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Ford Diagnostic Scan Tool: VCM IDS3 VS VCM2 IDS OBD2

2016 VCM IDS 3 and VCM 2 IDS are both very good OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool for Ford cars. Here are the differences and similarities between 2016 VCM IDS 3 and VCM 2 IDS.
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Features & functions
€279(8% discount)
€119 (8% discount)
Ford Version: V102.01A
Mazda Version: V100.00
IDS V100.01(only support Ford Cars)
Via CD
Via CD
29 species
11 species
Windows XP(SP2 or later),win 7 , win 8 and win 10
Windows XP or few WIN7
Vehicles covered
all Ford and Mazda up to 2016 year
Ford cars till year 2014 via OBD2 port
Scan tool Diagnostics 
Automatic vehicle recognition
reprogramming for all Ford vehicles
Read & Clear DTCs
reprogramming for all Mazda vehicles 
Read Live Data-stream
Immobilizer &
Program New smart key:
All ford vehicles & All Mazda vehicles (Include all functions of original VCM/IDS)
Guided Fault Finding
New Software Re-flash for Existing ECUs
Program New Keys
Injector Coding
Set, Adjust or Remove Speed Governors
 DPF Regeneration
 Brake Bleeding
Steering Angle Resets
 All Other Dealer Functions
Same point: Both VCM IDS 3 and VCM2 IDS can use with the same software, the functions are also basically the same.
Difference: Hardware and driver is different and VCM IDS 3 is more expensive than VCM2 IDS. VCM IDS 3 can work on Mazda cars but VCM2 cannot.