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Original Microtronik HexTag Programmer V1.0.23 with BDM Funtions Newly Add Tricore Module Support ECU Clone

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3 Microtronik: HexTag Programmer Original Microtronik HexTag Programmer V1.0.23 with BDM Funtions Newly Add Tricore Module Support ECU Clone
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Product Description

HexTag Programmer is the latest Ecu Tuning/Cloning and BDM tool produced by Microtronik. With Hextag you can clone, tune and repair different types of Ecus, Tcus, immobilisers and other modules in different car brands. HexProg can read the ECU’s D-flash, P-flash, External Flash and external EEPROMS in fraction of seconds which is faster compared to any tool in the market.
HexTag Programmer with BDM Functions with 30 days free ECU Clone license

HexTag Programmer with BDM functions (BMW CAS series, Porsche BCM, Audi/VW,...etc), Mileage EEPROM reset, Key reset, and more.
HexTag Programmer is the latest Ecu Tuning, Ecu Cloning and BDM tool released by Microtronik which can do a wide range of operations in multi car brands. It can read the ECU’s D-flash and P-flash in fraction of seconds which is faster compared to any tool in the market.

With the help of HexTag you can clone/tune a wide range of Ecus without opening the Ecu easily (See the list if Supported Ecus ), you can get some important info like ISN from BMW Ecus

Top 3 Reasons to Get HexTag Programmer:

1. Safety while using: All of us heard about Chinese tools corruping the EEPROM or D-Flash from CAS4 and CAS4+. We can assure you that HexTag is the safest tool in the world.

2. Ease of usage: HexTag is considered the most user friendly tool, you can with a few clicks complete the most complicated jobs, like repairing a module (FRM3), resetting mileage, retrieving or modifying ISN, Change VIN,etc.

3. Competitive price for users even if compared to low quality chinese tools.
Unlike most other tools HexTag takes care to the power supply for the connected control unit, the power monitoring system in HexTag monitors current and voltage supplied to the control unit which allows a very safe operation while reading/writing data. HexTag will shutdown power supply in a range of 10ms when it detectes a shortage or a high power consumption.

4. ECU Cloning/Tuning for a wide range of brands. This function is free for 30 days.

5. Newly Add Tricore Module

1. HexTag ECU Cloning Function is free for 90 days only.
After 90 Days, ECU Cloning License will cost $1000, and $350 for annual update fee.
2. This tool do not accept return for refund, just accept one year warrantry for repair, please kindly be noted.

HexTag Programmer Functions:

Read cas4/4+ without removing any part from board with a guaranteed safe operation.
Repair corrupted EEPROM in CAS3+
Edit CAS3+ and CAS4 ISN and VIN and other parameters
Reset mileage for CAS
Repair FRM with one click
Support read/write other brands like Porsche BCM without removing any component, JLR KVM ECU, Audi/VW BCM, Mercedes Benz EZS and others.
Dashboard EEPROM M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ reset in few seconds.
Key Renew for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, Fiat, Renault...etc.
Engine control unit reading for tuning and cloning operation (will be added soon).
Live support for all functions in HexTag, users can reach our support team by Live Chat or Skype.

Hextag can also be used as the key programming tool along with AutoHex software for making keys for BMW even when all keys lost.

Another explanation about the difference between HexProg and HexTag:

Both are identical, they differ only in this:
– HexTag can do key programming for BMW (currently it supports Hitag, Hitag2, Hitag Pro, and some other protocols).
– HexTag is to be sold only with Autohex II. HexProg can be sold to non Autohex II users.

Hexprog Software Update Information:

HexProg Software Version 1.0.23

Hextag got more and more Ecus to support users, we have added new Ecus for different brands. We also added more BSI/BCM modules for locksmith/replacment jobs:

Added following for Audi: Bosch MD1CS004,Continental Simos 12.1,Simos 12.2 (Boot and Factory mode)
Added following for Mercedes Benz: Continental SID307 and SID310
Added following for Porsche: Continental SDI21.1, SDI21.2 and SDI21.3    
Added following for FIAT: Marelli IAW 5SF, Bosch ME7.9.10
Added following for Geely: Bosch MED17.8.10 and MED17.8.2
Added following for Hyundai: Kefico CPEGD2.20.3 and CPEGD2.20.4
Added following for Infiniti: Continental SID310
Added following for Abarth: Bosch ME7.9.10
Added following for Kia: Kefico CPEGD2.20.3, CPEGD2.20.4
Added following for Lancia: Marelli IAW 5SF, Bosch ME7.9.10
Added following for Nissan: Continental EMS3155
Added following for Renault: Continental EMS3155, Simos 12.1 and Simos 12.2
Added Audi ESL J518 for MASK 0L01Y (BDM).
Added Mercedes Benz EIZ W906 MASK 0L01Y (BDM).
Added Ferrari BSI 4L91N (BDM).
Added more EEPROMS for read/write.
Added BMW F series key from Hella 434 920-15

