3055B SKS-3055B Hand-held Auto Signal Generator for Diagnosis ECU Repair

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Product Description

SKS-3055B Auto signal generator designed under the rules by the diagnosis of auto electronic control systems and electronic circuit signal characteristics, specifically designed for the auto service technician.
Instrument Features
1, Signal Characteristics Adjustment: Adjust the amplitude, frequency, phase, X + Y, waveform and other indicators, while the signal output. This is very convenience for auto ECU repair.
2, Multi-output signal: Made by high-performance microprocessors, can output 7 signals simultaneously.
3, Human control interface: By the simple design ideas, 128*64 LCD, Bilingual display, easy to operate.
4, Cables: Supporting common sensor cables, for various models.
Function Introduction
This instrument can simultaneous output sinusoidal, square-wave, X+Y signal, voltage signal, oxygen sensor signal, resistance signal and PWM signal, which includes all the common signal characteristics of automotive sensors.
1.Sinusoidal signal:
* 1--2KHz Frequency regulation;
* Signal Single-ended output to ground;
* 5Vpp--18Vpp Amplitude adjustment.
Mainly used for simulate the rotating speed, wheel speed, vehicle speed signals, which was generated by magnetic sensor.
2. Square-wave Signal:
* 1--20KHz Frequency regulation;
* Signal Single-ended output to ground;
* 5Vpp--9Vpp Amplitude adjustment.
Used for simulate the rotating speed, wheel speed, camshaft position and air-flow signals, which was generated by Hall sensor and photoelectric sensor.
3.  X+Y Signal
* 1--2KHz Frequency regulation;
* 5Vpp--18Vpp Amplitude adjustment;
* 1--60 X+Y signal adjustment.
* 1--3 X+Y signal adjustment.
* 0°, 180° Phase position adjustment.
* X+Y signal outputted by Square-Ground, Sine-Ground and Sine-Couple, easy to simulate various crank signals.
* Sine-wave and Square-wave switched while Signal-Ground output.
Used for simulate the X+Y signal of Magneto electric, photo electricity and Hall sensors.
4. Voltage Signal:
* 0--5V Voltage adjustment.
* Output voltage precision 0.02V.
* Signal Single-ended output to ground
Used for simulate the voltage signal of Throttle Position, MAP and EGR Valve Position Sensors.
5. Oxygen Sensor Signal:
* The 0.1V, 0.9V Oxygen ion Dilute and Concentrate can be switched at anytime.
* Signal Single-ended output to ground
Used for simulate oxygen ion concentrate signal by kinds of oxygen sensors.
6. Resistance Signal
* Precision Multi-turn pointer potentiometer.
* 0--10K Ten loop output, MIN 22Ω
Used for output signal of coolant temperature, intake air temperature and temperature sensors. It must be realized by simulate resistance signal.
7. PWM Signal
* 2 Hz -- 999+-1 Hz Frequency can be adjusted independently.
* 1% -- 99%+-1% Duty cycle can be adjusted independently.
* Signal Single-ended output to ground.
* 9Vpp amplitude fixed output.
Used for simulate the ignition control signal, fuel injection control signal, camshaft position signal, EGR control signal and some other pulse signals.
1, Power
Use outlet power, switch leader cable (ACCES.1) into button Nine-pin jack. Use the power line (ACCES.2) can easily connected with 12V car battery; Use stabilized voltage supply, work condition: current greater than 2A, Voltage between 10V-15V. Use 220V/12V power adapter, please NOTE: Current ABOVE 1A, Voltage shall NOT above 15V. Power output plug should match with the instrument.
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