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How KTAG EU clone read Bosch EDC17C10 Tricore PSA Peugeot 308?

This is a guide for using KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming ToolMaster to read Bosch EDC17C10 PSA Peugeot 308 on bench. Below are operation steps for you!

Step1. Take out the EDC17C10 ECU unit and open it. (Remember to heat the ECU edge before open that will protect the circuit)


Step2. Connect the cable 14P600KT02 to the ECU connector according to the pin out diagram below:
Pin 2, 19—red color—+12V
Pin 4—black color—Ground
Pin 40—white color—CAN-H
Pin 52—green color—CAN-L
Soldered wire—gray with alligator clip—Boot



Step3. Before reading ECU, remember to make a backup copy. Open KTAG 2.13 Master clone software. Choose “Peugeot”—“308”—“Bosch EDC17C10 Tricore” as follows:

Select the plug-in P219.

Step4. Click “Read” to start read ECU.

Wait a while and ECU reading complete!

Save the bin file at proper location. Things done! KTAG K-TAG read Bosch EDC17C10 PSA Peugeot 308 Tricore successfully!