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Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH ECU Flash Cable J2534 Full Chip Version for Toyota Ford Mazda JLR Subaru Mitsubishi Supports WIN10

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Product Description

1. No Need worry dead any more after 1 or 2 times used.Problem Fixed.
2. New Full Chip New Module Plan,fast high speed transfer and very stable function.
3. Combined with our EcuFlash software, the OpenPort 2.0 is capable of reflashing a large number of newer Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles, and support for other cars is in progress.
Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH

The OpenPort 2.0+ combined with our EcuFlash software.
The OpenPort 2.0+ is capable of reflashing a large number of newer Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles.
Other cars is coming soon.


1. New full chip new module plan, fast high speed transfer and very stable function.
2. New PCB with inductance to increase voltage, suitable for tuning car under different voltages.
3. Field upgradeable software
4. J2534 PassThru supports Windows DLL
5. Tactrix Openport 2.0 was excellently tested with Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Land rover, and Jaguar software
6. OpenPort 2.0 EcuFlash software is capable of reflashing a large number of newer Subaru and Mitsubishi vehicles
7. The Openport J2534 is also compatible with Mercedes Xentry Passthry, VW Audi Skoda, Ford, Mazda software.
(We don't provide software and after-sale service support if you use other third-party software)
Tactrix Openport 2.0 is compatible work with Pcmtuner dongle.
openport 2.0 ecu flash
Openport 2.0 Software List:

Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH
TIS Techstream V9.30.002
TIS 8.30.023 Activation
TIS Techstream V8.20.019
TIS Techstream V8.30.023(We also provide the latest version of Tis Techstream)
*JLR158 License SW

OpenPort 2.0 J2534 Passthru Specifications:

RGB status LEDs
72Mhz 32-bit processor
USB 2.0 full-speed device (USB-A/Mini cable included)
Standalone data logs to microSD / microSDHC card without a laptop
Able to apply GND or 5V-25V to OBD pins 1,3,9,11,12,13 or AUX 2.5mm stereo connector
Able to log from Innovate Motorsports 2.5mm stereo MTS data bus


There is a New version of 1444870_win software on the official website, don't install this new software with this Openport, otherwise will damage the unit!
The latest version of the USB driver can not be used! Please Only Use our CD's USB driver! Otherwise the product will be damaged!
A computer with Intel processor is strongly recommended. Better not use PC with AMD processors.
CD will maybe easily broken in shipping way,so if CD can't readable,please DO CONTACT us to send you download link
Computer System Requirement: Windows XP/Win 7 32bits---CD Software request
DO Not connect the Internet when you use it otherwise device will cause device damage.
Close anti-virus programmer when run software.

Supported Protocols:

CAN 2.0
CAN/ISO15765 and K-line
KWP2000/dual K-line
OpenPort 2.0 Protocols
For ECU flash you can get info from this list:

US Domestic Market Vehicles currently supported by EcuFlash
Make Model Year(s) Compatible OpenPort Interfaces Init Connector Needed?
Subaru Impreza WRX 2001-2002 1.2 1.3S 1.3U 2.0 2001-2002
    2003-2005 1.2 1.3S 1.3U 2.0 2003-2005
    2006-2007 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 2.0  
    2008-2009 2.0  
  Impreza STi 2004-2007 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2008-2009 2.0  
  Impreza 2.5RS 2005 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
  Impreza 2.5i 2005-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Forester 2.5 2005-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Forester XT 2004-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Tribeca 2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Legacy / Outback 2.5i / 3.0r 2005-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Legacy GT / Outback XT 2004-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
    2007-2009 2.0  
  Baja 2004-2006 1.2 1.3S 1.3M 1.3U 2.0  
Mitsubishi Evo 5   1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Evo 6   1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Evo 7   1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Evo 8   1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Evo 9   1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Evo 10   2.0  
  (all 2nd Gen) 1996-???? 1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Eclipse GS/GT 2001-2003 1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)
  Lancer OZ 2002-2004 1.3M 1.3U 2.0 Mitsu (for 2.0 only)

PCB Display of Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH

Openport 2.0 pcb
Openport 2.0 main board
Package includes:
1 pc x  Tactrix Openport 2.0+ECUFLASH Cable
1 pc x  USB Cable
1 pc x  CD 

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Tech Support

How to Use Tactrix Openport 2.0 and PCMtuner Dongle Together
For anyone who owns a PCMtuner usb dongle or even pcmtuner we highly recommend an openport for OBD work. Very useful if you use a different computer/laptop as you can install pcm-flash on that!!! And keep your pcmtuner for bench work!

Openport can be used with pcmtuner modules that work via obd.  

Once you have the dongle, software and cable, just install driver that came with tractrix . Open pcm flash select. OBD module or tractrix comparable modules . Select the tractrix cable and you should be able to use it.

As for openport 2.0 clone, many tested it working fine.

If software reports an error unable to use selected interface j2534, you have wrong interface selected. pcm-flash program has both scanmatic and tractrix showing up. Make sure you select the interface as Openportr rather than J2514 Scanmatic- SM2 USB.

Test report:

Dongle pcm tuner with official tatrix openport 2.0 interface Module 15 Nissan Hitachi ok

Reading and writing starts up

PCMTuner full kit is recommended because you can update or access the pcmtuner app.