HexProg Software Version 1.0.22
In this version we added more Continental Ecus for Nissan, Renault, Opel and Dacia:

Added following for Dacia:Continental EMS3110
Added following for Nissan:Continental SID307,SID309,SID310
Added following for Opel:Continental SID309,SID310
Added following for Porsche:Continental    Simos 18.10
Added following for Renault:Continental    SID307,SID309,SID310
Fixed Unlocking some versions of SIMOS18.XX

HexProg Software Version 1.0.21
Hextag/Hexprog software now has 56 more Ecus in the cloning list. In this release Hextag extends the supported Micro-controllers, it is able to read/write Ecus with ST10.

Added following for Alfa Romeo:Bosch MED7.1.1,MED7.6.2
Added following for Audi:Bosch ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.1.5, ME7.5, ME7.5.5, MED17.1.27, MED17.1.61, MED17.1.62
Added new brand Baic and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.8.8
Added following for Bentley:Bosch ME7.1.1
Added following for BMW:Bosch ME7.2
Added new brand Cupra and following ECU's:Bosch  MG1CS001
Added new brand Donkervoort and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.5.5
Added following for Ford:Bosch ME7.1
Added new brand Great Wall Motoors and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.8.8
Added following for Hyundai:Bosch MG7.9.7,Bosch MG7.9.8
Added following for Land Rover:Bosch ME7.2
Added new brand Mitsubishi and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.7.1
Added following for Opel:Bosch ME7.6.4
Added following for Porsche:Bosch ME7.1.1
Added following for Seat:Bosch ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.5, ME7.5.10, ME7.5.5
Added following for Skoda:Bosch    ME7.1, ME7.1.5, ME7.5, ME7.5.10, ME7.5.5
Added new brand Troller and following ECU's:Continental    SID208
Added following for VW:Bosch ME7.1, ME7.1.1, ME7.5, ME7.5.10, ME7.5.5
Note: Ecus with ST10 Micro-controllers require Hexprog Power Module to work with Hextag.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.20
Hextag/Hexprog software now has more Ecus in the cloning list.

Added following to Audi: MG1CS002, MD1CP004, MD1CP014 Factory Mode.
Added following to ISUZU: EDC17C83 Factory Mode.
Added following to Mclaren: ME17.8.33 Factory Mode.
Added following to VW MG1CS002, MD1CP004, MD1CP014 Factory Mode.
Optimized the new Power Module to work perfectly with Hextag Tool.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.19
We still focus on Continental Ecus this time. In this update Hextag users have extra Ecus in the cloning list.

Added following for Peugeot: Continental SID208 Factory and Boot Mode.
Added following for Ford: Continental SID211.
Added following for Hyundai: Bosch EDC17C57, MED17.9.30, MEG17.9.2.
Added following for Citroen: Continental SID208 Factory and Boot Mode.
Added following for Kia: Bosch EDC17C57, EDC17CP62, MED17.9.30.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.18
Hextag/Hexprog software now has 17 more Ecus in the cloning list most of them are Continental. The great news for Hexprog users is the Mercedes Benz Continental SIM271DE20,SIM271KE20, it is available now in factory mode.

Added following for FORD:Continental EMS2204,EMS2207,EMS2211,SID209
Added following for Mercedes-Benz: Continental SIM271DE20,SIM271KE20 Factory mode and boot mode
Added following for Audi:Continental Simos PCR 2.1
Added following for HYUNDAI:Continental SIM2K-241,SIM2K-251
Added following for BMW: Bosch MD1CP002
Added following for CHERY (China) :ME17.8.8,ME17.U.6
Added following for Dongfeng (China) :MED17.4.4
Added following for LAND ROVER:SID208
Added following for KIA :SIM2K-241
Added following for Skoda:Continental Simos PCR 2.1
Added following for Volkswagen:Continental Simos PCR 2.1

HexProg Software Version 1.0.16
Hextag/Hexprog software now has 36 more Ecus in the cloning list, we focused on the new generation of Ecus MDG1. We also made it possible to read/write and clone MSV80, MSD80, MSD85,... by Factory mode.

