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Best Price MUT-3 Diagnostic Tool For Mitsubishi Cars Only Support Multi-language

Best Price MUT-3 Diagnostic Tool For Mitsubishi Cars Only Support Multi-language

  • Item No. SP29

Mitsubishi MUT-3 is PC-based car diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi vehicles 1996-2013. It is update version of MUT-2 tester, Mitsubishi MUT III can retain data on all vehicles,from old to new models,classified according to destination in the PC's hard disk

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by saad on Apr 28, 2015
Hi,marshall,I got my tool today,but where to change language?I don't see that in software....please reply me asap.
Replied by Marshall on Apr 28, 2015
dear sir,

thanks for your mail

after you install software well,you can check "setting" button

by Clark on Nov 3, 2014
Can I use Mitsubishi MUT-3 to do programming?
Replied by Cindy on Nov 3, 2014
Dear sir,

Welcome to visit our website.

Yes, you can use Mitsubishi MUT-3 to do programming, but it can not do the programming online, while it can do the programming off-line.

Hope you can understand.


by Mr.Rob Campbell on Jul 31, 2014
Hello will this machine operate with 24Volt systems and program ID48 keys into Fuso Trucks?
Replied by Marshall on Aug 1, 2014
dear sir

this version cannot do truck,you can check here


by Mr.dupuis on May 25, 2014
bonjour, comment fait on pour commander
Replied by Marshall on May 25, 2014
cher monsieur, 
si vous avez paypal, vous pouvez nous payer directement sur ​​le site 
ce qui concerne 
dear sir,

if you have paypal,you can pay us on website directly

by Mr.josé pais on Nov 9, 2013
Good day.

We would like purchase a complete diagnostic software and hardware for Mitsibishi L200 and Toyota Hilux and land cruiser.
Please let us know what you can offer.
Awaiting your comments

Kind Regards.
José Pais
Replied by Marshall on Nov 9, 2013
dear friend

thanks for your letter

can you tell me which country do you come from?the best discount depend on it
if you come from EU,we can give you 5%discount as best


you can add me on skype:OBDtoolShop.co.uk or e-mail me :sales02@OBDtoolShop.co.uk for more details,thanks
by Mr.marian on Jun 22, 2013
this diagnostic tool is compatible whit mitsubishi original soft?
can i instal the original mitsubishi diagnostic soft ?
have a memory card?

Replied by Marshall on Jun 24, 2013
it has a card in for program,it is a clone one,but sam function as original,very stable

pls don't worry

have a nice day!
by Mr.Azhar Ali on Mar 1, 2013
hello i need mitsubishi mut3 scanner programmer with support key programing with module change and all other calibration inclouding please reply me if your tool match with this criyteria thanks
Replied by Marshall on Mar 1, 2013

dear friend

this tool can not do key very well,it mainly do diagnose,scan,program ecu

have a nice day !


by Mr.labeau alain on Feb 3, 2013
Bonsoir !Je suis intéressé par cette article ,pouvez-vous me dire à combien s'élèvent les frais pour une livraison vers la France DOM ? (Martinique)
Proposez-vous aussi les manuels d'entretien et schémas électrique et les mis à jours pour le mut 3
Bien à vous.
Replied by Marshall on Feb 26, 2013
dear friend

total payment will be 520eur around

it has french langauge,has user manual in here

by Mr.Rafael Ventura Perez Ramirez on Jan 31, 2013
hello I'm interested Mitsubishi MUT-3 diagnostic tool

You could send me the total cost with shipping to mexico city and your

data to deposit by western union

Replied by Marshall on Feb 1, 2013
dear friend

total with DHL ship it 517eur to you

as we will have long holiday from 4th-16th,you can pay us on 17th

2.Western Union:
First name: Xiaolian
Last name: Chen

Country: CHINA
Postal Code: 518112
Mobile: +86- 13419533905
Tel: +86-755-84737267

by Mr.Dimitris on Dec 8, 2012
Hello.what is the latest version and if this tool take memory card to do reprogramming.
Replied by Marshall on Dec 10, 2012
dear friend

the newest version now is 2012.03

if you want to do program,you need buy SP29-B,it has CARD in it,

SP29 cannot do

by Mr.labeau on Nov 29, 2012
hello I am interested in this material mut 3 and I would like to have the price with a shipment to Martinique France DOM.
If I take two discounted items.
Replied by Marshall on Dec 4, 2012
dear friend

you can use :OBDtoolShop.co.uk as your coupon code to get 5% discount

have a nice day!

by Mr.sigit prasertyo on Jan 8, 2012
I want to order Mut 3 Diagnostic Tool for Mitsubishi
what price now?
how the payment system?
I was in Jakarta, Indonesia
thank you
Replied by Marshall on Jan 9, 2012
dear friend

we have 2 version of MUT-3,one is can do ECU program,one can not

which version do you need?

by Mr.clemens auersberg on Nov 10, 2011
can i install 2011 german software on a PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK or is the Dell D630 necessary?
Thit you ship from Uk or Outside Europe i ask this about custom fees.
Replied by Marshall on Nov 14, 2011
dear friend

thanks for your messge

our MUT-3 can be used on DELL630 computer,XP system

we ship from HK,transfer in UK,no tax for you


by Mr.dimitris on Sep 11, 2011
Have you sell it with laptop?
Replied by Marshall on Sep 13, 2011
dear friend

I have sold one in last month,MUT-3 should be installed on DELL630 computer

we don't have this computer for selling.


by Mr.dimitris on Aug 5, 2011
mut3 works only on spesiffic laptop because who have a photo of hard disk or works at any lapttop with xp
Replied by Marshall on Aug 6, 2011
dear friend

MUT-3 diagnostic tool need to install on D630 DELL computer.



by Mr.DEBESE Pascal on Mar 30, 2011
I'm looking for a MUT 3 diagnostic tool for our MITSUBISHI Truck FM 330 2009 and 2007 modele, FE 180 2007 modele.
Could you confirm that these vehicule are compatible with the MUT 3 tool?

Best regards,
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