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MB Star C3 C4 Diagnosis Review and Customer Feedback(Collect from Fourm)

MB Star C3 C4 is professional Mercedes Benz Diagnostic Tool, very popular in customers. But as there are many different models, sometimes customers may not clear which one is most suitable for themselves, here we collect some reviews from forum, all the feedback and advice come from their experience, hope it will help you more or less. You can refer to their experience and opion to choose most correct one for your special need

Customer feedback 1:
--It is plug and play, I just plug the HDD from seller to my Dell D630 Laptop and all I needed to do was activate WIS/EPC and XENTRY/DAS with "activation keys". 

Summary : all of MB Star Diagnosis with Dell D630 HDD is plug and play version, you just need plug the HDD to your Laptop, then send Lan-id, HW-id, Appid and hardware ID to us, we will send you start keys and license file to activate WIS/EPC, Xentry and DAS system

Customer feedback 2:
--I have bin playing with xentry for about a year now and had similar problems, 
The external HD is slow and you have permanent trouble with the com port setting.
No matter if you use a virtual machine or the direct installed software.
All com ports have to be named Com2 and speed set to 9600 or 115200 in system settings. No matter if the are USB ore not.
I tried the USB converter but the setting changed every time i plugged it in.

Summary: MB Star External HDD need work with VMWARE, you need install Virtual Machine on your laptop, so it run slower than Dell D630 HDD, and you need set com port as well, if customers is not similar with this kind of product, it may not easy as Dell D630 hard disk. So if you have Dell D630 laptop, you'd better choose Dell D630 HDD

Customer feedback 3:
--I strongly recommend you purchase the STAR C4 "Compact" version WITHOUT WiFi..... for 2 reasons:
1) The C4 Compact is less expensive than the WiFi version 
2) The Compact C4 requires NO BATTERIES (vs WiFi version) but uses the Vehicle's 12 volt electrical system to power the STAR C4.  
With regard to used DELL D630s, yes, many are stripped with no Hard Drive Disc..... which is okay, because the STAR C4 comes with its own DELL D630 HDD with all the software fully loaded onto it.
What you want to get is a Dell D630 with 3-4 GB RAM, and a CPU of 2.20 GHz or higher, and an AC charger unit.

Summary: 1. MB Star C4 without Wifi Function(SP06) is more cheap than MB SD C4 with Wifi function(SP100-D, SP100-B), MB SD C4 support UDS protocol, while mb star c4 do not support UDS protocol, if you do not need wifi function and do not use it on new Benz, you can choose MB Star C4, will be more cost-effective
                    2. Some customer usually buy Dell D630 Laptop and MB Star C3 C4 or BMW ICOM together, they usually ask whether there is hard drive inside the Dell D630 laptop. The answer is no, the Dell D630 Laptop do not contain hard drive, but all MB Star C3 C4 and BMW ICOM hard disk can run on this laptop directly, no extral special hard drive need

Customer Feedback 4:
--The WiFi option (that I didn't buy) allows you to walk around with your laptop, or sit somewhere up to ~ 45 feet away from the multiplexer that is connected to your vehicle. 
The MUX sends all data communications back-and-forth to the laptop via WiFi, versus doing so via a connected LAN cable.... although you can use both methods if you buy Options 1 or 2.
As far as the Laptop goes, you can order a C4 with an External HDD and use the internal HDD for your day-to-day laptop as well.

The C4 Series of Scanners will do everything that MB Dealers can do, with the rare exception of programming new Modules, for which a "Key" is required. 

Summary: MB SD C4(SP100-D,SP100-B) support wifi connection and lan cable connection, you can use it more conveiently. You still can choose external hdd, even there is no com port in your laptop, as the device can connect to your laptop via lan cable or Wifi, no com port need