Before you power on the device, make sure that you have a fire extinguisher on hand in case any misoperation causes a fire.
7. Do not use this device in the vicinity of safety airbags.
8. Once the device is powered, there must be personnel on site to watch over the device. When the device is not in use, unplug the device's power cable.
9. This device should be stored at temperatures between 0 and 50 celsius. When transporting the device, avoid vibrations or shocks.

Important warnings for use (MUST READ)

1. While the restoration head is restoring a damaged car body, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the body will rapidly increase. Do not touch either the restoration head or the car body before they have had time to cool down.
2. While the restoration head is in the process of restoration, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the damaged area will rapidly increase. Using the restoration head on one area for too long may increase temperatures to the point of damaging the car's paint job (it is
recommended that every 1-1.5 seconds, the operator wipes down the damaged area with a wet rag in order to keep the temperature manageable).
3. During the restoration process, the temperatures of both the restoration head and the damaged area will rapidly increase and the body of the car will immediately become softer. During restoration, make sure the restoration head is not applying pressure to the car, otherwise the restoration
process itself might further dent the car.
4.The "Time/effect Dial" intensity can be set between 20% and 100%. This is the strength that the device runs at. Press the "Work" button to activate the device. Let go of it and the device will stop.
5.Connect the "Extension Cable" to the device's Quick Connect head and the Restoration Head's Quick Connection head, and the device is ready to use.
6. After work is complete, set the "Time/effect Dial" to "OFF", and after 5-10 minutes, set the "ON/ OFF Switch" to "OFF" as well. Give the device time to cool down, and then remove the "220V Power Cable". Every time you use the device, repeat the steps above for a safe and effective

Voltage: 220~240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz         
Fuse: 10A
Max Voltage: 250V    
Frequency: 40~45KHz    
Max Power ≈ 800W
English Menu

Packing List:

1 * PDR Main
1 * Main Cable (3M)
1 * Power Cable (1.5M)
1 * Repair Handle 
1 * Instruction Manual
1 * Plastic Tool Case


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WOYO PDR007 Car Body Dent Repair Tool Installation and Operation