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[EU Ship]V1.26 PCMtuner Dongle with 67 Modules Compatible with Old KTMBENCH KTMOBD KTM100 Original Scanmatik2 Pro

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4 SE157: V1.21 PCMtuner Smart Dongle [EU Ship]V1.26 PCMtuner Dongle with 67 Modules Compatible with Old KTMBENCH KTMOBD KTM100 Original Scanmatik2 Pro
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Product Description

1. Dongle contains 67 software modules.
2. Compatible with Old KTM BENCH, KTM100, KTMOBD, Original Scanmatik2 Pro.
2022 PCMtuner Dongle with 67 Modules Compatible with Old KTM BENCH KTM100 1.20

This is the new dongle containing 67 software modules. 
If you have KTM BENCH1.2 or KTM FLASH KTM BENCH KTM OBD1.20 3 in1 and need new functions of PCMtuner, you can just buy a new dongle without sending back the old one.

PCM Tuner Smart Dongle Features:

1. Free update. No subscription, no annual fee. 
2. Has a USB smart dongle, all licenses for the modules are on the dongle.
3. Master version, save data in bin format, data not encrypted.
4. Work offline, VR NEED online. Read/Write VR (have VR account for users). 
5. With integrated scanmatik2
5. Helpdesk supply free Damaos for tuner 
(Free damaos as WinOLS damaso file ,WinOLS damaos and MAP package)
6. The PCMtuner Dongle can work for J2534 obd, 1.20 original pcm flash software

PCM Tuner Support List

How to Activate PCMtuner and Get VR Account?

1. After you get the item, please kindly follow the PCMtuner installation video to Install it

2. Finish installation, it will ask"Do you want to Register this device", please click "Yes", then follow the prompts information to register it

3. Once you register it, both the device and VR account will be activated automatically, do not need send email to us for activation any more
and the PCMtuner can be used on more than one pc now, just register with different email on different pc, no need cancel previous activation

https://support.vz-performance.com: User Name= Registered Email, Password= Software Serial Number
https://www.tuner-box.com: User Name= registered Email, Password= Serial Number

tuner-box account is for create ticket support tool user.
vzperofromanve for tuner support. It has VR file and many damaos there.


1. Please do not use any other software on our device
2. Once you instlal all software, pls dont do any upgrade, if you dont get any inform from us
3. Otherwise the hardware will be locked, for this, there is no warranty service available
4. All upgreade will be told by us 
5. Or all new update software will be here avilable on the website here: tuner-box.com, we will help you creat a tuner account then go to account page download
6. Strongly recommend installing pcm tuner on Windows 10 to get the best performance. (Disable real-time protection, cloud-delivered protection, automatic sample submission before you start install pcmtuner software.)
If you have any problem, Just Scan this QR code to add to PCMtuner whatsapp tech support:
pcmtuner tech support

PCMtuner Newly Added ECU,  MED/EDC17 Read and Write without opening the shell

VAG Simos 12.1, 12.2
VAG Simos PCR2.1 
Hyundai/KIA SIM2K-240, SIM2K-241,SIM2K-250, SIM2K-251, SIM2K-260, SIM2K-305, MT86
Ford/LR SID208 Flash read
Scania EMS S8 BAM. Just 3 point PCB connection into VIA holes. Can be connected without removing gel.
MB SID307, SID310
Renault SID307, SID309, SID310
Porsche SDI21.x
Mitsubishi E6T83XXX, E6T32xxx
Isuzu Transtron SH72544R
Isuzu Transtron L4.3
Hino EDC7UC31
Hyundai, Greatwall DCM6.2AP
and others...
VAG Simos 18.1, 18.2 coming soon
VAG Simos 18.10 coming soon
FCA Marelli 8GMK/8GML, MJ9DF, 10GF coming soon
FAL Marelli MJ8DF/8F2, 8GMB/8GMC/8GMF/8GMW/8GSF/8GSW coming soon
BMW MSD80, MSV80, MSD81, MSD85.0/MSD85.4, MSD85.1/MSD85.3, MSD87.1/MSD87.2, MSV90 coming soon

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1pc PCMtuner Dongle

2022 Original Autel New Arrivals-Ship from EU/UK No Tax
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Original Launch X431 Tool With 2 Year Free Update--Ship from EU/UK No Tax
launch tool with 2 years free update

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Tech Support

We have about 8 thousands of PCMTUNER users in short 2 months. We also get some user feedback about the pcmtuner activation and Smart Dongle quality problem. Here share the related common problems and solutions.
PCMTuner activation Problem:
It needs to offer email address to dealer to activate PCMTuner ECU programmer. It’s not convenient and takes much time to wait.

PCMTuner factory has improved this problem now.
As long as you registered the PCMTuner software, you have already active the device at the same time. No longer provide your email address to your dealer for activation.

PCMTuner cannot use once changing computerProblem:
Sometimes, customer wants to use PCMTuner on other computers, but it needs to contact dealer to cancel the software registration and activate again.

PCMTuner factory has fixed this problem now. You can use PCMTuner on different computers with different available email address. One computer only supports one email address for activation. You can use multiple computers at the same time without logging out of other accounts you want.

PCMtuner Smart Dongle
Problem 1:
There are some boot on the Dongle don’t weld to them PCB.
pcmtuner smart donglepcmtuner dongle
It’s not quality problem. It’s specially designed by PCMTuner team for safety factor. They don’t let the chip to be fully welded to the PCB. Because if user welds the chip or anyone tries to touch it, the dongle will damage soon and lock.

Problem 2:
The PCMTuner Dongle gets hot when it’s working.

It’s normal. Any PCB operation will expand heat, so it can be protected from damage due to high temperature.

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