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   by Mr.Reginald Bopalamo , Jan 21, 2017
Hi if technology says need approval from tis. What needs to be done
   by Mr.Gergő Kromszián , Jan 20, 2017
In the last Year I brought a Can Clip Interface from You.It was necessary, because the old one (what I brought from an other source) did not communicates with all of the parts of a newer Renault and Dacia. For example, with the old, can not turn on the Rear View Camera on the Medianav device. With the newer Can Clip interface, what I brought form You, its possible. Its communicate with the newest Dacia and Renault (from 2016) all of his computers.
But unfortunately I have some problem with the Interface. I recognized the problem when it was new, the connection has been broken a few times, and my Laptop didn't seen it. Now is more often, at now the connection broke 4-5 times during one use. I can not use it proper.
I'm sure it is an interface failure, because i used the cables with an other Can Clip interface and it was fine. I mounted it out and in, no any contact error, and the motherboard is unharmed.

This Nissan Consult 3 interface (looks like the same what use in brand service, black color, Bosch product) with a Renault Can Clip software (I use V164 now, under Windows-XP), WILL KNOW the SAME functions as the Clip interface what i brought from You before?

I would like to buy it, BUT ONLY IF THIS DEVICE will know all of those programming settings too.

If i have the Nissan program on an other Laptop, can i use this interface for Nissan cars too? Can i read out, programming, and fixing?

Have I any guarantee for this interface what i brought from You?

Kromszián Gergő
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 20, 2017
HI sir

Good day and thabnks for your message
I check your order and you can send it back for repair

It is ok and then we can check and send it to you agian 

But now we will be on holiday for spring festival for 14 days

Later when we come back and we will give you the return address

Thanks for your cooperation


   by Mr.George Arabel , Jan 19, 2017
I ordered upa usb Sunday from you and didn't arrive yet. Track number is not good, I can't check when item arrive. What is happening? Thnks
   by Mr.Rod , Jan 18, 2017

Can this be used to program additional keys on Land Rover LR4 2010?
   by Mr.DAOUDA DIAMANKA , Jan 16, 2017
i need updat x100PRO
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 18, 2017
Hi sir

Good day and this device is update online

you check the manual???



   by Ms.Hui , Jan 15, 2017
Can u show me the cable and all the things including in this product? Thanks
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 18, 2017

this is the completed picture and hope this can help you

   by Mr.Jarol , Jan 13, 2017
I bought this interface.
Correctly reads EDC17cp14 in Bootmode.
I will still do other tests with different ECU
   by Mr.abdel , Jan 11, 2017

is this orginal Tango, orginal:
or good copy
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 12, 2017
hi it is copy one
   by Mr.nandkishor singh , Jan 11, 2017
can x431 v+ pro3 support indian cars like TATA,MARUTI,MAHINDRA, full system coverage and new updates.
   by Mr.john kite , Jan 10, 2017
i have a diagproglll could you tell me what plug goes to a 2006 dodge caravan?
   by Mr.LUC SAUVAGE , Jan 7, 2017
bonjour , je possède un Panasonic cf 52 avec Windows 7 professionnel ce matériel est-il compatible avec 7 pro? Merci pour votre réponse.
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 18, 2017
HI sir

Good day and thanks for your message
and you can try for win 7

but it usually work with xp system


remember it can not connect to the internet
Reply #2 by Bella  Jan 18, 2017
HI sir

Good day and thanks for your message
and you can try for win 7

but it usually work with xp system


remember it can not connect to the internet
   by Mr.Holtman , Jan 7, 2017
Is it possible voor a Renault Can Clip to override the DRL function into scandanavia mode (DRL + headlights) ?
My car is a Megane 3 RS 250 (my 2011).
   by Michael Morrison , Jan 6, 2017
Hi can this tool help program in new key or control units?
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 7, 2017
hi sir

Good day and thanks for your  message
it can not programming key and it is special for diagnose



   by Mr.Marius , Jan 6, 2017
Hy.if i have the pin from immo,can i make a key to nissan navara d22 with consult 3 ?
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 18, 2017
HI it can not do the key for nissan
it is special fo diagnose
   by Mr.Phillip allman , Jan 4, 2017
Hi will this programme smart keys on the focus Rs mk2 2010 and the new shape Ford Focus st 2015 I've read a lot of information saying that the Ignition needs to be turned on to program keys how would this work of the car is keyless start ? Thanks
   by Mr.Jirka , Jan 1, 2017
Mám zájem o produkt.Můžete mi napsat,kolik je cena s dopravou do České republiky a kdy bude asi doručení?Můžete zaslat zásilku tak,aby nebylo daňové zatížení-clo?Je možné přiložit software v českém jazyce?Děkuji vám.
   by Mr.angeli , Jan 1, 2017
does it clone id48
Reply #1 by Bella  Jan 2, 2017
Smart ND900 Mini Transponder Programmer Introduction: 
1. Can directly copy 4C and other chips like Toyota 4d67.
2. Support copy 4D chips.
3. Can recongize locked ID48 and can unlock ID48.
4. Support copy 46 chips.
5. Toyota G Chips Clone.
6. You can use Smart CN900 Mini Key Programmer with CN5 chip together to copy Toyota G chip and 4D chip
   by Mr.M.D. Lyons , Dec 31, 2016
Very handy tool for checking battery and charging system on a wide range of vehicles. Easy to use. It basically walks you through the testing by following the on-screen messages. Provides good information on the battery's health. With the optional printer you can have the results in printed form for your records or to provide to the vehicles owner. A nice feature is the ability to type in the vehicles license plate tag so it prints out with the test report, identifying the battery tested. This tester is offered at a good price point when compared to others with similar features.
   by Mr.Francesco Ranieli , Dec 30, 2016
Hello, you can 'have a detailed list of the full version, if you are interested in references ITALY?
greetings Francis
   by Mr.Boris , Dec 29, 2016
Will this work on 2013 land rover evoque sd4