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UNLOCK Tacho Pro U2008 July PLUS Universal Dash Programmer

UNLOCK Tacho Pro U2008 July PLUS Universal Dash Programmer

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Tacho Pro U2008 July is multi-language and can do universal car from 1996-2007,such as vw,audi,toyota,seat,volvo and renault.It is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort despite simplest operation. TachoPro 2008 is the most sold speedometers programming-device.

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by Mr.Kevin on Jan 26, 2016
Hi do you need the disc that comes with the tacho pro 2008 Jul?
by Mr.Matt Johnson on Oct 9, 2015
Can this tool do mileage correction to Chrysler Sebring 2001?
by Mr.ntsikelelo on Apr 7, 2015
I m looking for a speedo correction machine for all the cars or millage correction newer version and altra scan
Replied by Cindy on Apr 7, 2015
Hello sir,

Thanks for your visit.

If you want to buy an speed correction tool which can do most cars, I suggest you buy our digimaster3. 




by Mr.arnev on Mar 30, 2015
Universal tacho 2008 can use for asian cars exp toyota avanza, innova and daihatsu terios, daihatsu apv. Because in universal tacho pro 2008 this model can't in menu
Pls send answer in my email. Thx u for the answer.
Replied by Cindy on Mar 30, 2015
Hello sir,

Thanks for your visit.

I am sorry this tool can not do.

Hope you can understand.


by Ruairi on Feb 10, 2015
With tacho pro 2008 can I get an adapter that corrects and lowers the miles on a Citroen or Peugeot hdi engine?
Replied by Cindy on Feb 10, 2015
Hello sir,

Thanks for your visit.

Yes you can get an adapter.

And it can do odometer correction.

But it is good at old cars before 2007.

Hope you can understand



by Colby on Dec 18, 2014
can you tell me if it works for 2011 lincoln town car? Many thanks
Replied by Cindy on Dec 18, 2014
Dear sir,

Thanks for your visit.

I am sorry that this tool can't works for 2011 lincoln town car.


by Mr.Emil Frederiken on Nov 27, 2014
Very hard to use, no manual for many cars.

I have only bought it for my Volvo V70 2001 with the 68HC912D60 prossesser. The device is should be able to change the mileage on this, but there is no pictures or manuel for the tacho.
Replied by Cindy on Nov 27, 2014
Hello sir,

How are you?

This is the user manuel download link. http://www.chinaautodiag.com/html/tacho-pro-2008-user-manual-198.html

Please download it.

Any question, please contact us.


by Mr.Maciej on Nov 14, 2014
Hi whether the device also supports motorcycles? if so, please replace the models
Replied by Cindy on Nov 14, 2014
Hello sir,

This is the car list it can do.

You can check it whether it can do your car or not.



by Mr.stjepan farkas on Oct 28, 2014
Good day,
I wonder whether TACHO PRO 2008 can change the mileage in the ECU? And if not, whether there is any other mileage correction tool in this price range that can?
Replied by Cindy on Oct 28, 2014
Hello sir,

This item(TACHO PRO 2008) can change the mileage, but it can't programming ECU.

And mileage do not in the ECU, it is under the  

Hope you can understand.


by JOHNSON on Oct 20, 2014
Very good item,fast ship!!
by Mr.Max on Sep 4, 2014
When I use TACHO PRO to lower mileage for 2006 Jetta, 2004 Mazda and Toyota Corrolla 98, I got error “No connection", then what cables should I use to work with these cars? How to do?
Replied by Cindy on Sep 4, 2014
Hello sir,

In the TACHO PRO mainframe, after the car model is selected, it will display 3 ways to program mileage,

including: OBD diagnostic socket, remove dashboard and remove chip, and after one way is selected,

it will prompt which adapter to use.


by Mr.suhail zafar on Jun 20, 2014
hi folks i am new to tacho 2008 i have tried it on Toyota Noah and daihatsu terios it worked like charm but i need help for Mazda tribute 68hc11 programing if anyone can help me will appreciate a lot.
by Mr.Omar Ahmad on Jun 17, 2014

Please accept this letter as written notification that I am planning to buy the Tacho2008 Pro, and I have Mazda 3 and I was wondering if I need to buy a cable to roll back my odometer.

Thank you,
Omar Ahmad
Replied by Marshall on Jun 18, 2014
dear sir

thanks for your mail
you no need buy an other cable,but can you tell me which year of your mazda 3?Tacho pro cannot do very newer car

by Mr.Wong on May 24, 2014
May i know can Tacho Pro 2008 V.7 work on Japanese cars?
If yes, what are the brand/model?
Replied by Marshall on May 25, 2014
dear sir

yes,of course it can do,it can do nissan,honda,almost all Janpanese cars,sir

by Alva on Jan 24, 2014
i want to change the mileage for 2006 jetta,2004 mazda,toyota corrolla 98 ,but i don't know which car need which cable ? need help
Replied by catherine on Jan 24, 2014
Dear friend

Good day !

after the car model is selected ,it wil show 3 ways to program mileage ,OBD diagnostic socket ,remove dashboard and remove chip 

after one way is selected ,it will prompt with adapter to use 

by Mr.konkos on Dec 5, 2013
I have a peugeot 206+ 2010 . Do I have to program the BSI ecu too ? Because the mileage stored in BSI .
Replied by Marshall on Dec 5, 2013
dear friend

you can try on this tool

but this almost can do car around 2008,cannot do very new car

by 11111 on Nov 18, 2013
THANKS!!!IT WORKS ON MY Vauxhall\0pel, Vectra C, 2006!
Replied by Marshall on Nov 18, 2013
dear Sir

thanks for your good feedback

by Isard Dubois on Aug 22, 2013
HAHAHAHA,I am very glaaaaaaaaaad!!!!no tax to spain!!!
thank you,I will recommended your website!!!
LOVE the tool!!!
Replied by Marshall on Aug 23, 2013
thanks for your support!

have a nice day!
by faheem on Aug 5, 2013
techo pro 2008
Replied by Marshall on Aug 6, 2013
this july version is stable,and can be ship in 2 days

have a nice day!
by Mr.d on Jul 22, 2013
hi there a cables that are the same in the tacho pro 2008 like example the sharan cable 25 is the same as cable 23 i take it i can use the cable as long as it fits
Replied by Marshall on Jul 24, 2013
dear friend,

sorry,we don;t have such cable sell alone

have a nice day!
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