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OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 program SUZUKI Swift 2013 key without pin code

This blog is guide for using OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master to program smart key for SUZUKI Swift 2013 without need pin code. Following step by step below will make you a successful key programming in 3 minutes!
Step1. Let’s start from Immobilizer menu: Choose “SUZUKI” then “SUZUKI V30.06” then “Smart Key System” then “Alivio”.
Step2. Select “Program smart key” function then choose “Without PIN”
Now OBDSTAR KeyMaster will remind you all key will be erased. Press the Enter button to continue and wait.
Step3. Now the security light will blink. Input the current year and month, for example 201609.
And put smart key close to car’s start button.
Press the Enter button. Now you should hear 2 beeps to registered key. Security light is also off. It will show “Program success, whether to program next one?” Press the ESC button to quit. Now it will show “Program over” that meansOBDSTAR X300 PRO3 successfully make a smart key for SUZUKI Swift 2013!