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[EU/UK Ship] TOPDIAG P200 Smart Hook Probe Circuit Analyzer Tester Electrical System Relay/Diode/Injector Test PK Autel PowerScan PS100

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Product Description

TOPDIAG P200 SMART HOOK Powerful Probe, the new generation of intelligent circuit analyzer, is the only circuit tester that can be upgraded on the market. Jdiag P200 can test all 9V-30V electronic systems quickly. The test time can be greatly shortened, making it more convenient, faster and smarter!

TOPDIAG P200 SMART HOOK Powerful Probe

Todiag P200 Highlights:

1. Better and powerful than Autel PowerScan PS100
2. Free Update Online
3. Cable length: 6.0Meters. With connector, it is more than 6.0 Meters. It makes work more easier.
4. The test time is greatly shortened, convenient, fast and smarter!
5. For all 9V-30V electronic systems, Supports Car Truck Motorcycle Boat
6. Multi-langauges: English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Vietnamese, Chinese. You can change language by yourself at any time.
7. Click to get Online user manual.
8. Enjoy one year warranty.
9. Free ship from EU/UK NO Tax

jdiag p200 smart hook


P200 SMART HOOK  Powerful Probe, the new generation of intelligent circuit analyzer, is the only circuit tester that can be upgraded on the market. It can test all 9V-30V electronic systems quickly. The test time can be greatly shortened, making it more convenient, faster and smarter!
Topdiag P200 Circuit Analyzer Features:

1. Intelligent identification of voltage/resistance
2. Multimeter mode (measure voltage, resistance, diode, continuity, current and frequency)
3. Relay test
4. Injector test
5. Diode test
6. Oscilloscope function
7. 0-5V adjustable power supply
8. Activation of vehicle components
9. Positive and negative polarity test
10. Intelligent circuit breaker protection (adjustable overload)
11. Screen style background optional
12. Network can be upgraded online
13. Built-in Multi-lingual settings.

Working Mode of TOPDIAG P200  Circuit Tester:

 jdiag p200 interface display

1. Smart Test:

The main test functions of this mode: voltage test, resistance test, positive/negative test.(Display as VDC, OHM) It is mainly used for quick test without switching between different test modes.Automatically recognize the measured signal and display values of values of voltage or OHMs.

2. Multimeter Mode:

The bottom of the interface is the functional area from left to right are: DC voltage (VDC), resistance (OHM), diode/continuity test (DIO), current (AMP), frequency (HZ).

 jdiag p200 multimeter mode
3. Oscilloscope Mode

jdiag p200 Oscillosocope mode

4. Relay Test:

It shows 2 types of common automotive relay diagrams: 5-termainal relay and 4-terminal relay.
Relay wiring connection as below:

5. Component Activation:

The component activation function is designed to generate activation signals to the tested components, such as activating lights, motors and other on-board electric equipment.
1. Display VDC AMP and ACC value.
2. Activation type:

    “SET”Circuit Breaker

jdiag p200 component Activation

6. 0-5V Power supply:

The 0-5V power supply function is useful when checking the wiring to the ECU/ECM. After you check the sensor with a Multimeter, if there is still a problem,you can simulate the voltage output by the sensor to verify the wiring to the ECU.
0-5V power supply mode designed as an active mode.It can adjust the voltage output under 5V and limit the current to 100mA.(This is safe and will not burn out electric components)

7. Injector test:

The probe outputs different pulse signals to the injector, and check the injector spraying status. This function can help diagnose injector conditions. It can work with any fuel pressure tester.

8. Positive and Negative test

P200 SMART HOOK Overview

How to use Multimeter Mode?

Press the "right" button to select the test mode.Press "Left" button to exit.

1)DC Voltage(VDC): Connect the probe clip (auxiliary ground lead) to the negative pole, and connect the probe tip to the measured voltage.

2)Resistance(OHM): Connect the probe clip (auxiliary ground lead) to one side of the Resistance being measured, and the probe tip to the other side.

