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Newest Android Version SEC-E9 Tablet Automated Key Cutting Machine for Car Keys&Household Keys

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48cm*42cm*35cm     ( Inch: 18.9*16.54*13.78 )
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Product Description

Newest SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine Built-in Database, support key missing teeth inquiry,Update Online,support plain milling key,face milling key, Allen key(F021), Stiletto key and Cylinders key.
SEC-E9 Android Tablet Automated Key Cutting Machine
Notice: SEC E9 can't be sold to following country: South Africa, Mexico, Spain, Israel, Brazil

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Description:

SEC-E9 is all-in-one key cutting machine which can be easily operated by users steadily thanks to the state-of-art technique. It combines the mechanical and electronic precision to guarantee unique key cutting performances and quality.SEC-E9 portable metal desktop air cooling fully a utomatic smart key cutting machine is able to cut standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, HONDA, OPEL,etc,SEC-E9 also supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys.Ford and Jaguar Tibbe keys and LDV keys are available to cut.

SEC-E9 is a good choice for locksmith since you do not need to buy other small key cutting machines for house keys, just need to buy the corresponding clamps for different key types.Moreover, SEC-E9 can cut a new key without original key. It is the main difference from the traditional manual key cutting machine.SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine is used for cutting car keys and household keys.It covers cylinder and laser keys with adapters for other key styles.  

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine highlights:

1. Multi-language: 
English, Spanish,French,German,Italian,Korean,Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, Czech
2. Latest Version: V16.0.0.4
Newly added key data includs: Scion, Toyota, Lexus, Renauit, Nissan, Acura, Subaru, Chrysler 
3. Update online:
Support network remote upgrade, no need to return to factory
4. Support many key types:
Car keys, motorcycles keys, truck keys, household keys, punch keys, tubular keys, single-sided standard keys,Tibbe keys,lain milling key, face milling key,
Allen key(F021), Stiletto key and LDV keys,cylinder and laser keys
(detail models, you can check SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Support Key List)
5. Support all key lost, can cut a new key by bitting number, when original key is lost.
6. Built-in database, support key missing teeth inquiry,can directly search key bitting number by key code for some keys. No need to search from Instacode
7.Light weight, small size, easy to work out
8. CE Approved

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Features:
1. 8" capacitive tablet PC as display screen,operate quickly;smoothly,just one step for upgrade.
2. 1:1 copy a plain-milling key through fuzzy detection for keys no deta in the machine.
3. Built-in database, support key missing teeth inquiry;
4. Light weight,small size,poertable for mobile,easy to work outside.
5. Equipped with both decoder and cutter.Decoding and cutting can be done at one time.
6. Interpretation and cutting can be completed at one time;
7. Support plain milling key, face milling key, Allen key(F021), Stiletto key andCylinders key;
8. Repair the wear keys to recover the original precision.
9. One car key clamp supports to cut both standard keys and laser keys.
10.Multiple optional clamps and assistant
11.Clamps complete cutting household keys and special cars keys.
12.Intersecting roller guide for X & Y axis.
13.Professionla after-sale technical service,life time warranty & free upgrade service.
14.Ball screw to drive Z axis makes cutting powerful and in high precision
15.Cross roller guided XY axis makes machine more stable and accurate
16.Spindle driven by two spindle belts;Powerful motor in 27W and DC 24V.
17.Wide and bright LED light brings easily operation at night.
18.Replaceable clamp can be changed according to the key types.
19.Emergency stop switch Stable and reliable One press stop,Turn the switch to clockwise to swtich on and press it to switch off.
20.Matte aluminum handle,Durable,anti-fingerprint.

SEC E9 Key Cutting Machine Newly Update(2018-12-10)

Software version is, Database version is 15.16.

Newly added key data includes:

1. YM23 8-cut(IC card 1896)key
2. FIAT 500L key and key code
3. ONDA motorcycle CB150 key
4. Oldsmobile, Mahindra, maruti key and key code
Improved key data includes:

1. Improved Hyundai,Kia,Toyota menu: add new choices of manufacture year in and after 2015.
2. Hyundai,Kia,Toyota key and key code
3. HONDA(IC card 982)key code
4. Mitsubishi,Maserati,Chevrolet key code
Quick Function of SEC E9:
Key data search
Key cutting history
Frequently used key data registration
Last key
Clamp calibration
Tool length calibration
Automatic setting of clamp origin
Checking calibration value

Two ways to enter key data:

1. Search car manufacturer, model and manufacture year
2. Search key blank or IC card

Three ways to get key cuts:

