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(Steps) OBDSTAR F100 Program 2013 Ford Ranger Key Chip TP33 6E

One customer asked whether OBDSTAR F100 Mazda/Ford Key Programmercan program 2013 Ford Ranger Key Chip TP33 6E or not? The answer is definitelyYES! Below are steps for your reference.

Step1. Put the new chip TP33 6E into remote key. Connect OBDSTAR F100 device to car via OBD2 port. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “Ford/Lincoln” → “Ford/Lincoln V31.07”


Step2. Choose “Ford” → “USA Ford” → “Immobilizer” → “Ranger”


Step3. Choose “Program keys” function.

And it will show if all key lost, need at least 2 keys as following picture show, press Enter button to continue.

Step4. Insert the remote key with new chip, turn ignition on then press Enter button. (Now the security light will blink because the new key is not programmed)

It will show current key number is 3, press Enter button to confirm. It will show communication. And security light off.

OK. Current key number now is 4.

Press Enter button and key programming success! The new key start car OK soOBDSTAR F100 successfully add Ford Ranger chip 6E!