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bmw x1 OK and K.O. experience via bmw esys coding tutorial

Today, it was my first coding session on my bmw x1 (f48), I was successful in coding following in E-sys v3.22.5:
1. Close windows, sunroof & mirror from key fob. (Tested OK)
2. Change Triple-Blink Count to blink 5 times. (Tested OK)
3. Enable Illumination of Exterior Door Handle LEDs when in Reverse. (Tested OK)
4. Set cell phone ringer as primary. (Tested OK)
5. Enable Video Files from USB (Need to know the supported formats to play one).
6. Add GPS Current Location to Navi Menu Items. (Not sure where to see for it).
7. Air Re-Circulating (But actually wanted to set to Manual Re-circulation, probably settings should be changed 3003MEMORY_UMLUFT -> nicht_aktiv ?)
8. Add Digital Speed to LCD Display via BC button.(Tested OK)
9. Turn on Brake Force Flashing with Hard Braking (Yet to test).
10. DVD-in-Motion activated (But don't believe F048 can read DVD so unable to test).
11. Close/Open Rear Hatch from Fob & Kick Panel. (Tested OK)
12. Enable Curb and Grass Detection for Lane Departure Warning System (Not sure what extra feature will this add to the lane departure - yet to test, will it monitor grass instead of white lines? ).
13. Enable Rear-View Camera at all Speeds (Not sure how to use it, as rear camera is shown only on Reverse Gear).
14. Unlock Doors on Engine OFF:
Use BDC_BODY > CLI_DEFAULT_UNLOCK_AFTER_END_OF_DRIVING instead. It can be set to either "nur_nach_v_verriegeln" (which works just like VAM_UNLOCK_KL15OFF_AFTER_PIA_AUTO_LOCK: the doors are unlocked only if they were auto-locked) or "aktiv" (the doors are unlocked whether they were auto-locked or manually locked).
The default setting for US cars is "nicht_aktiv", while the default setting for EU cars is "nur_nach_v_verriegeln".
Following was coded but didn't work:
1. Enable Turn Signals in HUD. (HU: 3001HUD_TURNSIGNAL set to: aktiv)
2. Turn off MMI when door is opened -> BDC : 3020  TCM_LOGIC_R_OFF_DOOR = aktiv 01
Next: Curious to learn about the HK equalizer settings, hence saved the CAFD files into my laptop and need to know if there is any software available to read the CAFD files in offline mode, to do research on the Harmon Kardon Equalizer settings.
Tip: bmw esys tutorial i got from http://bmw-f-coding.blogspot.com/
Hopefully it helps anyone.