1. decode original keys
2. Input key cuts
3. Search key code

SEC E9 Key Cutting Machine Support Key List:

SEC-E9 Key Cutter Car List:

Acura/Alfa Romeo/Aston Martin/Auti/BMW/Bentley/Buick/Cadillac/Carryboy/Chevrolet/Chrysler/Citroen/Dacia/Daewoo/Daihatsu/Dodage/Eagle/Ferrari/Fiat/Ford(Australia)/Ford(Europe,USA)/Fuso Trucks/GMC/Hino Truck/Holden/Honda/Hummer/Hyundai/Infiniti/Isuzu/Iveco/Jaguar/Jeep/Kia/LDV/Lamborghini/Lancia/Land Rover/Lexus/Lincoln/MAN Trucks/Mack Trucks/Maserati/Mazda/Mercedes/Mercury/Mini/Mitubishi/Neiman/Nissan/Opel/Peugeot/Plymouth/Pontiac/Porsche/Range Rover/Renault/Rolls Royce/Rover/Saab/Saturn/Scania/Scion/Seat/Skoda/Smart/Ssangyong/Subaru/Suzuki/Tata/Toyota/Triumph/Volkswagen/Volvo/Volvo Trucks

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Household Key List:

AGA/ASSA/ATP/AXA/Abloy/Absa/Abus(SD)/Ace/Alpha/American Padlock/Anchor/Anker/Ankerslot/Atal(SD)/Atala/
CES(SD)/CIB/CL/Caver/Chicago(SD)/Chubb/Cisa(SD)/City/Clausor/Colomenca/Corbin(SD)/CorbinRusswin/Corni/Cyber Lock/
Ideal/Ikea/Iseo(SD)/JCB/JPM/JinDianYuanZi/Jore/Junkunc Padlock/Kaba(SD)/Kale/Kasp/Keiper/Kiferm/Kwikset/
UAP/Unifor/Union/VIP/Vachette/Vario/Veronelli/Vinco/Viro/Weiser/Weslock/Whitco/Wigro/Wilka(SD)/Wilmont Breeden/Winkhaus(SD)/Yale(SD)/YueMa/Yvel/Zadi(SD)/Zwiss-Ikon

SEC-E9 Punch Key List

AGA/AGB/Abloy/Abus/Alpha/Atal/Atra/Avocet/Azbe/Baton/Bricard/CES/CVL/Cadman/Cays/Chubb/Cisa/Corbin/DOSS IV/DOM/Domus/Esety/Ezcurra/FAC/FAG/GTV/Gerda/Goal/IFAM/Iseo/Kada/Kaken/Kale/Keso/Lince/Lips/Lock Focus/Lockman/M&C/M-loy/MCM/MLS/Magnum/Master/Mauer/Miwa/Mottura/Mul-T-Lock/Omec/Pfaffenhain/Potent/Royal/Guardian/STS/Securemme/Showa/Space/Squire/Tecon/Tesa/UCEM/Viro/WanJia/West/Wika/Winkhaus/Yale/Yardeni/Zadi

SEC-E9 Motorcycle Key List:

Aprilia/BMW Cycles/Ducati/Harley/Davidson/Honda Cycles/KTM/Kawasaki/Kymco Cycles/Moto Guzzi/Peugeot Cycles/Suzuki Cycles/Victory/Yamaha

SEC-E9 Tubular Key List:

SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Cutting Machine User Notes:
1. Before using, you need connect SEC-E9 to power source. (The machine has no internal power, only the tablet screen with WIN8 OS has power but can't use without external power)
2.If want to program key on car,you need to add a power inverter on car before power on SEC-E9.
3.To cut different car/truck/motorcycle/house keys, you need to buy the probe and cutter addationally.(SEC-E9 support all key types listed on menu)
4.In rare cases it may show blank menu after you choose key type.Please wait next update.
5.SEC-E9 support multilangue, you can directly use and change language as you like.
6.when you receive SEC-E9, the first thing before key cutting is to adjust the machine.
7.SEC-E9 support key types:car/truck/motorcycle/house keys

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Overview


Embedded 8-inch Tablet PC
Embedded 8-inch Tablet PC offers easier  key cutting capability with graphical user interface.
sec-e9 screen
Equipped with both decoder and cutter
Quick and easy duplication of key is available.