Added following for Audi:Bosch MD1CP004, MG1CS001, MG1CS002, MG1CS011, Continental Simos 18.4
Added following for Bentley: Bosch MG1CS002 ,MG1CS008
Added following for BMW: Bosch MD1CS001, MD1CS001, MG1CS003, MG1CS201
Added factory mode feature for BMW Continental MSD80, MSD81, MSD81.2, MSD85, MSD85.4, MSD87, MSV80,MSV90
Read ISN from BMW MD1CS001, MD1CS001, MG1CS003, MG1CS201
Added following for Citroen:Bosch MEV17.4.2 TC1766
Added following for Lamborghini: Bosch    MG1CS008
Added following for Mercedes-Benz:Bosch    MD1CP001
Added following for Mini:Bosch    MD1CS001,MG1CS201
Added following for Peugeot:Bosch MEV17.4.2 TC1766
Added following for Porsche:Bosch MG1CS002,MG1CS008
Added following for Seat:Bosch MG1CS001,MG1CS011,Continental Simos 18.2
Added following for Skoda:Bosch    MG1CS001,MG1CS011
Added following for Toyota:Bosch MG1CS201 (DME_86T0)
Added following for Volkswagen:Bosch MD1CP004,MG1CS001,MG1CS011

HexProg Software Version 1.0.15
Hextag/Hexprog software now has 32 more Ecus in the cloning list added on 8 different models, we focused in this time on Toyota Ecus.

We also enhanced the TPROT protocol (different versions) for different types of Ecus especially in VW, Audi, SKODA and Seat.

Added new brand Dacia and following ECU :EDC17CP17
Added new brand Toyota and following ECU's: EDC17C47, EDC17C60, EDC17C73, EDC17CP07, EDC17CP17, EDC17CP37, ME17.9.52
Added following for Citroen:EDC17C60, SID807    
Added following for FIAT: ME17.3.0
Added following for Ford: EDC17CP05-TC1796, EDC17CP05-TC1797, EDC17CP65, MED17, MED17.0.1, MED17.0.7, Continental SID208 
Added following for Opel:EDC17C60
Added following for Peugeot: EDC17C60, ME17.9.71, MED17.4.2, MEVD17.4.4, Continental SID807,SID807-TC1797, SID807EVO    
Added following for Opel: EDC17C11, EDC17C42 TC1766, EDC17C42 TC1767, EDC17C84
Added following for Renault:ME17.9.23
Added following for Suzuki: EDC17CP17, 078K0, EDC17C49, ME17.9.61, ME17.9.64, MED17.9.63

HexProg Software Version 1.0.14
Hextag/Hexprog software now has 19 more Ecus in the cloning list added on 13 different models, we also made the factory mode more reilable in initializing, as well as fixing minore issues.

Added new brand Dacia and following ECU's : EDC17C42, EDC17C84, Continental EMS3110, SID305
Added new brand Mahindra and following ECU's: EDC17C55, EDC17C63, EDC17CP55
Added new brand Jac and following ECU:EDC17C63
Added new brand Smart and following ECU's:ME17.7.20,ME17.9.20
Added following for FIAT: EDC17C84
Added following for Hyundai: MEG17.9.13, SIM2K-241,SIM2K-341 TC1738, SIM2K-341 TC1766
Added following for Kia: SIM2K-240
Added following for Mercedes-Benz:EDC17C42, EDC17C84, SID305
Added following for Nissan: EDC17C11, EDC17C42,EDC17C84, SID305
Added following for Opel: EDC17C11, EDC17C42 TC1766, EDC17C42 TC1767, EDC17C84
Added following for Porsche:SDI3,SDI4
Added following for Renault: EDC17C11, EDC17C42, EDC17C84, EDC17CP19, EDC17CP58, EMS3110,ME17.9.20, SID305
Added following for Volkswagen: EDC17CP54, ME17.5.26
Factory mode is perfect in initializing with Ecus.
SIMOS 18.1, SIMOS 18.2,.. Password calculation has been fixed.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.13
42 more Ecus come to HexProg in version 1.0.13, we also enhanced some features in this version:

