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VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III V39.7+V38 Software with Developer Mode Plus Lenovo T440P Software Pre-installed Ready to Use

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2 Porsche Piwis III: Plus Lenovo T440P(VXDIAG Make) VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III V39.7+V38 Software with Developer Mode Plus Lenovo T440P Software Pre-installed Ready to Use
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Product Description

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche PIWIS Tester III with Lenovo T440P is newest Porsche diagnostic tool in the market, more user-friendly, faster, more efficient,support both diagnosis and online programming, support new & old cars from 1998-2018, newest Porsche Piwis 3 PST3 V39.7+V38 Software is pre-installed, directly to use.
VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III with V39.7+V38 Software on Lenovo T440P Full Set with Developer Mode


Porsche PIWIS Tester III is the new third-generation Porsche diagnostic tool. It can read trouble code, clear trouble code, shows ECU information. It test live data, display actual values, and programs on all,process malfunction navigation, showing all interior circuit diagram

vxdiag porsche piwis iii

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Highlights

1. Multi-languages: English, US English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese
2. Software Version:  V39.7+V38
3. It is the new third-generation for Porsche diagnostic tool.
4. It can read trouble code, clear trouble code, shows ECU information.
5. It test live data, display actual values, and programs. 
6. It supports for Porsche New & Old Cars from 1998-2018. 911, Macan, Cayeme, Panamera, Boxter Cayman
7. Developer mode enabled

Exclusive support for Porsche!!

The only Vxdiag tool supports Porsche PIWIS 3
New DoIP diagnostic technique based on Ethereum
Diagnosis for luxury vehicles but without lots of requirements


VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Features:

New operation system and more intuitive diagnostic interface
New VCI for post-2017 vehicles with DoIP diagnosis
Good at maintenance, repair, control units change and programming & setting codes
To login for online immobilizer programming
To find out leading faults
To look for maintenance wiring diagram
To support special functions like modification or flashing, with Engineering mode (Development version)

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis 3 Functions List:

Diagnostics application is used for communication with control units. You can search for, identify, code and control program units, read out the event memory, execute complex processes, change drive links and execute routines.
Guided fault finding (GFF) generates a test plan for a fault code. This test plan shows the best sequence for carrying out tests. GFF compiles a list of recommended tests, documents and wiring diagrams
Actual values/input signals functions displays you the actual values and input signals of control units
Drive links/tests function displays the drive links of control units, allows you to change the parameters of these drive links and run test routines for individual control units
Maintenance/repairs function group - use this function to call up control unit-specific processes that cannot be implemented generically from the ODX data
Coding/programming function group - use this function to write coding values. Values can be coded automatically or set manually. This function group includes (Automatic coding, Manual coding, Customer-specific settings and Factory settings) coding modes
Logging - use this function to activate logging for diagnostics, guided fault finding (GFF) and measuring equipment applications. Temporary and permanent working log can be created
Filter - use this function to limit the view of the control units installed in the vehicle. In the diagnostic application you can create, edit, activate, deactivate or assign filters
Wiring diagrams application is the representation of physical connections and layouts of circuits

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Support Car List:

vxdiag porsche piwis 3 car list

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III New & Old Cars:

All Porsche from 1998-2018:
Porsche 911(997) (991)
Boxster/Cayman (987)
Cayenne up to MY 2010
Cayenne from MY 2011

Especially the latest models:

Paramera (971) 2018
Caynenne (92A) 2018
Macan (95B) 2018
911 (991) 2018
and other old models

Porsche PIWIS III Model Selection:

*Some other models can be selected only by connecting device with vehicle.
992 Campaign
996 GT2
996 GT3
993, 964



9YA Campaign



981 Spyder

Racing cars:
991 GT2 RS Clubsport
982 Cayman GT4 Clubsport
981 Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Carrera GT

Porsche PIWIS 3 Support Modules:

(01)Front-end Electronics
(02M)Rear-end Electronics
(03)Interior Lights
(04)Instrument Cluster
(04C)Engine DPS
(04D)Chassis DPS
(04E)Rear Lip DPS
(05)Air Conditioning
(05B)Front A/C Unit
(05C)Rear A/C Unit
(05G)Parking Heater
(05K)Heated Windscreen
(06)Electronic ST Wheel
(06A)Pre-wiring Steer.Col With MF Steering
(07A)CAN Topology
(08A)Airbag RL
(09)DPS Doors
(09A)Driver Door

Same as Piwis 3 For Porsche Diagnostic tool good at maintenance, repair, control units change and programming & setting codes

New Piws 3 operation system and more intuitive diagnostic interface as Piwis III
VCX-DoIP Piws 3 Interface For Porsche post-2017 vehicles with DoIP diagnosis
VCX-DoIP J2534 Piws 3 VCI look for maintenance wiring diagram
VCX-DoIP Piws 3 login for online immobilizer programming
VCX-DoIP j2534 Piws 3 PST3 Interface support special functions like modification or flashing, with Engineering mode (Development version)
The VCX-DoIP Piws 3 is only Vxdiag J2534 tool supports Porsche PIWS 3 Software till now

New VCX-DoIP J2534 Piwis 3 Interface diagnostic technique based on Ethereum
VCX-DoIP J2534 Piws 3 Diagnosis Tool for luxury vehicles but without lots of requirements

How to switch VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS 3 to Developer Mode?

Go to System->Diagnostic configuration
Go to Mode tab
Set Operating Mode to E
E= Developer Mode
V= Standard mode for diagnosis

How to set up/connect VXDIAG Porsche PIWIS2 VCX Plus with laptop via WiFi?

