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[YWEN No Tax]Best Quality VCM2 IDS V108 OEM OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Ford VCM 2 IDS Support Key Programming and Multi-langauge

[YWEN No Tax]Best Quality VCM2 IDS V108 OEM OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Ford VCM 2 IDS Support Key Programming and Multi-langauge

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Ford VCM 2 IDS V108 OEM Diagnostic tool support VMM and CFR function, provide dealer-level diagnosis, key programming, ecu programming and PCM programming and airbag resetting for Ford cars till year 2016 via OBD2 port. Ford VCM II support multi-language and update via CD.

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by Mr.Daniel on Apr 26, 2020
does it support ford Transit 2018
Replied by Susan on Apr 27, 2020
Yes, it supports
by Mr. ZAKARIA Younes on Sep 3, 2019

this article for this quality

Replied by Susan on Sep 3, 2019
Yes, this vcm is this quality as you see in the picture
by Wade on Jun 27, 2019
works ok, no issues
by Rafal Potocki on Jan 14, 2019
Did you know, this tool is Supported with Offline SPS programming in Opel GLOBAL TIS v32B?
If not, which toold from you shop support SPS PROGRAMMING
Replied by Susan on Jan 14, 2019
Hi friend

Have a nice day

This item is only for Ford cars, do not support Opel

Which year of your Opel cars

Kindly regards

by Mr.owsi on Oct 24, 2018
VCM2 IDS V100.01 OEM OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Ford VCM 2 IDS Key Support Programming and Multi-langauge

Is it possible to remove the diagnostic functions of EGR valve CATALYST and lambda sensor
as fault codes
after removal of EGR valve and catalyst
by Mr.Prasannakumar on Oct 5, 2018
Sp177 is original? How much subscription for one year & will yu supply in India?
Replied by Susan on Oct 10, 2018
Hi friend

Have a nice day

It is not original, do not support subscription

Kindly regards

by Mr.William on Apr 6, 2018
I have had this for almost a month and still can not get software to work, 1st the disc that came ,was scratch and would not load. was sent a digital copy. Can not get it to load completely, bought a Laptop just for it, also tried 4 different computers, now it dose not recognized box, been on forums trying everything. I even hired a computer GURU, trying to figure it out. Might have to pay $12.50 for more software, that might work??? DO NOT BUY, NOT WORTH THE HASSLE,TIME, AND MONEY. Cheaper to just take it to the Dealer...
Replied by Susan on Apr 13, 2018
This software is installed online via teamviewer 
by Mr.SOUFIANE on Jun 15, 2017
when i want program key soft ask me acees dealer id and pass .so no possible to do programming by soft i get in cd.i use the old version v81 with ford fortuna old version no dealer access needed
by László Török on May 18, 2017
Have a nice day!
I bought 1 VCM2. How can the 86-inch software work again?
The installation disc has a date 101.
Step 1. Install VMware Step 2. Install Windows XP Professional and VMware Tools Step 3. Reset Date and Time on VMware Step 4. Install Calibration Step 5. Install ids-v91.01_full Step 6. Check if IDS-91.01 is successfully installed Step 8: Install the VCMII Driver Step 9. Install the software for USB Serial Converter Step 11. Install the software for USB Serial Port Step 11. Diagnostic with IDS 100.01 Video: https://youtu.be/4ggG3DgXKG0
The 86's do not want any module programming what's the problem? If it's true to go with version 100.01 I would like 1 install program. Thank you for your help!
by Mr.Craig G on Feb 27, 2017
Bought one of these last week, was posted from singapore and arrived after 3 days to Australia. used it on my ford mondeo 2011 diesel to update modules and it seemed to work just as it should. Updated the PCM, ABS and TCM. Had to download calibration files manually, as the v81 files it comes with are too outdated, but the IDS software tells you exactly what files you need so no problem to download them. Good quality. A bit of a learning kerb cos I'm a newbie and not much instructables but got there in the end. I even used it on the ford etis website in their java applet to update my vehicles details online. Worked fine, no bricking which is always a good thing. Did try it with a dlink usb dongle just for kicks but no Joy. It doesn't support wireless even though it has the USB port. It wont work with ids v81, but v86 and up no problem. Other functions I've tried work fine, reading clearing codes, resetting learned parameters, updating central configuration, reading and changing settings. One things I worked out with my particular car, there were 2 choices of what protocol to use, ford 2011 or the standard one. Both will give access to different modules. so choose one, then start a new session and choose the other. side note: After updating the PCM and TCM, the car is very noticably different, for the better. Much smoother gear changes, The low RPM flatspot has gone, fuel economy improved. it feels like a different car.
Replied by Susan on Feb 27, 2017
Hi friend

Have a nice day, thank you so much

Share you experience with us

This VCM2 do not support wireless connection, this one support wifi connection: https://www.eobdtool.co.uk/wholesale/ford-vcm-ii-diagnostic-tool-with-wifi-card.html

Any problem, please feel free to contact us

Best and regards

by Mr.Mark on Dec 23, 2016
Hello, I have ford transit 2010 and 2012 diesel, does this machine makes everything a garage needs, for installation of new injectors parameters, pump relearn, fault codes, and all the coding stuff needed to day to fit in a new part? Do you need like a license or it's just running of the cd installing and software, and how do you update for newer softwares. Thanks
by Mr.Champika on Aug 10, 2016
Hi can this be use for pcm reprogramming for Ford escape 2010 (US) models
Replied by Susan on Aug 11, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day, thanks for your visiting our website www.eobdtool.co.uk

It can do pcm programming for your car

Kindly regards

by Mr.Dimitrios on Jun 6, 2016
is it a quality or B version
Replied by Susan on Jun 6, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day

It is A quality, best one

Kindly regards

by Mr.Simon on May 23, 2016
Can the IDS software carryout PCM reprograming on Ford F350 2012 Model Diesel engine?
Replied by Susan on Jun 2, 2016
Hi friend

Have a day

For the Ford F sereis, you can only use it to have a try

Kindly regards

by Mr.Jussi on Mar 22, 2016
does it support offline programming?
Replied by Susan on Mar 22, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day

Yes, it support offline programming, but it only support this function for part vehicles

Kindly regards

by Mr.Leopoldina on Mar 22, 2016
does it support for Ford 150 and 250, Lincoln Navigator?
Replied by Susan on Mar 22, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day

Yes, it does

Kindly regards

by Mr.Keymer on Mar 9, 2016
may i use sdd software on this device as well?
Replied by Susan on Mar 9, 2016
Hi friend

Have a nice day

No, this interface can only work with ids ford software, can not work with mazda and landrover software

Kindly regards

by Mr.Claudiu on Feb 20, 2016

Is working with Ford Focus MK1 2002 ?

Thank you.
by Mr.Marc Rodgers on Nov 4, 2015
Hi, I'm having problems updating the pcm in my ford transit.
All I'm getting is a message saying battery voltage too low, however the battery is fully charged and had an external power source connected. Is there any way I can fix this?.
Any help you can offer will be great thanks.
by Mr.Werner on Nov 3, 2015
could you declare it as gift, avoid tax
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