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FVDI2 II VAG ABRITES Commander V24 for VW Audi Seat Skoda Plus Daf /Bikes Software+VVDI2 VAG + Transponder Programmer Software Reviews

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FVDI2 II VAG ABRITES Commander V24 for VW Audi Seat Skoda Plus Daf /Bikes Software+VVDI2 VAG + Transponder Programmer Software

FVDI2 II VAG ABRITES Commander V24 for VW Audi Seat Skoda Plus Daf /Bikes Software+VVDI2 VAG + Transponder Programmer Software

FVDI2 II VAG ABRITES Commander V24 is a comprehensive tool for VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda car from 1996-2017, which is intended for standard diagnose, key programming, mileage, fault code. Buy FVDI 2 VAG, get free Daf Or Bikes Software
Item No. SV59

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   by Mr.Giuseppe , Dec 22, 2015
does it can do mileage correction via obd2?
   by Mr.AKANBI , Jun 22, 2015
does fvdi vag support mileage correction?
   by Daruis , Mar 4, 2015
Hi,marshall,I want to update my vvdi again,can you send me a download ?and I have a friend also interest in your FVDI VAG,which one is better ?thank you!
Reply #1 by Marshall  Mar 4, 2015
Dear Daruis,

I have send download to your e-mail


1 VVDI can be used for very long time,I have many customer bought in 2012 ,still get update,still use very well,while FVDI VAG,I think not very stable,not good in full system 
2 their software is different,VVDI is more powerful and easy to install
3 FVDI update need pay,VVDI no need pay and usually get update very fast around 2-3 month


Reply #2 by Marshall  Mar 4, 2015

VVDI here,

   by Fomolun , Jan 12, 2015
Dear sales,may I know if I can use this tool with my VVDI last software,does it also have immoplus ?thank you .
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jan 12, 2015
dear sir

i am sorry,our fvdi vag cannot use vvdi software,and FVDI don;t have IMMOPLUS software,pls notice

only VVDI has

   by Mr.ladadens , Dec 26, 2014
link to software is not working.

aktuall is quick starter v10.3 FVDI the latest version.

its better to install.

please take it online.
   by Mr.pawel fietko , Sep 13, 2014
hello I brought from you software fvdi, the software doesnt work with audi 2010 cant read the immo pin, cant read the immo data, can you tell me why? do you have to buy a different software for audi? i payed so much for the software and its only working for vw?
Reply #1 by Cindy  Sep 14, 2014
Hello sir,

How are you?

Could you please tell me did you do other car with different years by this item?

Yes, we have other software for audi. SV30(VVDI V2.7.7 VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) /vag-vehicle-diagnostic-interface-vvdi.html

VAG VVDI for the vehicles VW Audi is a Windows-Based diagnostic software.

With the help of it, you can perform operations with vehicles from the VAG group,it is best diagnostic tool for all vag car till 2014.

And you can also contact us on skype, we can help you online.

Our skype account is



   by skelly , Sep 5, 2014
all works well,perfect software!
   by Rome , Aug 4, 2014
can I also use it for keys?
Reply #1 by Marshall  Aug 5, 2014
dear sir,

yes,it can works for keys,but mainly is still for diagnose

   by matthew beattie , Jun 28, 2014
Hi is the sv59 the full vw package ? Or do I need to buy more software to upgrade

Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 29, 2014
dear sir

thans for your mail

SV59 is full vag package,no need buy other software for vag
have a nice day!

   by razanajatovo patrick , Jun 5, 2014
can read pin code well,do key program well,diagnose is also well,very like this tool!A+++
Reply #1 by Marshall  Jun 5, 2014
dear sir

very glad to get your good reviews.thank you

have a nice day~

   by liviu Mitrea , May 24, 2014
ps. I am a locksmith, I need this only for key programming!
Best regards!
   by liviu Mitrea , May 24, 2014
Hi, If I have; " FVDI Renault ABRITES Commander For Renault + H&Kia ",can you ad to this software for Ford and Opel ?
Best regards! Liviu
Reply #1 by Marshall  May 25, 2014

we can add you ford and opel ,you have to tell us your serial number and pay us this two software,if you only use it for key program,i have to say that the ford and opel software is not very good in key

   by liviu Mitrea , Apr 22, 2014
...and please, tell me the price!
   by liviu Mitrea , Apr 22, 2014
Hello, to you all,
Please tell me if I buy FVDI VAG ABRITES Commander For VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda V21, can you install on it 2 more softwares: Peugeot&Citron and software for opel-vauxhall ?
Best regards!!! Liviu
Reply #1 by Marshall  Apr 23, 2014
dear sir

if you want to add 2 more software,you need pay us,one is 300eur,two is 600eur

   by liviu Mitrea , Apr 9, 2014
Hello, to you all!
If i want to buy this device,:
'FVDI VAG ABRITES Commander For VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda V21'
how can I do to send you the money?
Regards! Liviu Mitrea
Reply #1 by coco  Apr 9, 2014


Thanks for your mail.
If you want to buy the FVDI VAG ABRITES Commander For VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda V21,the total price would be
788EUR (763EUR for the item and 25EUR for the shipping cost).

we have three payment options:

Notice: Pls write your specific shipping address and your phone number.

2.Western Union:
First name:  Liqiong
Last name: Li
Country: CHINA
Postal Code: 518112
Mobile: +86- 150 0710 8110

Notice: Pls email us the MTCN( Money Transfer Control  Number) number and your specific address along with your phone number after finishing the payment.

3. Bank Transfer
pls contact us to get TT information.

Notice: After you finish the payment, pls inform us and email the specific shipping address and your phone number 

Any other help, pls contact us anytime.

   by liviu Mitrea , Mar 28, 2014
Hello, to you all.
I'm Liviu from Romania, I"m a locksmith, and I need this toll for my work.
Please tell me what can I do to buy it?
Reply #1 by Stacy  Mar 30, 2014
Dear friend 

Good day

If you want to buy it, you can place order through our website. just add it into your cart. then finish payment. you will have one order finished 
After that. we will arrange shipment for you soon 

   by Izabela Kamilewicz , Mar 21, 2014
in shipment missing the promised software Toyota,Lexus!!! again
Reply #1 by coco  Mar 21, 2014

Thanks for your mail. Sorry to tell you that there is something wrong with the
descripption so the two software are not free .  if you want ,you need to pay for it.
But the next time you buy from our website ,we can offer you a good discount.
Ant help,pls contact us.


   by Izabela Kamilewicz , Mar 21, 2014
Buy FVDI VAG we will send you Toyota,Lexus,Hyundai,Kia and Tag key tool software for free,
this was your offer three weeks ago when I bought from you fvdi vag ,and I have a photo of this page before you changed the description,and so where is the toyota, lexus free software??? you do not give me ,This is not right!!!
   by Izabela Kamilewicz , Mar 21, 2014
where is the promised free program toyota lexus
   by Izabela Kamilewicz , Mar 21, 2014
hi.where is the promised free program toyota lexus???