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(FAQ) MPPS V18 Clone read& write PSG 16 diesel pump ECU

This blog is going to make you clear whether MPPS V18Clone can read and write PSG 16 diesel pump ECU or not. Hope below questions and answers helps you!
PSG 16 ECU (driven computer located in the pump)

Q: Anyone test MPPS V18 clone with PSG16 to read/write flash?
-Yes! Works fine, Real direct to the pump, write via OBD.
-I made also on 2-3 EGR off, working fine!
Q: Is there pinout diagram for how to connect MPPS V18 to the PAG 16 pump?
MPPS V18 pinout diagram for PSG 16:

Q: If it's a virtual read or real? And another question it work on CAN and K-line?
-Read real for CAN. Checksum calculated for program.
Q: Does it read and write ECU via OBD? Or have to connect it direct to the pump?
-Read direct to pump, write via OBD or direct to pump, all OK.
Q: Is there any tested result MPPS V18 on Opel PSG 16?
-Opel - EDC16C9/39, PSG16 via CAN OBD read and write OK
-Opel Signum PSG16 2.2CDTI read as a Zafira by OBD all OK

-Opel Astra 2.0 16V CDTI BOSCH PSG16It auto checksum and read/write OK