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Autoboss V30 Universal Diagnostic Tool Update via Internet with Multi-language

Autoboss V30 Universal Diagnostic Tool Update via Internet with Multi-language

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Original Autoboss v30 is the latest autoboss scanner.
1. Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link.
2. Multi-language for international market demand.

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by Mr.TSELLOS DIMITRIS on May 31, 2016

Replied by Susan on Jun 2, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day, thanks for your visiting our website

Sorry to tell you this item do not have Greek language

You can check the universal diagnostic tool launch x431 gx4:

It support multi-language and support Greek language

Any problem, please feel free to contact us

Best and regards

by Mr.ayodele odunayo on May 5, 2013
can autoboss v30 with printer reprograme key for iveco truck
Replied by Marshall on May 6, 2013

dear friend

the printer is for print,no other function

it can not do truck,for truck,you can have a look on PS2


and for truck,we don;t have a tool can program keys



by Mr.Don King on Apr 12, 2013
Since it's warrant is one yr only. What happened about that? Can the machine be safe for the further use?
Replied by Marshall on Apr 14, 2013
dear friend

this tool is original,quality is good,we offer one year warranty,after one year,if it is broken,we need fix cost,in one year,free

have a nice day!
by Mr.Steve Eze Adindu on Apr 12, 2013
The product is wonderful evention that is around the world to help make cars maintance and assising the problem in a car very easy and no more cumbersome. I have already shared my opinions about the product to my fellow trade men who will be interested in making purchase as soon as possible or in near future.
Replied by Marshall on Apr 14, 2013
dear friend

thanks for your feedback

have a nice day!
by Mr.steve Eze Adindu on Dec 25, 2012
Can it be use in Nigeria my country and what is the assurance of durability,for how long?
Replied by Marshall on Dec 25, 2012
dear friend

we can ship to your country by DHL,it has one year warranty


by Mr.Marin Bahnev on Nov 24, 2012
Hi .
Do you have original autoboss PS MAX WI FI .What is the price. But i want only original. Update by oficcial interenet web sait.
Replied by Marshall on Dec 4, 2012
dear friend

we don;t have original ,sorry

you can ask help from your supplier,


by Mr.ozal seker on Oct 12, 2012
I have this Auto Boss V30 diagnostics Tool.I purchased in 2009.
I can not update anymore, as you know free update is finished..
I have one question for you! :
Because I dont have some cars listed in the machine,ie HONDA,DAIThusu, Citroen C1 , do i have to buy new machine V30 or should i only buy update card?
Replied by Marshall on Nov 1, 2012
yes,autoboss,if you want to update after 2 year,you need pay it

you can enter autoboss website,pay to them,I think you no need buy a new one

have a nice day!
by Ruben Arriola on May 5, 2012
Is this scaner compatible with South American's and Rusian's cars?
Can I reprogram control remots entry keys for any type of cars including Audis?
Replied by Marshall on May 9, 2012
dear friend

this autoboss v30 is original and it has many cars,inculding parts of South American's and Rusian's cars

but it can not do reprogram


by Mr.Andreas Karlsson on Oct 17, 2011
Hi Marshall
Nice scanner works great
And thanks for everything.

Best regards
Replied by Marshall on Oct 17, 2011
dear Andreas,

many thanks for your kind words

I can give you a VIP number for you,I will send you a 6% discounts to you.


by on Oct 10, 2011
hi this is 100% original or no. Mercedes benz 38pin adapter - work or no. Realy i want to bay. you have a very good price. pls send my hire
Replied by penghui on Oct 10, 2011
Dear friend,

Thanks for visiting!

AUTOBOSS V30 is 100% original, 38 pin cable can work as well. It can be updated on the official website.

It is 899EUR without the freight, the freight depends on your location.

Besides, AUTOBOSS has two versions, you may click here: /autoboss-v30-update-by-internet-342.html and /autoboss-v30-update-by-internet-english-spanish-south-america-version-764.html

Any problem, feel free to contact us!

by Mr.viktoras darkintis on Jun 7, 2011
Hi, I tried to buy Autoboss v30 today but couldnt get the payment through. i used 2 different cards both valid and in credit but couldnt make the purchase. can you ring me tomorrow on this phone number +35387 6944798. my email address is thank you, Victor
Replied by Marshall on Jun 8, 2011
Hello,dear Victor,

Thanks for your letter.
You can open a accounts by your credit card then pay.

We will keep your order for you.

Have a nice day!
by Mr.viktoras darkintis on Jun 1, 2011
I am interested in buying autoboss v30, what is the total price including shipping to ireland ? are all the adapters included with the unit ?
Replied by Marshall on Jun 1, 2011
Hello,Mr.viktoras darkintis,

Autoboss is original and it is 1080.40EUR total price to ireland.
Yes,it has original adaper in it,you can see our picture,/autoboss-v30-update-by-internet-342.html

It has obe year free updated.

Any problem,pls feel free to contact me

by Mr.Dosso on May 11, 2011
i've got a machine autoboss v30,i need a training for this machine.I NEED HELP,can you teach me how to use my autoboss v30.
Thanks Dosso
Replied by Amy on May 11, 2011

hello Mr.Dosso

can you tell me your order number,if you ordered from me,you should get the user manual from me.

any other question pls let me know,i will do my best to help you.

best regards!


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