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Notice on MB SD Connect 4 BMW ICOM with 4GB Lenovo T410 Laptop

Lots of customer encounter setting problem when using MB SD Connect Compact 4/5 star diagnosis and BMW ICOM Diagnostic and Programming tool, so we recommend MB SD C4/5+laptop, BMW ICOM+ Laptop bundling sale for those customer who want once get in hand then can use it directly. We will install and activate the MB SD HDD/SSD, BMW ICOM HDD for you ready to use. What's more, this package offer saves you money than buying them alone.

As the Dell D630 Laptop is out of stock in the market

The laptop provide in bundling sales is Second hand 4GB Lenovo T410 Laptop or Original EVG4 Laptop, which is higher configration than dell d630 laptop

Difference among the laptop sold on our website
Laptop EVG7 DL46 Lenovo T410 Dell D630
Condition Original, Brand new Second Hand Second Hand
Brand EVG7 Lenovo Dell
Model DL46 T410 D630
Memory 4GB 4GB 4GB/1GB
Processor Intel Celeron 1037(Dual - 1.8Ghz/L3 2M) Dual Core Dual Core
Primary Drive --- DVD+/-RW Processor Speed:  2.53GHz DVD+/-RW Processor Speed:  1.80 GHz