SEC-E9 cutter

Various types of key cutting supported
-Automobile key (including ford tibbe)
-Dimple key
-Single-sided domestic key
-Tubular key
sec-e9 key types

Replaceable vise
Various kinds of replaceable clamps are available for easy key cutting.

sec-e9 replaceable clamps

Spindle driven by two spindle belts
Supplied with two spindle belts to ensure high-torque key cutting without loss of cutting speed.
sec-e9 key cutting detail

Wide and brighter LED light
long-life imported lamp beads

sec-e9 LED light
sec-e9 use

About SEC-E9:
- X/Y Axis with cross roller guide
stable and accurate
-Z Axis with ball screw to drive
Powerful and high precision
- Equipped with both decoder and cutter 
Duplicating and cutting keys easily
-8 inch tablet PC tilting screen
Tilting from 30° to 84°,large storage capacity
- Various types of key cutting supported With Replaceable clamp
 Changed according to the cut keys
- Automatic key measurement 
Key thickness, key tip position and center position could be measured
 - Wide and brighter LED light
easily operating at night
- Equipped with two spindle belts&27W DC motor with 24VDC 
 Faster cut speed 
 - Portable
easily operating outdoors
Photos sent from factory when producing SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine

sec-e9 factory photos
sec-e9 factory photos

SEC-E9 certificates

SEC-E9 key cutting certificates

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Standard Package
Contents Purpose
SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine Key cutting and duplication
Cutter Tool for key cutting
Decoder Key decoding(copying)
T wrench Tool replacment
M5 bolt Cutter and decoder fixing
Stopper Key reference position guide
Auxiliary clamp SX9 clamp Key help fixing
Calibration block To Calibrate the clamp
24V Adapter Power supply input 100-240V
50/60Hz output 24.OV 5A
Spindle belt Ensure high-torque key cutting
User manual Product Manual
SEC-E9 Optional Clams:
Different kinds of key clamps for SEC-E9 Key cutting machine optional. You just need to install the corresponding clamps for different key types,
no software is needed when replacing the clamps. Automabile key clamp is included in the standard specification
Model Clamp Function
SN-CP-JJ-01                    standard clamp cutting car keys
SN-CP-JJ-02 Dimple House Key Cutting Clamps  cutting dimple house keys, dimple key cutter and decoder are requested
SN-CP-JJ-03 Single-sided Standard Key Clamp                        Cutting Single Standard House Keys
SN-CP-JJ-04 Tubular Key Clamp Cutting Tubular House Keys
SN-CP-JJ-05 Ford Tibbe Jaws FO21 Key Clamp Cutting Ford and Jaguar Keys
SN-CP-JJ-06 LDV FO19 Clamp Cutting LDV Car Keys
#11 HU64 Clamp for Benz C series, E series, GLK series, Linear,Viano and all imported Benz Maybach
#12 HU66 Clamp  for Sharan sharp way, Volkswagen phaeton,Beatles and other Volkswagen series, TT, Q7 and other Audi series, Bentley, Lamborghini, Skoda series, Porsche series, Roewe
#13 TOY2 Clamp for New Toyota/Lexus/BYD Keys(one-side cut,thin laser key)
#14 VA2 Key Clamp for New Renault Keys(one-side cut,thin laser key)
#16 HU162T Key Clamp
For Volkswagen Golf 7, Magotan 2018, Lavida 2018, Phaeton etc. 
also for Audi 2018 new models

SEC-E9 Machine package

SEC E9 Reviews:

Review 1:

I’ve been using the Sec-E9 machine for around 6 months now and found it to work very good with very little problems. Like all things in life it’s about working theses things out. I had excellent set from my sales lady Candy and also from there Technology department with help a long the way. I can say I’ve been very happy so far and would recommend one to buy this machine. Cheers

Reviews 2:
SEC-E9 key cutting machine is used for cutting car keys and household keys. It covers cylinder and laser keys with adapters for other key styles.Computerized Electronic Automobile Key Cutting Machine, different with traditional key cutting machine,easy to operate and copy.

Reviews 3:
Sec-e9 fully automatic key cutting support cut 99% car keys, including standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, Honda, Opel,etc. It also supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and more.Mainly applied to automobile key cutting and duplicating, especially for most foreign car key blanks(including ford tibbe), and household keys, standard key(edge or doubled-sided non laser keys).

Review 4:
SEC-E9 machine is working fine,my sister in law they are going to regret not buying it.Cause the machine is good and a good price.Later they going to see that they could have have it.
SEC-E9 CNC Key cutting machine Review/Feedback from customers

Q: How does the sec-e9 cnc key cutting machine work now, Could you give us some feedback?
A: At the moment work very good with hu66 and hu92


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How to Creat User Key Profile with SEC E9

Tech Support

How to Add Key Data to SEC-E9 CNC Key Cutting Machine
How to deal with Bluetooth drops or disconnections
SEC-E9 Maintaenance Instruction
How to Add Key Data to SEC-E9 CNC Key Cutting Machine

Start here :
Power on the SEC-E9 key cutter
Click “my key information” button at left bottom on the home page to go to next page.

