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How to Use Launch X431 PAD VII to Do ADAS Radar Calibration on Ford F-150 2019

When the radar sensor, ACCM(Adaptive Cruise Control Module), or front bumper was replaced or it did not accord with the maintenance alignment requirements, you’ll need to do radar calibration on the vehicle.
How to use Launch X-431 PAD V II to do radar calibration?

Here we’re taking a Ford F-150 2019 as an example to show the procedure step by step.
Step 1-5
(Software version: Ford V48.50 or above)
Automatically Search >> Yes >> Special Functions/ ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System Calibration) >> Electrical >> Cruise Control
x431 pad vii adas calibration manual

Step 6. Select “CCM#1(Cruise Control Module) calibration”;
Step 7. Follow the prompt to confirm the conditions that need to be met;
Step 8. The scanner will prompt that a Fault Code will be generated when the ignition is switched OFF before the calibration is complete.
Step 9. Drive vehicle between 50 and 80kph to perform the radar calibration. Keep driving until “Front sensor is not aligned” disappears. If the vehicle is equipped with stop/start, please manually disable before you start driving.
Step 10. You’ll get a prompt that the function executed successfully.
Step 11. Exit the calibration menu then clean down any fault codes.


x431 pad 7 adas calibration manual