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Xhorse Toyota Techstream Firmware V2.0.4 vs Clone Mini VCI Firmware V1.0.4

Xhorse Mini VCI FW2.0.4 cable vs. clone Mini VCI FW 1.4.0 cable 

Even the software of original Xhorse Mini VCI and clone Mini VCI is V10.30.029 

But the firmware of this Xhorse Toyota TIS Cable is V2.0.4, the firmware of other clone Mini VCI is 1.4.0
If you would want to reset immo, or make customization to cars, need at least 2.0.1 FW

with 2.0.4 FW there is change in PCB, as it support VPW, and has extra security chip

on the other hand, all these simple clones with 1.4.0 FW support only CAN and
K line VPW protocol is unsupported in 1.4.0 FW, and there is no parts for it on PCB.
Mini VCI firmware V2.0.4 cable support VPW protocol, Toyota immo reset and customization, while the clone cables do not.