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FLY OBD Terminator calculate Nissan 20-digit pin/password

A technician working for eobdtool today has tested that Flyobd OBD Terminator FVDI2 Quick Loader (full version or locksmith version) perform well in Nissan 20-digit pin codes calculation via OBD.
Connect FLY OBD Terminator hardware to the Nissan car via OBD
Run FVDI2 quick loader
Select OBD2 terminator-> Tools
Then Execute PIN Calculator
Enter user name, password, verify code to login

PIN Calculator after login

Click Filter to show all function:
Show all function
Show function already bought
Show function have not bought
Then select Nissan 20-digit pin calculator to transfer Nissan 20-digit pre code to 20 digit code:
Enter 20-digit pre PIN, then click Calculate to get 20-digit PIN
Nissan PIN code calculation completes.