Added following for Alfa Romeo: EDC17C69, MED17.3.5
Added following for Aston Martin: ME17.8.31
Added following for Audi: EDC17CP24, EDC17CP24
Added following for Bentley: ME17.1.1
Added following for BMW: MEV17.4.6
Added following for Citroen: EDC17CP11
Added following for Dodge: EDC17C79
Added following for Ferrari: MED17.3.5, MED17.3.5, MED17.3.5 MS
Added following for Fiat: EDC17C69
Added following for Honda: EDC17C58,EDC17CP06, EDC17CP16, EDC17CP50, MED17.9.3
Added following for Hyundai: EDC17C53, MED17.9.8
Added following for Jaguar: EDC17CP11
Added following for Jeep: EDC17C69
Added following for Kia: EDC17C53
Added following for Land Rover: EDC17CP11
Added following for Maserati: MED17.3.4, ME17.8.32
Added following for Mercedes Benz: EDC17C01, EDC17CP01, EDC17CP10, EDC17CP10, ME17.7
Added following for Opel: EDC17C69, EDC17CP47
Added following for Renault: EDC17CP11
Added following for Saab: EDC17C19, EDC17CP21
Added following for Suzuki: EDC17C49, EDC17C69
Added following for Volkswagen: EDC17CP24, EDC17U05, ME17.5
Added following for Volvo: EDC17CP22
Improved Internal Flash writing speed.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.12
Mercedes Benz Delphi CRD3X, CRD3S2, CRD3E1, CRD3PX Ecus are supported starting from this version.
MINI MEV17.2.2 (Boot mode only) is supported in this version.
Audi/VW EDC17CP04, EDC17CP14, EDC17C46 are supported in this version.
Opel EDC17C19 is supported in this version.
Audi/VW SIMOS18X calculating password has been fixed in this version.
Some Ecus with TC1796 have an issue in older versions, users will not face this issue starting from this version.
Ecu identification has been improved in this version.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.11
Audi/VW SIMOS 18.0, 18.1, 18.2 are supported in this version.
Audi/VW MED17.1 is supported in this version.
Ford SID807 is supported in this version.
Peugeot/Citroen EDC17C10 is supported in this version.
From this version on, we start adding more user friendly wiring diagrams, currently many of BMW diagrams have the new method.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.10
Power supply monitor is less restrictive in this version.
BMW EDC17CP09 has been added in this version.
MSV90, MSD85 Ecus are working prefectly in this version.

HexProg Software Version 1.0.8
Hexprog software version 1.0.8 is available for Hextag tool users with new amazing featurs:
HexProg can clone Ecus, It's free for all users during 2019, any user has Hextag can start using this function now.
Check HexProg ECU Support List
Porsche BCM 1N35H is more stable now
EEPROM unlock function has been improved
Audi key reset for ATJ807 is supported in this version
BMW 315 HUF5662 key is supported in this version
BMW China KeylessGo E Series is supported in this version
BMW China 434 F Series is supported in this version
Mini 315 Remote Data has been corrected

HexProg Software Version 1.0.3 UPDATE 18/12/2018:
    Hexprog software First release after BETA is available for Hextag and hexprog tool users.
    New MCUs are supported like RENESAS V850 Family from NEC and HC08 Family from MOTOROLA/FREESCALE
    Added Porsche BCM 2011 and up, users can read/write data without removing any part.
    Added Audi/VW BCM for different modules: ESL J518 and BCM 2 with Renesas MCUs family
    More Mercedes Benz ESZ and EIS have been added.
    Fixed a false error message for FRM repair function after completing the eeprom repair.
    Supporting new Chinese keys in market for BMW E series (Hitag 2 protocol)

HexProg Software Version 1.0.2
Hexprog  software (BETA) update is available for Hextag and hexprog tool users.

    Added FRM repair for BMW FRM in E series, this function will repair the corrupted EEPROM automatically
    Added new modeuls for BMW cars: SZL, SM, KBM
    Added a module for Mercedes benz: EIZ for 211 chassis
    Improved the performance of the software and fixing some minor bugs

HexTag Programmer Package Including:

HexTag Programmer main unit
BDM Cable (wires are same quality used in aerospace)
Tricore Boot mode cable (For future added functions like Ecu clone)
OBD Cable (For future added functions like Ecu tuning and making keys)
Module/adapter for renew keys and read/write SOP-8 EEPROM
SOP-8 High quailty Clip to read/write EEPROM and reset mileage on bench


Q: I am planing to order Hextag tool to use it for Ecu cloning and BDM functions. Can I use it without buying Autohex II?
A: Hextag is a stand alone tool. You can use it without the need of Autohex II Tool.
The only function in Hextag which cannot be used as a stand alone is the BMW Key Programming function. This function needs Autohex II Tool and software. 

Q: I want to use Ecu cloning function in Hextag/Hexprog. Is it free of charges?
A: Hextag has many functions, most of them are free of charges and lifetime free. Like BDM function, Key renewal function, EEPROM read/write function...etc.
We offer for the Ecu cloning function 90 days free. After this period the Ecu cloning function requires a license to purchase before you can use it, there is also a yearly subscription applied on this function as well.
The License is one time payment, it is USD 1000.00, while the yearly subscription is about USD 350.00

Q: Where to download and how to register
Where are the installation files of hextag, and how to register my Hextag tool?
A: The software name is HexProg, you can download it from here
To reguister your tool you need to register in, then while you are updating your Hextag first time, you will be asked for the login information of Hexprog website.
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