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How to program Infiniti Q70L smart key via SuperOBD SKP900?

This blog will guide you how to program 2013 Infiniti Q70L new smart key by using SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer and OBDSTAR F102 Nissan Infiniti pin code reader. Very easy steps for you!
Step1. Start SKP-900 Key Programmer. Choose “Immobilizer”→ “Infiniti” → “Smart Key” → “Q70L Smart Key 2013”. Then press “Yes” button it will show “Loading”.

Step2. Choose “Keyless System” → “Choose OBDII adapter?” press “Yes” button.

Step3. Choose “Active Steering Lock” →press “Yes” button→ press “Yes” button.

Step4. Here you need OBDSTAR F102 Nissan/Infiniti Automatic Pin Code Reader to get pin code. It’s easy to use. Then enter the Pin Code. After input it will show “Active Success”.

Step5. Back to the “Function Selection” menu and choose “2013 Infiniti Q70L”, then press “Yes” button.

Put the smart key back near to the ignition and turn on ignition, then press “Yes” button. It will show “Adapt Success”, then press “No” button.

Step6. Put the smart key back near to the ignition and press the ignition button for two times, then press “No” button.

Now you successfully make a new smart key for Infiniti by using SuperOBD SKP900 and OBDSTAR F102.