Please click “create new” button at right bottom on screen.

Please pay attention to alerts, and please click “OK” button if you are familiar with details of key
Click input field at upper right, then click the right keyboard button

Input new needed manufacturers of keys, locks or cars, then click “OK” button

please click “Add” button to add manufacturer name to left list

Input new needed models of keys, locks or cars

click “Add” button to add input model to list

Select model you added, then click Next bottom

Then input model production year (Year from and Year to)

Click “Add new” button

Select the new option and click “select card” button

Input key information according step by step

Then select Create & Select button

Then go to next page, you will see a data ID number in list

Click “Add” button, and it means you finish adding data.

Click “View information” button to view input data.

Back to SEC-E9 key cutting machine home page and enter “my key information” page, and you will find the added manufacturer and model

You can start to cut keys if the data is correct.

How to deal with Bluetooth drops or disconnections
Customers who bought SEC-E9 know that successful SEC-E9 operation is based on successful Bluetooth connection. Once Bluetooth disconnects, the machine does not work properly, which brings some inconvenience to customers. Here Kukai focus on Bluetooth connection problem and tell you specific reasons why bluetooth drops and how to deal with it.
1. Incorrect boot sequence
The correct boot steps is:
A. Connect the power switch with power supply (Input Voltage is DC 100-240V) .
B. Clockwise twisting switch to turn on the machine, and then long press the switch of tablet till logo appears.
C. Please wait seconds, SEC-E9 will go to main page automatically.
D. Once you see the main page of SEC-E9 in tablet, it means the tablet and the machine get in touch with each other successfully.
So how to reboot in case anything happened. Here it is:
A. Press “Shutdown” button in the main page.
B.  Press the power switch to turn off the machine.
C. Please wait for 2 minites and then strictly follow in boot steps to do.

2. Bluetooth module is dropped by interference
Firstly follow the correct steps to turn on SEC-E9. Please check the area in below picture, if it light blue it means that Bluetooth module operate normally, it will automatically macth and takes tens of seconds, please be patient and don't touch any button on the screen.

If the Bluetooth disconnects, please find the bluetooth serial number by clicking the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner, and click “remove device”and “Pair” again. Enter password “8888” and click “next”. If you can enter the main page successfully, that means the Bluetooth setting is completed successfully.
2. If you follow in correct boot way, but the blue light is not light in that area, please contact wiht our support team, we will guide you online how to deal with it.

SEC-E9 Maintaenance Instruction
 How to keep SEC-E9 in good condition to serve longer time? These tips are what we collected and summerized from many after-sales support cases.

The Power Supply
SEC-E9 can only operate normally under DC24V/5A , if the supply voltage is greater than DC24V, the unit may be damaged due to overvoltage; at low voltage, it will cause reduced motor output, resulting a incorrect positioning of the movement and insufficient cutting efforts.

The Cutter
Please change the cutter regularly, and be sure to use Kukai original cutter. This is very important.

Correct Cutting Speed
The material of the key blanks affects the cutter's cutting performance. Please choose the cutting speed according to the key blank hardness, this help you keep the lifetime of the cutter.

Good protection
Please don't beat or pound the machine, don't place the machine in rain or snow, either.

Key Blanks
Before cutting a key, please do check whether the key blank is standard. If the key blank itself is flawed, it may not able to achieve the desired results.

Tips for maintenance and repair:
#1. Clean
In order to extend the service life of E9 meanwhile maintain the accuracy of the machine, you should always do a good job of cleaning, just removing the debris above the decoder, the cutter, the clamps and the debris tray when every key blank side done.

#2. Parts
Always check the fasterning parts - screws and nuts, whether loose or not.

#3. Accuracy
When the machine can't be calibrated, or cutting a key is not accurate, please contact the after-sales staff to replace the damaged parts or help you adjust incorrect positioning parts timely

#4. Working Environment
Do not expose the tablet to sunlight. Once the tablet is exposed to the sun for too long, the temperature will increase and the lamp in the screen will be aging accelerated, this will greatly reduce the useful life of your tablet, and the tablet may even be exploded.
#5. Regular Checking
We suggest to check the performance status of the machine every month and to clean the machine deeply.

#6. Correct Repair Operation
You must conduct repair work under the guidance of our support team, you can't disassemble the machine privately. Please do remember to unplug the power plug when you doing the maintenance.