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Obdstar Brand Latest Update Announcement on June 30th

OBDSTAR Brand newly update on June 30th, new models add into Odometer Reset, IMMO Remote Control Programming and diagnosis function

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Odometer Reset:
1. Adding Chrysler to modify the Grand Cherokee 2005 - 2010 odometer reset to solve software defects
2. Adding the GM to solve Captiva (Kopaqi) odometer reset defects
3. Adding odometer reset support for Bentley Mousse models
4. Adding solution to odometer reset defects of the GM Sierra, Escalade Klein, Denali, Yukon 2007
5. Adding the system fault code removal function of body system and airbag for the GM Mai Rui Bao 2008  
Adding the odometer reset defects of GM models as below:
CADDY(diagnostic interface), EOS (2006-2007), Golf (GOLF5-2006), Sagitar (2006), Touran (2006- CDC)
IMMO Remote Control Programming:
1. Adding the Kwong Chuan Chuanqi GS8 IMMO system and SMART key system
2. Adding the Mitsubishi Mirage 2013 with no smart key programming, IMMO remote control programming function
3. Adding GM Chevrolet Cavalier (Koros) key programming
4. Adding the Po Teng communication time setting of the modified version 6
Adding Changan models and function support as below:
1. C207: integrated body system, smart key system
2. CS95: integrated body system, smart key system
3. V301: integrated body system, smart key system
Adding the Beiqi prestige S50 smart key system support
Adding Zhongtai models and function support as below:
1. Adding Z300 model remote control key type 2
2. Optimize the 5008 model smart key programming function
3. Adding 2008 model smart key system support
Adding the Mitsubishi high version in Thai language
Adding the Changhe Big Dipper, Tongzhi IMMO system, function support to the engine new ECU activation
Diagnosis models:
1. Adding Peugeot new models: 206\207\208\301\307\4008\5008\ION\RCZ\BIPPER\BOXER\EXPERT etc.
2. Adding Citroen new models: C-ZERO\C1\C2\C3\C4\C5\C6\C8\DS3\DS4\DS5\C-CROSSER\BERLINGO\SAXO\XANTIA etc.
3. Adding China Peugeot new models: 206\207\208\2008\301\307\3008\4008\5008 etc.
4. Adding China Citroen new models: C2\C4\C5\XSARA\ELYSEE\C-ELYSEE\C-TRIOMPHE\C-QUATRE\DS 5LS etc.
5. Adding DS Yixi new models: DS 3\DS 4\DS 5\DS 5LS etc.
Optimize GM Malibu, Cobalt odometer reset
Optimize Beiqi BJ40L anti - IMMO system function
Optimize the Audi A3 (2003-2006), A8L (2003-2006)
Optimize the Audi TT (2007-) odometer reset