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Best Quality ICOM A+B+C Diagnostic Tool Firmware V3.10 for BMW without Software Reviews

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Best Quality ICOM A+B+C Diagnostic Tool Firmware V3.10 for BMW without Software

Best Quality ICOM A+B+C Diagnostic Tool Firmware V3.10 for BMW without Software

BMW ICOM A+B+C includes 3 parts: ICOM A, ICOM B, ICOM C Modules. Better than BMW DIS GT1/SSS/OPS and OPPS. BMW ICOM ABC complete diagnosis and programming for old and new BMW.
Item No. SP101
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   by Mr.Jacob , Jan 6, 2015 this version on greek language on vmware?
Reply #1 by Cindy  Jan 6, 2015
Hello friend,

Welcome to visit our website.

Sorry it only has English version.

Hope you can understand.


   by Mr.Bert , Dec 12, 2014
can this BMW ICOM do programming and coding?
Reply #1 by Cindy  Dec 12, 2014

Dear sir,

How are you?

Yes, this  BMW ICOM can do programming and coding, also diagnosis. All BMW series can be processed with the ICOM-A, B and C-modules.

Any question, please contact me.



   by Mr.Dean Evans , Jan 10, 2014
Hello i m a bmw techinision from Zimbabwe i work on all types of bmw from the oldest to the latest i would like to start my own mobile workshop can please update on all info needed to purchase the isis diagnostic unit and information on this unit i t must updated to 2013.
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jan 13, 2014
dear friend

thanks for your message

our BMW ICOM now is 2013.12 version


this tool can do almost all bmw models as you want


   by Mr.A.Gerhardt , Dec 14, 2013
the software was 3.10, it means march 2010? there is software to 2013 or what you need to do so. Request for Info.

Reply #1 by Marshall  Dec 15, 2013
dear friend

this software is 3.10,it is newest can do 2013 car,if you want a better tool,you can use SP168-BO

   by Micha Czerwiski , Jul 16, 2013
good tool,can do my bmw!
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jul 16, 2013
dear friend

thanks for your support!
have a nice day!

   by Stefano , Jul 8, 2013
great tool!!well packaged!!
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jul 9, 2013
dear friend

thanks for your support!
have a nice day!

   by Mr.dimitris tzanis , Jan 12, 2013
hello.i have a laptop dell latitude E5510.if i buy this tool can you fix for me hard disc for this laptop?thanks
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jan 15, 2013
dear friend

I am not very clear about what do you mean

you mean your car E5510 ,ask me if BMW ICOM can do your car?

E5510 ??
   by Mr.Gica Aurel , Sep 25, 2012
Hi, I am interested to buy this product. Can you tell me if it works with the ISTA/P Version 2.46.3?
Is it possible to make firmware updates in the future, and if yes, do you provide such updates? Example: If next year BMW releases a new version of ISTA/P that requires an update of the original BMW ICOM firmware. Can I expect that you provide a firmware update yourself for your device later on?

Thanks in advance
Reply #1 by Marshall  Oct 8, 2012
dear friend

it work with ISTA/P Version 2.46.3

it can work with original software,and after your software update,it still can work,it is unit,no software in it

   by Mr.bart , Jun 10, 2012
JPG-GARAGE Wojciech Jendrys
97-400 Bełchatów
Niedyszyna 44
tel. 501 103 796
NIP: 769-159-51-80
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 11, 2012
ok,we have send to you(pls note,this version don't have software)

/bmw-icom-bmw-isis-isid-a-b-c-plus-bmw-icom-software-ista-disid-228-ista-pisss-243-855.html has software

pls check your invoice

   by Mr.bart , Jun 7, 2012
I know that sending the china, but if you can send to the Polish, and if you give me an invoice to the company
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 7, 2012
dear friend,

we can ship to your country,can you tell me your company address and telephone number,so we can do a PI for you


   by Mr.bart , Jun 5, 2012
Hello, I have a question, want to buy a BMW ICOM ISIS, ordering and payment would be from the UK, but want to send it to the PL (POLISH) whether it is possible, and whether it is possible to issue invoices for the company.
Thanx .
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 7, 2012
dear friend

thanks for your letter

for BMW ICOM,we only have english version

and we send it by DHL from CHINA,not uk

have a nice day!

   by Mr.Andrzej , Feb 6, 2012
What country is being sent?
What is the cost of shipping to Polish?

Reply #1 by Marshall  Feb 6, 2012
dear friend

we will ship it from hk,china to uk,then transfer it to you,to polish

you no need to pay tax


   by Mr.Tomasz , Feb 5, 2012
If I would like to order icom, You send this to me from China or UK?
I do not want to pay duties.
Regards from Poland!
Reply #1 by Marshall  Feb 5, 2012
dear friend

we send it from HK,china,but no duty to you.

we will send it to UK,our warehouse,then send it to you,so You can see we ship it from UK


   by Mr.dimitris , Dec 6, 2011
Hello.some sites sell it with software in vmware.can you find it or sell it in the future?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Dec 7, 2011
dear friend

we don't sell its software,we don't get the authority

I think we won't sell it in future too,do you need any help else?


   by Mr.Rafal , Nov 20, 2011
Hi, is the shipping from EU or from outside? Otherwise if it's not from EU, I would need to pay taxes.
Reply #1 by Marshall  Nov 20, 2011
dear Ranfal

thanks for your message

we ship it from HK,but will transfer in UK,no tax for all EU customer.


   by Mr.ali said , Sep 21, 2011
good evening, BMW scanner 3 in 1 is it in French language?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 22, 2011
dear Ali

for BMW scanner 3 in 1 ,one french language,sorry

if you want to do BMW car and also french,you can choose bmw OPS


   by Mr.jean-max , Sep 10, 2011
I'm not happy with the product,i just purchase from you guy bmw dash scanner 3in1 just let me know or i w'll return it .i been trying for hours to make it work no result
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 13, 2011
dear friend

you buy a BMW scanner 3 in 1 from us and not work,right?

can you explain to me how do you install it?no customer tell me can not work

you need to install it on XP system.or we can remote control for you

can you tell me which BMW car do you test for and year,thanks!

   by Mr.Marlon Bueso , Sep 4, 2011
how can i buy the software?, im from guatemala, and i want to buy it, is there a support or something?, training software or something?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Sep 5, 2011
dear friend

thanks for visiting

for BMW ICOM A+B+C,we only have unit ,no software,you can buy software from original BMW icom supplier

you can contact them by GOOGLE

our main unit can work with original software,we can support you technical service,if you need help,you can contact me at