1. Click [SETTINGS]->[Network settings]
2. Click [WLAN],then Select a network card
3. Click [Search],then click select Network name,and input Network Key
4. obtain ip address automatically:select [Obtain IP address automatically] and [Obtain DNS server address automatically],then click [Save]
5. Manually settings IP address: select [Use following IP addresses] and [Use following DNS server addresses],then input IP address, subnet mask, standard gateway, Preferred DNS Server, then click [Save]

VXDIAG VCX-DoIP Porsche Piwis III Software Display:

Porsche Piwis III Software Display1
Porsche Piwis III Software Display2
vxdiag porsche piwis iii diagnosis
porsche piwis iii diagnosis
porsche piwis 3 measuring system
porsche piwis3 wiring diagrams
Package includes:

1pcs x Piwis tester III VCI
1pcs x USB Cable
1pcs x OBD Cable
1pcs x Lenovo T440P Laptop(second hand)
1pcs x Lan cable

vxdiag porsche piwis ii package

Porsche Piwis III FAQ:

Q: Can Porsche Piwis III perform all the functions of Porsche Piwis II?
A: Yes, Porsche Piwis III is compatible Porsche Piwis II, that means III includes all the functions of Piwis II.

Q: Can Piwis II update to Porsche Piwis III ?
A: No, they have the different hardware, the Piwis III has the higher demand to the computer resolution.

Q: How to update Piwis III ?
A: The package comes with Lenovo T440P computer, 240G Solid Hard Disk, Authorization etc. If you want to update, you need to ship back the computer to the dealer, usually the software updates 1-2 times per year.

Q: Can I use my personal computer?
A: No, the computer and the device is bound together. Because The Piwis III  is bound with the encrypted chip. If you unplug the hard disk and insert into the other computer, then the software will has no nonsense.  

Q: Why need Piwis III ?
A: Because Piwis II can't work with the Porsche after 2017 year. Only Piwis III  can .

Q: It program IMMO & Key online?
A: Yes.

Q: Does it support Wifi?
A: Usually, the device is offline version and WIFI is disabled so that you don't need to active every 15 days.
If you have the online account and want to use our Vxdiag Piwis III, then we can enable the Wifi and you will active the software every 15 days.

Q: Can Piwis III connect to the internet?
A: Yes. It is allowed.

Q: Does it fully support 2018 Panamera 971 tubo S e-hybrid model?
A: Yes, it support

Q: May i add Benz authorization on this device?
A: Yes, it does

Q: Does it support for 2018 GT3 RS and 2016 GT3 RS?
A: Yes, it support

Q: Will Piwis III renew ECU. Can i pay you for online programming service?
A: PIWIS3 will renew ECU on Porsche. We don't provide online programming service.

Q: With online account, what extra function i will have?
A: With online account, you can do ecu and key programming

Q: What's difference between two Porsche Piwis iii(VX16, VX16-B)?
A: 1. They come from different factory, with different laptop, VX16 come with Lenovo T440P laptp, VX16-B come with DELL E7450 Laptop
    2. VX16 is able to pay extra to add other car software license, while VX16-B only support Porsche


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VXDIAG VCX DoIP Porsche Piwis III Introduction Video

How to Set VXDIAG Multi Tool Posche PIWIS II LAN

How to Set VXDIAG Porsche Multi Tool WIFI IP Adress

Porsche Piwis Tester II Installation Video

How to Change Porsche Piwis Tester II Password

Tech Support

How to Reset Porsche Piwis3 Operating Mode E (Engineering)
3 steps to reset Porsche Piwis3 software to operating mode E (Engineering), so that the engineer can perform advanced job including programming, power upgrade, retrofit etc.

On the home menu of Porsche piwis3 software, choose"System"

Choose “Diagnostics configuration for 991, 981, 918, 970 Cayenne from MY11, Macan

This is PIDT checking application, there are options: version information, Mode, logging, view design, paths, miscellaneous.

Click on “Mode”, then “Operating mode”, there are options: E, P, V. Please choose “E”, then click on “Save” at the bottom line.

Now Porsche piwis3 tester is reset to Engineering mode.

The explanation of operating mode E, P, V:

V mode: Standard After-sales Mode for Piwis 3 common diagnostics
E mode: Development Mode for Piwis III engineering software functions
P mode: Production for supplier data information (Customers don’t need to work on P mode)

piwis3 Engineering mode vs. Standard mode

Specific functions of the Porsche engineer system:

1. Porsche Bluetooth activation by engineers, AUX engineer activation, etc.
2. Original sports valve switch modification
3 Stopwatch color change
4. LED headlight activation
5. PCM host low configuration upgrade to high configuration
6. Original reversing color picture installation
7. Replacement of used car parts
8 Replacement of Used PCM Host
9. Clear the airbag crash data
10. Display the instrument horsepower and torque
11. Online programming and firmware update, manual programming, automatic programming, irregular programming
12. Long-term sports performance of Porsche, retrofit of tire pressure TPM system, modification of panoramic camera

List of features that Professional Car Diagnostic Tool piwis3 Engineering mode can perform:

1.The power system of some models is updated. Compass and wave plate modification
2, Porsche PSE Retrofit
3, Porsche eject function activation
4, Porsche start-stop function close and open
5, Porsche airbag unlock, clear the crash data
6, Change the second-hand accessories, coding, parameters change
7, 981 \ 991 G value graph display, sports performance graph display, shift graph display
8, Porsche engineers computer programming, coding, write directly after parameter change
9, Porsche check engine light on off, seat belt warning light off, etc.
10, Porsche rear wing adjustment, active cruise control modification
11, Under normal circumstance, the Porsche Cayman old airbag ECU requires to change one new airbag after unlock, with the piwis3 engineering mode, you can directly unlock the old airbag without replacing a new one.
12, Irregular coding, regular coding, manually coding, automatically coding; change content is irregular coding, change model display.