3)Diode/Continuity Test(DIO): Connect the probe clip (auxiliary ground lead) to one side of the Diode being measured, and the probe tip to the other side. Meanwhile it will display the voltage and show positive and negative of Diode.

4)Current(AMP): The probe is connected in series in the circuit under test, it will display the current value.

5)Frequency(HZ): Display the frequency of the measured signal and duty cycle value.

How to update your P200 hook?

1. Connect your hook to compouter with USB cable.
2. Run the upgrade tool.
3. Upgrade your tool.
Here is link for upgrade tool
Jdiag p200 Upgrade tool

TOPDIAG P200 vs Autel PowerScan PS100

Item TOPDIAG P200 Autel PS100
Picture Jdiag P200 Autel PS100
Operation Voltage 9-30V 12/24V
Testing Voltage 0-150V 0-70V
LCD Screen Display 2.4inch Color LCD 1.7inch Color LCD
9-Grid Nativation Menu ×
Circuit Protection
Fuse Protection ×
Alligator Battery Clip Special Desgin Normal
DC Volmeter
AC Measurement
Smart Ohms/Volts ×
5-Button Naviation ×
Relay Test ×
Diode Test
Relay Test Diagram ×
Fuel Injector Test ×
Oscilloscope Mode ×
Positive/Negative Display ×
Safty Power Supply ×
Componet Activation
Activation Model Selectable ×
Full Mulimeter Mode ×
Multi-language ×
Home Screen Change Style ×
Update Online ×

Specifications and Parameters:

Display (320*240 DPI) TFT true color display
Working temperature 0-60°C (32-140 F°)
Storage temperature 40-70°C (-40-185 F°)
External power supply 12V or 24V powered by battery
Minimum working voltage 9V
Maximum working voltage 30V
Maximum measuring voltage 150V
Minimum measuring voltage 0.1V
Resistance measurement range 1 ohm~200K ohm
Current measuring range 0~18A
Maximum continuous current 18A

Product packing list:
1) Main unit
2) Solid copper test probe
3) Double pass test connection line
4) Alligator clip battery cable (Special Design)
5) Relay test line
6) Probe adapter
7) 25Amp fuse
8) Operation manual
9) Packing Toolbox

jdiag p200 smart hook package
TOPDIAG P200 Reviews

Review 1:
 This is a "super" circuit tester, like an upgraded power probe IV. All the modes (volts, amps, ohms, oscilloscope, 5V reference, power or grounding components, etc) that youʻll need to test most circuits up to 30V. Easy to use, clear color display, one hand operation. As durable as any other multi tester. I use mine several times a week as I specialize in electrical and driveability automotive problems.

Review 2: Major major different between a high quality and low quality circuit testers. This is made well and works well. Super easy to use and set up. Wish I had a home version one also!

Review 3: This circuit tester really speeds up diagnosis my car! I can inject positive or negative feed down a wire by pressing a switch.. makes circuit detection instant! which performs each type of service, such as, testing for continuity, diagnosing circuit failures, checking the good and bad ground, activating components on and off the vehicle, capturing MIN/MAX voltage, etc. Enables to accurately diagnose the DC Voltage, AC Voltage, Resistance and Diode of the 12v-24v electrical systems by merely pressing the mode button on cars/vans and commercial HGV also.

Review 4:  I've been using this prior to that incident and also a great way to get an accurate reading of the voltage as well as test other parts of the car. I do have background in electrical engineering but this tester also has bright and crisp full color LCD that's very easy to navigate.

There are many ways to not only read the unit and diagnose an electrical issues but you can also inject different frequencies and signals to determine and troubleshoot any problem areas. It came in a nice case and holds everything perfectly well and have enough space that it's not a pain to put things away.

This is kept in the car at all times as while I do have a fluke meter, this is definitely automotive oriented tester and a troubleshooting system that I highly recommend

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JDIAG P200 Activation of vehicle components & Diode tes

Jdiag P200 practical Overview and Demonstration