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Multi-language VCADS Pro 2.35.00 OEM Scanner for Volvo Truck Diagnosis Reviews

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Multi-language VCADS Pro 2.35.00 OEM Scanner for Volvo Truck Diagnosis

Multi-language VCADS Pro 2.35.00 OEM Scanner for Volvo Truck Diagnosis

Volvo VCADS Pro 2.40 is a professional diagnostic tool for volvo truck from 1996-2011.Volvo VCADS can read and clean fault code, brakes,engine,frame,springs,shocks and wheels.
Pls notice,your computer need have COM PORT.
Item No. SH10

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   by Mr.Faizal Abobacar , Jan 24, 2015
I am Faizal from Mozambique, I would like to know cost price including shipping via dhl for the volvo truck scanner v cad in us dollars.
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jan 25, 2015
Dear sir

we only have B version in stock now


total is 219USD WITH DHL ship to you

pls check attachment below

paymentmq.jpg  (106.2K)
   by Abdulmutalib Zaki , Jul 20, 2014
You are kindly requested to send to me quotation for OEM Volvo truck diagnostic tool volvo VCADS PRO 2.35 with all accessories
   by Mr.Shahrul , May 5, 2014
Dear MArshall,

Can u officially quote me for me to do purchasing?if not much,send me the brochure for the item supplied.

u can email me to


   by Mr.Shahrul , May 5, 2014
Dear Marshall,

its 1993 for our FL10 and 2003 for FM12..

The VOLVO PENTA is 2004 onwards..

   by Mr.Shahrul , May 5, 2014
I have a fleet of FL10 (64T) & FM12 (64T B) here and would like to have the tools as most of the vehicle was already old (1993 & 2003 respectively).

I would like to know if this VCADS applicable to this vehicles system and what it can do in terms of settings & readings the data such as alarms & intervals alarms,performance in data in graphs & tables?

Do the item come with instruction manuals and do it have a visual training CD provided.

How about VOLVO PENTA engines (marine).I have experience in using VODIA on D6 marine type engines.Does VCADS can read & do settings like VODIA on those D6 marine engines?

Appreciated for your info.Just want to make sure i purchase the right thing to meet my objective....


Reply #1 by Marshall  May 5, 2014
dear sir

it can do FL10,FM12,but which year of your truck?it is very important
it can do read and scan fault code

   by Mr.Warapotw , Oct 1, 2013
can use for volvo penta ?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Oct 2, 2013
which year of your truck?if it is before 2010,it can do it

we need more detail about your truck

have a nice day!
   by Leon , Sep 23, 2013
very good tool!,need 80G room~
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 23, 2013
dear friend
thanks for your support!
   by Mr.Craig Furniss , Sep 22, 2013
Can I use this tool to change my horsepower and torque settings?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 22, 2013
can you tell me your car model and year?friend

   by Mr.BB , Sep 20, 2013
What is actually advantage VCADS than OBD display?
Is there any volvo technician training for short period
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 22, 2013
dear friend

it can do almost all volvo truck,as you can see from the picture,it has a install video in CD tell you how to install it

   by Mr.Mohd Zaid Abdullah , Jul 13, 2013
I'm the director for the fleet company and also maintenance workshop for Malaysia East coast region. I'm looking for the tools that can assist us to do maintenance for the Volvo trucks.
My company manage to repair more than 100 units of Volvo trucks per month but we don't have the diagnosis tool.
Could you propose the right and suitable tool for us to manage the trucks efficiently. For your information, we also having the same problem for Scania trucks.
Pls help me to find the best tools for both truck.

Reply #1 by Marshall  Jul 15, 2013

I advise you can buy these tool,they are very stable,and sells very good.

   by Kris Cleary , Jun 24, 2013
good tool!!but it need connect with COM port computer
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 24, 2013
thanks for your support!

have a nice day!
   by Mr.MICHEAL , May 19, 2013
If this thing breaks down. how to fix the? have service center in Malaysia
Reply #1 by Marshall  May 20, 2013
dear friend

this tool is very stable,I never has any customer say it is break down,it has CD in package,also very easy to install

have a nice day!
   by Mr.Mariusz , Dec 18, 2012
Dear Sir,
I have a few questions for you:
1. What country you are sending a package?
2. This announcement relates to the original software VCADS Pro 2.35.00
and premium tech tool volvo renault?
3. Do you give warranties to this product?

Reply #1 by Marshall  Dec 20, 2012
dear friend


1) we ship item from china
2) this is clone one,data is from original software,this item cannot do program,can do scan....
3) one year warranty

   by Mr.TOMISLAV MUCNJAK , Jul 11, 2012
Hello, Can you plese send me offer for volvo v cads pro diagnose OEM Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro 2.35.00
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jul 13, 2012
dear friend

can you tell me your ship address ?I can send you a PI for you,invoice


   by Mr.Mario , May 1, 2012
more precisely, in what consists this product???
Reply #1 by Marshall  May 2, 2012
dear friend

it has a OBD2 cable and a main unit in it,you can check it on our pciture

it is same as picture


   by Ms.Mirjana Djuretic , Apr 15, 2012
Please tell me how you can get in Montenegro Volvo Truck diagnostics.
Mirjana Đuretić
Reply #1 by Marshall  Apr 18, 2012
dear friend

you can buy it on our website

then we send it by DHL to you

have a nice day!

   by raj , Jan 27, 2012
sir u explne me true or falls
(1) VCADS Pro is used to communicate with the vehicle
(2) VCADS Pro uses central system as an information database for programming
Reply #1 by Marshall  Feb 5, 2012
dear friend


it is ture,it need connect with your VOLVO truck,then it can read,but can not do very well in program.

   by Mr.Ismail Fraij , Sep 13, 2011
Dear Sir,
You mentioned this tool works on Volvo trucks from 1998 - 2010. does this mean it won't work on older models of F12 like 1994 - 1998?
please provide price including shipping to Dubai, UAE or if you have an agent here.

Best Regards
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 13, 2011
dear Sir,

thanks for your reply!

for this tool,is can not do very older car,most do 1996-2009.

we don't have a agent in Dubai,sorry,but we can ship it to there


   by Mr.kana , Jul 9, 2011
hello sir/madam

i have volvo bus 8400 and 9400 (32 units), can u use this dignostic tools ?..
and B9R ??...
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jul 11, 2011
 Dear friend,

Thanks for your letter.

Our engineer say it can doB9R,but we don't test on 8400
In our past experience,it can do.
And this tool is price down,you can check on /oem-volvo-truck-diagnostic-tool-volvo-vcads-pro-23500.html

Any problem,pls feel free to contact me at

   by francisco fernandez , Jun 2, 2011
este producto es europeo
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 2, 2011
Hola, amigo,

Gracias por su carta.
Nosotros podemos enviar este producto en todo el mundo.

Esta es una buena herramienta para camiones Volvo VCADS.
Cualquier problema, por favor no dude en contactar conmigo en