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Original Diagspeed V2.85.12 MB Key OBD2 Mercedes Benz Key Programmer Powerful than VVDI MB BGA Tool Support All Key Lost

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Product Description

Mb Key Obd2 is professional equipment for the manufacture of electronic keys Cars Mercedes. Make key for all car even if car with BGA KEY the new key BY OBD2 exclusive only with our device up to 2015. Update online free no tokens
MB Key OBD2 Mercedes Benz Key Programmer

MB Key OBD2 Key Programmer can calculate 6 password for free everyday

It will take long time for us to order it from factory, if you need urgently, please take it into consideration carefully

Professional equipment for the manufacture of electronic keys Cars Mercedes
A176 A169 A168 B246 B245 C204 C203 C202 E212 E211 E210 E207 S221 S220 CLA117 CLK209 CLK208 CLS218 CLS219
CL216 CL215 SLK172 SLK171 SL231 AMG190 SLS197 M166 M164 W463 W639  W906 GLS166 GL164 GLK204 GLA156 R251

Update from server free(ask for new adapter)
W212 W207 W204 W221 W164 W172 W218 W166 W76 W117 W246 ALL KEY LOST FREE NO TOKENS

Our device can renew Esl used  and personalized without open by k line  free online no tokens
Reset ezs free online no tokens
Reset 7G .ISM .ECU MOTOR  free online no tokens
Generate key online no tokens 
Update new software free no tokens

MB Key OBD2 Functions:
Make key for all car even if car with BGA KEY the new key BY OBD2 exclusive only with our device up to 2015
Read write Reset all model Ezs new and used . Renew used Esl and personalized used and new Esl. by obd2 
Reset and personalized w204 w207 w212 emultator 
Write vin number on Ezs 7G ISM. reset odometer in Ezs BY OBD2 
Renew Ecu motor from 2001 to 2014 all model Diesel & GASOLINE  BY OBD2 
Renew 7G all number 722.9 BY OBD2 Renew ism BY OBD2 
Read write RESET BE key by IR without soldering and read password 
Renew all number Nec key on board and keyless go Generator key include. in 30 sec calculate 8 key 
Read Password 51 & 57 Test RF remote control Restoring original data key if lost 
Read Password Nec keylessgo 08 -  06 -  42  BGA 62-75-78-79  Nec 51-57  BE KEY CHINA  (without soldering)
All key lost W212 W172 W166 W218 W117 W246 W176(without changing ezs)
All key lost W204 W207 W164 W221 W216(without changing ezs)
All key lost W203 W209 W211 W220(without changing ezs)

MB Key OBD2 Software Display

Package List:
1pc x Diagspeed Mercedes-Benz Key Programmer by OBD2

Diagspeed MB Key OBD2 FAQ:
Q: When do I have to buy tokens?
A: Unlike all other Mercedes programmers on the market, the MB Key OBD2 does not require any additional cost such as tokens to pull the password from your customer's vehicle.

Q:  What models can be programmed via OBD and what models need EEPROM?
A: For an all-keys-lost situation, Diagspeed can do most by OBD, without the need of EEPROM. Everything 2006 and newer does not require EEPROM. The early 1998-2002 E-Class, C-Class, and CLK models require EEPROM.

Here is a list of all cars that can be programmed via OBD (all others require EEPROM):

    C-Class: 2001 and newer
    CL: 2002-2003, 2009 and newer
    CLA: up to 2015
    CLK: 2003 and newer
    CLS: 2006 and newer
    E-Class: 2003 and newer
    GL: 2009 and newer
    GLA: up to 2015
    ML: 2009 and newer
    R-Class: 2009 and newer
    S-Class: 2002-2003, 2009 and newer
    SL: 2002-2003
    SLK: 2005 and newer

Q: What support is there for used modules?
A: You can also reset and program the following:

    EIS (electronic ignition switches): All DAS 3 versions (infrared keys)
    ESL (electronic steering locks)
    ME (engine computer): ME 2.1 and newer
    CDI (diesel engine computer): All
    7G (transmission computer): Siemens and Continental conductor plates
    DCT (dual clutch transmission computer)
    ISM (shifter module): Siemens and Continental
    NEC OEM keys (all circle panic button keys, including KeylessGo, except version 42)

Q: What keys/remotes are supported?
A: Followiung models are supported

Q: Where can I get the latest software?
A: Upon starting the software, you will be automatically notified when an update is available and it will walk you through the update step by step.

Q: Where can I get the latest firmware?
A: Upon starting the software, you will be automatically notified when an update is available and it will walk you through the update step by step.

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Contact Information:
 Whatsapp: +86-15972933706

Live Support: Chat with us online

If there is any problem, please feel free to contact us


Tech Support

Diagspeed MB Key OBD2 Update History
New update released.22-7-2014  -0ld Device  v1.05.35 HW 1.76 -- NEW Device v1.05.35 HW 1.78
New Car add SLK 172 .CLS 218  SLS197 GL166
All Car with BGA key you can add second key .
New function add
Emulator w204  w207. RF remote. write vin correction mileage on ezs.
Ecu motor  
Delphi CRD2.20. CRD3.50 CRD.11
W204 SIEMENS 271
key less go add 08 06 07 03

New Update .VERSION 1.05.44
Update online general device and online nec board
For Nec on board you don't need to reset just load file and write
New function add on process wizard
Keyless go 06- 08 on BRD2 -07 ON BRD1

New Update.Version 1.05.54   10/16/2014
Password Search BGA BUGS FIX
Read password from ezs

NEW Update .Version 1.05.69    31/7/2015
Password search new function add read key BGA
Read password from Nec keyless go 08  06  and 42 w/o soldering
Correct Nec RF  damage
Correct read password 51 Nec
Read all Ezs by can full data and write by IR
Write vin by can all ezs

Sprinter 906 read ezs and generate 8 key
Read FBS4 ezs w218 w212 w166 w246 by can full data 2015
New Adapter Elv Deblock
Ecu Motor new add

​NEW UPDATE .VERSION 1.05.70  24/9/2015
Read password from Ezs Nec   212.166..246.172.218
update  free for all user

New update .version 1.06.20 Main board ver 01.020 25/03/2016
Read BGA key password times 5 minutes load direct  to server free no tokens

Read Neckeyless Go and 57 password  in  5 minutes without soldering load direct to server free no tokens

Read all key lost fbs3 password 8 minutes load direct to server free no tokens

Correct renew Esl  ELV 169 245

Personalized Esl Elv 204 207 212 without reset Ezs

Add Clear mileage for all Ezs

Reset write all ezs from 2003 to 2014

Correct Deblock Esl Elv

Correct read password 57 51 without loosing data key

Renew FDCT W117 double clutch transmission

​All Device will be activate to New Server 11-4-2016​

​New update .version 1.06.22 Main board 1.022
All key lost w204 w207 w164 w221 w216
​(ask for new adapter without cannot work)

New update version 1.06.37 main 1.027  (12-9-2016)
​free for all

New update version  1.06.38 main 1.027 (12-13-2016)
Nec board ver 201
key board ver 196

New update version 1.06.50  (02-15-2017
All keylost 204 207 in 35 minutes
All keylost 216 221 164 after 2009
Deblock ESL ELV by kline without desoldering nec

New Update version 1.06.52 (03-11-2017)
All keylost W211 203 209 219 463  906 
on password search

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