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How Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 activate, clone and replace TPMS sensor?

Here is a guide for how to use Autel MaxiTPMS TS601 to activate, clone and replace TPMS sensor. All TPMS concerned information and tips are included below!
Why you need Autel TS601+ Autel TPMS sensor+ Autel MaxiTPMS PAD?
Because this tool set will make you solve all TPMS issues!
Autel MaxiTPMS TS601
Autel MX-sensoruniversal TPMS sensor
Autel MaxiTPMS PADfor TPMS sensor programming
When the TPMS warning light is on, it may indicate low tire pressure or a broken sensor. In order to turn off TPMS light and solve the problem, you are advised to firstly use Autel TS601 to scan all sensors and test whether TPMS sensor is working or not.
Power up TS601 tool and choose “TPMS” on main menu.

Select car brand, model and year to enter TPMS sensor activation system. For example: Porsche Cayenne 2010

Take a walk around the car and put TS601 close to each tire valve stem.
Press the “Trigger” button.
1)    If TPMS sensor is good and reading success, TS601 will read out the TPMS sensor information. And TS601 will display and point out which exact tire gets wrong.
Check the test result and you can find the tire which need to inflate. And problem solved!
2)    But if the TPMS sensor is bad and TS601 can’t read it out. There are 3 main reasons for your reference:
1.     TPMS sensor damaged
2.     TPMS sensor got low battery
3.      TPMS sensor mismatched
In this situation you need to replace a new sensor: clone a new TPMS sensor with the original sensor ID. Or create a new one with a generated ID.
How to clone and replace TPMS sensor with MaxiTPMS TS601?
There are 3 ways to clone TPMS sensor (No need TPMS relearn):
1.     Use TS601 to activate the old broken sensor and retrieve the sensor ID then you can program a new sensor.
2.     When the old sensor is not transmitting anymore, you can connect TS601 to car via OBD port and retrieve the sensor ID from car system.

3.     To enter the old sensor ID manually
When the old TPMS sensor is electronically broken or just missing, you can also use TS601 to create a new TPMS sensor with a new ID:
Choose “TPMS” function on main menu, select car brand, model and year, insert the new Autel TPMS sensor into TS601 slot, choose “Auto create”

TS601 will soon create a new TPMS sensor. (Since it is new ID, you need to do TPMS relearn)
P.S. Nowadays busy shops need so many cloned or programmed TPMS sensors. So an easy-to-use TPMS sensor program tool like Autel MaxiTPMS PAD will greatly helpful!
Put the old TPMS sensor on Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, open its little program, click “Test” and you can easily get the sensor ID.

Put the new sensor on pad and click “Program”, TPMS sensor is programmed successfully!