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(6.18 Promotion)V2019.5 Real MB Star C5 Xentry SD Connect 5 DoIP Wifi Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool with High-Speed 64G U Disk

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Product Description

Best Quality MB Star C5 Xentry SD Connect 5 support newest hybrid W222,come with both internal and extneral HDD, fit on any laptop with 4GB storage. Support Mercedes Benz cars and trucks.
Xentry Connect C5 Benz SD Connect DoIP Wifi MB Star C5 Xentry Tab Kit Diagnosis Tool

Xentry Connect C5 Features:

1. Unlike old C5 using C4 internet software, this Benz XENTRY Connect C5 is really equipped C5 software (internal HDD + portable HDD). 
    What's more, this Real MB C5 has no limit for computer brand only requires 4GB storage at lease.
2. Support DoIP protocols, can work on newest hybrid W222, W205; support both Benz cars and trucks
3. Has a qualitative improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software.
4. Support Multi Language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional
5. Work on XP/WIN7/8/10
6. Update: for common update, dealer send update files to user for update; for special update, the user is supposed to ship back the disk to flash.
7. Real MB star C5 communication: Via Wlan (IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ )
8. The licensing system is reworked - now licenses are stored on MB servers - Any license changes are tracked by the multiplexer when connected to the Internet network.

Xentry Connect DoIP Software List:

1. DAS/Xentry 2019.5
2. WIS net 2019.5
3. EPC net 2019.5 Electronic Parts Catalog
4.ST Finder 2016 optional:Part location finder
5. STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
6. SDMEDIA 2014
7. PL71
8. Vediamo
Software free update by file. 
Software free download :  https://pan.baidu.com/s/1we1H-xLyv5gF91xI-9XwDw ,password: 8m9q

Tips on using Xentry SD C5:

1. This package do not include the xentry tab, you can equip one by yourself or choose other laptop, or you can buy from us
Second Hand Lenovo T410 Laptop I5 CPU 4GB Memory WIFI
2. Each Mb star diagnosis DoIP Xentry Connect C5 host comes with a built-in hard drive (green board in picture below, it is internal HDD) which contains the data that makes the machine run properly. The hard drive is used to reflash/update C5 firmware as well. 

Please don’t move the hard drive(internal HDD) on SD Connect C5 host. Don’t connect the hard drive to computer to change data. You are at your risk. We are not hold the responsibility of your damage.
3.  The movable external hard drive (software HDD, it is portable HDD) in the package contains Xentry Openshell XDOS, and engineering software Vediamo, DTS Monaco etc, it is the correct hard drive you can run on computer.

And don’t insert the software HDD to C5 host to replace original hard drive.  It will cause damage to the xentry connect c5 multiplexer.

Xentry Connect (VCI+) Technical Parameters:

1.OS: Windows Embedded Standard 7(32bit)
2.Processor: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)
3.Memory: 4G hard disk with 256GB SSD
4.Display: 128*64 PX
5.Battery: 40 minutes (When CPU capacity to 60%)
6.Weight: 1.9KG
7.Network connection: WLAN : IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n2.4+5GHZ
The way to connect: support wireless connection via 1000M workshop switches, also support wired connection.

Why choose Xentry Connect  C5 to diagnose Mercedes cars?

Hardware, despite the similarity of many solutions with multiplexers SDConnect -but the different All diagnostic software is loaded into the Xentry Connect multiplexer itself.
The management software can be installed on any computer with Windows 7 - 32-bit or Windows 8 - 32-bit and serves only for communication with the multiplexer
The licensing system is reworked - now licenses are stored on MB servers - Any license changes are tracked by the multiplexer when connected to the Internet network.

After 2015, all Star Diagnosis equipment is no longer supported. That means there is no update diagnostic data for the newest cars and their systems. The lack of the possibility of coding and programming of electronic units due to the backlog of the software data level in the device, from data in the electronic control units of the car.

At the end of 2014, among dealerships, almost all of them who previously used Star Diagnosis Compact4 with SDConnect DoIP multiplexers were almost gone. Instead, dealerships choosed Xentry Kit kits which include the latest Xentry Connect multiplexers and Xentry Tab tablets from Panasonic. Tablets are custom-made, also they have a "civilian" version - the Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1, which has a more powerful configuration but shorter battery life than the original Xentry Tab.

Honestly, it seems exaggerated for non-dealer use Xentry Tab. While for dealers, that is necessary.

what about workshop service?

Undoubtedly, the tablet from Panasonic is well while the price is too high. The cost of the Japanese tablet is realistic to buy pieces of eight new laptops or tablets from other manufacturers.

So , we suggest to buy Xentry connect from us , then buy a laptop yourself . the software from which Xentry Connect is managed can be installed without any problems on any computer that has a 32-bit version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. It's clear with Xentry Connect itself - there's no alternative .

After all, in this choice there are many reasons that encourage one to make a decision. The main thing is one: since 2015, the diagnostic multiplexer Xentry Connect C5 becomes the only one used at dealerships.

Thus, by purchasing this equipment, you do not lag behind the progress. You use in your work the best that is available today. Each your client, seeing with his own eyes that you in your work use the same device that he saw at the dealer's service station, will understand that he made the right decision entrusting his car to your specialists.
MB Star C5 PCB Display:

Mercedes Benz XENTRY C5 PCB
Real MB Star C5 PCB
Xentry Connect C5 Package List:

1pc x C5 Multiplexer (new C5 case)
1pc x Internal HDD
1pc x External HDD
1pc x OBDII 16PIN Cable
1pc x Lan Cable


Q: This SD Connect C5 have any licence? Its possible registered in a name off my company?
A: Factory set the license well and the license connect MB server directly, please do not change it any more

Q: we purchased a V2018.9 REAL MB STAR C5 we have followed the supplied book and have progressed as far as the removal of the hard drive in the c5 we are unable to find the PE system on the drive to build a new admin folder can you help
A: You need build the pe system via 【03】as the attachment show by yourself, it is not included inside the hard drive we offer, you can try to search it on internet

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